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Buhlebemfundo Secondary school


Greetings to you brother's and sisters. Here is our feedback from Sisekelo Foundation.

(1) Dear Applicant that came to Tsakane Faranani on Tuesday last week for intern under sale's. You are requested to re-visit Tsakane Faranani on this date 09/05/2022 (Monday) for your card's and for training.

* We have also received an alert that some of you had received their money as it was advertised before and we wish you all the best.

* Those who were unable to make it and still interested in this intern they may come with their ( Original I'D) too' to access their money. Please note it's only for tomorrow.

(2) Those who had applied to learn are also requested to download their app as they got sms from LMAp. Please learners follow the instructions sent to you.

* Those who are still interested to learn and had not registered 'here is one more chance. Please come for registration only for tomorrow @ 08:00 - 14h00.

Please you may bring your
- CV'
- ID certified
- Pass grade 10/11/12
- Proof of account

Classes will commence on 23/05/2022


You may what's app 0733462781
Khona abanye bathi abajoli Mara bayatchitha😀😀😀
The principal of buhle bemfundo mistreats learners .He suspends them for invalid reasons and he called me dangerous just because I have depression
I just miss the first year of high School having you on Mai side I really missed you girl
. Well presented school . Shout out
Please visit Faranani Tsakane Tomorrow for registration don't 4get proof of account.
Dumelang baratiwa
Nge Valentine's day every one must have something to say something kumuntu wakhe and it's my birthday day on Valentine's day every one must do as I say plz
Angikho happy nge president yethu ya this year guys 🤞🤞


From kindergarten to graduation, I went to public schools, and I know that they are a key to being sure that every child has a chance to succeed and to rise in the world

Operating as usual


Lets all be there and support, Throw back its first of its kind!!

Timeline photos 29/08/2017

South African flag guide
A guide to the correct usage of South Africa's National Flag, compiled by the Southern African Vexillological Association.
Treat your flag with respect
The National Flag must at all times be treated with dignity and respect. In the Regulations Regarding the Flying of the National Flag, published just before the flag was adopted in 1994, the dos and don'ts are clearly spelled out.
The flag must never:
Be allowed to touch the ground or floor.
Be used as a table cloth, or draped in front of a platform.
Be used to cover a statue, plaque corner stone etc. at unveiling or similar ceremonies.
Be used to start or finish any competition, race or similar event.
Be manufactured or used as underclothes, bath and floor mats or any similar demeaning application.
Be used for any commercial advertising in a manner that will distort or show disrespect to the flag.
Use of the flag in artefacts and products is subject to the approval of The Presidency and, in the case of manufactured items, the Department of Trade and Industry.
Traditional rules for handling the flag
There are a number of traditional rules of respect that should be observed when handling or displaying the National Flag:
The flag should always be hoisted at the start of the working day and lowered again before or at sunset. It is not to remain flying at night unless suitably illuminated. In South Africa, this rule still applies to government-designated flag stations, while through common usage the flag can be displayed 24 hours a day outside of official stations.
The flag should be hoisted briskly and lowered ceremoniously.
Whenever a person sees an official flag hoisting or lowering ceremony in progress, he or she should come to a halt and stand respectfully to attention for the duration. If a hat is worn, it should be removed and the right hand should be placed over the heart in salute. Persons in uniform should salute in the manner prescribed by their service. (The same rules apply when the National Anthem is being played or sung.)
The flag should never be depicted, displayed or flown upside down. Flying a flag upside down is the traditional sign of surrender! When displayed horizontally, the black triangle should be to your left and the red band uppermost.
When draped vertically, a flag should not merely be rotated through 90 degrees, but also reversed. In the case of the South African flag, the black triangle must be uppermost and the red band to your left. (One "reads" a flag like the pages of a book - from top to bottom and from left to right - and after rotation the results should be the same.)
It is also insulting to display the flag in a frayed or dirty state. The same rule applies to the flagpoles and halyards used to hoist the flag - they should always be in a proper state of maintenance.
The flag may never be defaced by placing slogans or any writing or design directly on the field of the flag.
Correct display of the flag
When two flags are fully spread out horizontally on a wall behind a podium, their hoists should be towards each other with the red stripes uppermost.
When the flag is displayed on a short flag pole, this should be mounted at an angle to the wall with the flag draped tastefully from it.
When two national flags are displayed on crossed staffs, the hoists must be towards each other and the flags must be fully spread out.
The flag should never be used as a cloth to cover tables, lecterns or podiums, or be draped from railings.
In company with other national flags
When the National Flag is flown outdoors in company with the national flags of other countries, the following rules apply:
If on separate staffs, the National Flag should be in the middle, or the furthest left from the viewpoint of the onlookers, or at least one flag's breadth higher than the other flags in the group, or its flagpole must be in front of the other poles in the group.
If on the same staff, it must be the uppermost flag.
If carried in procession with other flags, it must be at the head of the marching procession.
If carried with a row of flags in line abreast, it must be carried to the marching right of the procession.
Displaying the flag indoors
Whenever the National flag is displayed indoors in halls at public meetings or gatherings of any kind, it should:
Always be on the right (observers' left), as this is the position of authority. So when the flag is displayed next to a speaker in a hall or other meeting place, it must be placed on the speaker's right hand; when displayed elsewhere in the hall, it should be to the right of the audience.
The flag should be displayed completely spread out with the red stripe on top. If hung vertically on the wall behind the podium, the red stripe should be to the left of the onlookers facing the flag with the hoist cord at the top.
Parades and ceremonies
The flag, when carried in a procession or parade or with another flag or flags, should be on the marching right or alone in front in the centre.
The flag may form a distinctive feature of the unveiling of a statue, monument or plaque, but should never be used as the covering for the object.
As a mark of respect to the flag, it should never be dipped to a person or thing. Regimental colours, organisational or institutional flags may be dipped as a mark of honour.
During a ceremony where the flag is hoisted or lowered, or when the flag is passing in a parade, all persons present, except for those in uniform, should face the flag while standing at attention with the right hand over the heart. Hats should be removed and held in the right hand at the left shoulder with the hand over the heart. Those present in uniform should salute. The same rules apply when the is played.
Half masting
The flag should be half-masted as a sign of mourning only on instructions from The Presidency, who will also give a date ending the mourning period. When the flag is to be flown at half-mast, it must first be raised to the top of the mast and then slowly lowered to half-mast.
Before being lowered at sunset or at the appropriate time, the flag is first raised to the top of the pole and then lowered. ONLY the National Flag is half-masted. All other flags remain at normal height.
When no longer in a fit condition to be used, a flag should be disposed of in a dignified manner, preferably by burning.


