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Photos from Three Peaks School's post 04/10/2022


The Grade 2-4 class have been studying Irma Stern (a South African artist who lived in Cape Town) in their Picture Study lessons and recently had the privilege of visiting her home which is now a museum.

At the museum the children viewed her artworks, discussed the characters, landscapes and still-lifes that she portrayed, as well as learnt more about her life.

In the second half of the session, the children produced their own still-life, guided by the Education Coordinator Nobukho. It was a wonderful experience for our children and Nobukho commented on how well they responded to the art, asking poignant questions and observing carefully.

We will now be continuing our study of Irma Stern by reproducing her artwork entitled 'Irises'.


"Our aim in education is to give a full life. We owe it to them to initiate an immense number of interests.

Life should be all living, and not merely a tedious passing of time; not all doing or all feeling or all thinking - the strain would be too great - but, all living; that is to say, we should be in touch wherever we go, whatever we hear, whatever we see, with some manner of vital interest."

Charlotte M. Mason


PARTNERSHIPS | Welgemeend School of Music

Well done to Sophia Jooste who took part in the recent Eisteddfod at Jan Van Riebeeck High School. We are grateful to the Welgemeend School of Music for making it possible.

The Welgemeend School of Music is a city based music school that is open to children from Three Peaks. Children aged 5 and above are welcome to attend extra-mural lessons for a variety of musical instruments.

If you are interested in finding out more, contact the Head of the Music School, Mr Geruan Geldenhuys at [email protected]


WOMEN'S DAY | We celebrate the amazing women of this continent today!

At Three Peaks School, our children learn about one of these amazing women, Wangari Maathai in their history readings. Wangari was a Kenyan social, environmental and a political activist and the first African woman to win the Nobel Peace Prize.


HOW DO I CHOOSE A SCHOOL FOR MY CHILD? | This conversation is open to parents of children of any age, whether you're part of our school community or not.

The intention is to create a space for parents to share their thoughts as well as hear some of the insights gained by the school's founders through their research and experience.

Please register for the event at:

Venue: Holy Trinity Church, 5 Vriende Street, Gardens, Cape Town
Time: 19:00 - 20:30 (Starts 19:15)
Date: Monday, 1 August 2022



We have some exciting news to share… Three Peaks School is growing! We are delighted to welcome Mr. Van Der Merwe as our principal and wish him everything of the best as he leads the school forward.



Our Grade 1-4 children are enjoying their weekly physical conditioning class with Coach Joseph!

We believe children should learn to master their bodies and sport can be one of the ways in which this is done. During the school week, we make time for physical conditioning, which serves to build a foundation of fitness for life.


WHY THREE PEAKS SCHOOL? | Your child is seen as a person

Three Peaks is committed to applying the pioneering educator, Charlotte Mason’s, philosophy of education in the classroom.

At the heart of this philosophy is the idea that every “child is a person”.

We believe that children are made in the image of God and, as such, are worthy of love and respect. They are created desiring to learn. They are not passive, merely waiting to be filled with information, but are active seekers, eager for knowledge, ideas and experience.

To learn more about our philosophy of education see:


One of our inspirational subjects at Three Peaks School is Nature Study, the foundation of Science.

Children observe specimens from our local South African flora and fauna. This is then followed by a directed drawing exercise where they are given the opportunity to practice representing details of the specimen through careful drawing.


FREEDOM DAY | Today, we celebrate our freedoms and commemorate the first post-apartheid democratic elections.

May we honour and pay tribute to those who walked before us by continuing to pursue greater freedoms for all.


WE ARE HIRING A PRE-SCHOOL TEACHING ASSISTANT | Interested in growing with an independent, Christian school in the Cape Town City Bowl?

Three Peaks offers staff a supportive environment, ongoing training, and the opportunity to grow in an approach to education that is life-changing.

We are hiring a Pre-School Teaching Assistant for 2022. Please send your CV through to [email protected] for an application form.


