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Izwelethu 🖐️
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Applications ziqala nn e BCC

Dedicated to a right course for students, Driven by ambition to serve and to protect the rights of the weak and vulnereable.

Operating as usual

[10/01/19]   Guys I want to pull out off this group, andiCrea(tanga) ngokwam le group Taka Chimurenga Dlodlo wandenza iAdmin and PASMA is no longer recognized eBCC and now nam andisekho kwiPolitics plz guys ndim maleki sivenathi


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DATE : 23 APRIL 2019
Sons and Daughters of the soil receive our warm
humblest revolutionary greetings, hopefully this
communique will find you in a good healthy
Organization in Partnership with PASMA is
Hosting the an LGBTQI awareness weekend and
you are invited on the 26th of April, there will be
a Fun walk starting at 8:00am in BCC college
main campus (Southernwood) to the City Hall
(East London). The theme is "IN HER SHOES "
you are required to follow the theme were males
must be in heals with make up on basically being
a lady and females should dress up like Males
the whole theme is to create awareness around
discrimination towards the LGBTQI community as
later on the day we will be having a dailogue that
will be breaking down on the issue of sexism and
Gender discrimination.
On the 27th to 28 we will be finishing it
off with a tournament in ABSA STADIUM.
You don't want to Miss it!
The people from the LGBTQI community needs
our support it is time their voices to be heard
let's stand and unite against gender
For more infor contact:

[04/17/17]   "Odenkyem du nsuo mu, nso ohome mframa"- Akhan /Twi Proverb. The meaning of this Akan Ebe is that the crocodile(denkem) lives in water but it breathes air. The isiXhosa equivalent is - "Intlonipho kuyiNgwenya" meaning respect is like a crocodile(ingwenya) which respects its nature and inability to breathe under water unlike those(aquatic creatures it lives amongst). In laymen terms and in moral this means that Afurakanu/Afuraitkaitnit(Africans) should not imitate or breathe under water(do as the whites and their progeny do)like those people(races) it lives around lest it suffocates and dies.

Respect for ourselves as Black people is connected to our adherence to our culture, spirituality/ religion endowing us with resilience in hardship . Overcoming our suffering as Africans which is systematically imposed on Blacks by Eurocentrism and subject to neo-colonialism has long been linked to our practise of our Ancestral Inherited culture. Improper diets which dominates the food we eat was introduced to us at the Expense OF our traditional culinary Abatuum/ Black/Soul seed food and fruit ,regular proper exercises.
Properly called Smai Tawi~meaning(unity with Smai(Set) also "Life" are expansive poles which actually tunes our Spirits(Egyptian KA, sahu. Akhan peoples call it the OKra or Kra/Nkra ~ function or divine pupose. This Obosom or Ntr(Neteru) resides in the head region what the amaXhosa say "yhi Koro" in stick fighting (fm Kait), meaning soul, black!, food, cow and mound.
NgesiXhosa :~ iKoro okanye"Ka"-Isima phambili esithetha kwindawo yokubanga umNtu okanye into , umzekelo : umSebenzi( the work) "Ka"(of, belonging to). Which in this context is elucidated in the books. KARAKASA: The Origin of the Term "CHAKRA and Nkwa/ANKH The Origin of the Term YOGA(Sanskrit "yewg" bind, join or tie). In isiXhosa we shall term ukuGotywa okanye ukuQhina(Qiniseka ukuQhubeka ukuFunda. ; to be bent, tutored, trained ) co-jointly comparing the terms phonetically, etymologically ( linguistically and cosmologically . This correlation can be further interpreted with the Charcoal hieroglyph(writings of divinity) script "pictogram" correctly called the Medw Ntr in our primordial language, which was also a mascellaneous system and the element CARBON . The Body(Kamit/Egyptian Kht umZimba ngesiXhosa) and Souls( Kamit KwaNtu(Qamata) Egyptian Ba(iNgQondo ) are animated enlivened by the KA as suggested by the hieroglyphics for terms Ba and letter B being both a bird with mans head and a lower leg(sole of foot meets soil/land animating the nervous system/body and further by planting). This should tell us how the Soul, Spirit ground the Body or what many may call "Kemetic Yoga".
The contractive/masculine aspect of Martial Offense and self- defense skills applied in a purely Afrocentric way could curb and eradicate habit causing diseases. This lifestyle including alcohol and drug(including narcotics & OTC medicines)use and abuse de alienates from our religion as Afurakani/ AfuRaitKaitNit(African people).Excerpt from the book Nkwamua~ Whole life journal by Odwirafo Kwesi Ra Nehem Ptah Akhan

[03/22/17]   we ma pasma dumela!!!

[03/21/17]   Today we remember the blood shed for us. we remember Poqo!! Sharpvile day.
izwe lethu

[02/19/17]   To: Youth of BCM
Pasma Graduates
Pasma Members
From: PAYCO TT NYOBO Regional Task Team
Subject: Invitation
Date: 19 February 2017

Receive our warm revolutionary greetings from the office of Payco RTT scriber on behalf of the task team.

