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Light & Darkness| Absolute Happiness - Episode 22 08/08/2021

Light & darkness are contrasting but both convey deep meanings & one cannot do without the other. Discover the true significance of light & darkness as Mr. Anil Ji walks you through some beautiful examples in this video.πŸ‘‰πŸŒ https://youtu.be/WonvDIz2IIA

Light & Darkness| Absolute Happiness - Episode 22 We all are constantly shifting between light and darkness, day and night. Some of our thoughts are positive...

The Technique To Let Go - Absolute Happiness - Episode 31 16/06/2021

This episode of the series, discusses facts on how to gain Absolute Happiness by learning the technique of letting go. The technique of letting go happens when you learn to let go of your sad and happy memories as you cannot hold on to them. You remain as the silent changeless Observer just witnessing all events.πŸ‘‰πŸŒhttps://youtu.be/m2WFGWMXErE

The Technique To Let Go - Absolute Happiness - Episode 31 Welcome to another episod...

The Light of Consciousness | Absolute Happiness - Episode 32 16/06/2021

The light of consciousness is the Getaway to realizing your true nature and unconditional love. Not being affected by reality whether good or bad and being drawn towards this light of consciousness, can help you realize your true nature. The light of consciousness is the very reason, we exist and if that's taken away then we won't even realize what is good or bad, and how we should function in our life. Watch this episode to enlighten yourself and feel completely focused on your journey to realising the presence of happiness and the light of consciousness. πŸ‘‰πŸŒ https://youtu.be/podsDd2_qUs

The Light of Consciousness | Absolute Happiness - Episode 32 The light of consciousnes...

Peace at All Times | Absolute Happiness - Episode 33 16/06/2021

Here is another episode of Absolute Happiness - Peace at all times. This episode will help you to be at peace in all circumstances and all situations. Consciousness is unaffected by images, it is peaceful and is the reality. Consciousness is ever-present. Consciousness is present during the temporary sadness, or happiness, good health or bad health, good event or bad event. When the event activity or phase comes to an end, consciousness is still present. But how can you encounter peace at all times? For that, you have to watch the complete video. πŸ‘‰πŸŒ https://youtu.be/7Tt8JH8ZtKc

Peace at All Times | Absolute Happiness - Episode 33 We continue to bring you ...

The Silent Changeless Observer | Absolute Happiness - Episode 30 09/06/2021

Welcome to the episode of β€œThe Silent Changeless Observer”. If you are looking forward to realise your true changeless nature, this motivational video can help you to surrender yourself to the Silent Changeless Observer within you. Many day to activities will help you to corelate yourself and get in touch with your true Self. The practice of Silent Changeless Observer helps in detaching oneself and experience the true changeless nature. So, go through the episode and don't forget to comment your experience being a silent changeless observer.πŸ‘‰πŸŒhttps://youtu.be/7124VQsvvWM

The Silent Changeless Observer | Absolute Happiness - Episode 30 Welcome to the episode of...

Awake Dream & Sleep Cycle | Absolute Happiness - Episode 24 29/05/2021

We all experience the three states of awake, dream and sleep everyday. In each of these states, we have a new identity that’s conscious of the other two states. Explore the connection between these three states and absolute happiness only after watching this video. πŸ‘‰https://youtu.be/wLtmrZXgBZM

Awake Dream & Sleep Cycle | Absolute Happiness - Episode 24 Join this channel to get access to perks:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdd9fIDVn0DLyi4ehygvIhA/joinSpiritual Awakening


Every cause has an effect. Have you ever wondered how our lives are based on this principle? We are the effect of our parents. Similarly, there are various ways how the rule of cause & effect are applicable in reality. Find out more after watching this video. πŸ‘‰πŸŒhttps://youtu.be/4IZhxUYMCPU

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Absolute Happiness - Our Story

As an inhabitant of a world where everything materialistic holds the highest value, amassing wealth, enjoying popularity and seeking short-term happiness have emerged as the ultimate formula to live by. As a consequence, people have lost the value of spiritualism and are unaware of the significance of absolute happiness. To help you realize the true worth of your existence and discover the real purpose of your life, welcome to the world of Absolute Happiness where Mr. Anil Sharma, an eminent Sydney-based motivational guru, directs you towards your goals through a series of inspirational videos.

In present times, the temptation for wealth and power has a greater significance while attaining absolute happiness and experiencing spiritual awakening have taken a backseat. People are constantly obsessed with leading an epicurean life with no efforts to enrich their inner self. One can surely see an increase in negative emotions like greed, envy and lust, among others. Consequently, the high ideals of optimisms have become blurred and the little big joys that life has to offer are ignored. Consider the lives of Sage Rama Krishna, Sage Ramana Maharishi, Lord Buddha, Krishna and Jesus Christ – they all have attained the highest purpose of human birth and experienced absolute happiness despite leading a normal family life with no such extraordinary demands. They led simple and peaceful lives that helped them reach their goal.

Sometimes in the journey of our lives, we lose our identity; we don’t know who we are, where we are going and what is the purpose behind doing certain things. In a world where all that glitters is taken to be gold, it is relatively difficult to establish a spiritual bond with yourself. According to the words of Sage Ramana Maharishi, unless we stop identifying the Self with the body, with forms and limits, we can’t know the Self that we truly are.

Most of us are engaged in seeking temporary happiness. We take this short-term happiness as our main goal. But that is not the ultimate purpose for which you are born. Your goal is to attain absolute happiness that is unconditional, free from any external factor. Enter the realm of Absolute Happiness, where Mr. Anil Sharma assists spiritual aspirants, fellow brothers and sisters, to attain the state of unconditional happiness and self-abidance.

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