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💯 pass 💯 Bachelor's 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

Alhamdulillah thumma Alhamdulillah

DNA class of '23 you are amazing 👏

We are immensely grateful and thrilled at your achievement.
Well done... your hard work and commitment paid off.

A huge thank you and congratulations to our fantastic educators, staff, and parents for your support in ensuring our learners' success❤️🤲🏼


Success is not a destination. It's a journey... your journey has begun

(Your super stoked) Headmistress 😊🌷


Welcome back to school!!!
School is open!!!

DNA Girls ushered in the 2024 school year with a fun day at the beach enjoying the best of the balmy Cape Town summer days.

The cool breeze, refreshing ocean water, and spectacular mountain views made the outing even more special... a small mountain fire added to the day's excitement....The water helicopters dumping litres and litres of water on the fire was an incredible sight to behold.

The sandcastle-making competition, group chats, food sharing, water play, congregational prayer, and the relaxing train ride brought our learners together and lay the foundations of caring, kindness, sisterhood, respect, and teamwork... these important values form the cornerstone of DNA, which each staff member, learner, and parent is encouraged to embibe.

We look forward to another amazing and exciting year of learning, discovery, growth, and gratitude.... Alhamdulillah

School is fun
School is cool

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Our most important responsibility in this life as parents, is the raising of our children.
Our children have been entrusted to us by Allah and we will be questioned about this valuable trust on the day we meet Allah.
As parents, we naturally desire ease and goodness for our children in this life but our main and fervent desire for our children, is for them to attain Jannah....Āmīn.

Therefore the preservation of our children's faith and that of our future generations is a priority which can only be achieved by raising our children in environments that embibe Islamic values.

This can be achieved in 2 ways bi'ithnillah:
1. Our homes are the first line of defense and must be examples of true Muslim homes.
Our children must have a daily lived practical experience of Islam i.e salaah, hijaab, good character, high morals, etc.
They must see us living Islam and through this they will grow up loving Islam and wanting to please Allah and HIS messenger SAW.

2. The schools we send our children to.
Our children spend more time away from home and our influence for much of their formative years where they absorb everything they hear and see at this crucial stage of their development.

It is therefore vital that we send our children to Islamic schools where they are surrounded by like-minded people and will be free to practice their faith and preserve their Islamic identity.

Muslim schools play a major role in supporting Muslim homes in the care of our youth.

The current rapid moral decline within society is frightening and affecting every community therefore the role of Muslim schools are needed now more than ever.

As an ummah we must support our Muslim schools, help to build them up, and contribute to them becoming centres of excellence.

Without this support and by-in of the community, our schools will continue to struggle which creates the opportunity for Muslim parents to see more value in
non- Islamic schools and choose these over Muslim schools.

How have non-Muslim schools/ former model C schools become so desirable and sought after... what is the answer to their success?
These schools thrive and have become centres of excellence because of the support they have received from their parents and community at large.
Parental involvement, participation and paying of school fees timeously are central to schools earning the good reputations, successes and status within our society.

However, the preservation of our children's faith in this time of trials and corruption is by far the ultimate goal and trumps any worldly prestige, status and financial success.

Therefore our choice of school for our children should be the ones that will help to preserve and strengthen their Islamic identity.

We must have conviction and admiration for the values the Muslim schools offer our children.
Our Islamic values must be the gold standard we live our lives by... not western cultural norms and standards, which are at times the antithesis to an Islamic way of life.
The glory of our Islamic past must be revived, and the names of Muslim scholars, inventors, leaders and warriors should flow from our children's lips.
Our children should look into their faith, culture and traditions for heroes.

As a community we must support each other in raising our children.
Every Muslim child is precious and holds immense potential for goodness and positive impact.

We must encourage our children to strive for excellence in everything they do.
Our children are our future and we must invest in them wisely.

Wishing all parents, learners and educators the very best for the year ahead.
May the Almighty guide and protect us every step of the way.
May we be blessed with a year filled with joyful memories, gratitude, the best of health and many successes....Āmīn

Amína Bagus-du Toit
Headmistress 🌷

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School is out! 🎊

DNA last week of term was fun filled, busy, exciting, celebratory, and reflective.

