Living ADDventure

Living ADDventure


Morning. Please can you recommend a course on how to study in the Durban area. Thanks
Parenting is hard but we need to ensure that we stop giving children everything they demand just to keep the peace. Children need to learn to do chores and take responsibility for themselves.
We all have bad days. Don't quit.
We are not perfect so why do we expect our children to be perfect.
The roller coaster life of a typical ADDer
Simple and great parenting.
ADHD and conditions with similar symptoms are so complex. ADHD households are inevitably stressful and often traumatic. Children with ADHD usually have at least 1 ADHD parent. This is why working with the family is so important. Also to focus on how lives are impaired and not just the diagnosis.

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Positive communication
Good reminder
Good ideas for the holidays.

#ADHD #ADD Coaching and Training for Parents, Families, Teens, Individuals, Educators and Medical Pr

#ADHD Coaching, Training and Support for Parents, Families, Teens, Individuals, Educators and Medical Professionals via our one on one Coaching, Family Intervention, Skype Coaching, Training courses etc. We now have launched our dedicated online training website

Operating as usual


Procrastination leaves you lots of time to read TODAY!


From Principal EL


This is so cute.


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Yip. I definitely relate to most of these.

This is relatable! 🙋‍♂️🙋‍♀️


A familiar scenario for ADDers

Who can relate? 😁


On of the hardest things I find about having ADHD is that my brain never stops. I see interesting ideas and possibilities everywhere.

The hard part is that so often when I express these ideas they are frequently rejected as stupid, impractical, unworkable ....

Do you do this with your ADHD children / spouse or do you engage them in a conversation and debate the pros and cons of the ideas and perhaps reach a compromise?

When you constantly reject ideas, the person eventually withdraws and becomes continually fearful of being ridiculed. They will no longer express themselves and their self esteem is destroyed.

Yet every invention started with someone having an idea.


Be careful how you speak to your children.

30 Cringy Notes Teachers Wrote To Poor, Poor Parents 22/09/2020

30 Cringy Notes Teachers Wrote To Poor, Poor Parents Teachers usually do a really good job maintaining order in the classroom, and guiding their students towards a brighter tomorrow. So if they think the little one acted out in a way that requires parental adjustments, it's probably something... surprising.


Helicopter parenting.


OPINION: We can. We will. End of story

We Can. We Will. Real life is too short to just imagine a world where everything goes wrong, says Marc Ashton.


So true.

Absolutely love this!!!


Bellavista School


Here's the 2020 school holiday calendar

2020 school calendar You're already organising the next December break, aren't you! That's why we made this print-friendly school holiday calendar to help you plan.


Yoga Balls Are Out And Dinosaur Office Chairs Are In Do you ever wish you could have been around at the same time as the dinosaurs? Well, now you can work with them. Dinosaur office chairs are a new phenomenon, bringing a little bit of fun to your tedious work hours. It’s no secret that working in an office requires unwavering patience due to the .....


Do you battle with accountability in your business? When you are self employed it is hard to keep motivated. There is always something more interesting to get involved in. Especially when we come across a hurdle in our business.

Join Harold Robinson and his Group Coaching Forum for 5 x 1hr sessions to get you on track.


I like this.


Special Needs IEP Coach/Advocate


Bellavista School

‘Nothing’ and ‘fine’ are acceptable feedbacks to questions about the school day 🤣


You can never read enough to children.

Yes. 💗

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Important reminder at the start of the school year.


Makes you think.


Three ideas. Three contradictions. Or not. | Hannah Gadsby

Wonderful insights from Hannah Gadsby about being different, discovering she had autism and not fitting in.

Hannah Gadsby's groundbreaking special "Nanette" broke comedy. In a talk about truth and purpose, she shares three ideas and three contradictions. Or not. Ge...


What Toni Morrison Taught Me About Parenting | Brené Brown

When your child comes into the room, whatis your default response? A smie or criticism.

