Yume Dojo Ohana-Arizona

Yume Dojo Ohana-Arizona

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Yume Dojo is a martial arts school in Glendale, Arizona.

The school was created in the Phoenix school system in the late 80's and has been in its current location for almost 25 years.


Application of an Upward Block.....Many people when they work Bunkai they tend to see the block as a response to an attack in front of them either punch or grab. Some get a little daring and do a grab and punch. But blocks have more meanings than just a block

When we work Bunkai we DEFINE the movement, in other words what we believe is going on in the movement. The Principle here is a "block is a lock is a blow is a throw. My Sensei added release as well. For advanced students he added:

In this photo the definition is a FOREARM. Grabbing the head and pulling back is the Bunkai for the pary before the upward block movement. The upward block movement is then defined as a blow(upper forearm) to the back of the head.

I chose this application because it shows that the upward block movement does not have to be with the person attacking you from the front. Just something to think about ..........

Photos from Yume Dojo Ohana-Arizona's post 08/29/2020
Photos from Yume Dojo Ohana-Arizona's post 08/29/2020

Continuing on a theme.......Many do not see anything in Bunkai except block-punch-kick. There are many locks(if you know them) in Kata. Here is an example of a lock from and Upper Block movement.

Photos from Yume Dojo Ohana-Arizona's post 06/04/2020

I am often asked where I got my knife training. I had formal Japanese Tanto(Knife) training, in my early years. However the majority of my Knife comes from Prof. Kimo Ferreira. Professor is known for his Kempo but has extensive stick and knife in his arsenal. Not everyone gets to see his in-depth knowledge of the knife. I found an old CD with these photos and thought I would share, with the consent of Professor.

Today I continue learning from Professor but have accented it information from Guru Tim Lee and Guru Mike Koerner. Guru Mike and I play with different blades and different drills.Our paring knife was lots of fun to play with.

Enjoy these photos from 2005, that were taken at our beach house in Waimanalo.(windward Oahu) This was an outdoor session that lasted over 3 hours. Fond memory of working in Hawaii with Professor.


Since the outbreak, and being home bound, I have been doing lots of in depth research. Trying to research my Jujutsu/Torite Roots to the earliest time. But I have been invited to several online classes, for those who still want to train. Now I am NOT criticizing what people do, everyone has their niche, but I'd like to make one point.

Not everything out there meshes, and sometimes when you combine arts it really looks forced and non-cohesive. Forced technique is never good, if things don't flow, and mesh, things will NOT work efficiently. Arts have their signatures, and the Principles of one art may contradict the other.

Use Aikido as an example. Most practice big circles in their techniques, not to say that the circle can't be cut, but still Aikido is a circular art. Now take Shotokan, a very linear art, more focus on power and linear movement. The two on the surface just don't mesh. Not saying you can not make it work, but most will look forced, their Principles are very different. An art like Goju Ryu would probably be a better fit. This goes for me as well. My Sh*to Ryu did not mesh with my Jujutsu/Torite as I would have liked. Now my Kempo flows very well with my Jujutsu/Torite, mainly because of the flow of my Kempo. That does not mean I don't practice my Karate, it stands on its own, and I love studying Kata(though don't perform it well) and especially Bunkai. I have found Bunkai to cross all arts, and what you learn from Kata can be make other arts better.

So as I say, this is not a criticism of anyone or any art, just an observation of what I have seen since everyone now has online classes. Not every thing translates well to online, and Principles are hard to pick up on line and so is subtly. But its better than doing nothing. Just remember, "Practice doesn't make perfect, it makes permanent. Perfect practice makes perfect". While studying online don't practice something you don't understand and pick up bad habits. Bad habits are so hard for your Instructor to get rid off.

Stay safe everyone, never give in or give up. All things will pass.

Photos from Yume Dojo Ohana-Arizona's post 11/27/2018

I know many of my Martial Arts brothers like good knives. My Martial Arts brother, and Yume Dojo Ohana member, Guru Tim Lee is an a knife expert, and makes some of the most unbelievable knives I have ever see. He is a true craftsman, and I am lucky to be able to carry several of his knives.Many of his knives are actually pieces of art. There are several I would like to put in a shadow box on the dojo wall. But the blades are so good its a shame not to carry it.

