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At UPS Coach we believe that the goal for Public Speaking is communication. We equip voices with too

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Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank Him for all He has done. Philippians 4:6

Happy Sabbath family🙏🏼

Mrs. H


My truth is; I struggle with sermon compliments especially immediately after preaching.

"Thank you Pastor it was a great sermon" makes me very uncomfortable. I Prefer objective feedbacks.

"Lawrence you did well in this sermon" is not a sermon feedback.

If you are to give your Pastor a feedback explain to him/her how that message applied to you.

And the steps you will take to live out the truths that came out of that sermon.

Asking questions to resolve things the sermon didn't resolve or the Preacher overlooked.

Offer a critique with a well thought through points where the Preacher went wrong, and how he can improve next time.

These statements are vanity & empty.

"The message was"

"The sermon was so powerful wow!"

"The sermon was electrifying"

A sermon compliment should go beyond emotions, goose bumps and standing hair to explain how the message of the text applies to you, family & church.


I find that Public is as important as Public .

Many people take the role of reading in Public functions lightly.

Knowing how to read doesn't automatically translate in reading out publicly.

We ought to put in time, & effort in preparation to read the portion of Scripture in Church, reading an excerpt from a book at the book launch, reading a wedding speech or reading a eulogy at the funeral.

UPS Coach - Lawrence Musunte We are interest in you reading & speaking confidently.


In Public Speaking how you dress can either add or take away from your address.

Unless you are at a fashion show, dress up appropriately.

In picking what to wear for that Public Speaking gig ask yourself this question;

Will this dress speak louder than my message?

Remember, the audience's focus should be on your address, NOT your dress.

Your dressing reveals your personality & to some extent reveal your character.

You need to be Comfortable & Confident in your dress.

But always remember; it's not about you but the message, therefore remove anything that might be a destruction to your talk.

In Dressing Up for Public Speaking remember;

1. Avoid the temptation to over-dress so much that you outshine everyone. This is not a dress parade, it's Public Speaking.

2. Avoid under-dressing as if you are a charity case. You don't need the audience to be sending you secondhand clothes.

3. Simply dress appropriately well or slightly better.

Female speakers avoid the temptation of showing too much cleavage & exposing too much (s*xy) flesh.

You maybe comfortable, but another woman's son will be craving to suck the breasts he sees on the podium, instead of concentrating on your message.

Unless you are giving a talk of 'adult' nature in an adult store!

Long after your speech, people should remember your the content of your message not your body.

UPS Coach - Lawrence Musunte We Equip Voices With Tools For Public Speaking ✅


"We should find positive words to describe & celebrate s*x while keeping in mind the boundaries in which godly s*x happens"

I miss . Perhaps it's time to Get back to my Group!

UPS Coach - Lawrence Musunte


When a people are denied a they resort to .

"Shut Up!" is an oppressive tool.

"Speak Out" is a civilized tone.

Use Your Voice! Never outsource a mouth to speak on your behalf, you have a mouth. So, be !

UPS Coach - Lawrence Musunte


Speaking is never enough. Until you start communicating, you are speaking to self!

UPS Coach - Lawrence Musunte


I acknowledge whenever I hit rock bottom, but I know I don't belong under.

That's why you feel uncomfortable in your valleys because you don't belong there.

My Prayer is; LORD lift us up where we belong!



Is even More Dangerous

Cowards Give Up Thinking

Cowards Give Up Their

UPS Coach - Lawrence Musunte Think Them Thoughts, Speak Them Thoughts Confidently




Everyone has a story to tell. But not everyone is ready to Stand Up to tell their story.

Have you ever stopped to think about how your story could change someone's life?

It will be greedy/selfish of you my dear friend to die with stories untold. No one should be allowed to die full.

You my friend should empty yourself of every story, poem, drama scripts, jokes & books unwritten.

There is a child out there being bullied daily & wants to give up on life. Your story of how you survived to bully can help another child to rise above bullying & become everything that God originally intended them to become.

Now come with me on this Public Speaking journey. We will stop at five different locations to enjoy the view.

First, let me put it upfront that Public Speaking begins with Private Preparation. In Private you are digging .

In Public, you are delivering content.

An empty truck will offload nothing. A truck full of sand will offload sad.


What are you carrying?

For those Preaching from the Bible, in Private devotion, you are digging for the truths of God's word.

In the Pulpit, you are delivering that truth.

For this talk, let's assume we have done our content preparation.


Your story remains untold if you don't Stand Up.

On the journey of Public Speaking, the first thing you need to do is to brave up.

2Standing up in front of many people requires courage.

Courage is what gives you the Confidence to Speak Up.

And Confidence in Public Speaking increases the more you know your topic.

As a waiter my confidence to approach a table, introduce myself, and share the specials of the day increased the more I understood the menu.

