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Sumudu Bandara
Sumudu Bandara

AIMSSEC extends educational opportunities to disadvantaged communities in South Africa by introducing AIMSSEC is not a business.

It is a Not for Profit Organisation that depends on sponsorship funding.

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Frogs can be a People Maths activity for two teams of 3 or more players. It can be an enjoyable party game. It is not a competitive game; players have to work together to solve the puzzle and to work out the sequence of moves required for the frogs on each side to change places. This can be done with any number of frogs on each side, and it can be done with a line of counters as well as being acted out.

The bigger challenge is to count the number of moves, for example, if there are p frogs on one side and q frogs on the other side, then to find a formula to give the total number of moves.

If there is sufficient space in the classroom then learners could work in groups of 6, 7 or 8 to solve the problem, carrying it out as a people maths activity at first and then with counters.


Multiples of 9 lead to attractive number patterns. Can you explain how these patterns arise?


A lesson for the very young learners. You can make your own 'rods' using strips of scrap card.


Can you find the area? If you are a teacher how would you use this challenge in a lesson and with what age group?


Find the number and decide how many clues are needed. Make up some number puzzles.


Can you make all 13 polygons from the 7 tangram pieces?

See the Inclusion Guide on AIMING HIGH for this challenge and solutions and also for the Tangram Fraction Game.


A game to help learners to memorise their multiplication tables and to recognise multiples and factors invented by Toni and Alan Beardon for the book Let's Play Mathematically AIMING HIGH Family Games published by Tarquin.


Whatever answer you get, it's easy to work out the 2 single digit numbers you started with. Can you explain the trick?


The formula for the distance between two points in Euclidean Geometry is simply Pythagras Theorem using the distances between the points horizontally in perpendicular directions and vertically.


Draw arround a plate and cut out your circle. Many circle geometry theorems come to life when you fold a circle of paper.


Make some other polygons using the tangram pieces.


Arrange, or imagine arranging, into a rectangle: 3 unit squares, 2 squares of dimensions x by x and 5 rectangles of dimensions x units by 1 unit.


See the AIMING HIGH website for more in depth analysis of this 4 by 4 magice square known as Durer's Magic Square.


These magic square puzzles are quite easy because there are some clues here.


More than 70 percent of Earth’s surface is covered in water, yet lack of access to clean water is one of the most pressing challenges of our time. In 2015, 29 percent of people globally suffer from lack of access to safely managed drinking water. Learn more about this poblem by studying these charts.


The Mirror Mirror activity is used as an extension task once learners can draw reflections accurately. It provides a valuable mathematical challenge for learners who are ready to move on while others in the class need more practice with their basic drawing skills.


Card sorting in small groups has been shown by research to be a good way for learners to do revision and to consolidate the knowledge and understanding of what they have learned. For the teacher it is ideal for formative assessment.


The People Coordinates activity is used to introduce coordinates to learners who have not met them before, or to review coordinates. The larger the class the better!
In other lessons it can be extended to introduce compass directions.

At every stage in school learners work on plotting graphs in the positive quadrant or in all 4 quadrants. Learners standing on grid points can be asked to raise their hands if their own coordinates satisfy an equation or inequality and the show of hands will give points on the graph of that function, relation or region.


Six id The Sum is activity that allows learners to explore numbers in a new and unusual way. It encourages them to work systematically, and to use different approaches which can then be discussed as a class.


Can you find all four solutions to Olympic Magic?


Five in a Line is a game of skill requiring logical reasoning. Go to the AIMING HIGH website for ideas for variations of this game that will give your learners enjoyable drill and practice to strengthen their numeracy.


If you understand arithmetic means you should be able to solve the For Richer for Poorer puzzle. This is similar to the For Younger for Older puzzle published yesterday.


For Younger for Older is all about arithmetic means.


By cutting a hexagon into pieces make your own jigsaws in the shape of other polygons.


Travel to School is a good subject for students to plan and conduct their own surveys and record and analyse the data.


Quadmatch is a good lesson activity for revision and formative assessment.


Can you visualise that this game is,in effect, played on a torus?

This is a new game invented Toni Beardon for the new book Let'sPlay Mathematically AIMING HIGH Family Games to be published later this month.


Play to Learn! What similarities are there between the games in the Fifteen Game Collection?


Understanding the arithmetic mean helps to solve this puzzle. There are thousands of solutions, can you find some of them? This is an absorbing problem if you want to discover how many solutions are possible, or to understand how to plan a system (write a computer code) to find them all. If you find the total of all the numbers you will be able to find the middle number of the seven consecutive numbers.

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