LED Lighting Energy Efficient Solutions We are a Proudly South African Company driven by a strong Research & Development ethos. What does this mean for you?

Energywise are specialists in the design and manufacture of LED fittings for industrial, commercial and horticultural use. With over 60 cumulative years of lighting experience, the team at Energywise has been actively engaged in the design and manufacture of LED lighting for over half a decade, having moved to embrace LED’s fully in 2015. In that time we have designed both bespoke and commercially

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Energywise Systems | KZN Future 50 29/11/2023

Thanks to the great team at Aurik Business and East Coast Radio, who made us blush yesterday. We're thrilled by the recognition and eagerly anticipate illuminating Durban with our upcoming seminar in February!

You can visit our page today to sign up -

If you missed the actual feature you can catch the recording on the ECR site here:

Energywise Systems | KZN Future 50 Learn more about Energywise Systems, this week's KZN Future 50 featured business...


Catch your favorite local lighting manufacturers on East Coast Radio on Tuesday the 28th of November at 8:10am as we are featured on Pavlo Phitidis morning show :

Big changes for lightbulbs in South Africa – what you should know 15/11/2023

🌟 Exciting Developments in South Africa's Lighting Industry! 🌟

Discover the game-changing shifts in South Africa's light-bulb landscape! 🇿🇦✨ This insightful article highlights key changes, providing essential knowledge for both industry professionals and consumers.

Such regulations are long overdue in South Africa which has become a dumping ground globally for poor-quality lighting. Not only do these regulations finally move RSA onto LED technology fully over the next 12 months, but those LED's too now need to have proper paperwork and traceability in place.

🔗 Dive into the details: Big Changes for Light Bulbs in South Africa - What You Should Know:

Stay informed, stay ahead! 💡

Big changes for lightbulbs in South Africa – what you should know South Africa has new minimum specification for lightbulbs, bringing a big change for what you’ll be able to buy in stores.

Photos from Proudly South African's post 27/10/2023

We are truly honoured to be featured today. Thank you Proudly South African!


Energywise is nominated, wish us luck! Pictures to follow during the day. Productivity SA


Stronger Together!


Just as it takes a village to raise a child, it takes legends like these to craft the remarkable EARTH range of horticultural lights. Oh, and we dabble in some sleek linear and industrial fittings too 😉💡



tested our EARTHaxis PRO recently and grew some magnificent Durban Poison! Here is an excerpt from a story on that wonderful strain 😎 "South Africa's rich cannabis history gave birth to Durban Poison, a unique THCv-rich landrace cultivar. This strain, not intentionally bred by people, has roots in the Pondoland area, where traditional growers played a role in its cultivation. In the late '70s, Ed Rosenthal brought its genetics to Amsterdam. It underwent improvement by Skunkman Sam in California before returning to Amsterdam in the '80s, thanks to Nevil Schoenmakers. Little is known about its original South African creators.

Durban Poison boasts a sweet, piney, and sometimes licorice-citrus flavor with terpenes like D-Limonene, myrcene, pinene, and beta caryophyllene. Its high THCv levels deliver a coffee-like, uplifting effect with limited psychoactivity, making it stand out. This sativa's energizing properties make it a favorite. If you can't find Durban Poison, explore similar African landrace cultivars like Red Congolese or Malawi for a speedy, cerebral high." 🌿💨


Welcome to Tony Talks Horti!

Your go-to source for in-depth insights into Horticultural Lighting. As your dedicated horticultural lighting expert, I'll be delving into the questions that frequently come our way, providing comprehensive explanations to help you better understand this vital aspect. Our team has compiled a catalog of your inquiries, and in the coming months, we'll be dissecting them one by one.

We invite you to be an active part of this journey by sending in your horticultural questions, particularly those related to lighting. Our aim is to shed light on these queries, offering clear and informative responses that empower you with knowledge. Your curiosity fuels our discussions, so don't hesitate to share your thoughts and inquiries with us. Together, we'll navigate the world of horticultural lighting, demystifying complexities and enhancing your understanding.

Look out for my “Tony Talks Horti” articles on LinkedIn, coming soon.

Grow with us.


Its Nugg Thursday! Another beautifully captured mature harvest from the talented
shot on location at



Happy Women's Day to the amazing women on our team and in our lives!

We are so grateful for the strong, intelligent, and inspiring women who make up our team. You are the backbone of our company, and we couldn't do it without you.

We celebrate your leadership, your creativity, and your dedication. You are role models for us all, and we are so proud to have you on our team.

