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Clients who come through our doors have a wide range of experiences, and dyslexia is one of those things that we see often.

What's important to realize is that there are MANY types of dyslexia, and each one has a different root cause. Weaknesses in certain cognitive skills can significantly impact a child's success with reading and spelling, which is why an individualized approach is so important.

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*Please note, we do not diagnose. This is a statistic taken from our many years of data and research.


Check out these stories from trainers about what brought them to LearningRx, their favorite parts of training, and some powerful stories they get to experience from front row seats!



If you're worried that your child may not really be ready for next school year, summer can be a great time to build some momentum and gain some ground. But what should you do?

Tutoring is the more traditional approach, and in some cases it is helpful. But for students who struggle year after year or who have difficulties across subject areas, it may not be the most effective tool.

Check out this episode of the Brainy Moms podcast to hear more about these two types of learning interventions and how to make the right decision for your family this summer!



Take the first step to understanding your child's unique cognitive profile! This in-depth assessment can shine a light on areas that are strong and weak, and is ideal for...

👉Students who continue to struggle year after year with ADHD or subjects like reading and math
👉Kids who are in the early years of school and are already exhibiting signs of learning struggles
👉Gifted kids who need extra ways to challenge them to keep them engaged
👉Teens who are preparing for life after school to make sure they're prepared
👉Adults who want a baseline on cognitive function OR who are starting to notice signs of decline
👉And more!

Give us a call today and mention this post to get the special discount.


❤️this story from a recent graduate!

If you have a child who's wrapping up the school year falling behind, losing confidence, and struggling to engage in school, summer is a great time to work on these core learning skills that impact all areas of life.


When it comes to supporting individuals with ADHD, addressing attention struggles may be the first thing that comes to mind. After all, it's an attention deficit, right?

Not necessarily. Research has actually found that in ADHD cognitive profiles, 3 skills tend to be more deficient. Those skills are:

🧠Working memory
🧠Long-term memory
🧠And processing speed.

If we're not addressing the root cause of the struggle, we aren't going to see lasting change. This is why a well-rounded and individualized approach is so important!


We love seeing the way these students grow, change, and thrive thanks to having stronger brain skills!

Every brain is unique so your outcomes may or may not be the same, but we'd love the chance to chat with you about the power of brain training for kids and adults with ADHD.


How do we help our kids learn to make good decisions and think critically? Strong logic skills are one of the key elements of laying this solid foundation for thinking, learning, and life, and this episode of the Brainy Moms podcast breaks down some helpful information about:

👉Identifying behaviors and traits that indicate strong (or weak) logic skills
👉Why other skills need to be in place before you can expect kids to think critically
👉How effective reasoning skills play into decision-making (especially in the teen years)
👉And more!

Check it out here or on your favorite podcast platform: https://www.thebrainymoms.com/2024/04/18/cognitive-skills-series-logic-and-reasoning/


Emily was feeling hopeless that she'd ever be able to return to a normal life after a concussion robbed her of her confidence and memory. Check out her whole story here!


Individual outcomes may vary.


This small analysis showed some promising results: reading gains at LearningRx transferred to state assessments for 91% of participants!

Call us today to learn more about our science-based reading program.

*Outcomes may vary.


We love seeing improvements like these! Congratulations to this recent graduate on their amazing gains.

Because every brain and situation is unique, individual outcomes may vary. But if you're looking for a solution to help your child overcome struggles with reading, focus, learning, and more—give us a call today to get started!


After brain training, improvements in these key areas are some of our favorite things to celebrate! Changing the way your brain works has the potential to impact so many areas of life, whether in the classroom, at home, on the sports field, in music lessons, or on the job.

While we can't guarantee these results in every situation (since everyone's brain and experiences are truly unique!), we'd love to chat with you about helping your child gain some ground in these areas.


Ever feel like everything you say goes in one ear and out the other?

Weak memory has far-reaching implications for kids (and their parents!) While we may primarily think of memory struggles in the context of forgetting information at school, the reality is that memory impacts all areas of life. Check out this episode of the Brainy Moms podcast to learn more about this important cognitive skill and ways to help your child strengthen their memory!



Tame came to LearningRx needing help with areas like reading, comprehension, note-taking, and focus... but the benefits reached far beyond these areas! Check out his story to hear how brain training impacted his life and set him up on a trajectory of academic success: https://myrating.me/3UobMGQ

This is just one family's experience and outcomes may vary, but we'd love the chance to talk with you about how addressing weak cognitive skills may be a powerful tool for your students.


Improving how quickly your brain can process the world has implications for all areas of life—not just academics! Efficient processing speed is essential for conversations, driving, reading, decision-making, and so much more.


As you're planning your summer, don't neglect keeping your child's brain sharp and active!

Whether you're worried that they're going to lose momentum over the break, that next year is just going to be more of the same struggles, or that you don't have the time or energy to really help them practice math and reading like they need... this is a great next step!

Our cognitive skills assessment can help you shine a light on what's going on under the surface with your child's ability to focus, read, and learn—and where it's worth investing in building a stronger, faster brain.

Call us today and mention this post to schedule at this special rate!


Auditory processing is a foundational skill that's critical for reading, learning, following instructions, and more. When auditory processing is weak, it can look like:

→ Trouble blending sounds or decoding unknown words
→ Issues with rhyming or recognizing sounds, letters, and patterns in speech
→ Difficulty following verbal instructions
→ Sensitivity to loud sounds or noisy environments
→ Poor comprehension

Many times, you may think a student with weak auditory processing just isn't listening, when in fact, they may have a sort of disconnect between their physical hearing and how their brain processes that input. That is where strengthening auditory processing comes into play!


