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Strengthening the core skills that the brain uses for learning and thinking.

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Does your child struggle to keep up with the world around them (both in the classroom and in life)?

Weak memory and processing speed are common root causes of learning struggles, but these skills trickle over into every area of life.

Strong memory may help your child be able to remember instructions—the first time you tell them (imagine that 🤯)
Faster processing speed may help your child feel less overwhelmed by new situations, people, information, etc.

And this is only the beginning... Clients report so many real-life improvements from brain training (like these) because a strong brain makes all the difference!


What kind of improvements did these LearningRx clients experience after they completed our brain training program? Our studies have shown that the average performance of these clients in attention rose from the 42nd percentile to the 66th. That’s a dramatic improvement in attention performance!

If you feel like you need to work on your ability to pay attention, don't delay! (After all, you might forget.) https://bit.ly/3uV3Df6


Tutoring might be the answer if your child is:
• Behind as a result of missing classes due to illness or vacation?
• Behind due to moving to a new school, or relocating frequently?
• Performing poorly in a single class due to poor presentation of information (inexperienced or absent teacher, missing class materials, etc.)?
• Demonstrating a special gift or passion, and you want to hire someone knowledgeable in that subject to tutor your child at an advanced level?
• Good at catching on right away if a concept needs to be explained a second time. Since tutoring redelivers educational content that wasn’t grasped the first time it was presented, hire a tutor when your child needs help getting “caught up” because something has interfered with the delivery of that

Brain training might be the answer if any of the following statements describe your child:
• Has received tutoring in subjects in which he/she still struggles
• Is behind in more than one class
• Has always disliked or done poorly with reading
• Takes a long time doing homework
• Has chronically struggled in school or with tests
• Has to work harder or longer than other kids to achieve good grades
• Says he or she feels stupid, can’t succeed, or isn’t as smart as other kids

Start the assessment process today: https://bit.ly/33dtotQ


Kids and adults alike need to be more aware of concussion signs and symptoms, and effective interventions for treatment. Despite COVID-19 modifications, many high-impact sports such as football, soccer, and hockey are gearing up for fall and winter games. A tackle on the football field can often lead to an unreported concussion, with symptoms not showing up for hours or even days. Thus it is so important to become educated about this silent syndrome.

The Injury Association of America has published a simple and powerful tool to help. This image explains the four major symptomatic areas – physical, cognitive, emotional, sleep – and specific problems to watch for. https://bit.ly/3hxoejw


When you have a weak muscle group, what do you do?

Train it. Target it. Strengthen it.

When you have a weak cognitive skill that's impacting your ability to focus, read, learn, and remember, you can do the same thing.

Brain training at LearningRx feels less like teaching or tutoring and more like a personal trainer for your brain. We're going to look at the areas that are strong (and weak) and build a program to help you achieve your fullest potential!

Learn more here: https://bit.ly/45phoDC


On average, LearningRx clients with dyslexia moved up an average of 27 places in auditory processing, from the 38th percentile (well below average) to the 65th (well above average!).

Learn more about how we can help you or your child today: https://bit.ly/33dtotQ


In a research study, TBI survivors reported improvements in each of these areas following brain training programs! When you strengthen brain skills, many different areas of life are impacted. While every situation is unique and your results will be unique to you, give us a call today to learn more about our brain training programs!


A new sports season is picking up—and sometimes, so are injuries. Many individuals have experienced cognitive improvements following an injury after brain training, restoring confidence and getting them back on track! Every case is unique, but we'd love to share more about the options you have to get your cognitive strength back!

Learn more: https://bit.ly/44rvoMU


Can LearningRx improve learning and reading skills for children and adults with dyslexia? See for yourself!

The following chart shows how LearningRx brain training improved the cognitive skills of 2,494 clients who came to us with a diagnosis of dyslexia. Some of the most dramatic improvements were in auditory processing, memory, and even overall IQ score!


When you're looking for an intervention to help your child, it's important to ask for specific research on THAT intervention. At LearningRx, we're committed to providing research-backed programs to move the needle on your child's ability to focus, read, learn, and remember!

In this study, researchers looked at over 3,500 struggling readers and saw an average improvement in ALL cognitive and reading skills across the board. While every outcome is different, we'd love the chance to talk to you about the best ways to support your family!

More about our research here: https://bit.ly/43FEip3


Celebrate a job well done as you enjoy the company of family and friends on this Labor Day!


LearningRx brain training programs are unique in that they are delivered in the context of a one-on-one training relationship. In other words, clients work with their own personal brain trainers, doing fun, challenging mental exercises that target and strengthen the cognitive skills needed to thrive in the classroom, and beyond.

For children and adults with ADHD, working face-to-face with a trainer has real advantages. Among other things, brain trainers keep things interesting, increase accountability, customize the exercises for maximum effectiveness, and provide interaction and encouragement throughout the process.

Many clients and families tell us that working with a trainer was a game-changer in terms of the results they experienced.

Ready for some one-on-one support? Start now: https://bit.ly/33dtotQ


If you're a parent of an ADHD kid, this question is probably constantly on your mind.