What are you reading with your children this holiday?

Over the holiday period, we encourage our families to be reading with their children.

Why not continue exploring the Chronicles of Narnia as a family, by reading the first book, The Magician's Nephew, together?



At Three Peaks our children start each day learning from the Bible.

Our hope is that our children would grow to possess a Bible-shaped worldview that they own in their heads and hearts that reflects the truth of who God is, who they are in Christ, what the hope of the Gospel is, who their neighbour is, and what their world is.


FIELD TRIP | African Dinosaurs at the Iziko Museum

Our Grade 2-4’s recently spent the morning exploring the African Dinosaur exhibit and getting a sense of the size of the dinosaurs they have been studying in class.

We began our tour at the map of Africa, looking at the distribution of the various fossils across our continent. The children then visited the different exhibits - carefully observing them and seeing what they could deduce from the displays. For example:

- What do the size and shape of the bones tell about this animal’s behaviour?
- What clues do we have that this dinosaur could run fast?
- How is his body built for speed?
- What can we deduce about this creature from its teeth?



“If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart.” - Nelson Mandela

We are very excited to welcome Titshalakazi Nobuhle to Three Peaks this year. The children are taking great delight in their Xhosa lessons. Our pre-schoolers have been learning how to greet their teachers, parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters.


ONE OF OUR CORE BELIEFS | Children are born persons

We attempt to define a person, the most commonplace person we know, but he will not submit to bounds; some unexpected beauty of nature breaks out; we find he is not what we thought and begin to suspect that every person exceeds our power of measurement. I believe that the first article of a valid educational creed — ‘Children are born persons’ — is of a revolutionary character.

Charlotte M. Mason


WELCOME BACK to all our families - old and new!

We began the year with a special guest at our first assembly - Dr Peace Francis - currently interning at Baragwanath hospital, the largest hospital in Africa.

She spoke to the children about her childhood, her faith and choosing to study medicine. She encouraged them to work hard and make the most of the opportunities, gifts and talents that God has given each of them. She shared about the power of language and how being able to speak multiple languages helps her connect with and understand her patients.

Thank you Dr. Francis for taking the time to inspire our children!

Photos from Three Peaks School's post 10/12/2021

CURRICULUM | 🌿 Nature Studies field trip up Table Mountain🌿

One of our inspirational subjects at Three Peaks School is Nature Study, the foundation of Science.

We are so privileged to live in a city surrounded on all sides by such breathtaking natural beauty. Our Grade R-3 children recently delighted in experiencing the wonders of our natural heritage.

They thoroughly enjoyed their trip up the Table Mountain Aerial Cableway and ‘class in the clouds’.


DISABILITY AWARENESS MONTH | Following the example of their friend who has no arms, the Grade R-3 children attempted to write their names and draw with chalk, while keeping their hands behind their backs. This exercise was used to help the children stop and consider what it might be like to live in a different body. Some persevered with their feet, others moved into a different position to use their mouths instead.

We discussed what this was like - how fun it was to see what their feet were capable of; how strong your core muscles need to be to balance without arms; how awful chalk tastes; how it was difficult to struggle with drawing when you're usually good at it.

We also spoke about how people with struggles may get more attention and while this may be appropriate, it is also difficult for siblings and friends around them who may feel it is unfair.



Instead of buying things you don’t need this Black Friday, why not donate towards a beautiful education for a child?


Together let's start their life-giving educational journey next year.



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Jo-Ann Scheepers, fondly known by all as ‘Aunty Jo’, has taught at Gardens Nook Pre-School, since its inception.

This is what she says about teaching here:
“I could not have asked for a more loving, kind, generous and joy filled space to spend my mornings teaching little ones.

The children are welcomed into this space, where they are exposed to a feast of rich ideas, beauty and wonder at the world around them while still being allowed to explore, play, get muddy and dirty and have wonderful adventures in our beautiful garden.