As we have demonstrated as the youth of PAC through the ranks of PASMA what we are capable of, what we can do and how much we are committed to the struggle of young people towards the development of our societies. The youth of PAC have shown that the spirit of the late Prof Sobukwe,Uncle Zeph Mothopeng still lives and they might have killed Prof Sobukwe but his ideas still lives and through us they shall never die. Many students and graduates know about Pasma and what it has done for them, but when they go home they cant find the same vanguard of our people that can do to our communities as Pasma does back in campus. This then leave our brothers and sisters vulnerable and victims of all the ills that are challenging our brothers and sisters in our communities,challenges such as unemployment,drug abuse,teenage pregnancy,ANC propaganda,etc.

It is because of the above mention reasons that we come to you proudly and rejoicing to announce that a solution to our youth challenges have been found and that solution is another youth wing of PAC,the one that is not limited within the parameters of the institutions of high learning but also reaches our communities and address decisively the challenges of young people. Thus we wish this communique might find you in good spirit as it seeks to invite all young people of Buffalo City Metropolitan to come and join the solution of young people the Pan Africanist Youth Congress of Azania (Payco). Be it you are a community member residing here in BCM or student studying in any institution/ schools around BCM, you are all welcome to come and join us and help us help you.

All those who are interested to join us you can contact us on the contact details mentioned below.

Izwe lethu.

Issued by Payco RTT:

Ntando Ncamane
+27 84 232 3847
[email protected]

Mawethu Lusiba Sobetwa
[email protected]

Ayanda Dlodlo
071 007 7337
[email protected]

[02/15/17]   Being a new kid in the block is not easy. Kodwa u Poqo akabethwa.

[02/04/17]   I azania izwe lethu!!!✋🏿✋🏿

[02/03/17]   "Sons and Daughters of the Soil, Remember Africa! Very soon, now, we shall be launching our campaign. The step we are taking is historical, pregnant with untold possibilities. We must, therefore, appreciate our role. We must appreciate our responsibility. The African people have entrusted their whole future to us. And we have sworn that we are leading them, not to death, but to life abundant".Prof M Sobukwe.

I greet you fellow cadres in the revolutionary spirit of African Nationism. In recent news we have been bombarded with the closure/ Shutdown of our colleges across Azania(South Africa) due to the inability of the DHET and or TVET institutions to give us our complete academic results. The pending subjects story has been a cliche for the passed 5 years. As students being prepared for the labour market it should be the TVET and DHET's responsibility to ensure that our transition into the workplace is running without and hinderance. But until today we are confronted with a plethora of injustices, maladministration and academic sabotage.

The recent fee hikes without any prior consent are but a few of the primary examples of the neo - colonialism we are facing today. The consensus reached by Minister Nzimande and Yonke from SAFETSA does not affect us absolutely positively but rather let's us remain in the hopes that we will receive whatever it is we want or need from them. The stagnation resulting from our outdated (eurocentric) curriculum puts us as a college and province in a dire condition that we have become technologically incompetent inter- provincially and internationally. We must remember that as students in the DHET phase curriculum development is a priority. For instance, the provision to change your major subject and replacing it with any other major subject in the TVET space should be broadened to include the history of these subjects. This will provide college students a chance to clearly track the advancement of their professions and careers. That being said, our education should and must be Afrocentric and we must be taught from our perspective of seeing things, the African(ONLY) perspective. Drawing from our past allows us to have a present that is congruent with advancing to a better tomorrow. Henceforth I'm advocating PASMA members and prospective members to see this opportunity as bridging the gap we have suffered from colonialism,slavery and apartheid and are still subjected to.

Having discussed some of the problems we are facing I'm motivated to write a full memorandum as it is my official duty. Along with that, I will be issuing a petition to be signed by students at Buffalo City TVET College in the forthcoming week. The memorandum is as follows:
We the Pan Africanist Student Movement of Azania at Buffalo City TVET College branch have partaken the mandate of pioneering in advancement of the academic sustainability in Technical Vocational Education and Training institutions.
1. NSFAS Bursaries have been benefiting students since its inception however, not many students are witnesses of that due to maladministration. We thus demand for a task(insourced from the college) team to be chosen to ensure that deserving students receive not only transport and meal allowances, but allowances for private accommodation as some of the colleges' residences are in a deplorable condition and are inconducive to academic progress. This should be done in compliance with the bursary policy.
2.Curriculum development has been introduced since 2015 according to the DHETs website information, on the contrary though, it hasn't been implemented. The cross or interdisciplinary inclusion which allows a student to do a major in another different field(programme) must be unapologetically actualised by students. Moreover we must facilitate for the reopening of the faculty/programme of Art and Design, which was closed during the changing of the college from East London College to Buffalo City College.