"Hello..., my name is Lawrence. I will be your waiter today. The line fish of the day is Kabario. It is grilled & served with savory rice & the veg. You can also have it with chips & a salad. We also serve Seafood Platter. If you are new in Cape Town I will suggest you order a Seafood platter so that you get to test the best that our sea offers. On a Seafood platter, you get mussels, prawns, crayfish, oysters & the line fish of the day which is kabrae. We serve it with rice/chips & veg. For the rest please do look at our menu. Can I please get drink orders while you decide on what to eat?"

That is a sales pitch! I remember how my guests at the table would clap their hands & praise me for the sales pitch.

That kind of confidence only comes when you KNOW your menu.

This is so true with giving a talk on Climate change, Better Policing, a talk on Gender-based Violence, or Preaching on Prayer of faith.

Knowledge of your topic increases your confidence.

Breath in and breath out techniques won't work if you don't know your topic in and out.

After breathing in & out you got to give that talk.

But it's not just familiarizing yourself with the topic, it is practicing your talk in private.

Some do it while looking at themselves in the mirror. While others go to the park to practice their talk.

Before you take that message to other people, preach to yourself repeatedly.

This will not take away your nerves, but it decreases your fear of facing your audience. Brave UP!


Putting a bit on the hook increases your chances of catching the fish.

The fish is attracted by the bait, when it baits it is caught by the hook.

In Public Speaking the first thing you need is to catch the attention of your audience.

Remember that you are taking people on a journey. You better get them on your bus. The bait will bring in the catch.

The first three meetings in your talk are crucial because you can either win or lose your audience.

I usually say the first three minutes is enough to inform your audience where you are taking them with your talk.

I may not agree with some statements that Preachers often make, but they do have good marketing strategies.

"The LORD is about to catapult you into the unprecedented realms of favor. I see businesses catapulted, I see marriage proposals catapulted. Favor shall be your name"

You may not agree with the strategy theologically but it works all the time. People want to favor in various areas of their lives.

That statement is a bit thrown at the congregation and the people will bait.


In Preaching, we say "Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every Word that proceeds from the mouth of God"

Just as the word of God feeds the soul, knowledge feeds the brain.

This is the main body of your talk. Where you have to explain your content.

Sometimes the information can be too technical or specialized.

During this part of the talk as you explain facts, giving data, and breakdown complex concepts, it's possible to lose your audience.

In between dishing out information find creating ideas to keep your audience awake!

This is where sense of humor comes in. Crack a joke or ask the audience a question.

When traveling to Zambia from Johannesburg, South Africa by bus. The longest journey is through Zimbabwe. We travel through Zimbabwe throughout the night.

By 6 AM you are on the Zambian side of the border. e Brain Power is the main journey in public speaking. Here you are engaging mostly the intellect, not the emotions.


This part of your talk is where you build a bridge between your message and your audience.

I have sat down at conferences where the Guest Speaker is from Overseas. Due to their poor research, they give the talk but fail to connect.

A talk that fails to connect with your audience is a failed project.

We don't speak over the people's heads, we speak to people.

Illustrations help the Speaker to connect the message with the reality.

Public Speaking is about connecting the message to your audience.

The rugged cross on which our Savior died is a picture of the bridge that connects a sinful man to the Holy God.


I enjoy Political Speaches. Particularly a few Finance Ministers like former Minister of Finance Dr. Katele Kalumba of Zambia.

Current Finance Minister Of South Africa Tito Mboweni often goes to scripture to inspire the nation in his speech.

But one that stands up is Minister Malusi Gigaba.

As he concluded his budget speech he quoted Poet Kendrick Lamar, "We gon' be alright"

You have to end your talk with a bang! This is your moment as a Speaker/Preacher.

People will remember you for the way you landed this plane.

Thank you friends for listening. Recommend this video to others. Like my YouTube channel & lets go on this public speaking journey together.


Tonight @ 8 PM I will take you on a journey of taking your through five namely;


This is for both beginners & seasoned Public Speakers.

UPS Coach - Lawrence Musunte our Goal is not but .


Tonight @ Facebook Live @ 8PM

Tonight we ask the Question; what kind of Speaker are you?





Please don't miss this talk especially if you are aspiring to do Public Speaking, or you Preach or lead Bible study.

These talks will Equip you with valuable tools for effective Public Speaker.

UPS Coach - Lawrence Musunte




Speaking is like baking. You cannot begin baking by ordering ingredients before deciding what kind of cake you want to bake.

When Speaking engagement knocks at your do, decide what topic/subject you will be speaking on, before you begin to work on your content.

Therefore; begin with an end in mind.


If you want to bake a carrot cake, you will need to buy the following ingredients;

1. Flour

2. Carrot

3. Cream Cheese

4. Icing

5. Sugar

6. Eggs

7. Butter etc

What about fears/nerves related to public speaking?