Whether it's after school activities, academic interventions, or some other support, ADHD can absolutely make it harder for kids to thrive in typical environments.

Here's some great news for you today: research has found that both neurotypical kids and ADHD kids experience similar results after of brain training!

Brain training is a great way to help your ADHD grow their thinking, learning, reading, and focusing skills in a way that is tailored to their unique strengths and weaknesses.

Learn more about our approach to ADHD help here: https://bit.ly/3WLqLKw

*Outcomes may vary. You or your child may or may not experience the same results.

Jacob Came for Reading Help; Look What Else Improved (2023 LearningRx Student of the Year Runner Up) 08/30/2023

When Jacob began training, he was skeptical that anything would help to improve his reading skills and was not confident in his abilities to complete the tasks at LearningRx. As training progressed, he was able to see vast improvements academically and personally!

After several weeks of training, Jacob began to realize that his training was not only helping to improve his academics, but that it was also having a positive effect on his baseball skills and his self-confidence. He learned to laugh at his mistakes and give full effort in school, at home, and on the baseball field!

Congratulations to Jacob, our 2nd runner-up for 2023 LearningRx Student of the Year🥳 Watch his whole story here:

Jacob Came for Reading Help; Look What Else Improved (2023 LearningRx Student of the Year Runner Up) When Jacob began training, he was skeptical that anything would help to improve his reading skills and was not confident in his abilities to complete the Thi...


Is your child dreading the back-to-school season?

If learning is always a fight, kids frequently respond by saying that they "hate" school or that it's "boring." These avoidant behaviors are often signs of deeper learning struggles that can be addressed with brain training!

While every brain is unique, we'd love the chance to talk with you more about the way cognitive skills not only impact learning itself—but also attitudes about learning.


An accommodation for a child with slow processing speed, for example, might involve giving that child extra time to complete assignments. Likewise, an accommodation for a child struggling with attention issues might involve allowing that student to work in a separate area to avoid being distracted by other students.

Neither of these accommodations address the core problems of slow processing speed or weak attention, both of which are cognitive skills that can be targeted and trained. In fact, in some cases, accommodations may “enable” the learning disability or challenge by working around the problem, rather than addressing the cause of the problem.

Finally, accommodations don’t help a child prepare for academics down the road. Later on in adulthood teachers, professors, and bosses don’t cater to individual needs.

Not sure where to start in order to prepare them for down the road? Reach out today for a personalized consultation: https://bit.ly/33dtotQ


There are 7 key ingredients of effective brain training. Do you know what they are?

If you missed part one, check out the recent posts on our page! https://bit.ly/36Gjymf


Tools for effective studying and organization don't come naturally to a lot of kids. At LearningRx, we have a dedicated study skills program that can be combined with cognitive training to give some practical test-taking, note-taking, and studying strategies!

Learn more here: https://bit.ly/44q26y7

Stephen's Stroke & Aphasia Recovery Story (2023 LearningRx Student of the Year Runner Up) 08/23/2023

When Stephen came to LearningRx, he had already undergone 3 aphasia intensives. Within weeks of beginning his program Stephen stated that he felt like cognitive training with LearningRx was the best intervention he had thus far.

Overall, the most amazing thing was just to watch Stephen get his life back after a stroke robbed him of so many of his abilities. Check out his amazing story here: https://bit.ly/3DT0ce0

We're so proud of Stephen, the first runner-up for LearningRx's 2023 Student of the Year!

Stephen's Stroke & Aphasia Recovery Story (2023 LearningRx Student of the Year Runner Up) Stephen began his brain training program a few months after he suffered a stroke, during which time he was diagnosed with aphasia. By the time he came to Lea...


Being able to see these more efficient connections happening in the brain with fMRI scans is SO powerful! Brain training has helped thousands of individuals of all ages unlock easier learning, focusing, memory, and more.

Get started today: https://bit.ly/3MPMHzK

*These are results of past clients. You or your child may or may not experience the same outcomes.

Warning! | There might be a problem with the requested link 08/22/2023

Looking to delay Alzheimers? Get your body moving today!

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You know the drill. You can’t find your keys. You walk into a room and forget why you’re there. You run into the supermarket, pick up a dozen things, and come home without whatever it is you went there to buy in the first place. You meet someone new and forget his or her name before the introduction is barely cold.

Can you improve your memory? YES!
Make a game plan today: https://bit.ly/33dtotQ

New Concussion Guidelines for Children | 08/18/2023

As football and sports season gets rolling, make sure you are up to speed on the concussion guidelines for children.

New Concussion Guidelines for Children | News New Concussion Guidelines for Children When my son was 9 years old, he announced he wanted to play hockey. Having written about brain injuries for 15 years, I was well aware of the frequency of concussions in the sport. I assumed it was a temporary interest, but he stuck with it. Through the ye...


In research studies, we've done fMRI scans on several different populations. Results showed changes in the brain correlated with the changes seen on cognitive test scores following LearningRx cognitive training!

