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The Math and Me team would like to wish Logan a very happy birthday! 🎊🎉

May you have a blessed and joy filled day with your loved ones. Wishing you good health, happiness, and success in all your future endeavors. 🙌

Thank you for your dedication and work toward the Math and Me team and our students!🙏


Wishing one of our own a very happy birthday! Thank you for the invaluable contribution you bring to the team Liang💙💚. May the years ahead be filled with all good things🙌. Once a student of Math and Me now a successful tutor we hope you continue to inspire the love for learning in others👨‍🎓🤓


As the exam season comes to end be proud of yourself for putting in the hard work and celebrate your well deserved achievements. ⌛🗣️💭


Your own interpretation of who you believe yourself to be and how you view yourself is who you will become🕰️⌛.

Always remember to not pay to much attention to negative influences❌. Having confidence in your abilities will help you realize your goals regardless of the limitations others may try and set on you🔝📈.


Identify the most important areas for your tests and exams using these tips ! 🚀 Start by delving into class materials, notes and textbooks to pinpoint key topics📌. Past exam papers are golden—spot recurring themes and focus your efforts📋. Your school syllabus and study guides are essentially your roadmap✅. The highlighted objectives reveal what's crucial and what will most likely be tested. Engage with teachers and classmates to identify discussion-worthy concepts👨‍🎓. Boost efficiency by creating concept maps and allocating study time based on topic weightage 💪🤓


When you find yourself backed up against the wall and the circumstances feel against you this exam season remember this quote🗣️💭.

Everyone will go through the same struggles and endure the same journey however it is up to you to write your own joourney and finish this year strong! 💪


Dealing with least your favorite subjects can be challenging for students, but with the right strategies and mindset, it's possible to improve your performance and even find some enjoyment in these subjects. Here are some tips to help students better deal with their least favorite subjects:

1. Understand the Importance📌:
- First, try to understand why the subject is important. Sometimes, knowing how it relates to your overall education or future goals can motivate you to give it more effort.

2. Change Your Perspective🔄:
- Try to change your attitude toward the subject. Instead of thinking, "I hate this subject," consider saying, "I want to improve in this subject."

3. Find Real-Life Applications🏅:
- Try to relate the subject to real-life scenarios or your interests. This can make it more engaging and relatable.

4. Practice Regularly💯:
- Consistent practice is essential. Spend a little time on the subject each day rather than cramming right before exams.

5. Find a Study Buddy or Tutor📖:
- Study with a friend or find a tutor who can help explain difficult concepts and keep you accountable for your study sessions.

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📚✨ Strengthening the foundation of education through a powerful alliance: Parent-Tutor Collaboration! 👩‍🏫👨‍👧‍👦 Elevating learning experiences together, as shown in this post Math and Me focuses on bridging the gap between home and classroom. 🏡 Embracing open communication, shared goals, and mutual support, we pave the way for academic success and holistic development. 🌟🤝 Because when parents and tutors unite, true progress happens in the journey of knowledge. 🚀📖


Today's tip is on why you should enhance your learning arsenal 🌐📖. Incorporating a variety of learnig resources for a can provide holistic grasp on the subject🤝. From meticulously diving into textbooks to exploring the vast landscape of online resources, absorbing knowledge from diverse perspectives is key💡. Elevate your learning journey with a fusion of knowledge from every avenue.


In order to achieve it you first have to believe it🧠.

Conquering your mind and having belief in a possible outcome is the first step which needs to be taken to achvieve any goal🏅.

Once you are in control of your thinking your actions will follow accordingly🔄.


Today we wish Jared a very happy birthday🥳🎁! The Math and Me family trusts you'll have a fantastic day and that you will experience many more prosperous years ahead💯 . Thank you for your service and commitment towards Math and Me as well as being a stellar representative of our company values🏅.

All of the best on your special day Jared🙌❤️!


Dear students between now and the first week of December there will be many sleepless nights of studying😴. Some days will be harder than others and you'll be questioning whether you'll achieve the goals that you have set out for yourself🤔. In these moments it's important to take a deep breathe and realise that if you've already made it this far you will surely make it over the finish line to achieve your goals🙌. Believe in yourself and do your best!✅ Your family, friends, teachers and tutors are routing for your success💯🥳.

