Feminist Popular Education in Transnational Debates

Feminist Popular Education in Transnational Debates


move beyond GDP as your indicator of success - focus on `well-being`! Shirley Walters
Tips for Capetonians on saving water
These tips come from Mama Aurelia Kaitesi in Masimphumelele: Water is sacred
“We are three adults living together using only 200 L every 14 days!!! We work full time
We value drinking water, clean bodies, clean clothes and a clean house just like everyone else.
We only wash using containers never letting water run down the drain.
When we get the 200 L we first put 10 L in the fridge for drinking.
We wash vegetables and cook saving all the water in a container.
After we eat we wipe each plate and pot clean of food waste before we wash them. We save and boil the washing water and add a half cap of jik. We use it 3 times before it becomes our grey water.
We bath using a small container of water low suds soap and a cloth and then rinse capturing all the water. We use this for washing clothes. We also mop the floor when we are finished. This then becomes grey water.
We keep a small container of water for brushing teeth and save the rinse water in the grey water container. This is then used to flush the toilet. We also use some bleach in the toilet with urine to keep it sanitary.
We have been doing this for some months and we have not been sick for those of you who are concerned about this.
We all need water. We are equal. It can be fun to really cut back and be innovative and share the resources with one another.”

Feminist Popular Education is as critical today as ever. There is a new project on the traditions of popular education in South Africa. This project seeks to connect with other popular educators in South Africa and more broadly.

Operating as usual

Climate Justice and Adult Learning and Education - Policy Scotland 01/11/2021

Climate Justice and Adult Learning and Education - Policy Scotland

Climate justice and education special edition of PIMA bulletin on Policy Scotland website here https://policyscotland.gla.ac.uk/climate-justice-and-adult-learning-and-education/
Popular Education

Climate Justice and Adult Learning and Education - Policy Scotland The PIMA Network has dedicated its 39th Bulletin to the topic of Climate Justice and Adult Learning and Education (ALE).


how to shift understanding of 'nature' as something outside of ourselves?


In South Africa, elderly rural women take a patriarchal King to court … and win! 16/06/2021

In South Africa, elderly rural women take a patriarchal King to court … and win!

an incredible victory - inspiring!

In South Africa, elderly rural women take a patriarchal King to court … and win! Linah Nkosi In South Africa in 1990, Sizani Ngubane co-founded the Rural Women’s Movement, a coalition of over 500 community-based organizations and a mem

Kihnu: Europe's last surviving matriarchy 16/05/2021

Kihnu: Europe's last surviving matriarchy

amazing matriarchal community!

Kihnu: Europe's last surviving matriarchy In a place where men have historically been absent, the role of women on this Estonian isle has expanded beyond traditional gender roles and into every aspect of life on dry land.


Promoting adult learning and education (ALE) to support citizens to participate and give direction Popular Education - join the launch on 22nd March!

PIMA, a global network that grew out of Pascal International Observatory, is also a partner of the #weareALE campaign!
PIMA says that adult learning and education connects us together, as illustrated in the photo of popular educators in South Africa.

Sign up for the global kick-off of the #weareALE campaign on March 22 to find out more: https://bit.ly/3v6q1S0

How informal institutions derail gender equality in Ghana and South Africa 18/03/2021

How informal institutions derail gender equality in Ghana and South Africa

Why formal quotas do not necessarily lead to gender equality Shirley Walters

How informal institutions derail gender equality in Ghana and South Africa Women MPs point to a toxic environment in which a politics of insults, ridicule and rumour work against having more women in political offices.

How Uganda’s ecofeminists are fighting back against oil-industry land grabs 11/03/2021

How Uganda’s ecofeminists are fighting back against oil-industry land grabs

Ecofeminists in Uganda taking on oil extractive industry - like brave squirrels fighting an elephant!

