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The Student Representative Council (SRC) is the highest decision-making structure of student governa The Students' Representative Council represents student interests in the government of the university.

The SRC forms part of a broader Students' Association which may include other functions such as societies, entertainments (in the form of a Students' Union) and sports (in the form of a Sports Council.) The University has a statutory obligation to receive representation from the SRC and it is usual for student representatives from the SRC to form part of university structures including the Students Court, Academic Senate, and other bodies.


Dischem donates 1067 sanitary pads to UWC-SRC for distribution on campus

The University of the Western Cape (UWC) Student Representative Council (SRC) has received a donation of 1067 sanitary pads from Dischem - the donation forms part of the ongoing Social Makeover Project (SMP) by the Western Cape department of Social development office led by MEC Albert Fritz.

In his keynote address at Parliament on 13 May 2015, Deputy Minister in the Presidency, Buti Manamela, said limited hygiene options make it difficult for female students to participate in school during their monthly me********on cycle.

The Deputy Minister described the issues of sanitary towels as one that is more than a “women's issue” but an educational one, and a key global development issue, stating, “Girls who cannot afford pads or tampons miss approximately 5 days of school a month, which amounts to 60 missed school days a year”.

The SMP, via the office of the Western Cape MEC of Social Development, received the donation from Old Mutual and Imbalie Group for distribution purposes by the Dischem group, courtesy of its national Million Comforts initiative.

UWC-SRC Deputy President, Lukhanyiso Lk Matebese, said when they as the UWC-SRC came into office, they came in with a mandate from the South African Student Congress (SASCO) to ensure that women’s dignity is brought back and that women are respected, which is why they pledged to start a campaign to donate sanitary pads on campus.

“Women pay large amounts for being women. That was never acceptable and it will never be. Amongst other things women struggle to put food on the table and clothes on their backs and we decided to do this little thing for women on our campus who cannot afford to buy sanitary towels, let alone toiletries - just to make a little difference in their lives.

“We are very excited and happy about the donation by Dischem and we know it will go a very long way. For years people focused on high schools and townships, forgetting that university students struggle too - as our universities are a replica of our societies.

“As the SRC we are appealing to the larger campus community to also get involved where they can and make drop-offs at the SRC office or the Communications and Media Relations Office at the Administration East Wing, Basement,” she concluded.



Programme Director- Ms Lukhanyiso Matebese
Hon Minister of Energy – Mrs Tina Joemat-Pettersen
CEO of Bio-Therm - Ms Jasandra Nyker
Acting Rector & Vice Chancellor- Prof Vivienne Lawack
UWC Deputy Vice-Chancellor: Student Support – Prof Pamela Dube
Dean of Science faculty - Prof Professor Mike Davies-Coleman
Team Energy
Bio Therm team
Fellow SRC & CHC Members
University Staff

It is such an honour to share with you, our vision which is that of “Excellence through opportunity”, crystalized as the iKamva Lethu – Our Future fund.
Before I share the significance of our vision , allow me programme director, to also welcome our special partners towards this noble cause.

I too take this opportunity to welcome back the Minister of Energy – Mrs Tina Joemat Pettersen to her alma Mata. The place that realized her own academic aspirations. A place she continues to hold dear to her heart, many students have shared with me that each time they have met the minister at other public gatherings once you mention to her that you are from UWC, her bush college, her face lights up each time. Indeed she did promise us she will return home, if we were in the location Programme director, we would’ve slaughtered the fattest cow to celebrate the coming home of our alumna. Ministers thank you for always not been too busy to for us as the SRC and the broader student populace, and for your love and believe in the South African youth as the future.

A special welcome to the CEO of Biotherm Ms Jasandra Nyker, who allowed herself to believe in the potential of UWC students and took the necessary steps to assist the SRC towards realization of our vision. Through this selfless act to be part of the solution you have given our students a fair fighting chance towards realizing their own academic aspirations and you have made the female student from Qwaqwa believe that she too can become a Minster, a CEO or even the rector of a University.
Whilst our Government has prioritized higher education, with increased funding from R11 billion in 2006 to R26 billion in 2013 and even more in 2016. This notable work was proven to not be enough in the face of the current economic climate and unregulated tuition fees. This has far put pressure on tuition fees, university funding and access to higher education for the scores of deserving higher education students.

Upon our election into office we found ourselves having to lead the vast majority of unfunded students, with most having to go to bed without a dint of nutrition coupled with not having necessary material and support to propel them to succeed. With the total rand value of unfunded students at our University being R15 million as the SRC we took it upon ourselves to share the responsibility for the future of our fellow students by ourselves and to be be the driving force that influences and actively contributes to change.

It is upon this realization that we conceptualized the SRC’s iKamva Lethu – Our Future Fund campaign. For some of you in the audience I’m sure a question lingers on your mind of “What is this iKamva Lethu – Our Future Fund?”

