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LAED Academic excellence


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Private teaching centre

Operating as usual

[06/09/20]   Registrations for online Adult matric re-writes no open. Contact 0791940837 or email: [email protected]

[05/19/20]   This was posted on another group and for our situation at the moment I think it is a good read. This is a parent talking out.

Can someone help me understand this please?
Schools open 1June for grade 7 and 12.👌👩‍🎓👩‍🏫
I am not allowed to cut my lawn outside my gate?or get a fine from police!!😕
I am not allowed to eat at my favourite coffie shop? Because they still closed!!!🤷‍♀️
I am not allowed to do my nails or my hair or have a facial at a beauty salon? Because the Virus is waiting in beauty salons!!🙄💅
I must show proof of my shopping when stopped by police?👮‍♀️

[05/16/20]   Dear Govt,

- Did you know that a scenario whereby learners exchange masks one with the other is a reality?

- Did you know that not all learners actually sit on the toilet seats when they do "number two"? Hygiene is not on top of their list?

- Did you know that kids must share their pens, rulers, glue, etc?

- Did you know that most Schools have only one Tuck shop? Those that must buy outside, must congregate to buy, or else they will starve as the majority hate lunch boxes?

- Did you know that the majority do not use any container to drink water from the tap? Most, just simply kiss the tap.

- Did you know that I was in the School Yard when parents came in, uncontrollably, causing panic even to the very kids, when there was a rumor that kids were being abducted from their School premises? Do you know that some teachers were traumatized too?

- Did you know that teachers are parents, too? The welfare of the learners is as important as those of our own kids?

- Did you know that we are talking about people, not just children?

- Did you know that children just love sharing food, regardless of how much you can discourage them?

- Did you know that 95% of their School day is spent touching, pushing, patting and hugging?

- Did you know that in a real School, the number of children far outweighs the number of staff?

- Did you know that daily screening will be a threat to the Recovery Plan?

- Did you know that most of the children do not actually believe that there is a real disease out there?

- Did you know that many would really love to have as many opportunities as possible to squeeze the Sanitizer bottle, even it means to waste the product?

- Did you know that teachers do not get into the transport with these kids?

I will just end here, but Did you know that what I asked here is not even half of the questions that could be asked about our kids?

[04/25/20]   So here's a question. How are the kids going to wear masks? Non of them have ears?

[04/14/20]   Just something from the schools perspective. To all parents Please let us not neglect learning make sure they work, read and practice their tasks given. Quarantine does not mean they must be left behind. Please keep them on their toes. Lots of time to work. 14/04/2020

Grade 12 past exam papers NSC, DBE and IEB in all subjects | Free Grade 12 past exam papers in all subjects. One location for anyone in Matric or grade 12 to get their past papers and Memorandums for their finals revision. NSC Past papers covering the IEB and DBE. Past papers are free to download. Previous question papers, information sheets and answer sheets all....


SA lockdown: Should school fees still apply?

With school out during the lockdown many parents are being burdened with the pressures of homeschooling. Many are also asking whether they should be paying s...

[04/10/20]   Summary of a telephone conversation with DBE minister on eTV, cha 194:-

Below is a summary of what was said.

Nothing of what minister said is definite.These are potential strategies/options to deal with the Covid19 crisis in relation to the 2020 school year:

1. Remove all the holidays June and September in order to make the terms longer and keep the end of year examinations in Nov/Dec.

2. Curriculum specialists will revise curriculum outcomes (possible adaptation of SBA)

3. Combine of 2020 & 2021 school year (shift school terms next year) to allow time to complete both school years.

4. Worse case is if Lockdown continues then screen/test Gr12 and Gr 7 first the phase down to Gr 8 and Gr R.

5. Online Ed- ICT/ TV and Radio programes not ideal because our strength is in classroom... DBE's plan is to get teachers soon but safely back in class

[03/22/20]   Parents please note the schools did not close for our kids to roam the streets .
We are dealing with a situation that is unknown to us all .

Keep your kids indoors as far as possible let them play board games , dominoes , colour in books, puzzles even catching up on school tasks

If you have an elderly or frail person as part of your family please be very careful . If the virus is transmitted to a person in this category it could be life threathening . So please explain this to your kids .

Be safe and limit your social interaction.




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