It's important that we deal with the phobia related to public speaking first.

John Wolfe said, "We won't remove your butterflies entirely; we'll just get them fly in formations"

For over 25 years in public speaking, I still have to deal with the nerves at every speaking or preaching engagement.

You will feel the butterflies 🦋, but with the time you will learn how to order your butterflies to fly in melody.

President Nelson Mandela said, "I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear"

To be brave is to be able to face your fears and pain head on!

Is speaking in Public your fear? You are not alone. Face your fear head-on!

To be brave is to show forth courage in the face of danger.

Fear that is related to speaking in public can hinder you from sharing your thoughts/ideas in family meetings, on a corporate level this fear will hinder you to speak in boardrooms.

This fear can hinder you from making effective sales pitch, give a motivational talk, make a political statement, or preach from the pulpit.


I grow up with a speech impediment. I struggled with speech.

While speaking is not my worst fear, speech impediment made it difficult for me to express myself well.

My fear is heights. Climbing up the ladder or on a plane is my worst form of fear.

I know that defeating fear means facing the object of my fears head-on!


In (Acts 7:22) it reads; ".....Moses was powerful in speech and action"

The first time I read this I was like; which Moses are they talking about?

It took time, process, hard work, consistency, and practice to get from, "I can't speak" to "powerful in speech and action".

Now this very powerful man in speech and in action started off as the unwilling reluctant Prophet.

Like Moses, you may struggle to speak, but your job, your business, your calling might require you to speak.

God has chosen Moses as a vessel that will rescue the Israelites, yet Moses is not up to the task.

Moses feels inadequate to take on this task and has many excuses up his sleeves.


Moses: " who am I? This is a question of inadequate, of low-self esteem.

God: "I will be with you" whether you are a preacher or a sales rep, the assurance that God is with you is enough to calm you down.


Moses: "what is your name?"

I find this line of the question in the light of Public Speaking very important.

If you are going to talk about President Kenneth Kaunda, you need to know about him.

You cannot speak with confidence on a subject or person you don't know.

Own your subject. Own your story. Research your topic.


"What if they will not believe or listen to me?"

Your duty as a messenger is to deliver the message.

How the recipient reacts to the message is not your problem.


"I have never been eloquent"

At UPS Coach we believe that eloquence is not the goal in Public Speaking, communicating the message is the goal.


"Oh Lord, please send someone else.

As a Pastor I know first hand when I ask someone to Preach on Sunday, but they turn down the invitation with excuses.

Can you identify with Moses' excuses to turn down public speaking?


"When they saw the courage of Peter and John and realized that they were unschooled, ordinary men, they were astonished and they took note that these men, had been with Jesus" (Acts 4:13)

No one should disqualify you from Public Speaking simply because you are not educated.

Though I schooled Peter and John spent 3 years with Jesus Christ who is a central theme in their preaching.

The courage and confidence they had was because they knew Jesus Christ.


Isaiah was an orator. He was considered a king among the Old Testament Prophets, the Evangelist of his days.

He knew how to capture, and captivate his audience.

Eloquence was never a problem with Isaiah, but it was his unclean tongue that was a problem.

God touched his tongue, cleansed his tongue and commissioned him to the Nations.

Many people have a swift tongue. They can use them to scam people, to peddle the gospel for profit, or use their tongue for gossip.

God can touch your tongue tonight, and use it to bless the Nations.

The Question Now is; who do you identify yourself with?


During Exams my lecturer would write the words, "Don't Panic" and I panicked every time I read those words.

The admonition, "be strong" implies danger, pain, hardship, persecution etc lays ahead.

When we talk about braving up in public in Public Speaking, we assume some people are afraid of speaking publicly.

But one must identify their kind of fear in order to face and conquer them.

Know your enemies well enough to formulate a winning strategy.


(I) Fear of Speaking

(ii) Fear of People

The fear of public speaking is Glossophobia.

A person who struggles with Glossophobia maybe able to "Stand UP" in a crowd without a problem, but his/her tongue tongue is tied.

The word Glossophobia has two root words;

'Gloss' which means tongue.

'Phobia' which means fear.

A glossophobic person can be social and comfortable in large crowds, socializing easily, but they can't Stand UP to address the crowds.

Fear of crowds/social anxiety is a person struggling with social anxieties. This person is not comfortable in large gatherings.

It is important to identify or diagnose yourself well in order to face your fear.

Some of you are not glossophobic. You don't have a problem speaking to ten, hundred or a thousand people.

But your fear is people, not speech.

Most people do not know that I struggle with social anxieties.

But Pastoral ministry is a people business therefore I confront my fears daily.

Today we have identified two kinds of fear related to Public Speaking;

1. Glossophobia related to speaking

2. Social anxiety; the fear of people.

Join Me Again On Friday @ 8 PM.


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