Leigh Reabow

Leigh is a Private Social Worker and Adoption Specialist based in the Western Cape.

Leigh obtained her B Social Work degree from the University of Stellenbosch and entered the field of adoption directly after graduating. Gaining experience and guidance from a well renowned and respected adoption social worker Leigh achieved her adoption accreditation from the Department of Social Development. Since opening her Private Practice, Leigh has invested much of her time furthering her s

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I will be closing this account tomorrow morning!

Please head over to


Become a Better Parent Series 26/04/2020

Become a Better Parent Series

FREE parenting zoom workshop starting tomorrow afternoon. Come and chat about your parenting style and why we parent the way we do. I will also be giving you tips of how to rest your parenting style with the emotional needs of your children at the forefront.


Become a Better Parent Series Interactive series to reset your parenting style while you have the time 1 hour group Zoom calls What we will cover Friday 24th April 2020 - 14h00 - Monday 27th April 2020 - 14h00 - Identifying your parenting style and why we parent the way we do. Tuesday 28th April 2020 - 14h00 - Resetting your par...


Summer is here


PLEASE SHARE! I’m looking for a special person to join my team as a part-time xhosa teacher. I’m hoping I can expand my African Beat Xhosa classes into Pre-Schools as an extra-mural. Teacher needs to be available between 12:00 and 14:00, possibly some mornings and have their own transport. 🥁

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Super excited to be talking at Kloof Street on Thursday evening.

The more you understand what your child needs from you, the easier it becomes to parent them - knowledge is power after all!

Years of research has gone into this topic and I will be sharing it with you. As well as some tips as to what really works in my own family.

Link to tickets in bio

Panda Post 21/05/2019

Panda Post

The amazing Nina from Panda Post is doing incredible Xhosa music lessons. I wish was closer so that the girls could join.
It is essential for our children to know the cultures of our diverse country. This is what it’ll make South Africa great.


Panda Post Panda Post

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What a beautiful setting for a classroom all morning. Working on ourselves and believing ourselves. So proud of these kids

Photos from The Kusasa Project's post 06/05/2019

I am really enjoying the biweekly parenting sessions at The Kusasa Project. We have been tackling some real parenting issues. The feedback has been amazing as parents start becoming more in-sync with their kids and conscious in their parenting.

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During this week’s talk at Cavendish I will be giving you 5 easy steps to follow in order to form a closer relationship with your child! Link to ticket sales in bio

Book tickets for Healthy Happenings - 5 Steps to a Closer Parent/Child Relationship | Quicket 03/05/2019

Book tickets for Healthy Happenings - 5 Steps to a Closer Parent/Child Relationship | Quicket

During week’s talk at Wellness Warehouse Cavendish, I will be giving you 5 easy steps to follow in order to form a closer relationship with your child. Head over to https://www.quicket.co.za/events/72750-healthy-happenings-5-steps-to-a-closer-parentchild-relationship/ to book your ticket.

Book tickets for Healthy Happenings - 5 Steps to a Closer Parent/Child Relationship | Quicket View event details for Healthy Happenings - 5 Steps to a Closer Parent/Child Relationship and order tickets online now. Use Africas fastest growing ticketing service to book tickets for Healthy Happenings - 5 Steps to a Closer Parent/Child Relationship.

5 Emotional Needs Every Child Has and How to Cope with Big Emotions 17/04/2019

5 Emotional Needs Every Child Has and How to Cope with Big Emotions

Head over to the Real Happy Mom Podcast where I was interviewed by Toni-Ann. We chatted about the emotional needs of children and how to help them cope with big emotions.

You can listen over here: https://www.realhappymom.com/5-emotional-needs-every-child-has-and-how-to-cope-with-big-emotions/

5 Emotional Needs Every Child Has and How to Cope with Big Emotions On this episode of the Real Happy Mom podcast, I am talking to Leigh. Leigh

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Health Happenings - Talks for moms! - Love Languages - Let’s fill those little hearts!
Come join us next Thursday (23rd April) at Cavendish
We are going to be chatting about what love Languages your children speak. You will learn how you can all speak the same language so that you child can really feel your love.
Fill their little hearts and they will listen better. Happy Children equals happy mom

Photos from Leigh Reabow's post 12/04/2019

Supporting Huis Mia. The moms that take in our babies pending placement are a true blessing. (Plus a super fun night out with friends).

Photos from Leigh Reabow's post 09/04/2019

What an awesome morning at wellness warehouse cavendish this morning talking about what our children need from us emotionally.
So many smiling mom’s faces when they realized they were doing a good job at raising their kids already.
Don’t forget to spend 20 mins in your child’s world to fill their little cups!
Looking forward to our next talk on 23rd April

@ Wellness Warehouse

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Timeline photos

Tuesday Tip: Invest quality, one-on-one time with each of your children everyday- aiming for at least 20 minutes three times a week! 💛

This was one of the many useful tips I gained from Leigh Reabow’s talk on “How to Meet Your Child’s Emotional Needs” at Cavendish this morning💛

Children need SECURITY, RESPONSIBILITY, RECOGNITION, NEW EXPERIENCES & LOVE! Keep an eye out for her next talk to find out more or follow her cos she’s launching an online course soon!💛

We all love our children- but do they feel our love? One way I’m trying to show my son my love is by focused time with him and telling him and showing him how much I value this time!💛

I’m going to try and make this even more child led- we usually do tea and stories, rough and tumble cuddling and then play sport after school to connect!💛

What are your child’s favourite ways to connect with you? 💛

Shockingly enough in ‘s assessments of 100’s of children, most of them didn’t know or weren’t sure if their mom’s enjoyed spending time with them!!😰


I have been getting loads of recurring questions and comments from moms who have done my 5 Days to a Closer Parent-Child Relationship Course and after attending an event last week hosted by Future Females, I wanted to share some insights.

