Nyumbar - Aboriginal Education Programs

Nyumbar - Aboriginal Education Programs

We are a family owned and run Aboriginal business. we provide culturally appropriate and safe educat Kindergarten to Yr 6.

Programs we offer:

Nyumbar Program - Full Day interactive cultural experience. Nghari Program - Full Day dance Program. Jagen Program - Full Day Country Program. Bubura Jahla ngeh Buhbany - Full day Bush Tucker and Medicine Program. Kindergarten to Year 6

Please look at our Services Tab for further information on each program

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The Ngahri Program is a vibrant dance program that celebrates the beauty and significance of movement. The Ngahri Program promises to be an extraordinary experience, where students can cultivate physical coordination, artistic skills, and a profound appreciation for aboriginal cultural heritage


Reconciliation is the ongoing process of healing the historical injustices and addressing the disparities that exist between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians. By actively participating in Reconciliation Week events and embracing the values of understanding, respect, and unity, Australians can contribute to building a society that celebrates and honors the contributions and cultures of all its citizens, including the First Nations peoples.


Photos from St. Columba’s Catholic Primary School Leichhardt North's post 27/05/2023

Thank you St. Columba’s Catholic Primary School Leichhardt North for having us at your school. We loved sharing our culture with you. Looking forward to seeing you all again.


Participating in the Nyumbar Program is a memorable and enriching experience for students, as it provides a unique opportunity to learn directly from the cultural resources.

Learn about the deep connection Aboriginal peoples have with the land and how their tools were designed to work harmoniously with nature.

Discover how traditional resource gathering techniques ensured sustainably, preservation of both culture and the environment.

If you have any specific questions about the Nyumbar program,feel free to contact us

To book Nyumbar coming to your school check out our website.


National Sorry Day 2023 🧡
Today, we come together as a nation to acknowledge and reflect upon the past, to heal the wounds, and to foster a future built on reconciliation and understanding.



Introducing the Jagen Program by Nyumbar, our family-owned business is dedicated to preserving and celebrating local Aboriginal history and culture

dive into the rich heritage of your local area, exploring traditional foods, resources, sacred sites, and learn about the remarkable individuals who have shaped the land.

Check out our website to book Nyumbar coming to your school.


Designed for students of all ages check out our website to book Nyumbar coming to your school


check out our website to book Nyumbar coming to your school.


Happy Mother's Day to all the amazing mums out there! Today is a day to celebrate the love, sacrifices, and hard work that mothers put into raising their Jarjums . Whether you're a biological mom, adoptive mom, stepmom, or a mother figure, your love and dedication are appreciated more than you know.



We are a family owned and run Aboriginal education business based in Sydney. Our programs cover a range of topics, including traditional tools, art, music and dance, as well as contemporary issues facing Indigenous Australians today. We work with schools and tailor our programs to their specific needs, ensuring that our education is accessible to everyone.
Our team is made up of experienced and knowledgeable Aboriginal educators who are passionate about sharing their culture and promoting understanding. We believe that through education, we can help to build a more inclusive and respectful society that values and celebrates the diversity of Indigenous cultures.
Whether you are looking to incorporate Aboriginal perspectives into your curriculum, enhance your cultural awareness, or simply learn more about Indigenous culture, we have a program that is right for you. Through our programs, we promote, educate, teach, show and guide. Contact Nyumbar today to learn more about our programs and how we can support your cultural education journey.


Download your poster from the NAIDOC website ❤️💛🖤

We are so excited to share the 2023 National NAIDOC Week Poster, ‘For Our Elders’, designed by the incredibly talented Bobbi Lockyer! Bobbi Lockyer

Bobbi is a proud Ngarluma, Kariyarra, Nyulnyul and Yawuru artist, born and based on Kariyarra Country in Port Hedland. Bobbi’s artwork, For Our Elders, “showcases how important our Elders are in passing down traditions and culture to our children and future.”

You can download your copy today from the NAIDOC website! https://www.naidoc.org.au/2023-poster


NAIDOC Week is a time to celebrate the history, culture and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. It is held annually in the first full week of July, and this year the theme is
“For our Elders.”
We acknowledge and celebrate the important contributions and incredible wisdom of our Elders. They have lived through significant periods of change and have passed down their knowledge and culture to younger generations. We are grateful for their guidance, support and love. Let's honour our Elders and show them the respect they deserve.