The iKamva Lethu (Our Future) Fund is a fund we launched earlier this year aimed at providing holistic assistance to students beginning with access and then providing the support necessary to drive them to succeed.
The holistic support we speak of is access to higher education, provision for academic material and also ensuring that we combat food insecurity on our campus.
Before the SRC would lobby external partners, it too had to be the solution thus the R350 000 we contributed from our limited operation budget, the next step was to was to convince the university to contribute, thus their injection of R2 million.

We seek to encourage all role players, ranging from public and private sector, including influential individuals and alumnus to contribute to this cause that will change the lives of students whose progress towards a better future is hindered by challenging family financial circumstances.

The fund prioritizes students with:

• Insufficient funding
• Partially funded students
• Students who do not meet NFSAS requirement of 50%, but have been promoted as a result of meeting the academic credit requirements.
• Students who have shown academic potential but over the years have had to deal with socio-economic and pyscho-social challenges.

This fund is not an event, through the help of the university, we were able to lay a strong foundations for it to exist post our term of office, for successive SRC’s to be able to assist our students. We have thus put in place check and balances mechanisms, like the office of the DVC SDS, the SDSSSC, external auditors, office for Institutional Advancement and other role players.

Program director

We are as the SRC, honoured to accept this cheque from BIOTHERM on behalf of all UWC students.
This noble act by BIOTHERM is a demonstration that if all role players come to the party we can move forward at a much faster pace towards elevating some of the challenges that our students face.

This gesture is a big deal to us and our students as it’s a confirmation that it really takes a society to educate a child.
May Today marks a start of a mutual beneficial relationship between our institution and your company Ms Jasandra Nyker.
This act by Ms Jasandra Nyker and her company encourages many more to come to the fore and work together to support students in their endeavors to achieve their academic qualifications despite the societal and financial challenges that they may face. This serves as a catalyst towards realizing these students’ future dreams.

This generous gesture by Biotherm is not only critical for access and success of these students, but to South Africa’s developmental agenda, as the importance of education towards economic prosperity is of utmost importance that it can never be overemphasized.

Finding solutions to lack of food security, to lack of academic materials to our students, and the funding crisis at a national level should be all our continued preoccupation.
We once more thank BIO-THERM for taking a step towards the right direction in aiding us as the SRC to achieving the objectives of iKamvalethu- Our Future Fund, and we hope that this will be a continued relationship even post our term of office as we would like to see the Ikamva lethu fund grow even beyond 2016.

In closing as the SRC we reiterate our commitment of insuring:

• Healthy and productive relationship between university, students & external role players
• That No academically deserving students to be sidelined from completing their higher education because of lack of finance
• Ensuring a supportive and embracive academic environment for students
• To Holistically address and deal with the various challenges faced by students and to:
• Execute responsibilities with the highest levels of integrity.

Baie dankie, enkosi. I thank you.

ann7.com 20/05/2016

Energy department boosts UWC’s Ikamva Lethu Fund campaign | African news network 7

UWC SRC as led by its capable President of the SRC Akhona Landu, had on Thursday, 19 May 2016 brought an additional R1 Million for the purposes of its iKamva Lethu - Our Future fund, which seeks to provide holistic support to needy students.

ann7.com Energy department boosts UWC’s Ikamva Lethu Fund campaign May 20, 2016 0 39 SHARE Facebook Twitter tweet Previous articleGreat legacy of Fort HareNext articleMining chamber ‘hopeful’ on platinum wage negotiations kgothatso




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Timeline Photos


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UWC SRC's Mission & Vision Statement


Our vision is “Excellence through opportunity”, which we developed as a rallying call aligned to the university’s vision of “A place of quality, a place to grow, from hope to action through knowledge”.

When we were voted into office in 2015 we made a solemn pledge in front of the entire UWC community, that the SRC 2015/16 is about students and our struggle for free quality education remains on course. We see the fundraising campaign as a necessary step to achieving this vision, and your support to realising it is critical -not only to provide access but to South Africa’s developmental agenda, as education is a key driver to economic prosperity.


To represent and act in the best interest of all students
To uphold the promise of putting students first
To be accountable and responsive to all students


About UWC's SRC

The Student Representative Council (SRC) is the highest decision-making structure of student governance.

It represents and advocates for nights of all students at UWC, and their overall interest and social well-being, on University committees. It is highly involved in policy-making and co-operative decision-making at UWC.

The SRC is elected annually by the student body and consists of 11 members who represent other student organisations and individual students. The duties, functions, privileges and term of office are set out in the SRC Constitution as well as the election by-laws approved by the University Council as institutional rules.

The SRC is a very important stakeholder within the UWC community, as there is no decision that can be taken without student input. The notion of co-operative governance is embraced by the institution through these processes.

SRC activities

Some of the SRC's activities include:

Academic development

Ensuring quality education for all students and making sure that the curriculum is consistent with national education standards.

Monitoring the academic environment within UWC and protecting students against prejudice and discrimination based on race, gender or any other social, economic, and physical barriers.


