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We want to be positive influences on the future generations.

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Just love this. 🥰

Children express themselves in so many great ways through art! Yet do they get enough freedom to do it once they’re out of early years? Would love to hear your thoughts….


Happy Mother’s Day

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Wow, check out this gorgeous sofa bed.. what a great addition to your kids room. #supportlocalbusiness


Best activities to play indoor with your kids

Such fun 🤩

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These are some of the most delicious cookies we have had. Do yourself a favour and order some. You won’t be disappointed 💕


Some wonderful advice 💕


Cute gift ideas 🤩💕

My ouma het altyd gesê dat 'n klein lyfie moet lekker ruik! Kleinbederf produkte maak dit maklik en pret vir die klein-klomp!

Hasie-Lyf Pakket - R390 en sluit in:


Managed by @kellankayemarketing

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How Parent’s Affection Shapes Child’s Happiness for Life - Motherly 05/04/2022

How Parent’s Affection Shapes Child’s Happiness for Life - Motherly

How Parent’s Affection Shapes Child’s Happiness for Life - Motherly Studies show a mother's affection is important for a child's development and emotional wellbeing. Here's how you can show more affection.


Daycamp is open for the April holdays. Bring your kids every day for a farm experience!

The Fewer Toys Children Have, The More They Play - Raised Good 20/03/2022

The Fewer Toys Children Have, The More They Play - Raised Good

Very informative article. Personally I have experienced that the less options there are the more creative, more engaged, more respect for stuff, more fun, more relaxed and happier that child is. Too many options can stress one out and then there is all the stuff not being used or the lack of care given to the stuff because there is an abundance.

Perhaps less toys is actually more valuable than one gives credit for.

#parentingtips #raisingresponsiblekids #allinonechildcare

The Fewer Toys Children Have, The More They Play - Raised Good We're lead to be believe that if a little is good, then more is better. But, the irony is when it comes to toys, the fewer kids have the more they play.


Here is some fun to be had by all and at the same time boosting your child’s emotional health. Enjoy this activities with them 💕

#kidsemotionalhealth #raisingconfidentkids #parentingcanbefun


It is important for kids to learn how to engage in a constructive manner when there are disagreements. Your kids will model your way of handling them. Hope this tips are helpful.

After all we can’t always agree on everything all the time, so let’s all learn how to discuss things and disagree in an agreeable way… the relationship is more important than any topic or issue at hand 😉

#parentingistough #agreetodisagree #raisingconfidentkids


Such a great idea 💡

#parentingchallenges #greatideas #growingkids


Some awesome tips for you

#parentinghacks #parentinglife #allinonechildcare


At All in One Child Care we like to encourage our parents to go out for date nights and let our sitters take care of your kids, so you can spend some quality time with your significant other… We are available for babysitting in Durbanville, Brackenfell, kraaifontein and surrounds


Perhaps it’s time to get some updated photos or share this with someone you know


Very excited to share with you my new space and beautiful Home Studio soon. It has always been my dream to have a newborn studio at home, so I can be available to my own little girl, but also still create gorgeous memories with wonderful clients.

To celebrate this new space I have a brand new PRICE GUIDE and packages to suit every pocket.

If you would like to know more or receive my price guide, please send an email to [email protected].

First 5 clients who book will also receive an additional 10% discount.



Some lovely advice 🥰

For any little ones struggling with separation anxiety as they go back to school after the holidays, here are my three simple little tips which really are so effective:

Matching Love Hearts:

Draw a little heart on your wrist, and a matching one on theirs. If they are missing you during the day, or just feel the need to connect with you, they put their fingers on the little heart. They will feel their pulse, like a reassuring heartbeat, when they touch their wrist. Let them know that you will press your love heart if you are missing them. You can also add a spray of your perfume or aftershave to their wrist, as another little connection to you.

Pebble in my Pocket:

Find two very similar pebbles, gem-stones or crystals. You keep one in your pocket and the child keeps the other in their pocket. Tell them that any time they feel a little nervous or are missing you they give their pebble a little squeeze. It is a very concrete reminder of their connection to you.

