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Untitled form 07/02/2024


The SRC has noted the collapse of the orientation at Buffalo City Campus with great dissatisfaction. We cautioned the university about this where they want to continue with orientation regardless of the absence of students on campus as a result the Vice Chancellor ended up addressing chairs on an empty Great Hall.

It is only now after the collapse of the program that the university is willing to listen to the grievances and concerns which were raised by the SRC.

All students who have been cleared for Registration but not cleared for Accommodation must sign to the following link and those who registered through paying the R4800 into the university’s account.

Interim CSRC

Untitled form Student who are not cleared for accommodation



Receive cordially revolutionary greetings sons and daughters of the working class, the poor and marginalized whose history is written in blood.With Hope that you are in good spirits these devastating times.

This communique seeks to give a comprehensive report on the status quo of the campus.


Registration for prospective students is progressing better than last week, delay are coming from the admin department which is still busy processing applications for Journalism, Versatile Broadcasting, Consumer sciences & other engineering courses.

Kindly note that the registration has been extended to 11th of February 2024.


We have noted the date of orientation which has been proposed by the university for the start of orientation dates. Having an understanding that orientation is meant to educate prospective students about Varsity life, we as the interim SRC strongly rejects the date which the university is proposing for orientation because of the following reasons.

Majority of first year students registered through paying the R4800 MIP because they were running away of their spaces being taken away, now the crisis that the SRC is facing with first year students is that they are yet to be allocated due to the CFO not clearing them for residences allocation. We therefore can't commence with orientation whilst majority of prospective students are not allocated.

The SRC call upon the office of CFO to clear all the NSFAS beneficiaries regardless of their statuses for residences in order for them to attend the orientation as it is meant for all the first year students.


Clearance for continuing students is also currently underway and we encourage those who are cleared to register to register, so that they can be allocated to their respective residences immediately.

The SRC once again has noted the slow pace of financial clearance for continuing students that is caused by the office of CFO, where our fellow brothers and sisters find themselves in the most traumatic situations of not being cleared yet their NSFAS status are saying approved for 2024.

We further submitted to the office of CFO to do clearance more than 3 times a day to speed up the financial clearance which seems to be the major problem in this registration.

The SRC will monitor the process to ensure that the residence allocation for both prospective and continuing students moves smoothly without any delays. Students should note that allocation is done online you only come to the campus when you are allocated and you want to claim your room.

We have also noted the issue of those students erroneously registered Tourism Management and Hospitality when the system was showing them Ibika campus instead of BCC campus, the SRC has forwarded their list to their faculty officer for them to be transferred to BCC so that they can be able to be allocated where they belong.


The ongoing circulation stating that the BCC we have opened special case applications as the SRC we were never consulted. The WSU BCC SRC maintains the resolutions of the meeting we had with the office of CFO and the director of special projects in the office of Vice Chancellor that special cases are going to commence immediately after the conclusion of FACs.

We further condemn the Debit order that has been introduced to our fellow students by the office of CFO without consulting with the SRC. It is with great concern to inform our students that even ourselves we are not aware of these debit orders that are demanded by CFO as we were never consulted.

We submitted to CFO and VCs office that special case application are to be opened when the clearance of NSFAS beneficiaries is confirmed and FACs has been concluded to avoid the huge number of applications that we will be receiving from those who are funded but delayed by the very same office of CFO on financial clearance. We are also waiting for the new guidelines which we as SRCs amended from the guidelines that CFO proposed.

We humble request our students to wait for communication from SRC on special cases and this is done to hinder the university from approving the NSFAS beneficiaries.


For all continuing students who are having this issue of Quota Full must send their student numbers interim academic officer of the SRC academic officer 071 733 8875


We have noted the divide and conquer rule which has been used by the management to our students, the stance of the SRC is of importance to be know that we will not leave any student outside the system NO STUDENT WILL BE EXCLUDED and we further appreciate the efforts from the Student Command in trying to assist the SRC with academic exclusion which the university is trying to enforce it our brothers and sisters.

Issued by WSU BCC interim SRC
For queries contact:
Campus Interim Premier
Lubabalo Mcunukelwa
083 477 9021

Campus Interim Secretary
Lutho Gigi
073 625-7983

Photos from WSU BCC Interim SRC 2024's post 29/01/2024


Receive cordially revolutionary greetings sons and daughters of the working class, the poor and marginalized whose history is written in blood.

With Hope that you are in good spirits these devastating times.


The SRC has noted with great disgust the snail pace of registration that was opened a week ago which some of them are caused financial problems and system glitches. We want the university to start taking this academic year serious because there will be many factors that will lead to many extentions along the year.

The SRC has also noted the problem of over admission that is currently unfolding at WSU BCC in particular which results to many poor students being rejected under “QOUTA FULL”, due to the fact that when they are admitted they can not register due to lack of R4800 that is demanded by the university in order for a student to register and those who are benefiting in this process are only those who privileged enough to raise that amount of R4800.