Appealing on behalf of students who are academically or financially excluded, ensuring equal and fair treatment for all students.

Undertaking quality assurance on all services offered by the institution to students, such as library services, residential services, and efficient transport service.


Student organisation development

Organising leadership, empowerment, and capacity-building workshops for all student societies and organisations to equip them with professional and life skills.

Participating in dialogues regarding transformation within UWC on behalf of the students, and aiming towards developing a clear plan of action.


the SRC webpage

Visit the UWC SRC webpage , Know your leaders, be informed.


uwc.ac.za It represents and advocates for nights of all students at UWC, and their overall interest and social well-being, on University committees. It is highly involved in policy-making and co-operative decision-making at UWC.

uwc.ac.za 07/03/2016


Ikamva-Lethu Fund Payment options.

1. Donation via EFT

Banking Details:
Name of Bank: ABSA Bank
Branch Code: 631609
Account No: 4068739851
Reference: SRC -Name of Donor
Branch: Public Sector, Western Cape
Swift Code: ABSAZAJJ

Please send a copy of your deposit slip to Fax: +27 21 959 9791, or email [email protected] . Should you have any questions or queries regarding donation options please feel free to contact Ms Somayah Barnes at Tel: +27 21 959 2143 or [email protected]

2. Monthly Debit Orders

Should you wish to support the UWC SRC Ikamva Lethu - Our Future’ Fund by authorising a monthly debit order, please contact Ms Somayah Barnes at Tel: +27 21 959 2143 or email her at [email protected] make the arrangement.

3. Cash Deposit at the UWC Cashiers

Should you wish to support the UWC SRC Ikamva Lethu - Our Future Fund by making a cash deposit at the UWC Cashiers - please use the entity number
B-JB0454990834/540/05. Kindly email or fax proof of deposit to Ms Somayah Barnes at Fax: +27 21 959 9791 or email her at [email protected]

4. SMS Donation

Should you wish to support the UWC SRC Ikamva Lethu - Our Future Fund by making a sms donation please sms your name to the short code #49751. SMS donation cost R30. Please feel free to make multiple donations via sms.

5. Online Donations

Should you wish to support the UWC SRC Ikamva Lethu - Our Future Fund by making an online donation please visit our website
Banking Details:
Name of Bank: ABSA Bank
Branch Code: 631609
Account No: 4068739851
Reference: SRC -Name of Donor
Branch: Public Sector, Western Cape
Swift Code: ABSAZAJJ
Please send a copy of your deposit slip to +27 21 959 9791, or email [email protected] Options
EFT – Banking Details provided above

Credit Card Payment

Should you have any questions or queries regarding the debit order system please feel free to contact Ms Somayah Barnes at 021 959 2143 or [email protected]
Please send a copy of your deposit slip to Fax: +27 21 959 9791, or email [email protected] . Should you have any questions or queries regarding donation options please feel free to contact Ms Somayah Barnes at Tel: +27 21 959 2143 or [email protected]


iol.co.za 07/03/2016

UWC SRC in bid to raise millions | IOL

UWC SRC in bid to raise millions


iol.co.za The University of the Western Cape's SRC has launched a campaign to raise about R15 million to support students who do not ...


UWC Student Representative Council

iol.co.za 07/03/2016

‘Our Future’ fund to help struggling students | IOL

‘Our Future’ fund by the UWC SRC 2016 to help struggling students


iol.co.za UWC's Student Representative Council launched a fund to assist academically deserving but financially struggling students.



UWC SRC Ikamva Lethu – Our Future Fund

We the Student Representative Council (SRC) of the University of the Western Cape (UWC) are very excited to launching Ikamva Lethu – Our Future Fund campaign.

This campaign further amplifies our commitment to putting our fellow students and their needs first.

The purpose of Ikamva Lethu – Our Future Fund is to assist academically deserving students to successfully complete their studies. As the SRC, we believe that access to higher education should be a basic human right. Through this campaign we are aiming to raise R15 million which will be filtered to support students with bursaries, studying resources and to ensure they are not in want during their academic year for resource or a food subsidy. Ikamva Lethu – Our Future Fund campaign kicks off with a collective pledge of R2 million donation from the University’s Executive Management and R350 000 from the UWC SRC 2015/16.

Our history of consistently achieving as on institution and student body has not made us oblivious to the concerning realities of the challenges faced by many students who remain underfunded. Lack of access to funds for tuition, study materials and lack of food are the major contributors which stifle deserving students from achieving their academic and career goals. The Ikamva Lethu – Our Future Fund aims to be the consistent supporting arm which is driven by the students for their colleagues.
The success of this campaign is highly determined by a unified support.

Our appeal to make this campaign a success is to our treasured stakeholders; our students; their parents; our alumni community; the private sector, and the public to stand together and actively contribute towards securing the future of tomorrow’s leaders.
The SRC invites you to support this worthy campaign.

Please “Donate Now” your contribution is secure
Follow the link






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