Worries in My Pocket:

Talk to your child about any worries they have about starting school. Write the worries down on pieces of paper. Then you put the pieces of paper in your pocket. Tell your child you are going to carry their worries for the day while they are in school, so they don’t have to carry them alone. This can really help to ease any fears they may have.

Your connection with your child is the most important support you can give!


🌱 Grow Bean Sprouts in clear bags so children can observe the seed growing.
Reuse the bags for other experiments like this too ♻️

Timeline photos 22/11/2021



How a parent’s affection shapes a child’s happiness for life 10/10/2021

How a parent’s affection shapes a child’s happiness for life

This is a good read

How a parent’s affection shapes a child’s happiness for life Plus, how you can bring more affection into your family's day.

Shaming a child for behavior doesn’t work—here’s what does 08/10/2021

Shaming a child for behavior doesn’t work—here’s what does

There are far better and more constructive ways to address your child’s behaviour than to shame them…

Shaming a child for behavior doesn’t work—here’s what does Punishment and shame don't create positive behavior change. Here's why experts say there's a better way.


Hurry & Book your spot!


Best place to send your kids this school holiday…. Heaps of fresh air, bucket loads of fun and lasting memories full of laughs and making new friends… a place where the kids can just be kids

Book your spot for Holiday Day Camp & join the fun!!
4th - 8th October 2021

How to BECOME a BETTER PARENT: Positive vs. Toxic Parenting Tips I Dr Gabor Maté 10/09/2021

How to BECOME a BETTER PARENT: Positive vs. Toxic Parenting Tips I Dr Gabor Maté

Some valuable insights

How to BECOME a BETTER PARENT: Positive vs. Toxic Parenting Tips I Dr Gabor Maté How to Become a Better Parent: Positive vs. Toxic Parenting Tips I Dr Gabor MatéWho is Gabor Maté? A renowned speaker, and bestselling author, Dr. Gabor Maté...

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If you have these items in your home, then you have the best kid toys ever… your kids want to play and experiment with the items they see you use on a daily basis 🥰


Something important to remember especially when there are certain people spreading fear…

It's good to keep perspective. ❤


Some useful information


Such a clever idea even for using at home.

If you're wondering why there's an old school landline phone mounted to the wall behind me (with no cord🤣)... it's one of my favorite behavior management techniques...
I pick up that phone (sometimes carry it around the room as I talk 🤣) ...and report a child's GOOD behavior! **GOOD THINGS ONLY! But I don't call mom or dad...
I call Batman, or Minnie Mouse, or the Paw Patrol (whoever that child would get excited about☺️)... I get everyone's attention by loudly asking, "Yes, is this Spider-Man?....(the kids all start looking at each other)
"Hey, ya, thanks...I just wanted to call and say YOU WOULDN'T BELIEVE what Israel is doing right I'm serious! He's sitting criss cross, hands to himself and he's looking right at the person that's talking!....I KNOW! He's such a respectful listener!!! ... Ok, I'll tell him! ....Yay!! Thanks Spider-Man. Ok, talk to you later."
Hang up. Pass on the important message, "Spider-Man said 'You should be proud.''...And then... you just carry on with what you were doing...
The kids think it's HILARIOUS, but more importantly, everyone hears the emphasis put on that behavior----and the best part? Every time I call about a behavior, I can be almost certain--I'll see that behavior again very soon!🤗


Hahahaha 😂 here is how your coworkers can be helpful in raising your kids 😁😁

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Looking for a place to take the kids… try going here for a dose of fun


Absolutely love this and totally agree

Beautifully said... ❤
Guilty Chocoholic Mama - Elizabeth Spencer

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Just love this


Very interesting info

“At the age of 10-12 months when a child begins to walk, the bones of the foot are only partially ossified, are in reality but an orderly arrangement of cartilaginous masses.” - Functional Disorders of the Foot by Frank D. Dickinson, MD 🦶🏽

The implications of this are that little feet are extremely malleable, and will adapt to whatever environment they are put in. We want our children to grow up with natural shaped feet, not shoe-shaped feet. Keep those little paws out of shoes as long as possible. 🐾

📸 @Kai.plasencia 🌀


Hehehe 😂 just love this

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