NAIDOC week is a great opportunity to learn more about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures and histories, and to support the ongoing work of these communities.

Book Nyumbar to facilitate a cultural incursion at your school. Limited bookings available

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Ready to unlock your full potential? Book Nyumbar for our Professional Development program. Nyumbar Professional Development will contribute to 3hrs of PD addressing 2.4.2 of the NSW Education Standard Authority to maintain proficient teacher accreditation. Together Let's build a brighter future!

Check out our website to book Nyumbar coming to your school.


Aboriginal culture is the oldest and most diverse in the world, encompassing art, music, dance, storytelling, and so much more.
Through our educational programs, we are committed to promoting greater understanding and appreciation of Aboriginal culture. We believe that by learning about the traditions, values, and experiences of Aboriginal people, we can build a more inclusive and respectful society for all.
Together, we can honor the past, embrace the present, and shape a better future for all Australians.


NAIDOC Week is held in the first full week of July, with various events and activities taking place across the country. These events include community gatherings, cultural performances, art exhibitions, workshops, and sporting events. The week is a time for Indigenous Australians to come together and celebrate their rich cultural heritage and contributions to the nation.

Photos from Nyumbar - Aboriginal Education Programs's post 22/04/2023

St Michaels Daceyville mural.

Check out our website to book nyumbar coming to your school.


At Nyumbar, we are committed to promoting cultural education as a tool for reconciliation. We believe that everyone has the right to access, learn and appreciate the beauty and richness of Indigenous cultures. Our cultural education programs are designed to be engaging, interactive and fun!
Join us in discovering the unique perspectives, values and beliefs of Indigenous peoples and exploring the connections between culture, identity and community.

Photos from Nyumbar - Aboriginal Education Programs's post 14/04/2023

St Michaels Daceyville mural.

Check out our website to book nyumbar coming to your school.

Photos from Nyumbar - Aboriginal Education Programs's post 10/04/2023

St Michaels Daceyville mural.

Check out our website to book nyumbar coming to your school.

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Photos from Nyumbar - Aboriginal Education Programs's post 31/03/2023

Congratulations St John Bosco College Engadine on your Year 12 Jerseys.
Nyumbar is honoured to be a part of your journey.

Photos from St John Bosco College Engadine's post 24/03/2023

Congratulations St John Bosco College Engadine on your Year 12 Jerseys.
Nyumbar is honoured to be a part of your journey. 😊


The Bamaboomahla Program is an art program. This program students will learn and look at different Aboriginal art styles and symbols. Students will have the opportunity to create a story using Aboriginal art symbols.


Happy Harmony Day!
Today we celebrate Australia’s diversity and multiculturalism.



Nyumbar teaches culturally safe aboriginal education.Check out our website to book Nyumbar coming to your school.


Amazing 🥰


Celebrating International Women’s Day

Here’s to strong women. May we know them, may we be them, may we raise them .


Happy New Year! Wishing you all a amazing 2023. 🎇🎊🎊


Forever 15
Justice for Cassius
Rest in the Dreaming 🖤💛❤️


Yudi Gunyi School


Winston Heights Public school


St Michaels Daceyville


Thomas Acres Public School mural


DLSA mural


De La Salle Ashfield Mural



🖤💛❤️ Celebrate one of the richest and oldest continuing cultures in the world with Wingaru Kids.⁠❤️💛🖤

Delivering small and regular inclusions is a great way to support students’ knowledge growth and appreciation for Aboriginal culture.⁠ ⁠

Don't have Wingaru Kids? Learn more about how we can support you to include more First Nations perspectives in your classroom through our 10-day free trial.

🔗 https://www.wingaru.com.au/wingaru-kids.html




Discover what traditional Aboriginal toys were made from and how they were played with by exploring our "Traditional Toys" lesson.⁠

👉 This lesson is included in our 10-day free school trial. Sign your school up today at https://www.wingaru.com.au/wingaru-kids.html and see how we can help you to include more Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander perspectives in your classroom.⁠

This lesson is also available on Wingaru Kids for Home Education and Wingaru Bubs. Visit our website to learn more https://www.wingaru.com.au/


Well done to all the students and school community who contributed and bought the mural to life




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