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Community college in Rozelle offering practical learning experiences to the Sydney community since 1986. We are a charity and social enterprise with a mission to offer innovative continuing adult education programmes that support individual efforts and facilitate sustainable social change.

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Join our Indonesian Course: Beginners Level 1 and embark on a journey to master the basics of Bahasa Indonesian. Taught by qualified and experienced tutors, this course offers a friendly and relaxed learning environment that allows you to explore Indonesian culture while developing your language skills. Whether you dream of travelling the archipelago's breath-taking landscapes, conducting business in the vibrant market, or simply connect with Indonesian friends and colleagues, our Indonesian language course equips you with the vital language skills and cultural insights to thrive in any Indonesian-speaking setting.


Join one of Sydney's leading adult swimming schools with Sydney Community College. Learn to swim with adults of a similar ability as you gain confidence, improve your swimming style, and enjoy being in the water. With a focus on small groups and skill development, our adults learn to swim lessons cater to various levels of competency, from those who are unfamiliar with water and cannot swim freestyle at all, to those who have had some swimming experience and want to improve.


In this hands-on course, you learn how to construct your own leaded panel while you practice the elements of the craft such as glass cutting, leading, soldering and finishing your piece by cementing and polishing your panel. You can design your own panels to make. For inspiration, you could Google leadlight windows(opens in a new tab) and stained glass(opens in a new tab) designs, or just walk through neighbourhoods and look at existing designs. Please note that this course is to make leadlight panels. We do not cover copper foil, paint on glass, or kiln-fired glass.


Achieve that salon-perfect look on your own hair and create stunning hairstyles that will turn heads. You’ll effortlessly straighten, curl, twist and weave your way to fabulous hair - any time you want it! Join this workshop for all the hot tips you need to create a variety of hairstyles, from beautiful, bouncy curls to effortlessly chic beachy waves - as well as a glossy and sleek straight hair look.


Are you seeking a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life? Join us for Gentle Yoga and embark on a journey to discover inner peace, physical well-being, and a deeper mind-body connection. Hatha yoga(opens in a new tab) is a centuries-old practice that blends physical postures, breath control, and meditation to promote holistic well-being. In this course, you will explore the foundational principles of Hatha Yoga, specifically tailored for those who want a gentle and accessible introduction to the practice.


On this Microsoft Word course in Sydney, you will learn to produce and share professional documents, confidently layout publications, tables, pictures and other graphics, or create indexes and mail merges. Taking advantage of advanced features like forms and fields, you will track changes, protect documents and write macros to automate your documents.


Find out the secrets behind sculpting fondant and decorative piping in this hands-on cupcake decorating course. In this cupcake decorating course, you will explore simple decorating techniques to make beautiful cupcakes that are easy to do at home. You will also find out some creative tips for how to achieve a professional finish using low-cost tools and equipment that are easy to find in most kitchens. By the end of this course, you will have four decorated cupcakes to take home.


In this workshop, you'll learn how to prevent, reverse or improve pelvic floor issues. This program will teach you a highly effective pelvic floor training routine for optimal strengthening and maintenance with the aid of a real-time ultrasound, so you can forget about fruitlessly 'squeezing at the bus stop'! You'll gain skills and techniques that can be easily, immediately and permanently adopted without a large time investment - and that will last you a lifetime.


In this glass art course, you will be introduced to the world of contemporary kiln-fired glass. You will learn how to design and create your own stunning glass platters and decorative objects to give as gifts, to sell at the markets or to have as a centrepiece in your home. Discover your creative potential as you learn the skills required to produce quality glass art in a professional studio setting. You will be encouraged to cultivate your own ideas whilst learning a range of simple but effective techniques to ensure your creations are of the highest quality.


Discover the traditional basketry technique of coil weaving in this therapeutic workshop in Sydney's Inner West. Coil weaving is an ancient technique used by cultures all over the world to create functional, intricate baskets. It is an eco-friendly practice, as baskets are often woven from recycled and sustainable materials. In this hands-on introductory workshop, you will use natural plant materials and yarn to create your own small basket or the beginnings of a larger piece. Your experienced tutor will guide you step-by-step through basic basketry techniques.


HTML and CSS set the foundation for an understanding of web development. HTML defines the structure of a page, while CSS defines its style. Whether you're thinking about building a website, you're a web designer looking to understand more about the underlying code, or you're looking to add to your skillset and begin your journey to new employment opportunities, then this introductory bootcamp should be your first port of call.