To the women in our lives, we thank you for everything you do. You are our mothers, our sisters, our daughters, our friends, our colleagues and our partners. You are our rocks, our cheerleaders, and our inspiration.

We love you and we celebrate you today and every day.

Here are a few specific examples of the amazing women on our team:

Patricia is our Production Manager. She is a brilliant problem solver and technical mind who has helped us to grow our team & refine our processes. We call her Mama P. She's a matriarch beyond compare.

Keshnee is our Finance head. She is a highly skilled and experienced number guru who is always refining her craft, sharing her knowledge and improving our systems.

Mbali is our stock control manager. She has a phenomenal and probably superhuman grasp of all the countless bits, pieces and componentry that go into our range.

We are so lucky to have these amazing women on our team. They are making a difference in our company and in our world.

Happy Women's Day!


1 week to go! See all you beautiful people at .durban next Friday for the ! Come see what’s new from EARTH horticultural lighting 😎

Grow with us.

Photos from Energywise's post 12/07/2023

Presenting our epic EARTH horticultural line-up! And check out the mind-blowing Beta Crusis, a badass collab with our friends at . Catch these stunning lights at the Durban Cannabis Expo from July 28-30, 2023. Join us, won't ya?


Photos from Energywise's post 09/06/2023

Our green thumbed genius, Ant, is carrying on his epic cross country adventure, installing our earth lights. Yesterday he commissioned a line of EARTHplate at a forest seedling company in the KZN midlands. They are testing to see what improvements our advanced horticultural LEDs will make, to this crucial, early stage of a tree seedling’s life. Stay tuned for more 🌲😉


At Energywise, we prioritise providing the younger generation with valuable opportunities to gain knowledge and skills. In line with this principle, we have recently welcomed three learner-ships from the Kwamashu region of Durban. These individuals are presently working alongside our production team, acquiring hands-on experience and in-depth knowledge about our cutting-edge LED light fittings.

Our learner-ship program spans a period of twelve months, during which the participants receive practical training and mentorship from our seasoned professionals. Upon completion of the program, they will have the option to continue their employment with us or explore opportunities in the wider manufacturing sector, equipped with a competitive skill set and industry-specific knowledge. At Energywise, we are committed to nurturing talent and empowering the next generation of skilled workers.


The team at MSA is thrilled to announce the release of Episode 4 in our highly-anticipated grow series, showcasing the incredible potential of our EARTHaxis Pro 560W grow light. We are proud to share that the buds in this episode are truly massive, a testament to the quality of our products and the expertise of the growers.

We understand that achieving such impressive results requires a comprehensive approach. That's why we'd like to highlight some of the many products and techniques used by the team at MarijuanaSA to achieve this incredible growth. Whether you're a seasoned grower or just starting out, we invite you to grow with us and experience the power of our products for yourself.

Organics Matter Organic Classic grow medium
Vermigo compost
Organics Matter ORGANICS MATTER Aphalfa Mulch
Kya Farm Synergistic microbes & Jadam wetting agent
Biobizz Wwo BIOBIZZ Bio-grow. Bio-bloom & Top-max
Umya Nutrients UMYA nutrients Calmag essential & Mossblend
KIRCHHOFF Margaret Robert organic fungicide and insecticide.
San-O-Agri SAN.O.AGRI Disinfectant

Grow with us.


Behold this stunning bud! It was grown with precision under our innovative EARTHplate horticultural lighting system, powered by the latest and greatest horticultural LEDs, including the game-changing far red LEDs. take pride in consistently producing premium cannabis products that exceed expectations, thanks to the unparalleled quality of our lighting technology.

Ready to take your growing game to the next level? Join forces with us and see the difference that our lighting system can make. Visit our site via the link in our bio.

Grow with us.



EARTH is at this year's in Cape Town since yesterday the 24th of March to launch our long-awaited AXIS - our 1st Grow Tent-specific LED grow light! Our friends at have the AXIS live on their site to purchase! We are giving away a set of day passes to the EXPO for you and a friend to come soak in all the green goodness. To enter simply like this post and comment how badly you want to join us, make sure you and a friend are able to get to at some point this weekend and keep your fingers crossed. Winners will be announced today the 25th of March at 4pm.

We will be running an incredible launch special to anyone who purchases one of our new EARTH axis lights this weekend, come see the start of something epic at our stand 🇿🇦

Grow with us.


Join us this Friday the 24th of March at the at Grandwest in Cape Town, where we will be unveiling our highly anticipated AXIS - our first LED grow light specifically designed for Grow Tents. We're thrilled to introduce our soon-to-be-released Black Edition at stand 32, and we invite all the beautiful Capetonians to come and witness it for themselves. See you there!