Math and Me team❤️


Today we would like to wish Luke a very happy birthday! 🎁🥳 Thank you for the positive vibes and enthusiasm you bring to the Math and Me family Mr. Vivier 🙌 We trust you'll have a delightful day filled with love and blessings 🎁


The youth literacy rate (people aged 15-24) in South Africa increased by 3.1 percentage points (+3.25 percent) in 2019 in comparison to the previous year. In total, the youth literacy rate amounted to 98.41 percent in 2019. 📊

The youth literacy rate refers to the share of individuals between the ages of 15 and 24 and who can read and write as well as understand simple expressions about their daily lives.📋

This is welcoming insight to the South African education system as shows an increase in the amount of youth which are receiving education and increase their learning abilities.✅


Getting a good night's sleep during exams is crucial for several reasons :

1. Cognitive Function🧠:
A well-rested mind is more alert and can concentrate better. Lack of sleep can lead to reduced cognitive function, making it harder to focus and absorb information.

2. Memory Consolidation💯:
Sleep plays a vital role in the consolidation of memories. During the different stages of sleep, the brain processes and organizes information acquired during the day, aiding in the transfer of short-term memories to long-term storage.

3. Problem-Solving Skills🤔:
rested brain is more effective at critical thinking and problem-solving. Sleep deprivation can hinder these cognitive functions, making it challenging to approach complex problems with clarity.

4. Stress Reduction📉:
Lack of sleep can contribute to increased stress levels and heightened emotional responses. A good night's sleep helps regulate emotions and reduces anxiety, promoting a more positive mental state during exams.

5. Information Retention🔄:
Adequate sleep enhances the ability to retain and recall information. During sleep, the brain strengthens neural connections, making it easier to recall facts and concepts learned during study sessions.

6. Physical Well-being💪:
Sleep is a time for the body to rest and recover. Adequate rest supports physical well-being, helping students maintain the energy and stamina required to endure the demands of exams.

7. Performance Optimization📌:
A good night's sleep contributes to overall well-being and optimal performance. This is especially crucial during exams, where mental acuity and the ability to recall information quickly are key factors.

8. Reduced Procrastination❌:
well-rested, individuals are more likely to approach tasks with motivation and discipline, reducing the likelihood of procrastination and improving time management.

Students who make sleep a priority are better equipped to handle the mental and physical demands of exams, ultimately enhancing their academic performance. So kiss the all nighters goodbye and watch your academics improve !📖🚀

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Rise and shine! 🌅 Embrace the exam period with a solid daily routine, which will allows you to perform at your very best. Swipe left for more!


🎉 Happy Birthday to the incredible soul behind Math & Me! 🎂✨

Your vision and dedication have not only transformed the spaces yoh move in, but have also created a joyful environment for learning and growth.

On your special day, we want to express deep appreciation for your leadership and the positive impact you’ve made. Your passionlights up the path for so many, and we’re grateful for the warmth you bring to all of us 🌟💙💚

May your day be filled with laughter, love and all the happiness you’ve generously shared with others. Cheers to an extraordinary founder who makes the world a better place! 🥳🎈


Would you like to obtain the best resources available to help you improve your mathematical abilities?🤔

Well then look no further than the list above! 🙌

These textbooks come packed with practical exercises and explanations to mathematical topics which are all aligned with the CAPS curriculum.📌
These textbook collections provide resources for each garde of both primary and high school therefore students will an spoilt for choice when selecting the right textbook or two! 📖


Growth never takes place from a position of comfort. In order to learn and improve your abilities you need to be willing to fail, reassess your actions and adapt.📉📈

When feeling feeling afriad of gaining new experience change your perspective and remember there is no shame in failure.❌

Photos from Math and Me's post 10/10/2023

Overcoming academic setbacks can be challenging, but with the right mindset and strategies, students can navigate through difficult times and emerge stronger🔄.

Remember, setbacks are not permanent failures, but opportunities for growth and improvement💯. By taking a proactive and positive approach, students can overcome academic challenges and build resilience for future endeavors📖🏫.


Always remember that no matter how tough the circumstances are and how far away you feel from reaching your dreams, victory is almost never impossible!🏅💯

Believe in yourself and your future goals will become your present reality. 🙌


As of 2022, the total number of schools in South Africa amounted to nearly 24,900. The majority of these schools were public entities, covering around 90.8 percent of the total number of schools👨‍🎓📖
On the other hand, only 2,282 schools were independent educational institutions. It is worth noting that KwaZulu-Natal was the province with the highest number of schools as of the said year. KwaZulu-Natal has the largest number of teachers, Gauteng ranked second (Statista).🏫


The Math and Me team would like to wish Dylan a very happy birthday! We would like to thank Dylan for the commitment and effort he shows towards the company and our clients.🙌❤️