Our learners were kept busy with a variety of activities ranging from a soccer tournament, coding workshops, awards ceremony, class parties, litter clean up, picket for Palestine and a visit to the residents of Beitul Amman. 🍃

Wishing our learners and staff a well-deserved holiday.

We look forward to 2024! 🎉

School closes 7th December 2023
School reopens 17th January 2024

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Class of 2023 last exam
12 years of schooling done!
Congratulations 🎊

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Dear boys… what does success mean to you?

Getting a good job? Making a lot of money? Driving a fancy car? Wearing designer clothes? Being famous and having millions of IG followers?

To many people, this is absolutely the definition of success….

You see dear learners... we live in a world where we are made to believe that success lies in the value of materialism…things we can acquire and consume.

We are conditioned as a society that good jobs, large salaries, status, degrees, etc. equates to success. Success is measured by your material possessions.

However is this success?

Allah, The Lord of The World's tells us in surah 3:185 what true success is:

“Everyone is bound to taste death and you shall receive your full reward on the Day of Resurrection. Then, whoever is spared the Fire and is admitted to Paradise has indeed been successful. The life of this world is merely an illusory enjoyment.”

Whoever is spared the Fire and is admitted to Paradise are the successful ones!

Allah tells us that all the fame, enjoyment, money, etc. is a deception. yet we fall for the joke! We get played…

What a different world we would be living in if humanity viewed success as worshipping Allah, being decent, kind, selfless, compassionate, generous, just, etc.

Dear boys, it is an amazing feeling to win something or to be acknowledged for something isn’t it? It is utter jubilation… you feel on top of the world! It is a feeling of sheer joy… like the feeling you will all have when you get your reports insha Allah.

Now boys…imagine standing in front of the entire creation, all the prophets, Nabi Muhammad SAW, the angels and Allah on the day of Qiyaamah…you are waiting to be called up to receive your book of deeds … you are filled with fear and hope… fear because you know you didn't always do your best but hopeful in Allah's mercy that HE will grant you the ultimate prize….Jannahtul firdaus... āmīn!

It's your turn…and Allah SWT calls you up….your anxiety levels are off the charts, you are trembling with fear, you reach out for your book and Allah SWT, hands you your book into your right hand… Allahu Akbar!

How are you feeling now???

Let Allah SWT Himself describe the emotion…

“As for those given their records in their right hand, they will cry happily,

“Here everyone! Read my record! I surely knew I would face my reckoning.” Quran: 17:14

Subhanallah! What a feeling of pure joy and relief… the feeling would be indescribable… a joy like no other!

Dear boys…this is success.

May Allah swt grant us all true success

Since 7th of October 2023, we have all been watching in horror at the genocide of the Palestinians in Gaza.... Our hearts filled with pain and rage…

Have you wondered about the people committing the genocide or supporting the genocide … who are they? what are their life aims?

They are the ones who desire the deception of this world... they lust after power, land, and wealth.

Their desire for these worldly things has resulted in the loss of their humanity so it is easy for them to be corrupt, to steal, to massacre, to deceive, and oppress the innocent. All in the hope of satisfying their insatiable desires...What foolish losers they are!

Dear boys know that true success is obedience to Allah in everything you do…. If you understand this… you will be the richest and most successful people in the world because this will bring you peace of mind and contentment in this life and the next...Āmīn.

We thank Allah for granting us safety and the comforts of life. We thank Allah for the opportunity to learn and teach and make a difference in people's lives.

We thank Allah for our little school that has such a big heart because there are schools in Gaza that have had to shut down because all their learners have been murdered by the IDF.

We thank Allah for the freedom to speak up against oppression and for the opportunity to practice our faith freely. We seek HIS forgiveness for our weaknesses and shortcomings.

Boys thank you for making each day interesting… I appreciate your respect, helpfulness, camaraderie, and sense of humour.

