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Through our partnership with Western Cape Education Department we've founded a schools league. Building up to the league we're hosting tournaments. For more info contact us on 064 837 1238
Maestros Academy will be hosting 6aside & T20 tournaments Bellville Cricket Club & Durbanville Cricket Club on the following dates:

Sunday 29 August - 6aside tournament - Durbanville Cricket Club

Sunday 5 September - T20 Durbanville Cricket Club - 6aside tournament Bellville Cricket Club.

6aside tournament - ages u8-u15(u8/9 mini cricket) 3 games/team - top 2 play final - R600/team - R100pp

T20 - 2games, top 2 play final

The Maestros Schools League will kick of Sunday 12 September

Limited Space - Open to all clubs/schools & individual entries. Contact us on 064 837 1238
"The group work in the first term has been a huge success story. We often have incredible breakthroughs in individual therapy, however, this term was testament to the impact group work and discussion groups can have.

On the feedback forms many learners shared how their eyes were opened and their voices heard. I believe everyone could take something from these conversations.

GBV is a regular and everyday occurrence in this community, where violence and trauma are somewhat expected. Being able to identify our own stories through the #GBV clips that shared Themba and Mary's stories helped learners to identify their emotions when these thing happen (at school, classroom, playground, with friends) and how they can respond to these emotions, whether the emotions belong to themselves or their friends.

The group of older learners, delved deeper into gender discrimination within their home and community environment, speaking to how gender roles in the house also perpetuate unhelpful beliefs and ideas around gender, which could lead to violence as well.

We designed a CK poster that illustrated every grade's approach to dealing with #bullying. This prompted learners in Grade 6 & 7 to create anti-bullying posters for their school, being creative and standing up collectively against bullying." Laurian Furneaux Visagie, CK Social Worker, Ysterplaat Primary School

Our "Stop Bullying and GBV" campaign is sponsored by National Development Agency - NDA and Solidarity Fund
Ysterplaat Primary is the best schoolπŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘ŒπŸ» for my/your children . They want what is best for your;our children. THANKS YSTERS πŸ’ͺπŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ’•πŸ’ŒπŸ’«
Grade 7s were not at school on Friday, can someone please confirm that as per the Presidents address the school will be closed on Monday, and grade 7s returning in 11 August 2020?

Twice a week, my team in Cape Town has been preparing enough nourishing soup to feed the entire Grade 7 year group at Ysterplaat Primary School in Cape Town, which is delivered to the school by the NG Kerk/ Church, Tamboerskloof. Many of these childrens' parents lost their jobs during the Covid-19 lockdown and their kids go hungry far too often. Every delivery has been so much appreciated, and I was very humbled to receive an email from the school this week, personally thanking me for our contribution.

If you would like to help the Innovation Studio to keep making hearty soups every week, you can donate your fresh ingredients in aid of our cause. Please contact Carin at [email protected] to find out how. WOOLWORTHS
A little something from our kids to their teachers πŸ₯°
#staysafe #lockdown #loveforschool
Hi all here's a challenge for lockdown add class pics or any pics if u were in ysterplast from 85-90 Mrs myburgs class especially
We are supporting Ysterplaat Primary School and Community Church with the 'Ysterplaat Covid-19 food drive'.

Many learners rely on their school for a meal. With schools being closed for 4 weeks we need to support these kids by collecting canned and non-perishable items.

If you are able to donate any of the above mentioned items, please get in touch with Us.
In light of the festive spirit we offering a 50% discount on our upcoming event next week!!!Limited Space-Book now to secure your spot!!!
Many thanks to the Principal and staff of Ysterplaat Primary School for your diligent efforts toward my grandson, Max Lloyd. You have spared no effort in preparing him for the next lap of his journey into adulthood and I thank you for your kindness and care in every situation. Wishing you a Blessed Christmas and festive season and a well deserved rest. Kind regards, Linda Reeves
Yesterday we took representatives from our new adopt-a-school donor, Sneaker LAB Cape Town to experience our feeding programme in action at Portia Primary School in Lansdowne. Sneaker LAB have provided PSFA with funding to feed all the learners on our feeding programme at Portia Primary School, Ysterplaat Primary School and Silverlea Primary School. A BIG thank you to Sneaker LAB!

At Ysterplaat Primary we want our pupils to become well-rounded, happy and secure human beings who a

Operating as usual

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"Never let the fear of losing, keep you from playing the game..." - Babe Ruth

Our u/11, u/12 and u/13 netball girls played against Seamount Primary School yesterday and had a "ball of a time."

The outcome of the games:
u/11s won: 3 - 0
u/12s won: 6 - 3
u/13 lost: 0 - 2



πŸ’°Notice and Agenda of 2023 Budget meetingπŸ’°

Ysterplaat Primary School will be holding it'd annual budget meeting on Thursday, 13th of October. Please see the attached letter for more information, regarding the meeting.



"Where flowers bloom, so does hope..."