How Uganda’s ecofeminists are fighting back against oil-industry land grabs As the world celebrates International Women's Day, we shine a light on the women being displaced by oil-extractive business

Women’s Day 2021: Towards feminist solidarity against corporate profit from apartheid vaccines 09/03/2021

Women’s Day 2021: Towards feminist solidarity against corporate profit from apartheid vaccines

Saying it how it is towards feminist solidarity Popular Education

Women’s Day 2021: Towards feminist solidarity against corporate profit from apartheid vaccines After the inception of International Women’s Day, the story was depoliticised, sanitised and reworked. International solidarity mobilised by socialist feminists for trade union sisters was written out of the story and out of popular imagination.

Horizontal Government - The Conscious Solution to End Corruption in 2021 04/03/2021

Horizontal Government - The Conscious Solution to End Corruption in 2021

What do you think? a possible alternative way of organising society? Popular Education

Horizontal Government - The Conscious Solution to End Corruption in 2021 Since almost the beginning of "civilization" (I use quotes because when civilizations are in conflict, it is not civil) they have been hierarchical, with rul...

Cape Town's response to COVID-19 shows that another kind of society is possible · Minim 02/03/2021

Cape Town's response to COVID-19 shows that another kind of society is possible · Minim

'Building the new in the womb of the old' - finding new ways to create the future Popular Education

Cape Town's response to COVID-19 shows that another kind of society is possible · Minim 1st March 2021 | In early March 2020, as Covid-19 began to spread in South Africa, a group of community organisers, social justice activists, artists and health system

White Suffragettes Chose White Supremacy Over Collective Liberation 19/02/2021

White Suffragettes Chose White Supremacy Over Collective Liberation

White Suffragettes Chose White Supremacy Over Collective Liberation White Suffragettes were ready and willing—as their successors are—to abandon BIPOC to advance their own interests.

annehelen.substack.com 02/02/2021

"Other countries have social safety nets. The U.S. has women."

C-19 is leaving many mothers feeling inadequate and heightening conflict with their partners.

annehelen.substack.com Andrew Caballero-Reynolds / Getty This is the midweek edition of Culture Study — the newsletter from Anne Helen Petersen, which you can read about here. If you like it and want more like it in your inbox, consider subscribing. For the newsletter this week, I’m talking with sociologist Jessica Ca...

thehindu.com 28/01/2021

Jayati Ghosh named by U.N. to high-level advisory board on economic, social affairs

good news!

thehindu.com Indian development economist Jayati Ghosh is among 20 prominent personalities appointed by the United Nations to a high-level advisory board that will provide recommendations for the U.N. Secretary-Ge

opendemocracy.net 28/01/2021

Why we must overhaul the funding of social movements

important article rethinks funding for social movements which incorporate collective care and security, amongst others. Popular Education

opendemocracy.net To adequately respond to the ongoing crisis of democracy, we must support care and protection strategies for activists.

newframe.com 20/12/2020

Hailing a great feminist and African nationalist

celebrating feminist leaders!

newframe.com As advisor to a number of African leaders during their struggles for independence, the freedom fighter and champion for women’s rights Andreé Blouin cannot be relegated to the footnotes of history.…

youtube.com 08/11/2020

Indigenous Youth Leadership - YouTube

Moose Hide Campaign has men educating and organising against gender abuse against violence - a powerful intervention by Stephanie. Popular Education

youtube.com #ShawCommunityLink #Location #Theme/ShowNameFollow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @ShawSpotlight and check out our Spotlight "features" and other great c...

dailymaverick.co.za 29/10/2020

GROUNDUP: Murdered KZN anti-mining activist Fikile Ntshangase to be buried Friday as dispute rages

A story of very different views of 'development' - profit before people and the environment. The stakes are very high. Popular Education

dailymaverick.co.za A community in northern KwaZulu-Natal is divided over a challenge to the expansion of a coal mine near the Hluhluwe-iMfolozi Park. One activist has already paid with her life.

dailymaverick.co.za 29/10/2020

OPINIONISTA: South Africa is drying up – and it is only going to get worse

South Africa is one of 30th driest countries in world - we must start changing our relationship to water! Popular Education - "First, water conservation has to become a national priority and every single household and entity in the country, public or private, must get involved in promoting sustainable water management practices. Water-conservation messages must become a permanent feature in all media".

