Qualitative Researcher Dr Kriukow

Qualitative Researcher Dr Kriukow


The latest detailed map of what is new in space!!! Happy Saturday! :)
A friend of mine is using Nvivo and I am trying to help her with this issue. She was using a newer version of Nvivo which expired. All her coding was done using that version. She was able to get an older version of the software compared to what she had previously used and now can't open the file. Has this happened to anyone here?
Would you be so kind please to recommend any really good SPSS for beginners on-line course? Thank you in advance!
Would you be so kind please to recommend any very good SPSS for beginners on-line course? Many thanks in advance!
Hi, can anyone help me with a theoretical framework for a qualitative descriptive study on teacher lived experiences using the flipped learning model in their elementary school classrooms?
My content expert says I have one, my AQR reviewer says I don't. I'm not sure what I am doing at this point.

Thanks in advance! :)
guys.... Pwede po patulong sa literature review about enrollment.... 🙏🙏

Research consultant, data analyst & science enthusiast. I teach complex things in a simple way

Operating as usual

Photos from Qualitative Researcher Dr Kriukow's post 05/10/2023

On vacation in Spain and found this stone bookcase with terracotta books in the small town of Pollença. Not sure what these are, but thought it would be nice to share here :)


Flattered ❤️ Thank you Nielzen, and all the best in your life and in your career!

(and for the record, I have Nielzen's consent to share this email, including personal details)


3 more reasons :)


If you are frustrated with your data analysis, you are feeling stuck and have no idea what to do to proceed, this week I will be posting a video about 3 main reasons why you can't find your themes - with some solutions for how to overcome this block, so hang in there! :)


What's your Pro tip for writing the Discussion chapter? I will share mine soon...


4 ideas for what to include in the discussion chapter


This week I will post guidelines for the Discussion chapter that causes so much frustration and confusion :) Stay tuned


Credit: New Scientist


Scrintal is such a great and simple tool - I genuinely recommend it for any project, and this is the tool I mentioned in my previous post - using Scrintal will help you organize your Lit Review efficiently and automatize the process. Because I collaborated with Scrintal in the past, they agreed to give my viewers 20% off the total price if you use the special code DRK20

Photos from Qualitative Researcher Dr Kriukow's post 09/08/2023

A nice 13 mile walk last weekend, with some additional load on my back :) Oh, and I have some exciting content for you guys coming this weekend so watch this space if you'd like to speed up your literature review process...


Feeling a bit lost in your data analysis? Remember that I offer a service in which I will analyze your qualitative dataset (which involves 2 rounds of coding and then development of a thematic framework) and write a professional report of the findings - more details here: https://drkriukow.com/data-analysis-services_/


This ChatGPT tool will help you do thematic analysis, write summaries, essays and bullet points, extract quotes, compare different interviewees and answer your questions about the data,as it was specifically developed to conduct qualitative data analysis. It is also safe and methodologically ethical, as the platform does not keep, see or use your data.


Dr Kriukow's scholarship for aspiring female researchers in African universities

To select the right candidate turned out to be an immensely difficult task due to the high quality of the submitted applications. I would like to thank once more all of those who submitted, especially Zondelela Njaba, Stephanie Tetteh, and Jacquiline Ondimu, for their applications came really close too.

This year's award, however, was awarded to Rebekah Ijeoma Opara to support her research that seeks to understand the legal and institutional frameworks that govern the registration and identification of persons by the Nigerian state, how such identities are managed, and how these frameworks affect human development and inclusion in the Nigerian society. This is to address the challenge of insufficient data on the population of this country, where over 100 million people have never been formally registered by the State. These people, as Rebekah explains “do not have any form of identity and are thus ‘invisible’ to the government and often excluded from development initiatives.

Well done Rebekah, I am really looking forward to meeting you soon and supporting you!

👉 This scholarship would not have been possible without the support from people providing donations on my “Buy me a coffee” page. Below is the list of all those who contributed, including nicknames, as inserted originally by the authors, and excluding several anonymous contributors (who I want to thank too!):

Maria Antonette Cardoso


Mark Griffin

Phyllis Moreau

Christopher Roberts

Anuradha Jain

Meena Masood

Jessica Kubiak

Candice Cardwell


Anuradha Jain


madhavi dubey

Amaia Lesta

Vicki Anderson

Troy Fullerton

Rukmini Borooah Pyatt

Carmen Dowling

Jo Clarke

Saleh Babazadeh

Eve Collin

Manal Bougazzoul

Selina Fan

Gabriela Dlugolecka



Saleh Babazadeh

Veronika H.