We, here at Ysterplaat Primary School, are very excited to celebrate spring tomorrow. Not only will there be an opportunity for learners to strut their stuff and show off their "flower power", there will also be some prizes up for grabs and some delightful goodies at the cake sale.


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"A very special person deserves an equally special day..."

We, here at Ysterplaat Primary School, would just like to wish our lovely "Aunty Margie" the warmest and happiest of birthdays. There aren't enough thank you's in the world to justify what you do for us, as a staff, the kids and the community. We all adore you and hope that your day was as amazing as you are.


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"All experiments are learning experiences, whether they go as planned or not..." - Page Hudson

Our Grade 4 learners, here at Ysterplaat Primary School, "heating things up" inside the classroom with their "spinning spirals" made from foil and kebab sticks. The hot air supplied by the candles create movement, which imitates that of windmills.


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"The study of Mathematics, begins much like the Nile, in minuteness, however it ends in magnificence..." - Charles Caleb Colton

Throwback to last week when our Grade 5 learners, here at Ysterplaat Primary School, were working full steam ahead on their Mathematics' projects. Throughout the project they were expected to work with the properties of 2-Dimensional shapes, measuring these shapes, cutting and pasting each shape, in order to create a picture.


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"Leadership is not about a title or a designation. It's about impact, influence and inspiration..." - Robyn S. Sharma

We here, at Ysterplaat Primary School, are proud to announce our deputy leader and head leader for the year 2022. We had some outstanding candidates, within our RCL and it was definitely not an easy decision or task.

As deputy head leader, for 2022, we would like to conragtulate:
*Pauline Myaba*
As head leader, for 2022, we would like to congratulate:
*Ezras Dimandja*

We are so very proud of you and the outstanding citizens you are becoming. We know that you will make us proud, by living out the values we have instilled in our learners here at school and making sure that you act as liaisons between learners and staff. You are now responsible for not only knowing the way, going the way, but to also show the way to those around you. We wish you all the best.



"A strong woman is one, who can build a foundation with the rocks that others have thrown at her..."

We, here at Ysterplaat Primary School, would just like to wish ALL the wonderful women in our lives a lovely Women's Day. We are so grateful to have such amazing women, amongst our staff, learners and our community, who serve as examples of strong women.


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"The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing..." - Albert Einstein

Giving new meaning to "you light up my life" our Grade 4's made their own little lava lamps, as part of their science experiments.



"We can't help everyone, but everyone can help someone..." - Ronald Reagan

We, here at Ysterplaat Primary School, would just like to thank our lovely learners, parents and greater community for supporting our fundraiser this term.

Here are this week's "largest amount in the grade" winners and their *finger-licking good* prizes. Well done to everyone, who participated.


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"Giving isn't just about making a donation, it's about making a difference..." - Kathy Calvin

We, here at Ysterplaat Primary School, would just like to thank our lovely learners, parents and greater community for supporting our fundraiser this term.

Here are this week's R20 lucky draw winners and their *sweeeeeeet* prizes. Well done to everyone, who participated.



"Victory is in having done your best. If you have done your best, you've won..." - Billy Bowerman

Good luck to our u/12 and u/13 netball girls, who are playing against Seamount Primary School today.


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"The best way to predict your future is to create it..." - Abraham Lincoln

Last term, we were lucky enough, to be able to introduce coding and robotics to some of our learners (and our staff members). They completed an introductory course and received certificates for this.

Here at Ysterplaat Primary School, we aim to prepare and equip our learners, which means keeping up with technology. We hope to, in future, implement coding and robotics at our school for all our learners.



"A birthday is nature's way of telling us to eat more cake..."

We, here at Ysterplaat Primary School, would just like to wish Aunty Tammy a big happy birthday. We are so grateful for all that you do for the kids, as well as for us.

May this be a fantastic day filled with lots of love and joy.


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Important newsletter🚸


"We might not always be able to build the future for our youth, but we can equip and build our youth to be ready for the future..."

A very happy Youth Day to our learners, parents and Ysterplaat community.



⚠️🚸Important message🚸⚠️


In regards to the nationwide protest tomorrow:

The school will continue as normal. All tests will be written. If your transportation route is safe, please send your child to school. If your child will be in any danger tomorrow please keep them at home.


Proud Ysters🀩

Mathew and Pinky, former Ysterplaat Primary learners. Won gold and silver in the under 21 category at the best of the best Ballroom and Latin American Dance Championship 2022 held at Parow Civic Centre, Cape Town

Trained by Ysterplaat Primary dance coach
Angelo Harding.

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What is trauma?

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The grade 6 learners learnt about the history of mandalas this term. They used design principles and their knowledge of the 7 elements of art, to design relief mandalas.

They used toilet rolls to create beautiful works of art.

We want to thank all of our parents and learners for collecting and sending the toilet rolls.

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"Friday is a good day for a good sandwich..."

Some fun-filled photos of today's Food Frenzy meals being enjoyed. Nothing better than a warm toastie on a cold winter's day! We thank our parents and learners for supporting our fundraising efforts.