[01/04/17]   I am hoping that this communique finds you well with the enthusiasm of the new year.
The South African Further Education and Training Student Association (SAFETSA) had it's 4th National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting on the 08th of December 2016 in Sandton, Holiday Inn.
The last National Executive Committee (Meeting) before the end of year 2016 delibarated on a number of sector related issues and amongst them was the issue of Technical and Vocational Education and Training ( TVET) Shutdown and the NEC has resolved to shutdown all 50 South African Public Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Colleges.
Kindly be informed that the resolution to close all 236 Campuses accross the country is informed by the following:
Delay of results and pending certificates.
Insufficient NSFAS Funding and the delay for Accommodation and Transport Allowances.
Extremely poor Infrustructure Development with no funding model like in Universities.
Unqualified but employed lecturers.
Student victimisation.
Reactionary Management that is adamant to engage and take the Student Representative Council (SRC) members serious.
Recognition of Political Student Formations (SASCO, EFFSC,DASO,PASMA,UDESMO, etc)
Outdated TVET Curriculum.
Expansion of TVET Colleges in terms of students enrolment.
Skills Development Agenda inline with the National Development Plan (vision 2030)
Corruption and Nepotism in the TVET Space, etc.
The above list of challenges that are directly affecting students in the TVET Space will be clearly unpacked officially, so that we give a comprehensive statement on the matter at hand as per our National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting resolution.
It is of paramount importance for us as students in the TVET Space to comprehend this precisely because the above clearly articulates the predicament that we are faced with as students in the TVET Space.
We have been patient and lenient as student leaders since 2013, in trying to persuade Management at institutional level and the Department of Higher Education and Training, with the hope that as a collective we can take a responsibility to address student related challenges in the TVET Space.
We must carefully note that the silent practical implementation of our legitimate and genuine demands has made us to realize that as students in the TVET Space we are not taken serious, we are randed useless and our previous engagements and efforts are reduced to nothing practical by our Colleges and the Department of Higher Education and Training.
They have proven to us as students and to the society at large that they do not have any sense of urgency.
TVET Colleges are not farms of curtain individuals who takes selective decisions based on their feelings and reactions.
These are our institutions of higher learning with the main purpose of addressing the issue of scarce skills through skills development and employable skills that will contribute to the economic growth of this country, not a Mickey-Mouse game!
We humbly request the Student Representative Council members to unite with students, unite with SAFETSA, unite with those that are willing to pledge solidarity irrespective of our differences and work as a collective force to fight for tranformation that will yield positive and outstanding results.
We must also be vigilante in the process so that our struggle is not hijacked by populists and by those who are good in grandstanding.
We must be ready for security forces as we know that they are going to try by all means to collapse out struggle by rubber bullets, court interdicts, arrests, intimidation, etc.
We must pray to God and remain resolute!
Myself as the President together with the Secretary-General we will do deployment of NEC members to different provinces, in consultation with the National Executive Committe (NEC) members.
The official date for a media briefing and an official date for shutdown will be communicated in no time.
We tried to engage them and their failed to implement our demands.
We will go to class the day our demands are met.
We are not to tolarate any catastrophic situations this year.
[email protected]
076 448 8631

[06/14/16]   We will hold our AGM wednesday next week at 10:30 in the cafeteria and im praying this time they won't be no health risk or lame excuses from management to release student early before we hold our AGM cause they always sabotage us

[05/25/16]   African Union anthem

"Let Us All Unite and Celebrate Together"

Let us all unite and celebrate together
The victories won for our liberation
Let us dedicate ourselves to rise together
To defend our liberty and unity

O Sons and Daughters of Africa
Flesh of the Sun and Flesh of the Sky
Let us make Africa the Tree of Life

Let us all unite and sing together
To uphold the bonds that frame our destiny
Let us dedicate ourselves to fight together
For lasting peace and justice on earth

O Sons and Daughters of Africa
Flesh of the Sun and Flesh of the Sky
Let us make Africa the Tree of Life

Let us all unite and toil together
To give the best we have to Africa
The cradle of mankind and fount of culture
Our pride and hope at break of dawn.

O Sons and Daughters of Africa
Flesh of the Sun and Flesh of the Sky
Let us make Africa the Tree of Life

[05/09/16]   Forces we will have the launch outside the college gates @1pm the campus management can shove 2:30pm up their ass where the sun don't shine#dont mind the weather the revolution don't have weather#

[04/27/16]   Forces we will be having a branch launch on the 9th of may in BCC john knox campus at 10 AM your attendence will be highly appreciated


06 May 2016 Limpopo UNIVEN Thohoyandou campus
07-08 May 2016 Gauteng TUT Soshanguve campus
13 May 2016 Free state CUT Welkom campus
14-15 Eastern cape WSU Unitra campus,
20 May 2016 Mpumalanga Nkangal tvet college- CN Mahlangu campus
21-22 May 2016 Western cape CPUT Athlone campus

[03/11/15]   guys we are working on a plan to organized a peaceful march to police headquarters, correctional services headquarters, metro police and law Enforcement office demand that they must first recruits us cause we have all the qualification they need, we need your support guys to make this march succesful please tell all the people you know more special the people that did level 4 and are not working now and if you have any suggestion you are welcome to came up with it





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