This environment not only feeds the souls of these precious little ones, but those of the teachers! It is a joy to come to school each morning and greet those little faces and see what God has in store for us to learn from that day. The teaching team is dedicated, kind, supportive and loving towards one another as we journey together in learning how to impart these wonderful ideas and God's truth in the classroom.”

Photos from Three Peaks School's post 12/11/2021

DRAMA | The Lion, The Witch & the Wardrobe.

We are so proud of our Grade 1-3 children who recently staged our first ever drama production, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. The book by C.S. Lewis forms part of the school curriculum and our very own Mrs Harrower wrote and directed the play.

The children’s consistent hard work each day at school and at home paid off handsomely - the expectation was high and they rose to meet it on every level. Congratulations children!

A huge thank you and congratulations must also go to Mrs. Harrower and all who were involved behind the scenes in making the evening such an incredible success.



Our Primary School children’s current history reading is the book ‘The Day Gogo Went to Vote'. Their teachers have been talking to them about what is happening in our city and nation at the moment.

In the Foundation Phase, children are introduced to both South African history as well as world history. These are carefully and sensitively engaged through the use of literature and current affairs.

Photos from Three Peaks School's post 01/11/2021


One of our inspirational subjects at Three Peaks School is Picture Study.

Our children study and observe a variety of work produced by artists around the world, looking specifically at places and people in art. Children learn to see the work in their minds as well as see the work from the minds of the artists.

This term, the children learnt about Claude Monet and painted their own artistic impression of The Japanese Footbridge - one of his most famous paintings.


WE ARE HIRING A PRE-SCHOOL TEACHING ASSISTANT | Interested in growing with an independent, Christian school in the Cape Town City Bowl?

Three Peaks offers staff a supportive environment, ongoing training, and the opportunity to grow in an approach to education that is life-changing.

We are hiring a Pre-School Teaching Assistant for 2022. Please send your CV through to [email protected] for an application form.


WHY THREE PEAKS SCHOOL? | Broad, rich curriculum of excellent standard

The intelligence of a child should not be underestimated. We believe in giving children opportunities to discover knowledge from rich sources of literature, music and art; and the importance of first-hand interactions with the actual
materials of nature and science..

At Three Peaks we follow Ambleside Schools International’s curriculum. Children enjoy a broad curriculum, rich in ideas, that stimulates their natural curiosity and motivation to engage with the world.

Visit us online at


HERITAGE DAY | Our country’s tragic legacy of forced separation and discrimination on the basis of race has left wounds and scars that have not yet healed. We are all affected in varying ways.

We desire to see children care to understand and engage their world, providing opportunities for rich exposure to the history, life, cultures and stories of our city and broader local context. While acknowledging our country's pain, we also celebrate the beauty in our heritage.

At Three Peaks, one of our goals is to support the formation of children and adults who know the joy and struggle of belonging to and participating in a diverse community.

Visit us online at


HAVE YOU CONSIDERED | How do you develop the habit of imagination in your child?

At Three Peaks School, children are given the opportunity to delight in tales of make-believe.

As Charlotte Mason says, “Let us be glad and rejoice that all things are possible to the children, recognising, in this condition of theirs, their fitness to receive and believe and understand, as, alas! we cannot do, the things of the kingdom of God. The age of faith is a great sowing time, doubtless designed, in the Divine scheme of things, especially that parents may make their children at home in the things of the Spirit before contact with the world shall have materialised them.”

Visit us online at



Mrs Skead founded Gardens Nook Pre-School before going on to pioneer Three Peaks School.
This is why she did it and why she continues to teach here:

“When looking for a Pre-School for our four year old daughter, I yearned for a gentle home environment that welcomed the weaknesses and strengths that I knew to be true of my child. A place that would warmly embrace and nurture her person as well as partner with me in this daunting yet exciting journey of parenting. It was in this search that I came across Charlotte Mason and her philosophy of education that seemed to resonate with all that I had hoped a school to be. With a desire to see this form of education in action and have it accessible to many more families, Gardens Nook Pre-School was born.

