Karen's Krafty Kids

Karen's Krafty Kids


Just want to wish Karen and family merry Christmas and all the best for 2016 and just wanted to say thank you for all your hard work looking after Paris and even dropping her at the house when I have not been well your a great child minder and your hard work is appreciated xx
Hi just wondering if u have any spaces in morning??
Found you,huge hi from www.facebook.com/sugarmicebyelaine xx

I am a fully registered child minder with Care Inspectorate. I offer a wide range of activities for

Operating as usual

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And now it's holiday time, but we've had a few fun filled weeks..

Photos from Karen's Krafty Kids's post 08/09/2023

We've been outside all week...


Autism is:

Unable to speak, or maybe speaking too much
Hugging everyone, or disliking touch
Escaping outside,
Or trying to hide
Excitedly flapping
Inappropriate clapping
Autism varies so much

Won't wear a coat, or wears one all year round
Fussy eater, or would eat dirt from the ground
Screaming or humming
Annoyingly drumming
Toys in a line
The same way every time
Autism varies so much

Struggling to learn, or has wonderful gifts
Obsessions of numbers, trains, films or lifts
Spinning around
Throws things on the ground
Constantly spitting
Aggressively hitting
Autism varies so much

Alone without friends, or controls every game
Always looks different, and always dresses the same
Swinging on doors
Head banging on floors
Freaks at the dryer
Keeps climbing higher
Autism varies so much.

Can't answer questions, won't do as they're told
In their own world or bossy and bold
Over prepared
Anxious and scared
A spectrum so wide
But they all bring us pride
When autism touches our lives.

I support autism awareness always

Copy & Paste If You Do Too! 🥰


Support, don’t stare or ridicule, it's genuine, and can’t be helped. Support is welcomed, this could be any child or any parent's daily struggle, but understanding and patience are a virtue. I support autism awareness... always 💕❤💕

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Schools back but here is pics of our last few weeks..bubbles were a hit...


A day in the life.....❤💙 and I wouldn't change a thing

In the life of 'just' a childminder..... Yes I am JUST that person that works silly hours (and not just contracted hours but all the hours without children we still work too – learning journals, planning, organising, photocopying, childminding meetings, cleaning, mopping, hoovering, checking toys) acts as a referee between kids, promotes nice behaviour, cooks, cleans, goes for walks, school runs, nursery runs, is constantly risk assessing in her head, is constantly counting children making sure they are all there, zipping up coats, no youre wellies are on the wrong feet... again! park plays and pushing the swings until your bingo wings hurt, making sure no one is bored, making sure everyone has age appropriate toys, slapping on sun cream, potty training, toilet runs, washing hands, wiping noses and dirty faces, running after children with far more energy than myself, trying to restore my house back to resembling a home for my family at end of the day (this usually fails) spends time researching things to do (cheaply)- Dave the ladybird was a huge hit, getting stones out of the toddler's mouth, asking the three year old to play nicely for the hundredth time, “please don’t pick your nose”, “no its not tv time”, the squabbling over the same toy buggy even though you have 5!, “please don’t draw on the table”, “oh no who broke the magic wand….again”, sharing is caring, craming a biscuit into your face before you get caught, going to the toilet alone is practically impossible as they knock on the door and shout your name, reading their favourite book for the hundredth time and trying to make it as exciting as the 1st time. Nap times (PLEASE GO TO SLEEP). Finding the cup of tea from the morning still in the microwave when they have gone. Or husband finds the crumpet in the toaster you tried to have on Thursday and it's now Saturday. Cleaning up scraps, giving cuddles for bumped heads and scraped knees, has anyone got their listening ears on? “eat your breakfast/lunch/dinner”. Spilt milk AGAIN…. Filling the tuff tray with stale cereals (which were their favourite last week) and then having to hoover the decking of the aftermath - but at least they had fun! Loading and unloading the dishwasher, no longer has a nice handbag but more a Mary Poppins style one with everything in except the thing I need, makes sure every child feels included, valued and can contribute, think what to have for dinner and cook it, and prep for next working day, catch up with bits of paperwork, and what's more it all starts again the next day! Yep, that's me, "just" a childminder, and a shattered one! But I wouldn't change a thing.

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Back from holidays. we have been busy trying new foods and doing lots of computer work, we built a city from blocks...take a look...

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Our last few weeks...bring on the summer hols and Olivia was at her mum and dad's wedding...

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Wedding Ready....!!!


Did you know one of the benefits of childminders is the low adult-to-child ratio.

Childminders explore the outdoors daily and meet with others to encourage friendships with peers.

Some Childminders in West Lothian also offer the free 1140 funded Early Learning and Childcare (ELC) as well as eligible 2 places

Benefits of using your chosen partnership childminder:

😃 Smaller setting giving your child more opportunity for 1-1 care & learning!
😃 Flexibility with days & times to suit you!
😃 Excellent partnership working, working closely with parents and other professionals!
😃 Individual learning planned and implemented through play from your child’s interests!

Did you know all funded childminders are inspected in the same way as council and private nursery settings?
Partnership childminders follow and cover the same curriculum and frameworks as nurseries/schools?

All partnership providers must be qualified or working towards the same qualifications required to work in ELC settings inline with the SSSC?