Grow with us.


This is what we do:


Black Friday deal!

To secure your EARTHaxis PRO, please email earth@energywise. Mention EARTHaxis in the subject line. We will send you a link to pay a non refundable R2000 deposit to secure the deal. The balance will be due before delivery of the products. Please note up to 3 weeks to get the EARTHaxis delivered.

Grow with us.


Black Friday deal!

To secure your EARTHplate, please email [email protected]. Mention EARTHPlate in the subject line. We will send you a link to pay a non refundable R2000 deposit to secure the deal. The balance will be due before delivery of the products. The EARTHplate deal secures the price but only on confirmed quotes until 15 December 2022. Includes plug and play power and control distribution boxes. Does not include installation. Delivery for mid February 2023 on a first come first serve basis. Thereafter our normal rate will resume for any EARTHplate orders. *Special is layout dependant.

Grow with us


We are loving our weekend up at the for the 2022! Please pop in today for the last day for some great expo only specials!

Photos from Energywise's post 20/11/2022

A grow light fitting with a fitting name. The EARTHaxis 420 is our smallest tent specific growlight perfect for the home grower and designed for a 1mx1m growtent. With a powerful max output of 820umol per square meter, dimmable controller,420w output and an ip65 water ingress rating this is wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Grow with us.

Photos from Energywise's post 18/11/2022

Introducing the EARTHaxis PRO! A 560watt beast of a grow tent light. Designed and manufactured in Durban, South Africa with European components inside. We are running a launch special for this incredible piece of kit. R2000 off the retail price, valid till this Sunday the 20th, pick up the AXISpro for only R11 499. Email [email protected] to book yours, visit for more details 👌

Grow with us.


A home grown light for home growers 🇿🇦.

The Earth AXIS has landed!

So proud to be launching our 1st bespoke tent grow light this weekend in Sandton, JHB at the Cannabis Expo 2022. After years in the facility space we're thrilled to have something to offer the home grower. Available in 2 tent suited sizes. We can't wait for you to meet her 👀

Grow with us



Energywise will be at this year's in Jozi kicking off this Friday the 18th of November to launch our long-awaited AXIS - our 1st Grow Tent-specific LED grow light! We are giving away a set of day passes to the EXPO for you and a friend to come soak in all the green goodness. To enter simply tag the friend you'd like to join you in this post, make sure you're both following us, both able to get to Sandton at some point this weekend and keep your fingers crossed. Winners will be announced this Thursday the 17th of November at 4pm.

We will be running an incredible launch special to anyone who purchases one of our new EARTH axis lights this weekend, come see the start of something epic at our stand 👌

Grow with us


Its Nugg Thursday! Another beautifully captured mature bud from the talented mr shot on location at


Every few weeks we love to spoil you guys with a proper photo of dank nuggs just to show what’s possible with our EARTH lights 🤩 The talented was the man behind the camera again and what a beauty this is! Shot on location at . Link to our website is in our bio 😉

Grow with us.


Want your school to be the top-listed School/college in Durban?

Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

Energywise Systems - Better Light Through Research

The Energywise team has over 60 combined years worth of experience in the lighting and water fields. At our core is a passion to provide more than what’s required, to share our knowledge and expertise and to make a real difference in our clients’ lives through innovative products and excellent service.

Our team has grown to a diverse and highly skilled unit, from the salesmen and women to the accountants and engineers; each individual brings a set of unique skills and passions to create the Energywise ethos which we proudly stand by.

As innovators at heart we strive to provide solution to the tough problems and in so doing provide our customers with accurate and enlightening information, giving them the opportunity to make optimal decisions in industries where information abundance can confuse and mislead.

It is this passion for research and excellence which led us to build our own in-house Lighting Laboratory. Because saying something and knowing it to be true are two different things. All our engineers and sales team have intimate product knowledge based in experience not just what one may come across in a brochure or product box. This approach allows us to bring our clients better light through research.

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The team at MSA is thrilled to announce the release of Episode 4 in our highly-anticipated grow series, showcasing the i...
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The EARTHaxis is now in production & within the next two weeks, we will be launching the AXIS to the world! More than 2 ...
A quick sneak peak of a little something our R&D boys have been playing with for all our fellow lighting nerds out there...
The Earth AXIS, our latest horticultural offering is rolling out of our R&D department and into full scale production in...
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BOOM! Introducing our full Energywise range of LED lighting products!  After 10 years of R&D we are proud to present wha...
In the last 10 years we've grown as a company, and we've done some outstanding things along the way!We've won national a...
Introducing our new and improved LedRail 4-100




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