Learn more about our research here: https://bit.ly/43FEip3

*Results from studies of past clients. You or your child may or may not achieve the same outcomes.

Tame Boosts His Confidence, Grades, and Sports Outlook (2023 LearningRx Student of the Year Winner) 08/16/2023

Congratulations to Tame, the LearningRx Student of the Year!!🎉🎉

We love the improvements he and his mom shared in this interview! Reading, writing, comprehension, and even memorizing lacrosse plays got easier—and he gained SO much more confidence.

Watch their full interview here:

Tame Boosts His Confidence, Grades, and Sports Outlook (2023 LearningRx Student of the Year Winner) Tame is one of those students who is so gracious, thankful, and respectful when he trained. He gave everything he could into every session without any compl...


Can LearningRx Improve Mental Performance for Kids with ADHD?

See for yourself! The following chart shows how LearningRx brain training improved the cognitive skills of 5,902 children who came to us with a diagnosis of ADHD. Some of the most dramatic improvements were in broad attention, memory, and even overall IQ! https://bit.ly/3ObTzb6


Our approach is going to be different than what you'd find in a school or tutoring setting. Rather than focusing on re-teaching information, we look at the brain.

By identifying strengths and weaknesses, we are able to train cognitive skills—kind of like you train a weak muscle group at the gym.

With gradually increasing complexity and intensity, our sessions build the core skills your brain uses to think, learn, focus, and remember!

Learn more: https://bit.ly/3NQjCEI


Nothing helps us more to decompress like a walk on tree-lined paths on a sunny day. It’s always felt like a magical cure for whatever stressors are making us feel overwhelmed. And, research tells us that nature nurtures not only our mind, but our brain. Even a short exposure to nature decreases amygdala activity, suggesting that walks in nature could reduce the chances of developing stress-induced mental health problems.

So go on a walk! Today!


There are 7 key ingredients of effective brain training. Do you know what they are?

Stay tuned for part 2! https://bit.ly/36Gjymf


Know someone who suffered a concussion or TBI?

The average client saw significant improvements in all of the cognitive skills targeted by brain training as a result of their programs at LearningRx.*

Contact us today or click here to learn more: https://www.learningrx.com/brain-injury-concussion-help/

*These are results of past clients. You or your child may or may not experience the same outcomes.


Check out these amazing results reported from clients with mild TBI!

The brain is amazing in its ability to change, restructure, and form new connections—even after injury. Learn more about our brain training programs for concussions and brain injuries here: https://bit.ly/44rvoMU


Did you know that for adults and senior adults, strengthening core cognitive skills can be life-changing?

At LearningRx we focus on brain training that targets attention, long-term memory, short-term memory, processing speed, and more! By training adults and senior adults to strengthen their core cognitive skills, we are able to increase their memory and brain power.

Get started today: https://bit.ly/33dtotQ

58 Brain Teasers That Will Leave You Stumped 08/04/2023

Solving brain teasers boosts brain power, keeps your memory strong, and entertains everyone to no end.

How many of these tricky puzzles can figure out—without cheating!?

58 Brain Teasers That Will Leave You Stumped Solving logic problems boosts brain power, keeps your memory strong, and frustrates you just the right amount. How many you can figure out without cheating?


Check out what Mary shared about her experience as a LearningRx client!

Adults who are beginning to realize that something's not right, don't put off taking steps to support your memory, focus, and learning ability. Strong cognition is SO important, no matter your age.

Learn more about our training programs for adults here: https://bit.ly/3JLf5lP


LearningRx brain training programs are available for all ages!

If you or a family member are beginning to notice the signs of forgetfulness, cognitive decline, or struggles with focusing and problem-solving, give us a call today. We'd love to talk about our adult brain training options to help build skills, no matter your age!

Learn more here: https://bit.ly/3JLf5lP

*These are results of past clients and research studies. You may or may not experience the same results.


Cardiovascular Research indicates that high amounts of salty, processed foods may also induce anxiety and aggression.

“We are what we eat and understanding how high-salt food changes our mental health is an important step to improving well-being,” said lead author Matthew Bailey, Ph.D., professor of renal physiology at the University of Edinburgh’s Centre for Cardiovascular Science. “We know that eating too much salt damages our heart, blood vessels, and kidneys. This study now tells us that high salt in our food also changes the way our brain handles stress.”

When you're purchasing pre-made foods, be wary of ultra-processed foods, which are generally high in energy, fat, sugar or salt, and low in fiber.
When cooking at home or sprinkling your meal with salt, opt for low-salt alternatives, such as sodium chloride or potassium chloride. https://www.modernbrainjournal.org/lots-of-salty-junk-food-stresses-the-brain/

The LearningRx Process 07/27/2023

How does brain training work at LearningRx? Get a quick run-down of the process (start to finish) here:

The LearningRx Process LearningRx takes a unique approach to addresses learning needs. Instead of reteaching material, we assess and target the cognitive skills necessary to help a...


Feeling like your child is going to be starting the school year from behind? This could be the year to build confidence and momentum!

Contact us today to learn more about our brain training programs.

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