AGCITsakane with Fillin The Gap Initiative are hosting a career Guide awareness exhibition: Date June 24th 2017 from 10am

Your Chance to engage with Industry Professionals highlighting the importance of proper career guidance and sharing about their expertise


coming 24th of June 2017 Tsakane


Do we have Grade 11-12 Learners who aspire to be Journalists? I have a project I would like to initiate with you.

Photos from Buhlebemfundo Secondary school's post 12/05/2017

Lol, hehehe...Please tag your friend or someone you see who was your former school or classmate.....


Class of 2017 are you here?







Photos from Buhlebemfundo Secondary school's post 10/07/2014
Photos from Buhlebemfundo Secondary school's post 17/04/2014

2005 science students!!! abantwana bakaMononyana where were you??

Timeline photos 17/04/2014

class of 2014

Timeline photos 17/04/2014

Feeding scheme in High school, lot of learners are benefiting like these ones


You are kindly invited to a 2004 Matriculants Reunion /Get together Party which will be held at Limpopo Park(next to tsakane water tank, near faranani) on the 22nd of March 2014, Time not confirmed yet but late afternoon...Everyone is welcomed and your Presence will be highly appreciated..

From:Buhlebemfundo Sec Class of 2004 (Matriculants)

Timeline photos 12/02/2014

photo of the day!!

Timeline photos 06/02/2014



Why Is It Important to Wear School Uniform?

Wearing of school uniform is important because it reflects the school's discipline standards. It is also known that putting on of school uniforms improves student performance by eliminating unnecessary distractions over attire and it also saves the parents money by having to buy expensive clothes to keep up with fashion

Untitled album 04/02/2014

Lets do it again...Vote!Vote!Vote!Vote!Vote!Vote!Vote!

Please vote ekfm 103.6 on MTN Radio Awards for my Best Station.
Code: EKFM....Sms line: 40616
By voting you will stand a chance to win a trip to Florida USA,two tickets to attend MTN Radio Awards galla dinner,Smartphone and R500 airtime.


Dear Members

We looking for two learners who will be part of the ADMINISTRATORS for this page, their duty is to update and give us the inside information of what is going on at our school everyday, for a period of 11 months. they will have a stipend R 100 -R 300 depending on the information they are giving us. Duties-: update about the school, sports activities, extra mural activitiesn upload interesting photos and also make sure that this page is promoted and known by the learners.

If you interested please inbox me on my personal account VUYANI KOTA or just send a massage to the group page.

Yours In the service


Congratulations to everyone who did well and if you did not then don't panic. Failure is another chance to do it better with more knowledge as what to expect.

Siyabonga Matric 2013. We proud of you guys.



Admission to
Diploma; 77

Admission to Higher Certificate; 19

Admission to Bachelor Degree; 61


We appreciate your priceless contribution to our success each year. We were able to exceed our goals and expand our services to the needy because of the generosity and commitment of people like you.

I am personally grateful to each one of you for your tremendous efforts and I wish everyone a rewarding,

We wish you peace, joy, and fulfilment in 2014.
Happy new year!


People were created to be loved.
Thing were created to be used.
The reason the world is in chaos today is because


The time has come for the Class of 2013 to hit the books, do their best and finish their school careers.

On Monday matrics across South Africa are starting their final exams. We at BUHLEBEMFUNDO salute them and send out our best wishes to the leaders of tomorrow.

Have you got a message to share (comment) with the Grade 12s?

Timeline photos 13/10/2013


Untitled album 04/10/2013

Bosso Ke Mang??

Untitled album 03/10/2013

nice winter photo

Timeline photos 27/09/2013

Zanele Kwinana and Portia Mfuphi.

Untitled album 05/08/2013


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