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"You can't buy happiness, but you can buy cake and that's kind of the same thing..."

We are currently in the process of raising funds, for our RCL leadership camp. In order to do so, every grade is responsible for hosting a cake sale. This past Thursday, it was the Grade 7s time to shine and SHINE they did! Our learners enjoyed the sweets, treats and baked goods and it was cause for great excitement at Ysterplaat Primary.

We would like to thank all of the parents, learners and teachers, who contributed to the success of the cake sale.


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𝔸𝕣π•₯π•šπ•€π•₯ 𝕠𝕗 π•₯𝕙𝕖 π•žπ• π•Ÿπ•₯π•™πŸŽ¨:

William Kentridge

Our Grade 7 learner are busy with their art projects where they must create a self-portrait inspired by William Kentridge's work.

Self portraits are their way of documenting how they see themselves, and how they want others to perceive them. For some, it's all about experimentation and trying new things.

Can't wait to see what they create.


The Gr 7 learners had so much fun today during their dance assessment.

Thank you Mr Angelo for always hyping up the kids and teaching them some new moves.

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"The artist sees what others only catch a glimpse of..." - Leonardo da Vinci

The grade 6 learners had their creativity flowing, last week, whilst creating their 3D mandalas. They used coloured rice and samp to create their masterpieces.



We here at Ysterplaat Primary, would just like to wish our Muslim learners, families and community members a warm and joyous Eid al-Fitr.

May you find a million reasons to make your life more beautiful on this day. May the joy of Eid be multiplied a thousand times and stay with you forever. Eid Mubarak!


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"Clothes might not change the world, but the ones who wear it will" - Anna Klein

Some of our learners showing off Ysterplaat Primary School's new cosy tracksuits. Please see the attached form for prices, as it can still be ordered.


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"Preserve and cherish the pale blue dot, the only home we've ever known..." - Carl Seagan

A few throwbacks to last week Friday, when Ysterplaat Primary celebrated Earth Day the only way we know how - big and bold.

The learners (and teachers) enjoyed the dress-up competition, bringing recycling to further our cause, the coloring competition, some gardening, as well as a very special scavenger hunt!



πŸŒŽπŸ…΄πŸ…°πŸ†πŸ†ƒπŸ…· πŸ…³πŸ…°πŸ†ˆπŸŒŽ

β€œYou cannot get through a single day, without having an impact on the world around you. What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.”
β€” Jane Goodall

Happy Earth Day to all!


Our Value for the new term. "Team work makes the dream work."

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We would like to welcome everyone back for the 2nd term of 2022. Please find attached newsletter with important dates for this term.


"We rise by lifting others up..." - Robert Ingersoll

Ysterplaat Primary School would just like to thank PEP Milnerton for their generous donation, of sanitary products for our girls.


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Newsletter and important STAY AWAKE information:


πŸ’₯The final countdown for STAY AWAKE has begunπŸ’₯

Please remember that this is the last week to pay for STAY AWAKE. Don't miss out on a fun filled night with friends.


We have anti bullying for the month of March 2022. Our Value for this month is Kindness.

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Our value for March : π•‚π•šπ•Ÿπ••π•Ÿπ•–π•€π•€

With kindness we kicked off our anti - bullying program. We are excited to work with the learners to create a space where we feel welcome and safe.

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"We don't need a motivational quote, we just need ice-cream..."

Some fun-filled photos of today's Food Frenzy meals being enjoyed. Nothing better than a "lekker" hotdog and an ice-cream on a hot day! We thank our parents and learners for supporting our fundraising efforts.


Photos from Ysterplaat Primary School's post 12/02/2022

We welcomed Mrs Andrea Fismer back from maternity leave on Friday.

We would just like to thank Mr Matthew Cleary who taught in Mrs Fismer's place.

Thank you for all you have done, and we know you will be an asset wherever you go. Ysterplaat learners has learned so much from you in such a small space of time, showing you have the skills of a natural born teacher. We wish you the very best of luck in your career path.



Our learners took part in the Atlantis - Table Bay Primary - Track and Field Championship at Table View Primary.

Four learners are going through to the next round of the Athletics which will take place next Saturday, 19 February 2022.

We are lucky enough to have two shot put, three high jump and two 100m athletes go through to the next round.

The learners had a great time, they tried their best and they displayed great sportsmanship at the event. We would like to thank Mrs Truter, Mrs Groenewald, Ms Wendy-Lee Olivier and Ms Luche Olivier for giving up your weekend time to attend the event with our athletes.


❀️Love is in the air at Ysterplaat Primary❀️

We will host the following event on Monday:

A small school with a big warm heart.

Our Mission at Ysterplaat Primary School

At Ysterplaat Primary we provide the ultimate education to learners in education, sport and cultural fields.

We aim to provide for their educational needs without discriminating unfairly in any way.

We do not tolerate or allow any form of racial discrimination.

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