In this comprehensive oil painting course, you will learn the techniques and benefits of working with the oil paint medium. Suitable for both beginners and those with some painting experience, you will be guided through structured exercises to create paintings with beautiful texture and finish – even without any prior painting experience. In this oil painting course, you will learn how to prepare your surface, outline your painting, mix, and layer different oils in your painting, and how to finish and glaze your painting.


Botanical art is a unique and specialised art form that captures the colour, precision and detail of plants to realistically represent their natural beauty. Starting with a brief introduction, you will discover or deepen your understanding of watercolour application, as you learn new watercolour techniques and develop the skills to prepare and complete a beautifully detailed artwork. With tutor guidance, you will have plenty of opportunities to practice your watercolour application for botanical art with various specimens including flowers, vegetables and other plants.


Photography can feel like a complicated hobby. There’s nothing more frustrating than having a beautiful camera, but not knowing how to get the best from it. If you are a beginner photographer and you want to master the manual capabilities of your DSLR or Mirrorless camera as a hobby, for work or to build a new career then our foundational photography course will help you get started. We aim to deliver a fun, user-friendly and practical beginners photography course that demystifies the functions of your camera first so you can focus on the scene you want to capture.


The market for online digital content is always growing, more content is needed at a faster pace in order to stay competitive. Learn how to edit your own videos with this Adobe Premiere Pro course, designed to take you from a beginner's level to confidently editing videos on your own! Whether it be in-house training videos, professional-looking YouTube videos, or adding some flair to that wedding video, this Adobe Premiere Pro training course will expand your existing knowledge of video editing or build it from scratch. No prior experience with Adobe Premiere Pro is required to attend the course; we will begin with the most simple of operations and move upward to utilise Premiere Pro’s more complex features. This Adobe Premiere Pro course will introduce you to the fun and interactive world of video editing and help expand your creative skillset.


Life drawing is a great way to improve your drawing skills. It trains you to ‘see’ and react quickly to what’s in front of you, but there is also room for you to express your personal view of the subject. In this course, you will practice drawing the n**e from life in a series of quick and long poses that allow you to record quickly and efficiently what you see and longer poses that allow you to really study the subject. You will use a range of media and techniques to explore line, form, and expression. In this series of classes, we will also draw the n**e in space and set up props and change the lighting to create different moods and scenes. This way we will add to your understanding of composition, tone, and the study of light and dark. You will also look at some artists who work with the human form and engage with it creatively using them as inspiration for your work. You will receive teaching and support from a practising artist, work with a professional life model and gain confidence in your own drawing abilities.


In our singing lessons for beginners, basic techniques of voice production are explored in a group setting. The aim is to help students develop vocal freedom and increase their confidence in their voice and how to use it. Singers will learn how to utilise the whole body efficiently to make singing easier and more enjoyable! This fun eight-week course combines the practical with the technical - all designed to help you make the most of your voice. The first four weeks will be spent learning basic techniques, while the second four weeks will be focused on performance skills with an aim for each student to perform an individual piece of their choosing in the final week. The classes are more than a singalong group - students will learn solid vocal concepts covered in private singing lessons.


Do you love love stories? Do you want to learn how to write a romance story? Or perhaps you're already writing one, and you are wanting to learn how to get published in romance? Romance is the highest earning popular fiction genre in the world, with the most avid and voracious readers, and in this course you’ll learn how to write a romance novel, as well as what a reader/editor/agent is looking for in a romance story, and how to deliver that page-turning, heart- stealing experience for the genre-savvy romance reader. Learn the tools and techniques to build engaging characters who will overcome emotional and physical obstacles to forge strong and powerful relationships and an enduring love that will have your reader sighing long after they’ve finished your book – and hurrying out to buy the next one.


Welcome to your English Beginners course, a comprehensive course designed to help you to speak, listen, write and understand English. In today's interconnected world, mastering the English language is more than a practical skill; it is an invaluable tool for personal and professional success. Our English course is designed specifically for adults who have a foundational understanding of the English and basic vocabulary, and want to improve their essential language skills for effective communication in diverse communities.


Have you been wanting to express yourself by learning a new creative skill? Are you looking for art classes in Sydney? Then this painting course for beginners is for you! Maybe you have never painted before, or you are looking to refresh your skills and knowledge. With this course, you will take home real painting experience and creative skills that will last you a lifetime. You will gain knowledge about the different painting mediums, tools and applications. Our experienced tutors provide you with well-structured lessons and a series of exercises. You will learn how to paint from still life, self-portrait and more while you develop your style and creative potential.


