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Operating as usual

Emirates statement on operations at London Heathrow 21/07/2022

Emirates fires the first volley

Emirates statement on operations at London Heathrow 14 July 2022 - Emirates values our partnerships with airport stakeholders across our network with whom we engage continuously, and collaboratively, to secure our flight operations and ensure minimal customer disruption, particularly over the peak travel months.It is therefore highly regrettable that...

Heathrow Airport and Emirates Joint Statement 21/07/2022

Game, Set and Match to Emirates

Heathrow Airport and Emirates Joint Statement 15 July 2022 - The President of Emirates Airline and the CEO of Heathrow Airport held a constructive meeting this morning. Emirates agreed the airline was ready and willing to work with the airport to remediate the situation over the next 2 weeks, to keep demand and capacity in balance and provide p...

Rail Union Train Wreck Interview 01/07/2022

Interviews shouldn't be a spectator sport, but this one is irresistable biffo with a Union leader and journalist fighting it out. The journalist got a dramatic story but the interviewee missed the opportunity to tell his side of the story to key stakeholders

Rail Union Train Wreck Interview By Geoffrey Stackhouse , Managing Director, Clarity Solutions


Shannon Noll and David Leyonhelm both weaponised an apology to make it a weapon of mass distraction.

HOW TO WEAPONISE YOUR APOLOGY Singer Shannon Noll and Liberal Democrat MP David Leyonheljm offered up apologies for appalling behaviour in the past week. But were they genuine? And have they done more harm than good?

Clarity Solutions - Sky's Apology Fail 31/03/2017

Sky News' apology for Mark Latham's attacks was a text book example of what not to do.

Clarity Solutions - Sky's Apology Fail After Mark Latham's bile trifecta this week, Sky had no option but to fire him. Responding to threatened legal action they've issued an apology that breaks every rule and doesn't come across as remotely genuine - so has it stopped the brand damage?

Photos from Clarity Solutions's post 22/09/2016

Skittles was dropped in a minefield by Trump this week. While there are always three paths out of it, they chose the best.

Clarity Solutions - Dastyari's Downfall 08/09/2016

Dastyari's downfall could have been avoided with a meaningful apology

Clarity Solutions - Dastyari's Downfall It's well trodden path and experience shows it's best to take your medicine early because the howls from the pack will only get louder. If it's done right, if it's convincing, a real apology can stave off calls to resign. But done badly it adds fuel to the fire.

Clarity Solutions - Interview that wiped $3billion from Mylan 01/09/2016

This CEO's interview took US$3 billion off the share price. Good technique is not enough, you need good content as well.

Clarity Solutions - Interview that wiped $3billion from Mylan Mylan Healthcare, the maker of the lifesaving EpiPen, wheeled out its CEO in a charm offensive to justify 400% price rise and shore up it's plunging share price. The share price is down nearly 20% this year and fell a further 12% - estimated at US$3 billion - after her interviews went to air. So it'...

Clarity Solutions - Fixing the Census crisis 11/08/2016

The Census is back online but will anyone complete it when our trust is lost? The ABS needs a communications solution to restore our faith - but what should they do? and post your suggestions here

Clarity Solutions - Fixing the Census crisis No doubt it will go down in history along with that Roman census which caused massive accommodation problems in Bethlehem. But rather than add to the chorus of Trolls stoning the ABS, let's help them out.

Timeline photos 03/08/2016

Why you need to take reputation into account when costing your options

Timeline photos 20/07/2016

Another footy player sexting scandal - but what's fascinating is that while the players ge****ls were splashed all over the Internet, his name has been suppressed. How did the AFL pull it off?

Clarity Solutions - Avoiding Andrea Leadsome style train wrecks 13/07/2016

UK MP Andrea Leadsome's train wreck interview was an own goal. You can't train for stupid, but here are some tips to keep safe and effective with media

Clarity Solutions - Avoiding Andrea Leadsome style train wrecks And when I think about all the most cringe worthy train wreck interviews I've seen - Kevin Andrews, Jamie Diaz's election pitch, every time Pauline Hanson opens her mouth - it's not because a journalist was out to get them. It's their own lack of judgement.

Clarity Solutions - Dr Who, Trump and the Kill Shot 27/06/2016

Donald Trump is using a script from Dr Who - h'es stolen the 'kill shot' which brought down Harriett Jones MP. And it's working.

Clarity Solutions - Dr Who, Trump and the Kill Shot Just when I thought Donald Trump's Presidential campaign couldn't get anymore surreal, he plagiarised the script from the 2005 Dr Who Christmas special and is dominating the media with it.

Timeline photos 20/01/2016

Woolies' Oz cap fumble made worse by their epic communications fail And in spite of all the practice they've had lately ...

Timeline photos 06/10/2015

I'm loving Malcolm Turnbull's interview techniques, they're world class and easily the best in Australia, so deconstructing his work is a masterclass in communicating leadership.

Timeline photos 30/07/2015

Lion killer Walter Palmer has become an international pariah. His statement of regret and letters to his patients are so diabolically bad they're fueling the outrage. It’s a simple problem with an easy fix. He’s speaking the wrong language, he just needs to flick the switch from logic to emotion.

Timeline photos 18/06/2015

Great data here proving a casual link between media coverage and behavour change.

Timeline photos 04/06/2015

Susie O'Brien's skewering of Jodhi Meares is hysterically funny, but is it fair game? You can’t control your quotes but there are a few things you can do to keep safe and help your PR peeps sleep at night.

Timeline photos 06/05/2015

The UK election is down to the wire, this train wreck of an interview could decide the fate of a nation. Lets deconstruct the interview crimes.

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