Visit us online at for more information about Three Peaks School and Gardens Nook Pre-School.


WE ARE HIRING | Interested in growing with an independent, Christian school in the Cape Town City Bowl?

Three Peaks offers staff a supportive environment, ongoing training, and the opportunity to grow in an approach to education that is life-changing.

We are hiring a foundation phase teaching assistant for 2022.

Please send your cv through to [email protected].



This is what she has to say:

"As soon as I walk onto the school premises I am greeted by my name and welcomed with so much joy by whoever is around and there is much happiness and enthusiasm to see friends who are like family.

The atmosphere at Three Peaks is encouraging, warm and kind even when my own personal life feels rushed.

I am blessed to be working at a school where the beauty of nature is always celebrated and conversations always teach you something new.

It is such a joy to see stories read to the children that encourage them to ask more and to pray and contributes to their growth."

Visit us online at


💼 OPEN DAY AT THREE PEAKS 💼 We warmly invite you to join us for a sneak peak into life at Three Peaks School! Meet our teachers, chat with some of our current parents, tour our grounds and classrooms and view our children’s beautiful work. 🍂

One of the best ways to understand our educational philosophy is to experience the atmosphere and life of our classrooms so please join us:
Monday, 23 August 2021 from 8:30-9:30am.

Register to attend at or email [email protected] for more information. You can also click on the link in the bio.

We look forward to meeting you!


🎼 Our primary school children are thoroughly enjoying their singing classes. They are learning to warm up their voices, breathe correctly, develop their ear to sing in key and discover different rhythms.

For more information about our school visit


ONE OF OUR CORE BELIEFS | 📗Children are to be continuously engaged with inspirational ideas and meaningful work. ✏️

📚School should be a place where children come to flourish!


📚 Phonics for reading and spelling is the gradual yet vital journey of understanding the science to word building and pronunciation.

Phonograms are taught in conjunction with a specific reading series in the lower grades together with specific rules for the varying forms of spelling.

In later grades, phonics is exercised using words from texts read in literature books and through texts used in transcription.

Children develop a keen understanding for language and the relational aspects of stringing letters and words together.✏️


At Three Peaks School we follow a philosophy inspired by the pioneering educator, Charlotte Mason.

Much about our approach is rooted in her writings, and reflects our attempt to apply them in a way that makes sense for children in Cape Town today.

Read more about our fundamental pedagogical convictions on our website


INTRODUCING MRS SMITH | Grade R & 1 Teacher 💼

Mrs Smith helped pioneer Three Peaks School. This is what she has to say about teaching here:

"After many years in the Government schooling system where everyone is stressed and feels like a number it is quite wonderful to be part of a school that is like a home from home.

Every teacher and child is important and warmth and caring is the order of the day.

The curriculum is built in such a way that a love of learning and an appreciation of beauty is nurtured in our children.

For a teacher like myself, who has loved teaching for almost 50 years, Three Peaks is a new lease on life and the cherry on the top of a long joyous career in teaching."

Visit our schools website here


Inspiration for us all to get out into nature with our families this holiday. Have a wonderful break everyone!


The Balance of Nature | 🍂Our Gardens Nook children love exploring outdoors, finding treasures and learning about the delicate balance of nature.🍁


📝 Our teachers are currently writing up reports on each child. At Three Peaks School, these are called Reports of Growth.

✏️ The teachers start the year prayerfully considering each child.
✏️ They observe how a child relates to themself, others, and their work.
✏️ They observe the child's strengths and weaknesses, and proactively provide support.

Assessment is the ongoing observation of the incremental changes in a child's intellectual, spiritual and relational life. It also takes into account their responses, interest, intrigue, contributions and interactions with tasks and content. It is considered a privilege to witness the growth in each child at our school. 🎓

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