One of my favorite knives, no my favorite knife is my Neck Knife. And here is a story to go with it. Many times as trained people we don't think about not being ourselves, or being injured and still having to take care of ourselves. I always carry my neck knife except once.......it was my first day out after my knee replacement and I was heading to Physical Therapy down the street. I didn't even think about wearing my neck knife or carry a knife. When we got home, here is my little wife helping me out of the car, and getting me my walker. Coming down the street was a real sketchy guy, and you could tell he was seeing victim written all over us. I realized no knife, so I got my wife's Kubotan and prepared for the worst. Now here is the thing, even if I was wearing a knife I couldn't have drawn and held onto the walker. I decided I would just hit the guy with the walker and go to the ground on top of him. Where is my damn Neck Knife? I could have easily slipped it out and still had balance with the walker. We never think of these kind of things. I learned my lesson, and like an American Express card, I never leave home without my Neck Knife

I have added some of my favorite Tim Lee Knives, you can find more at

They would make great Christmas presents for your favorite martial arts person. Guru Tim understands how to use a knife both martially, hunting, and in the kitchen, and his knives are beautiful but functionally, the sharpest thing you will ever touch. Hope you enjoy these photos


Old Navy Saying.........."You can't change the wind....but you can adjust the sails!! What a great Martial Arts Principle. No Set Responses....Always look to adapt to the attack, adjust and Add Lib to the attacker.


Prejudice.........When you hear this word, you usually think of prejudice toward a person or group, based on color, ethnicity,politics or religion. This type of prejudice does exist.

My Karate Sensei, Soke John Simmons use to say that Prejudice effects our training, how we train and how we view training. Some examples of prejudice in Martial Training: Kata is a waste of time, you can't fight with Kata, it doesn't work for real, Karate doesn't work for real, MMA doesn't work for real, Jujutsu doesn't work for real(seems nothing work for real-what is real anyway, a drunk guy trying to impress everyone at the bar, a gang banger, your neighbor attacking because you flooded his yard-Real needs to be explained too) Chokes take too long to get, "You'll never get me to the ground"(a real popular one) or fights always end up on the ground. Your Prejudices effect how you see things in your training. One of my favorites I hear all the time is finger locks won't work in a real fight. Well Prof. Wally made a career of using Finger Locks, Sensei Bernie Lau used them on the street of Seattle as a vice cop, and Prof. Libert O'Sullivan used them alot when he was a MP. Nothing works if you don't practice it or learn to understand what you do.

Soke Simmons also use to say that your experiences, and your ability, along with your prejudices will color your training, especially in Kata. Ability is a big factor. Many times we learn something and can't do it so we eliminate it, instead of working to make it work. If our Sensei could do it, then you should work to do it as well. Many people find one definition(Bunkai) of a movement and that's good enough. They do not see or don't want to see there are throws, locks, releases, chokes, takedowns as well as striking. I would say, the majority of Karate people see only striking in Kata. Saying there is no Jujutsu in Kata is a prejudice.

Most importantly, Prejudice closes your mind, no matter what the subject. A closed mind especially in Martial Arts will limit what you see. One of my pet peeves is when you teach at a seminar and show something and get the response "That's not how we do it, or want to see how we do it" What is basically being said is my way is best or my way is the only way. If there were one best style we all would do it. I don't know anyone who trains who doesn't want to be the best

The best way to be the best is to keep an open mind, and try to understand what others do, and why they do it differently than you. Try to see your own prejudices and work to eliminate them. The more you know, the less prejudices, the better you will be.

Photos from Yume Dojo Ohana-Arizona's post 08/10/2018

Non Aggressive Add On #2...This is another Add On to the Drill. This one focuses after Step 4 the Hammerfist to the groin.

Photos from Yume Dojo Ohana-Arizona's post 08/10/2018

Non Aggressive Add On #1...The cool thing about this drill is what can be added on to it. Here is an example.

Photos from Yume Dojo Ohana-Arizona's post 08/10/2018

Non Aggressive Drill-This drill is done from a neutral or natural stance, with your hands in a non threatening position BUT are close to the attackers body. like resting your chin on your hand, like the "Thinker" pose for any of you that know that. The focus of the drill is hitting the specific target and keeping a flow going. The photos show static movement but the hands never stop moving. The idea for real use is to get off BEFORE the attacker does.

Photos from Yume Dojo Ohana-Arizona's post 08/08/2018

Some more "Aloha" from Sensei Bernie. Can you believe I volunteered to be his dummy??? Not one of my smarter moves.

Photos from Yume Dojo Ohana-Arizona's post 08/04/2018

Coconut training.....Started working with the coconut, striking it, working on my grip and taking finger locks. Also been peeling the coconut with my hand pulling fibers and going to make a coconut rope. Really been fun, hands are a bit sore , but will really help in the long run!