dailymaverick.co.za South Africa is among the 30th-most water-stressed countries in the world. Since the beginning of the 2010s, the country has been trapped in a series of multi-year droughts, exacerbated by a rapidly heating planet as well as the long-term effects of El Niño. Average temperatures for the period 2010...

dailymaverick.co.za 28/10/2020

MAVERICK CITIZEN: American Christian right group hosts anti-LGBT training for African politicians

Mark Gevisser's excellent book, The Pink Line, explains how political right wing groups use s*x-gender politics to further their own ends - its these forces that s*x-gender justice groups have to navigate and resist! Popular Education

dailymaverick.co.za ‘Hate group’ Family Watch International is teaching high-level politicians across Africa how to campaign against s*x education and LGBT rights.


it was women who burned - let's listen to their stories.

It was not witches who burned.
It was women.
Women who were seen as;
Too beautiful,
Too outspoken,
Had too much water in the well (yes, seriously),
Who had a birthmark,
Women who were too skilled with herbal medicine,
Too loud,
Too quiet,
Too much red in their hair,
Women who had a strong nature connection,
Women who danced,
Women who sang,
or anything else, really.

Any woman was at risk of burning in the 1600’s. Sisters testified and turned on each other when their babies were held under ice.

Children were tortured to confess their experiences with “witches” by being fake executed in ovens.

Women were held under water and if they could float, they were guilty and executed. If they sank and drowned they were innocent.

Women were thrown off cliffs.
Women were put in deep holes in the ground.

Why do I write this?

Because knowing our history is important when we are building a new world.

When we are doing the healing work of our lineages and as women.

To give the women who were slaughtered a voice, to give them redress and a chance of peace.

It was not witches who burned.
It was women.

- Fia Forsström (Excerpt)

Engraving by R. Brend’Amour
“La Illustracion Iberica”, 1885

newframe.com 21/10/2020

Soil and land in the Philippi Horticultural Area

'Retelling the story of the Philippi Horticultural Association (PHA) from the perspective of the land and soil as a living archive of ecological memory, resistance and renewal.....' Learning about how to respond to the climate crisis through PHA. Popular Education

newframe.com The struggle to preserve this resource for residents of the Cape Flats to farm and feed themselves is about protecting it from development and nurturing the richness it offers.

youtube.com 01/10/2020

Prof Jacklyn C**k video for WoMin's regional meeting in the Niger Delta, 28 Sept-3 Oct '15

Take time to listen to this powerful description of an eco-feminist socialist future, which she argues is the only way we will survive as we counter ecological collapse and deepening social inequality. Popular Education

youtube.com An extractivist, corporate-dominated, capitalist and patriarchal model of development results in inequality, rights violations, the undermining of local live...

youtube.com 01/10/2020

WoMin-JASS Women's Movement Building School-Joanne Groom

"I now understand the meaning of feminism' - the importance of feminist schools to counter the misconceptions of feminism Popular Education

youtube.com This clip features Joanne Groom of SDCEA, South Africa alk about her experiences and reflections at the WMBS held in early March 2016, JHB, South Africa.

dailymaverick.co.za 01/10/2020

OPINIONISTA: Ingonyama Trust’s stance on women accessing its land is an insult and perpetuates colonialism

"Ironically, the trust itself, like the contemporary office of traditional leadership, is a product of colonialism. As we end Heritage Month, it is appropriate to consider the disastrous implications of these invented traditions on the status of women and their access to land."

dailymaverick.co.za The Ingonyama Trust says that giving women access to land it controls will undermine ‘African traditions’. In insulting the women of Africa, the trust apparently does not realise that it, too, has its roots in colonialism, as do the positions of some of the chiefs.


350 Africa

We want climate justice now - young people are speaking up and out!