🚗💨 The speed of electrical impulses between neurons can reach up to 268 miles per hour! This lightning-fast communication is what powers your ability to learn, think, and navigate our fast-paced world.

But if you or your child feel like you're lagging behind or that learning takes forever to sink in, it might be a sign of slow processing speed. ⏳ Discover how this impacts life and learning, and uncover strategies to speed things up! 🧠💨 🌟 https://bit.ly/36Gjymf


⚡️ Boost your brain's processing speed with brain training! 🧠 Did you know that children and teens with learning struggles or ADHD can experience significant gains in processing speed? On average, participants saw an impressive increase of 10 points for learning struggles and 12 points for ADHD.

Strengthening processing speed can enhance your thinking speed and accuracy, giving you a competitive edge in various tasks. 💡 Let's turbocharge our brains and unlock lightning-fast thinking! https://bit.ly/36Gjymf


We love getting to celebrate these kinds of changes and wins with our clients!

While this is just one family's experience and outcomes may vary depending on each individual's needs and goals, we'd love to share more about our research, results, and ways we can partner with families and students of all ages.


Our free survey is designed to shed light on whether weak cognitive skills might be holding you back. It's simple: rate behaviors based on your gut feeling compared to others your age and gender. No overthinking required, just your instinctive responses. Take the survey for yourself, your child, or anyone you know well. Let's uncover some insights and pave the way for smoother sailing ahead! 🌟 🧠 https://bit.ly/3MiQvcc


As we get older, it's critical to support our memory, attention, and processing abilities so we can stay sharp as long as possible. In this research study, participants saw across-the-board gains in cognitive skills, as well as reporting improvements in things like:
→ Mood
→ Memory
→ Cognitive efficiency
→ Focus and attention
→ And life skills.

While results can vary depending on your brain's unique cognitive makeup and other factors, we'd love the chance to talk with you about this option to help keep your brain sharp and active as you get older!


🔐 Unlock the power of long-term memory with LearningRx training! 🧠 Did you know that children and teens with learning struggles or ADHD can see significant gains in long-term memory following brain training? On average, participants experienced an impressive boost of 22 points for learning struggles and 24 points for ADHD.

Why does long-term memory matter? 📚 Because it's the key to retaining important information and memories over time. Strengthening this skill can enhance overall knowledge, studying, and test-taking abilities. 🌟 Let's empower our brains to remember and thrive! 💪 https://bit.ly/36Gjymf


💡 Neuroplasticity is the remarkable ability to form fresh neural connections, enhancing memory, processing, and thinking skills. It's never too late to stimulate your brain's potential for growth and adaptation!

This rewiring phenomenon explains why individuals with impairments in one sense often develop heightened awareness in others. For instance, blind individuals may possess stronger hearing and smell to compensate. Research indicates that this adaptation occurs as the brain area responsible for vision rewires itself to process sound information.

The bottom line? You don't have to settle for your brain's current state as the "best it gets." Embrace the power of neuroplasticity and unlock new possibilities for your mind! 🧠 https://bit.ly/36Gjymf


Just like you go to the gym to exercise a weak muscle group, we train weak cognitive skills to help make learning easier, faster, and better for clients of all ages.

We aren't tutors (although this approach is helpful sometimes). Instead we're like a gym for your brain—you come in for an intense intervention to help build cognitive strength that impacts every area of your life.

And just like working out, consistency is key! You're not going to get the same gains just dabbling in improving cognitive skills or by just playing games that you would with intense, targeted intervention.


Nathan had an extremely poor sense of himself and his abilities when he began training. He regularly referred to himself as "dumb" or "stupid" when he made mistakes and gave up easily when confronted with anything that felt hard. Check out the transformation that happened during his time at LearningRx and how he grew in his resilience, school performance, and more: https://youtu.be/OtpoYnmHDgE


We like to say that there are 2 parts to "smart": high quality instruction that delivers content AND a brain that's receptive to learning.

Schools, teachers, and tutors focus on the content side, while what we do is different. We partner with individuals and families to make sure the brain is primed for learning with the skills it needs to have to process the world!


🧠 Brain training and tutoring: two different solutions for different needs. While tutoring aims to make school easier by reteaching information missed due to external factors, brain training focuses on strengthening core cognitive skills.

💡 Tutoring is great for catching up on missed material or addressing specific assignments. It's like a refresher course tailored to individual needs.

💪 On the other hand, brain training targets the root cause of learning challenges by exercising core cognitive skills. It's like a workout for your brain, helping to improve attention, memory, and more.

So, whether it's catching up on missed lessons or strengthening cognitive skills, there's a solution tailored to your needs! 🌟 📚🧠 https://bit.ly/36Gjymf

How Stress Affects the Brain 04/12/2024

Feeling overwhelmed by stress? You're not alone. While stress is a natural part of life, prolonged or excessive stress can take a toll on your brain and body. 🤯 Discover what happens in your brain when stress takes over, how it impacts your physical health, and most importantly, the practices you can adopt to regain control. Let's empower ourselves with knowledge and tools to navigate life's challenges with resilience! 💪

How Stress Affects the Brain Stress is a normal part of life, but when it becomes long-term or overwhelming, it can be harmful. Learn what happens in your brain when you’re stressed, ho...

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Emily was feeling hopeless that she'd ever be able to return to a normal life after a concussion robbed her of her confi...
Tame came to LearningRx needing help with areas like reading, comprehension, note-taking, and focus... but the benefits ...
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