Really pertains to Martial Arts training


Anyone know who was responsible for creating stripes on belts??? I know Kano had the color belt system, but who created stripes for the belt(and no not a Zebra)

Photos from Yume Dojo Ohana-Arizona's post 06/13/2018

Finally got a chance to "play" with my Polynesian Walking Stick presented to me by Ohana Brother Guru Tim Lee. Here are some explanations for each movement.

Note: There are other explanations for each movement, so they are not limited to the definition I give for them. I am merely giving a Basic definition of the movement.

Photos from Yume Dojo Ohana-Arizona's post 05/17/2018

Gardening????....Not really. Working a new Hoe/Kuma Kata. for those who may ask, no I don't carry around a Hoe with me, but this one is fun to practice, besides it would work real good on a Sidewinder, both 2 legged and reptile versions


For those of you who train in the Martial Arts..........Are you an Artist or a Scientist???


I have been working on my video library and updating VHS along with combining some videos together. I have watched hundreds of hours of video as well as tons of seminars. I found one disturbing situation that needs addressing.

At a seminar, when an Instructor is teaching his art....it is very rude for other people to correct students. Either higher ranking students or other Instructors. When the Instructor is teaching, its his floor, and unless he requests your help, you shouldn't give it.

I was at a seminar and a top senior was teaching. He was the highest ranking person in that system. There was a Black Belt who was walking through the floor and you could see he was looking for someone to correct and tell them how to do something. He went over to some early color belts, and told them the Old Man was teaching crap. He then showed them how he did it. and pulled them off the floor, to show them his art. The students had to respect the Black Belt, and went with him. One was my student, who I went and got and told the Black Belt to stay away from my students, they were here to train with the senior, not him. He didn't realize the consequences. Number one, its disrespectful to teach someone who is on the floor training with another Instructor. Number 2, its confusing for the student. Here one Instructor is saying a top Senior is full of crap. The students who were green and Blue Belts, did not know who to believe. Then when the senior Instructor came over, and saw them doing something else that somebody told them to do, they got in hot water with he Instructor.

When someone has the floor, keep your own teaching to yourself unless asked for info or until you are on the floor. Advanced students love to correct. its not your job to correct unless the Instructor teaching asks for your help. So here is a simple formula. Students when working with top seniors, shut up and do what your told. Nobody really cares how you do it. If you go to a seminar, and do your own thing, your wasting your time, and the Instructors, so if that is what you do, stay home. Instructors, train with the other Instructor or go sit down and watch, but do not correct another Sensei's students or interfere with their teaching. Its flat out disrespectful. You want to correct and show what you know, go get your own school or get invited to teach. I know for me, I ask them to leave the floor. It's hard enough for a student anyway, and doesn't need 5 people all correcting them at the same time. For Instructors, think how you would feel if someone from another style corrects what you are doing on the floor. Its just disrespectful!!!


Had a surprise visit from Sensei Gary today. Had a blast sharing some secrets of Torite. One mans secret is another mans Kihon!!


I want to pay homage to Prof. Moses Powell. I have watched about 12 hours of just Professor Powell. Damn, was he good. He was just amazing, great flow, going from strikes, to locks, to throws. He was so smooth yet so effective. I don't think he gets the credit he deserves. But his legacy....he has great students who have followed in his footsteps. I have yet to see one of his senior students who is not awesome. Grand Master Bill McCloud, and Grandmaster Haisan Kaleak are my two favorites. Both can really move, and are just like Professor Powell, smooth and effective. Prof. Powell did an amazing job with his students, beside being so talented.


Ok, I was a bit negative on my last post. Seems people don't want to hear the bad stuff going on, only the positives. So here is some positives. In the last post I criticized people saying how bad some of the videos I saw. Well there were some amazing people as well. Prof. Wally, Prof. Moses Powell, Prof. Libert O'Sullivan, Shihan Michael Burton and Sensei Bernie Lau, all were amazing in what they showed and got their points across so everyone could learn from them. They all were technically exceptional, Excellence of Ex*****on of technique. I don't think I will ever be as talented as those guys.They are wizards, magicians at what they do.

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Shiihan Stacey Promotion
Live video footage of some of the time spent with Sensei Bernie Lau.
Live video footage of our weekend with Sensei Bernie Lau.
She loves beating up on Shihan, but watch that neck crank!!! WOW!
Working her basics on Shihan! Look at that nasty leg bar!!!
She just loves working those arm bars!!!
Miss Princess Dixie working the new crane kick she learned!





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