I wish I understood all this when my boys were little. Toni Morrison’s words are so heavy with truth that one sentence can bring you to your knees or set you free. Her writing challenged me, taught me, and nurtured me. And, Toni Morrison changed the way I’m raising my children.


Forgetting and getting distracted - common for those of us who have ADHD


Some good exam tips from a highly experienced teacher and school principal.

10 important tips to remember when answering reading comprehension exercises in examinations


I wish I had this guidance as a child.

And this is why we should never stop asking kids the question!


Business people need coaching too, none better than Harold Robinson

One of my clients, Harold Robinson at the Global Trade Show (Stand 6 Hall 5) launching his Business Coaching Business. His Business Coaching is an add on to his successful training and consulting business where he specialises in improving engineering, operations and other processes for small to medium size businesses.

For those who visit his stand, Harold is offering a 3 session Laser Business Coaching lucky draw prize.


An important read about Early Childhood Development and learning

I have been overwhelmed with messages from all of you today about the the Department of Education's quick fix solution of a no repeat or automatic progression policy that has been proposed for the Foundation Phase. They are experiencing the highest level of repetition in Grade 1 of between 15 and 20% nationally.

For me the question isn't how do we get rid of this bottleneck, but rather, what is causing so many children to not be able to cope? And the answer is not rocket science:

For school readiness children need to acquire strong perceptual skills in the preschool years through concrete learning and guided play experiences that will provide them with the foundations for numeracy and literacy to enable them to cope with the demands of Grade R. Problem: most children in our country do not have the luxury of a preschool education and so the 6 year school readiness journey is squashed into one year of grade R. It is no longer a miraculous and exciting learning journey, but is rather a destination to an assessment that many of them are failing.

From grade R to 3, children are moving from the concrete learning phase to abstract where they can grasp symbols such as letters and numbers. They are learning to decode the world, to read. This is learning readiness for the transition to reading to learn and reading for comprehension in grade 4.

The no repeat policy will shift the bottleneck to grade 4 where remediation will become ever more difficult as children then have different subject teachers, and those most affected will be expected to apply skills they haven't yet mastered. I believe this is most unfair on the child and will have lifelong ramifications on their self-esteem and future employability due to lack of fundamental numeracy and literacy.

While keeping children back to repeat a year to consolidate skills is better than pushing them to the next grade with missing bricks in the wall of their foundations, this in itself, is not addressing the real problem of:

Lack of preschool education for most of South Africa's children.

Lack of sufficient and suitably qualified staff in the preschool arena.

Lack of parental education -- there is an enormous amount that parents can do at home to prepare their children for school and help them acquire school readiness skills, and reinforce what they are learning at school in everyday, ordinary ways.

With the correct training in perceptual skills development, adults (parents together with teachers) can prepare children for grade R without sophisticated schools and equipment, if you know how fundamental learning occurs.

There are so many more issues at play. I have highlighted just a few.

Children are wired to learn, naturally. We need to be harnessing their curiosity and raising their energy to learn. Instead, we miss the moment by creating an education system which is essentially a power play, rather than developing a powerful learning journey that celebrates the child, their brilliant ability to learn, and supports teachers.

We can't allow another generation to suffer with the knock-on effects on our economy and levels of crime that impact on all of us.. There has to be another way. Maybe we haven't seen it yet.

The no repeat policy is not yet cast in stone. Do what you can to pause this process, as I am doing. Teachers' unions, such as SADTU and NAPTOSA, among others, have yet to comment on the matter and their teachers are going to be severely impacted should this policy be passed, having to both teach and remediate at the same time with 40 - 60 children in a class. It is not humanly possible and is inhumane to both teachers and children alike.

What does South Africa want to be known for other than entrenching illiteracy and robbing the disadvantaged children (the majority) of a future because of it? What narrative do we want to write as a country? It's time we started telling a different story but from a leadership perspective this story is very unclear.

Please keep sharing what I am posting on the matter as widely as possible. We have some incredible people in child development and education in this country who could contribute enormously to this conversation and their voices are not being heard. I will be interviewing them and sharing their voices with you.

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