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[05/25/13]   AIPET Group wishes to advise it's valued customers that the Industrial Services hotline( +263 772709128) number is currently having network problems. You are advised to use our Specialist Advice Hotline (+263 778 053041) until Monday. Any inconvenience caused is sincerely regretted. We thank you for your continued support since 2009.

[04/19/13]   It's important to be aware of the gas
station environment hazards. We visit gasO
stations every time we need to refuel
our vehicles, but often don't stop to
think about the potential hazards
involved. To stay safe, it's a good idea to educate yourself and your family about
the gas station environment hazards that
might impact you. Environmental Risks of Gas Stations Gasoline is highly explosive, and can be
very dangerous if proper safety
precautions are not followed. The most
prevalent risks associated with gas station
environment hazards are fires and explosions. You can view examples of
real-life gas station fires, in the Electrostatic Journal. Gas station fires most frequently result from sparks that
lead to fuel explosions and static electricity that ignites fuel vapors. Safety Tips For Preventing Fires at
Gas Stations No Cell Phones Stories about the dangers of cell phones
and gas stations have been circulating for
years. While some assert that the danger
of using cell phones at gas stations is
nothing more than an urban legend,
there is evidence that cell phone usage near gas pumps does pose explosion
risks. Why put yourself or anyone else at
risk just to take or make a phone call
while pumping gas? Neither cell phones or full-function pagers
are designed to be used in any type of
ignitable environment. Certainly any area
where fuel is being pumped is one where
risk of ignition is high. There are
situations in which cell phone usage can create sparks capable of igniting a fire or
causing an explosion in such an
environment. Check the owner's manual that came
with your cell phone, and you will likely
see a warning against using the device
while refueling a vehicle or in any other
situation where you are exposed to
gasoline or fumes. No Smoking Whether you are refueling your vehicle
or just sitting inside, smoking or lighting
cigarettes poses a serious safety risk. A
single spark from a cigarette, match or
lighter can cause a serious explosion at a
gas station. It is not safe to smoke or use matches or lighters while on the
grounds of a gas station, even if you
aren't actually pumping gas. Don't Leave Engine Running It is very important to turn off your car's
engine while pumping gas. Gasoline vapor
that comes into contact with electrical
wires while an engine is one can trigger
an explosion. Stay Put You should not get in and out of your
automobile while you are pumping gas.
Doing so poses a risk of static electricity,
which can ignite gasoline vapors. If you
absolutely have to enter your vehicle
during refueling, it is a good idea to touch the metal on your car (far away
from the gas tank) before you take the
nozzle out. Be Alert Even though pumping gas is an everyday
occurrence for many people, don't lose
sight of the fact that you are responsible
for transferring a hazardous substance from one point to another. Don't put
yourself or other patrons at needless risk
by not paying attention to what you are
doing. Watch For Overflow Don't let your gas tank overflow.
Overflowing fuel that gets on you and/or
on the ground poses a safety risk.
Additionally, gasoline is a skin irritant, and
can cause reactions ranging from very
mild irritation to serious burns. It is a good idea to get in the habit of waiting a
few seconds after you stop pumping gas
before removing the nozzle to help
prevent drips. Adults Only Children should never be allowed to
pump gasoline. Anyone who is too young
to legally drive a car is too young to
pump gasoline. How to Fill a Gas Can Before you start filling a gas can, put it
on the ground. Do not attempt to fill it
when it is sitting on or is inside your
vehicle. There is a greater risk of spilling if
the gas can is not on the ground.
Additionally, there is a risk of fire resulting from static charges if the gas can is in or
on a vehicle while being filled. When you start pumping fuel into the
container, make sure that you keep the
nozzle in direct contact with the
container. Don't fill the container to the
very top. You should leave 5 percent to
10 percent of the capacity free, to avoid overflowing fuel and to allow room for
the fuel to expand. Approved Containers Only Do not ever pump gasoline into a
container that is not approved for the
specific purposes of storing and
transporting gasoline. What if There is a Fire? If a fire starts while you are refueling, get
out of the area the moment you notice
flames. Leave the nozzle in the vehicle
and don't try to stop the flow of
gasoline. Warn others in the vicinity and
get help. Food For Thought Even though gas station environment
hazards do pose some risks, observing all posted warnings and exercising common sense regarding safety precautions can
help you stay safe. Gas stations can even
provide a safe refuge in the event you
find yourself in the unfortunate situation
of being followed or even chased. Many
gas stations are open 24/7, and provide a well-lit and populated environment
where you can go to get yourself out of
a potentially dangerous situation!!!!!

[01/28/13]   AIPET Grroup has yet introduced another course to equip you...... Transportation and Storage of Dangerous Goods..... Its comprehensive and a must do especially for those working in the chemical and petroleum industry... Contact US for more information.

[12/21/12]   The Board and Management of AIPET Group would like to wish you a hazardous free Christmas and happy new year!

[11/23/12]   Good News for Zimbabweans!!!!!!!!! Very soon you will be able to pay your Transportation of Dangerous Goods Course fees via ECOCASH. We making plans for those in other countries. Email [email protected] for more details or call Africa Mobile Office on +263772 709128.

[11/12/12]   To all those who have their ADG Certificates expiring between 10 Dec 2012 and 04 January 2013, make sure you call our Africa Mobile Office on +263 7727 09128 or email [email protected]m before the 6th of Dec 2012 to avoid inconviniences. This also apply to those who recieved Training Services in Botswana, Zambia, DRC, Mozambique, South Africa, Namibia, Angola and any other not listed.

[06/08/12]   Africa Dangerous Goods Conference Coming Soon..... stay connected and become part of it..........

[02/17/12]   AIPET now subscribed with, what a great achievement......we are now registered as a college under learnpipe america. Follow your DOT training with AIPET and become recognized in Botswana, Zambia, Angola, Mozambique, South Africa, Democratic Republic of Congo, Namibia, Swaziland and Lesotho. We are your only Passport to Transportation of Dangerous Goods accross beyond boarders. With AIPET you get enrolled in the AIPET authentification page for cross reference beyond boarders. Now we have 4 packages i.e Online training, Public Serminar Training, Onsite or Specialized training and Webminar Training. We are growing from strength to strength!

[12/05/11]   We have been going around the city, diapers(pampers) are now a threat in the rubish heaps..... This poses a health hazard. We interviewed people and now instead of pampers becoming standby nappies now take a standby role while diapers are the primary absorbents. We have no problem with the manufacture, purchase and use of these but on the disposal side..... Lets protect our well being and use more nappies and less diapers especially if the public refuse collection is eratic! Our environment is our heritage. Get more information from our regional offices or call to place your say on this issue...

[11/23/11]   Congrats Zimbabwe, the Green Fuel project! After a long time with no blend, finally we even. We will reduce our petroleum imports, less emissions and reduced petrol prices, what a move! We have been moving around Gas stations to check availability......we were amazed! I think for diesel, we need a follow up on the biodiesel project!!!!

[09/03/11]   If you are not a member of AIPET, I urge you to join the AIPET socio club now because the site can only take a limited number of members for free subscription. Take this chance and be part of it while its still available. Go to to register

[03/22/11]   If you use a 15 watt energy saver bulb, it consumes 5 times less than a 75 watt bulb so if you use your electricity for lighting only, you reduce your bill by 80%! Invest in energy savers now, save power, save money!

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