Christopher L Roberts

A PhD Candidate

Pratima ()


Haifa Behbehani

Veronika Derecskey

Maggie Perzyna


Derek Collings-Hughes

Adelaide E Barnes

Olaide Fola-Adebiyi




Troy Fullerton

RR Rebecca Evans


Nick C

Carol Davis

Nicola McCreary

Gilda H Gilbert

Tonia Locklear

Dean Rivera

Juanita Francis


German doctoral researcher
studying online at HWU/EBS in Edinburgh


Jason Bentley


Nickie Tacey

Gilda H Gilbert

Teresa Cristina Carapeto

Kirsty Louise Smith

Tascha Saunders


Tomorrow (Wednesday) I'll be posting a review of another ChatGPT-based tool, this time one that is Specifically designed for qualitative thematic analysis. It is pretty interesting, stay tuned


Parts 2 and 3 of the ChatGPT video coming on Sunday 😎


Applications are now closed for the 2023's "Dr Kriukow's scholarship for aspiring female researchers in African universities". Thank you all who submitted their applications - me and a special committee I assembled for this purpose will now review your applications, and everyone will be informed of the outcome on June 15th

Good Luck! :)


AgentGPT is another powerful tool developed by OpenAI. As its developers explain, with AgentGPT you can configure "custom AI and have it embark on any goal imaginable".
They explain that "the goals can be anything that you desire", such as "developing a marketing strategy, building a website, or creating content".
So, can we use it to develop a research study, gather some literature, develop a research timeline?

PS part 2 of my ChatGPT video coming this week also

Timeline photos 26/05/2023

Seems like ages ago! My virtual presentation on 'Definitions, Trends and Applications of Qualitative Research' hosted by and Kateb University.


Part 1 of a series. Here I demonstrate how to do the initial coding, as well as explain how to develop prompts that this tool understands


Just had a productive session using ChatGPT for qualitative coding, and recording it for my newest video - coming soon to my YT channel (and no, ChatGPT will not do the full analysis for you - but with the right commands, it may help you save some time for sure!)


Have you seen my most recent video yet? If not, check the other post that I added a few days ago (posts containing links do not reach you that well unfortunately)


A video on a free AI Google extension that helps to read academic papers, coming on Sunday 😎


Just over 2 weeks to get your applications in for the scholarship that I'm offering! Please share if you know anyone who could benefit from this!

More information here: https://drkriukow.com/scholarship/


"(...) a growth mindset perspective says, 'Okay, I may feel like a loser now, but I’m not a loser. I may have failed, but I’m not a failure." - I think this is highly relevant to EVERYONE, including students. Learn from your fails and improve - we all fail, ALL THE TIME!

Quote from "Mindset: The New Psychology of Success" by Carol S. Dweck


ChatGPT scares me. I just "told" it some background of research I worked on a few weeks ago (the analysis is finished, with themes developed, etc.), listed its aims and RQs and provided with a list of initial codes that I created in this study. I, then, asked it to generate a list of themes and sub-themes that would help me answer the listed questions .. and the list it generated was almost identical to the findings I developed myself. I mean, they were not the same, but were as good and would be a perfect set of themes and sub-themes to be used in an academic study at the highest level. Only it took a few seconds instead of the several hours I had to spend on this. I think I may record a video on this

Lette's Chat with Carlette and Jarek 27/04/2023

Do you have any questions about career development for PhD graduates? Make sure to ask them in the comments - I will be discussing this topic tonight at 8 pm on "Lette's Chat"

Also, feel free to be there and watch it live, so that you can ask the questions live on YouTube

Lette's Chat with Carlette and Jarek Insightful and helpful academic chit-chat for PhD students and researchers.


Just a friendly reminder that you should take some rest on Sunday :) Here's me chilling on my kayak today

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About Qualitative Researcher Dr Kriukow

I am an academic teacher and experienced researcher specialising in Qualitative research. Here, on my Youtube channel (http://www.youtube.com/c/QualitativeResearcher) and my blog (https://drkriukow.com), I share my knowledge of, and answer your questions about, qualitative data analysis, study skills, career planning and qualitative research design. Like this page and join this growing community of Qualitative Researchers!

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Hope you are all having a great weekend. Here is a video where I share advice that, in my opinion, is crucial to ensure ...
Coding and Thematic Analysis explained in 5 minutes - Like and Share (with your friends, but not the enemies!)
Another comedy. I little bit of healthy/unhealthy balance is good for you
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Key differences between Qualitative and Quantitative research, explained in (around) 5 minutes. This is a lesson from wh...
Should you do a PhD for the money you can later earn with it? This is a short extract from my recent video, in which I s...
In case you previously missed this one. Coding and thematic analysis explained in 5 minutes :)
The ultimate irony is that I need to be writing just now and instead I created this gif...
Happy weekend everyone!
Hope you are all having some time off before the end of the year. Here are (more than) a few words about the upcoming (1...
No snow yet where I live, but we're getting nice winter storms that make you want to stay at home and relax with a cup o...



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