We hope you experience many more joy filled years ahead Dylan, have a fantastic day! We look forward to your contributions in the years to come. 🎉🎊


Happy birthday to Ingrid, the back bone of Math and Me's communications team!🎉🎊

Ingrid plays a pivotal role in ensuring the back end of Math and Me's operations run smoothly and always sees that our customer's requests are met with a great effort. 🙌🔝

She is truly a beloved and valued part of Math and Me's family. We wish for nothing but blessings for Ingrid on her special day!🙏❤️


The Pomodoro Technique is a time management method that enhances productivity and focus. It involves setting a timer for 25 minutes (a Pomodoro), working with full concentration, then taking a 5-minute break.⌚⏳

After four Pomodoros, take a longer break of 15-30 minutes. This technique helps prevent distractions, improve efficiency, and maintain energy levels during study or work sessions.📈🔝

Photos from Math and Me's post 12/09/2023

When it comes to writing tests there can be a lot of stress and anxiety caused in the moment which can prevent students from writing the assessment to the best of their ability.❌

Thus we have provided 7 strategies which students can use in test scenarios in order remain composed and focused during tests. ✅🙌


Success isn't just a finish line; it's the path we carve with every effort, every lesson, and every moment of growth. 📌

It should be your aim to live as though there is no end to success and no set destination.🔄 It should be a continuous pursuit of dedication to each new goal once one has been conquered.🙌


They say that failure is just a stepping stone on the path to success, just like a canvas where we paint and every stroke adds to our progress and learning🎨🖌️. Each setback is a chance to gather strength, wisdom, and determination to rise even higher🌟.

To achieve noteworthy success you need to reframe your perspective to see failure as a powerful catalyst for transformation and an opportunity to evolve into our best selves🔄. Don't fear failure, embrace it, for within failure lies the seeds of our greatest successes.


Education inflation recorded its lowest annual rate in three decades, according to data from Stats SA’s latest Consumer Price Index (CPI) release.📉

Stats SA surveys educational institutions and crèches once a year in March. Education fees increased by 4,1% in 2021. Last year’s rise was 6,4%. Historical data shows that this is the lowest increase since at least 1991.📊

The lowering inflation rates indicate that it is a good time to obtain an education in South Africa as costs may not stay this low in the foreseeable future.📌


When it comes to improving their mathematics abilities many students want quick results but are unsure of which learning methods will allow for this🤷‍♂️. With so many learning resources out there it is important to keep your learning as simple as possible⚠️. Below are the 3 most vital resources students will need to improve the mathematics abilities:

1. Educational YouTube channel videos🎥:
Mindset Learn, The Maths Tutor, Science Vids SA, Learn Xtra and Wiley Jacaranda all offer video resources for primary and high school math learners, including practical examples and explanations.

2. CAPS aligned textbooks📖:
The most popular CAPS aligned textbooks for primary and high school students are produced by The Mathematics Foundation of South Africa and Siyavula. The explanations, learning materials and exercises found within these textbooks will assist any students getting a better grasp of mathematical concepts.

3. Private tutoring📝:
The highest result yielding activity students can participate in to improve their mathematics ability is of course tutoring. Being taught in real time by an someone with great expertise and knowledge with the subject will make the learning experience alot more easier and enjoyable.

If you're interested in being taught by the best tutors in town please feel free to enquire about our services via social media, email or phone call! 📩📋

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Feel free to contact us on email or whatsapp with any questions.

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The Math and Me team would like to wish Logan a very happy birthday! 🎊🎉May you have a blessed and joy filled day with yo...
Wishing one of our own a very happy birthday! Thank you for the invaluable contribution you bring to the team Liang💙💚. M...
Today we wish Jared a very happy birthday🥳🎁! The Math and Me family trusts you'll have a fantastic day and that you will...
Today we would like to wish Luke a very happy birthday! 🎁🥳 Thank you for the positive vibes and enthusiasm you bring to ...
Getting a good night's sleep during exams is crucial for several reasons :1. Cognitive Function🧠:A well-rested mind is m...
🎉 Happy Birthday to the incredible soul behind Math & Me! 🎂✨@jaygeduld Your vision and dedication have not only transfor...
The Math and Me team would like to wish Dylan a very happy birthday! We would like to thank Dylan for the commitment and...
Happy birthday to Ingrid, the back bone of Math and Me's communications team!🎉🎊Ingrid plays a pivotal role in ensuring t...
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