The guitar is one of the worlds most popular instruments - and for a very good reason. If you've been wanting to take a step into a new passion or creative outlet, then this course is for you. Follow in the footsteps of some of the worlds greatest artists and learn how to play the guitar with other beginners in Sydney! Our guitar for beginners course is a fun and relaxed atmosphere where you’ll get to grips with basic chords and rhythms and some easy popular songs and riffs. Our professional and experienced tutors are on hand with all the know-how and guidance to get you strumming away in no time.


This comprehensive course covers all you need to know about basic metalwork; perfect for anyone who would like to start the journey of silver jewellery making and design. Learn in-depth the fundamentals of jewellery making such as piercing, filing, soldering, riveting, drilling and polishing as well as all about the equipment and tools used in class. In class, you will apply the newly learnt techniques making first a copper ring as a sample and then your own silver ring and pendant or earring while being guided through each process step-by-step by our professional jeweller. At the end of this course, you will go home with great knowledge and skills in basic jewellery making as well as your copper and silver pieces made in class.


Sewing Essentials is a basic sewing skills course for anyone wishing to learn to sew. These comprehensive sewing classes will teach you machine set-up, maintenance of equipment and troubleshooting, how to control your machine and get to know its stitch capabilities. You will also learn about different seams and finishes, pattern cutting and by the end of the course, you will have made a complete garment using all the skills you have learned.


Join our fun Resin Homewares Workshop and go home with a small selection of beautiful resin homewares pieces. Be introduced to the resin medium and explore step by step how to work with resin slow setting to create your own homewares. In this workshop, you will have an array of mould options to work with to create one-of-a-kind coasters, bowls, and trays. This class will set you up with all skills and knowledge you need to create some beautiful resin pieces with the personal touch to reflect your style.


Avoid all the costly mistakes when buying your first home and learn from a current real estate investor and independent advisor with many years of experience. You will discover key information about the buying and legal processes, different types of loans and packages, negotiating with real estate agents and the total costs involved with the purchase. This is a fun and relaxed First Home Buyers course that will involve plenty of real-life stories and experiences for you to learn from if you are thinking of buying your first property.


Are you a backyard beekeeper, an urban beehive enthusiast, or an amateur who wants to learn more about our precious pollinators? Join us for our Beekeeping Course for Beginners, hosted right here on the rooftop of Sydney Community College! We are proud to contribute to the biodiversity of our local neighbourhood by keeping buzzing beehives on our inner-city rooftop. You too can play your part in your local ecosystem by learning how to keep bees in your own backyard!


This Resin Jewellery and Silicone Mould Making course is an essential course for everyone who would like to learn everything about resin. Explore how to create and make your own silicone mould and how to use your mould to create your own resin pieces with fast setting as well as slow setting resin. No prior experience is necessary.


Keen to get into fishing, but not sure where to start? Our Recreational Fishing for Beginners course is designed for complete beginners and tailored to provide a comprehensive introduction to the art of fishing for fun. This immersive on-the-water experience takes place against the stunning backdrop of Sydney Harbour, in an accessible location. These hands-on sessions combine a delightful blend of theory and practical experience. With expert instructors by your side, you'll not only cast your first line but also delve into the essentials of gear, casting techniques, fish behaviour, ethical practices, and beyond.


Have you always wanted to give it a go but never had the confidence to dive in? Are you ready to step into the world of acting and explore your creative potential and be part of a thriving community? Darlo Drama's 2 hour trial class is an intro to beginners acting and an opportunity for you to see if the classes at Darlo Drama are for you. This drop-in session will introduce you to acting classes in a safe and nurturing environment.


Archery is a sport of focus and concentration, enhancing physical fitness along with mindfulness and stress management. This beginner's level Archery course covers the fundamental archery skills that you can use at any archery range in Sydney in a fun and safe environment. We have designed this archery course for beginners, aiming to develop self-confidence, concentration, discipline, and upper body strength. Led by a qualified coach, your program begins with a safety briefing, ensuring all archers avoid any unnecessary injuries to themselves or others. Archers will be guided on the correct usage of the equipment and games will commence, ensuring a competitive and fun environment.

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Sydney Community College is a leading provider of short courses in Sydney, Australia. We are a social enterprise with a mission to offer innovative continuing adult education programmes that support individual efforts and facilitate sustainable social change.

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