The SRC cautioned the office of registration with this over admission that is currently taking place at WSU.

Again the SRC calls for the office of registrar to order all faculties to quickly address the issue of auto promotion to continuing students, further address the problem of QOUTA FULL to the second & third year students.


Faculty Appeals Committee was convened on the 22nd of January 2024 in Chiselhurst Board Room. The SRC formed part of the seating with a mandate to prevent the unjust exclusion that is imposed by the university.

According to Rule G11 of the WSU General Prospectus document that speaks on process to determine students to be excluded, the process was not followed.

The Faculty Appeals Committee of WSU BCC did not materialise as the above G11 claws were not followed and even the university acknowledges they never followed the set out rules on the university prospectus, as a result the SRC has escalated the matter to the office of Registrar for immediate intervention.

The SRC continues to reject any exclusion of the student under any rule that is being implimented without the university having followed proper procedures. We unapologetically reject academic exclusion in its entirety and we will fight till the end to make sure that no student is excluded from the university.


The date for publication of results is the 31st of January 2024.


Special cases is going to open immediately after the issue of G7 has been resolved as to try and accommodate those that have lost their funding last year.


The Office of CFO has been coersing students to sign AODs. No students should rush into signing an AOD more especially if you legibly for funding in 2024. The SRC wants nothing more than a speedy registration to rescue our students from being over worked at home. We want CFO to clear all funding eligible students as we await NSFAS to send another to the university because this snail moving registration starts strictly from the office of financial aid office and clearances.

The SRC urges student to also apply for bursaries as to try and counteract this funding crisis that we find ourselves under, i.e the budget cuts that are implemented by NSFAS, we are yet to suffer as students and this can only be get worse as many students will be excluded this year.

We lastly on this matter of financial clearance call for an office of CFO to employ the strategy that they have been using in previous years, where when a student pays R4800 that student is cleared immediately.


The SRC is dismayed by the lack of communication and accountability which is consistently taking place in this university, today the SRC has find itself with a responsibility of trying to find an accommodation for students that were deceived by the communication that was communicated by the university in their official page that today is the orientation day for first years which it was not the case, therefore as the SRC we call upon the university to issue out a communication to WSU students community informing them about the exact date of Orientation for first year students.

To our students first year students please be aware that new updates pertaining to the impending orientation program will shortly be disseminated. It is imperative that you refrain from proceeding to East London until the newly announced dates have been divulged.


Allocation in Buffalo City Campus is set to commence on the soon as soon we finish with the steering committee of residences that is currently underway.

We have also noted the challenges that are currently faced by our students, the issue students who are still struggling with the issue of application of residences, some when they are trying to apply only buildings from different campuses are appearing instead of BCC buildings and the SRC has written to RASA officials addressing the issue and once the response has been received we are going to communicate.

Issued by WSU BCC interim SRC
For queries contact:
Campus Premier
Lubabalo Mcunukelwa
083 477 9021

Campus secretary
Lutho Gigi
073 625-7983



The issue of first year students who can not register due to QUOTA FULL, from Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Fashion design and Analytical chemistry has been addressed now students can register.

Interim CSRC


From: WSU BCC Interim SRC
To: WSU BCC Students
Subject: Status Quo
Date: 16 January 2024

Receive our revolutionary greetings, we hope this notice finds you well.


As we all know that the registration has commenced starting from 10 January 2024 till to date. We are still in waiting for NSFAS to send clearance list so that students should be cleared to register.


The application date for special cases will be communicated and you will be updated when everything is in order, for now students must not panic and understand that registration will not close until all issues are addressed.


As we all know that the Special exams are only written by a student only left with one module to graduate. The closing date for special exam will be 17th of January 2023 and the examinations are scheduled to start on the 22nd of January 2023. All students who have not yet applied are encouraged to apply.

Students who will be writing special exams in Consolidated Faculties, at BCC only students from Faculty of Built Environment, Engineering and Information Technology. Journalism students & Broadcasting will be accommodated at BCC for their special examinations, all students will be given a 1 day accommodation and they should contact the following contact for more information:

Buffalo City Campus:
Mr Z Fokazi
[email protected]

Mr M Nongadlela
[email protected]

KOMANI campus:
Ms Z Nyimbana
[email protected]

MTHATHA campus:
Mr S Moshoetsi
[email protected]


All academic appeals has been closed on the 12 January 2024. The SRC is yet to announce the dates which the FAC will sit for the appeals and want to ensure that it will defend students at all costs.


As the SRC we encourage all students not to rush and sign the AOD, they should wait for the NSFAS funding statuses and list from CFO.


We have consulted admissions office and we urge all students who applied for advanced diploma to upload the following documents on their portals:

*ID Copy
*Matric Certificate
*Academic Record OR Diploma

Yours in leadership
Interim CSRC

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