These are some of the comments I get:
1) I get snappy and shouty when I am distracted
2) I struggle to find one on one time with each child
3) I just want to find the balance between being a wife, mom and employee (oh yes and me!)

At the Work/Life Balance event Alra Bekker from 25 On Quantum Cafe and Sibella Knot-Craig from shared their personal journeys and there are a few points that resonated with me:

When there is an imbalance in life – you struggle to meet the demands - It is vital that we work on finding balance in life – otherwise we see the disruption it causes. If you are distracted when you are supposed to be mom-ing, the imbalance causes you to be snappy and shouty! We need to actively find the balance and put that balance out into the universe so that the universe sends us back order and peace.

Balance does not just happen, you actively have to achieve it – actively work on achieving that balance. Take out your diary and block out specific time slots that you want to spend with each child.

Work/Life Balance is not new or uncommon – We all struggle with trying to balance all of the roles that we have – you are not alone! The key to success is to ask for help. You don’t have to do it all!

What kind of parent are you? - Leigh Reabow 27/02/2019

What kind of parent are you? - Leigh Reabow

[Blog] What kind of parent are you?

When we become parents we think it is quite straightforward how our parenting works – we just do it. We take a little bit from what we liked about how we were parented and leave out what we didn’t like.
The difficulty comes in when we have to consider that (in many families) there are two parents who are bringing their own parenting beliefs to the table and this may cause chaos.

In this blog post, I share with you the various parenting styles that parents adopt and what the positive and negative effects those styles have on children. I hope this helps you decide how you would like to raise your children.


What kind of parent are you? - Leigh Reabow   When we become parents we think it is quite straightforward how our parenting works – we just do it. We take a little bit from what we liked about how we were parented and leave out what we didn’t like. The difficulty comes in when we have to consider that (in many families) there …

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Working on my self and business this evening with . Focusing on on life/work balance.


This is pretty obvious! We all crave and need love - it’s a no brainer!
But does your child FEEL the love you have for them?
Are you speaking the same love language? I steal this concept from the awesome Gary Chapman
Happy weekend and I hope you love each other a little more everyday


Rooibos tea and content writing. Loving this exciting journey I am on and can’t wait to share it with you all. Parenting is so tough on your own.


EMOTIONAL NEEDS OF CHILDREN - Their need for Responsibility.
As parents we tend to take responsibility for our children’s actions and belongs because it is easier (and quicker!)
At around the age of 5-7 your child is really asking the question “Is it ok to be me?” By taking responsibility away from them and doing everything for them we are teaching our kids that they need us in order to function in the world and indirectly that means “it is not ok to be me!”
Allow them to be responsible for their own belongs and actions - with your help as mom to remind them where everything is ❤️


We really need to be more conscious of what we say to our kids. They internalize everything we say, so make the right choices.
Here are some lovely ideas shared by Highly Sensitive Parents. This is a goodie!

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EMOTIONAL NEEDS OF CHILDREN - Their need for new experiences
By exposing your child to new experiences you are giving them the opportunity to learn about their environment and the world.
You do not have have spent hundreds of $$$ on activities and outings. Allow your children to experience nature around you that they have never done before.
What new experience are you going to share with your child this coming weekend?

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Timeline photos


EMOTIONAL NEEDS OF CHILDREN - the need for recognition

Like we all do, your child has the need to feel recognized. Recognized for what they achieve and their efforts to achieve that.

They also have the need to be recognized as a family member.

Their role as a family member is ad important as yours is as a parent, so recognized that!

How do I do that? - By allowing them to make decisions for the whole family.

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Your child has the need to feel secure - but this goes beyond just keeping them out of danger.

She wants to feels safe within herself. She wants to feel safe within her environment.

As her mom you can do this by ensuring:

1) Stable, loving family relationships - your child needs to know where she stands with you. Your mood and reactions to her need to be consistent.

2) Stick to routine - your child feels safe when they can predict what is going to happen next, makes them feel in control of their environment.

The key to meeting you child’s need for security is predictability, consistency and reliability

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Timeline photos


We tend to focus our energy on the physical and cognitive development of our children. Over the next few weeks I am going to be talking about the all important emotional stuff

Social Worker Cape Town Archives - Leigh Reabow 16/01/2019

Social Worker Cape Town Archives - Leigh Reabow

[Blog post]. Your child evaluates time spent together not by measuring the tasks you HAVE to for or with her. Your child evaluates their time spent with you by how much time THEY SPENT WITH YOU!


Social Worker Cape Town Archives - Leigh Reabow What do you and Mommy play together? I do assessments with children to gain insight into their world – because let’s face it, the reality of children is not always the reality of their parents. As parents, we feel that we (well most of the time) spend a lot of time with our children. We dr.....

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