✊ 3500 climate strikes
🌍 154 countries

Last week, young people in Africa and around the world organised thousands of Climate Strikes to demand urgent action on the climate crisis. And it was massive!

dailymaverick.co.za 20/09/2020

Maverick Citizen: Tribute: Ruth Bader Ginsburg – An ally of the South African Constitution

What an amazing trailblazer on whose shoulders many of us stand - thank you Ruth Ginsburg for your pioneering work for gender justice and much more.

dailymaverick.co.za Lwando Xaso reflects on her encounters with the life and legacy of the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg – US Supreme Court justice and champion of women’s rights and gender equality – who died on Friday, 18 September.

dailymaverick.co.za 10/09/2020

MAVERICK CITIZEN: FEMALE EMPOWERMENT: Mother of 11 receives the inaugural Mangwana Global award

Congratulations on this recognition! The majority of women in the world carry the greatest load in terms of family, community, health, food security, physical environment. They are given little recognition for their enormous contributions - great to witness this award.

dailymaverick.co.za Nanikie Miriam Mojapelo is the recipient of the Mangwana Global inaugural award, which recognises her strength and commitment in raising 11 children (nine girls and two boys) alone.

justassociates.org 08/09/2020

The Long Haul

The long haul - both personal and political Popular Education

justassociates.org JASS ED, Shereen Essof reminds us that the personal is always political. The Long Haul is an invite, reminder + honor of all long haulers who are on the journey to healing themselves and communities, and transforming the world.

theconversation.com 05/09/2020

Un******ng for redress: the significance of Nigerian women’s naked protests

Women using nakedness as an instrument of power, rather than shame, in making their voices heard. Popular Education

theconversation.com Nigerian women have successfully used their naked bodies as an instrument of power, rather than shame, to protest injustice.

awethu.amandla.mobi 28/08/2020

Together we can help ensure Parliament brings an end to water problems, hunger and pollution.

This is THE issue of our time - please sign and join the climate justice movement!

awethu.amandla.mobi Covid-19 has shown how widespread peoples suffering is and why our leaders need to do more. Water tanks were delivered to some communities but more has to be done. There was strain on social grants, but government did top ups. Now more than ever, if we the people come together in numbers, our electe...

businesslive.co.za 25/08/2020

BIG READ: Trauma and tenacity: how women activists shaped SA

Women's trauma and tenacity: Award-winning feminist writer Shailja Patel puts it simply. “Read women. Cite women. Credit women. Teach women. Publish women. Present women. Acknowledge women. Award women. Amplify women. Hire women. Support women. Promote women. Hear women. Believe women. Follow women. Pay women. Pay women. Pay women.”

businesslive.co.za Do we celebrate Women’s Month in SA, or do we use it to mourn all that is not right in SA related to women?

dailymaverick.co.za 25/08/2020

WEBINAR: Uyinene, one year later: Patriarchy and the ‘boy code’ that makes monsters of males

Misogyny and patriarchy must be named - GBV has become devoid of meaning.

dailymaverick.co.za A year after 19-year-old Uyinene Mrwetyana was kidnapped, r***d and brutally murdered while collecting a parcel at a post office in Cape Town, her mother, Nomangwane, wants to find a way to stop male violence and hate.

businesslive.co.za 22/08/2020

Basic income grant could make a Big difference to women

A Basic Income Grant would be especially good for women.

businesslive.co.za The proposal would bring foundational stability for agency during these particularly trying times


Solidarity on national women's day - let's remember Alice Walker's quote! Popular Education

Quote of the week! Share with us some quotes that inspire you, we would love to read them, share them and be collectively inspired.


Anti-Racism Educator Jane Elliott: ‘There’s Only One Race. The Human Race' | NBC BLK | NBC News

It is 50 years since Jane Elliot first developed the 'brown-eyed/blue-eyed' experiential programme to teach white children about racial discrimination - i remember the power of it. Worth watching this influential anti-racist educator. Popular Education

Known for her “blue-eyed, brown-eyed” experiment, where she ran her class as though the children with brown eyes were superior to children with blue eyes, ed...




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