The changes to Early Learning and Childcare have been implemented for parents to make the best choice for their child! 😀

Explore & know your options 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🥰

Please note, childminders are very busy which is fantastic, and we hate to turn people away so please plan ahead and get in touch in advance if you would like a childminder for your child. We are in the process of making up a list of childminders and their location to help you make a choice

Feel free to share

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Last couple of weeks...fun in the sun..for some it was too much ❤️❤️❤️❤️


With the sun out you may be having a clear out..I am happy to take any outdoor toys for my little people, needing sand trays, water trays, ball pit, chunky hard wearing outdoor toys.. all welcome


With the sun now here (hip hip) please remember a sun hat, sun cream (I use soltan factor 50 if you forget) and sunglasses..plenty fluids will be given throughout the day whilst here...

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New toys, long walks, sports day..our last couple of week...oh and the fire brigade came!!!

Photos from Karen's Krafty Kids's post 06/05/2023

It's Coronation Day...God Save The King!!!

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Our last couple of weeks....


Just been accepted by West College Scotland, Paisley to study Neuroscience in Early Childhood..another year of studying!!


I use these in my daily life as a childminder..


parents often ask how their child is so clean after having spaghetti bolognase or creamy pasta...simple...I have these amazing bibs...



✌🏻😮‍💨😶‍🌫️As we are approaching summer time, I wanted to remind everyone that lives in areas where there are families, especially on a family estate,

Let the children play .

If a child kicks a ball over to your garden - just throw it back

If a child wants to chalk on the pavement and play hopscotch - it will wash off

If a child wants a water fight - water dries

If a child wants to run around laughing and shouting - it’s good to hear them being so happy

If you are older or your children are older, remember you were once young, and so were they. It’s not like “the olden days” - too many children are sitting inside playing on their computers which isn’t always the best thing for them

Life is too short to stress about these things. If it’s a reasonable time, and no one is having a major rave, dont be remembered as the grumpy neighbour.

Let the children play.


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We have been learning to drive, shopping for healthy snacks, yoga, dancing ..all so much fun..
bring on the summer...


Let them be little,
Let them be silly,
Let them giggle,
Let them explore,
Let them ask for you to read that story once more,

They’re only little for so long,
Then one day these precious tender moments are gone,
The memories carried with you like a delicate old song,
Let them play,
Let them sing,
This will all be gone in a blink,

One day these little moments will feel like a distant dream 💭 ❤️

✍️That Everyday Mama


Happy mother's day to my little people's mums...have a great day...


No rest for the wicked...safeguarding training online tonight...then tackle the day's paperwork.. finish off 6 month reviews, diary updates and personal care plans...


Definitely applies to childminders too ❣️


1. They are not Early Years Practitioner, they are teachers. Their lesson plan every day includes: how to share, how to use 'Kind hands” and “walking feet,” how to say please and thank you, how to walk behind someone without pushing, how to take turns, and how to have “listening ears.” They educate themselves with qualifications and degrees, they educate our youngest little people , they nurse the poorly , they comfort the grazed knee. They risk assess , they observe , they plan , they action , they record.

They are masters of food hygiene , allergies, manual handling , Health and safety , and are Paediatric First aid trained.

2. They are not just teachers. They are also cleaners and nurses. They make injures feel better and dry up tears. They spray, wipe, sanitize, sweep, mop, and take out the trash.

3. They are waitresses. They balance little trays and cups of milk. They pick up squashed peas off the floor. Scoop peaches when they ask for more. They feed , they teach children to self feed and to self serve.

4. They change 5 dirty nappies, within 10 minutes.

5. They get 12 little ducklings to follow in a row on their way to the playground. They headcount , oh how many times they headcount!

6. They tie tiny shoes. They help pull up tiny underwear and trousers. Fold tiny blankets. Wipe tiny noses , Multiply all of this by 12 or more on most days.

7. They are there before parents go to work and don’t go home until the last child is picked up , as the second hand ticks to closing time.

8. They lay out cots and sleep mats and blankets and dummies. They know who gets a dummy, who gets a 6 oz bottle, who has to have all the lights out, who will wake up early, who came in late and will lay awake.
They sit between cots and mats patting restless toddlers to sleep. They spend the rest of nap time keeping the one early riser from waking the 11 others , or quietly trying to update display boards. They carry out 10 min sleep checks to ensure your little one is safe.

9. They go home and take care of their own families and homes, or their own children. They somehow find time to rest their tired feet, oh how tired their feet are!

10. They are patient and kind. They are trustworthy. They do their best with no promise of rest.

Their heart swells to see your child grow and learn and smile and play.
They laugh at the funny things children often say.
So say thank you to your Early Years Practitioner.
They are so much more than a carer for your child ❤️

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Our last couple of weeks..we did valentines craft..we had pancakes too...

Photos from Karen's Krafty Kids's post 03/02/2023

New starts..2023..welcome


Merry Christmas to all the beautiful families I have the privilege of looking after their little people..see you 9th January 2023....thank you for all my beautiful gifts.

Photos from Karen's Krafty Kids's post 28/10/2022

Our last couple of weeks in pics...

Photos from Karen's Krafty Kids's post 28/09/2022

Our last couple of weeks, we are learning to cross the road safely, we had our height taken, we done half term crafts...take a look...

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