Dear boys 2023 is behind you … reflect on what has passed and renew your intentions to do and be better in 2024 and remember to be grateful every single day.

Dear boys, seize each day because tomorrow is not guaranteed.

Headmistress 🌷

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🎊 DNA AWARDS 2023: Girls campus 🎊

Dear learners,
If you had 1 wish what would you wish for?

To pass your exams? To have a wonderful holiday? The latest phone? To be popular?

This question was asked to two sets of children: American and Palestinian

The American kids answered:

“To be rich”


“To have a million dollars”

“To billions and billions of dollars and a Lamborghini”

The same question was asked to a group of Palestinian children...

What do you think their answers were?

“To hear my grandmother’s voice”

“To eat bread”

“To eat a chicken sandwich”

“To have my brother to be alive again”

“For my father to go back to how he was”

“For everyone to be fine”

What contrasting responses! Are we surprised by the answers of the American kids…

It confirms the capitalist mindset that seems to be inherent in western culture. One would think that privileged kids who have everything would be more altruistic, and the children deprived would want worldly things…

Yet, the Palestinian children displayed their generous, kind, compassionate hearts despite their often unbearable and difficult lives.

Palestine has become the moral conscience of the world…. The litmus test for what it means to be a human. Palestinians have shamed us with their unshakeable faith, steadfastness, and courage…

Next time someone asks what you want to be when you grow up say… “I want to be Palestinian!”

You may be wondering: “what is my role in all of this because Palestine is so far away and it isn’t really effecting me.”

You are partly correct because for now there is no immediate physical impact and your life continues as usual: you come to school… play on your phone… watch your movies and series… go out with your friends and still do all your normal daily activities.

However, the impact and effect you should feel, must be at a deeper level…it should be felt in your hearts and faith.

We have been witnessing the most horrific scenes for nearly 2 months that would break and destroy the ordinary human spirit, but despite the awful situation in Gaza we have been privileged to see the beauty of the Palestinian people because they are far from ordinary. Allah SWT has chosen the Palestinians to endure this tremendous trial due to their strength of character and faith. Gaza has woken us up… we absolutely cannot go back to sleep and revert to our old ways of heedlessness.

We have a duty to our brothers and sisters in Palestine and we will be asked by Allah on the day of reckoning what help did we give…

Dear learners, here are few practical tips on how you can help:

· The most immediate help to give and something within your capacity to do is prayer: make fervent dua for Palestine and pray your 5 daily prayers on time and get up for tahajjud if you can and remember it is Allah Alone who can change their conditions.

· Be a responsible Muslimah. Do what is required of you. Be obedient to Allah’s will. All the protesting and picketing will be of no avail if we are disobeying Allah.

· Use your presence on social media for good. Educate yourself and others on the situation. Study History. Know the facts and empower yourself.

· Continue to boycott brands and products that support the occupation. Don’t fall prey to the advertising tricks… they don’t work. All they want is your money.

· Be grateful. Never stop thanking Allah for the favours He bestows on you: your parents, health, food, friends, school, teachers etc. There are young women in Gaza who have lost everything I have just listed, so don’t wait for something or someone to be gone only to then realise how much you valued it.

· Dear learners, you are the mothers of the ummah. You are women of impact and influence. Use these gifts for good. Awaken the activist in yourself. Rebel against the system that wishes to use and abuse you…. And one day when you are blessed with children teach them to speak up for the voiceless. To take a stand against evil and oppression and to love, serve and obey Allah and HIS messenger PBUH.

· Lastly dear learners, don’t stop speaking about Palestine… speak for as long as you can. Palestine belongs to the ummah. The least we can do is raise our voices.

Being an educator is wonderful and hard. It is a responsibility that your educators and I take very seriously. We are grateful to have the opportunity to teach and nurture you.

We are planting seeds within you and look forward to the shade and beautiful fruit your trees will bring to others in the future... Āmīn

Dear learners 2023 was a blast… I am looking forward to an even better 2024.


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DNA scientists discovering the wonders of science, one experiment at a time. 🧪🔬

Photos from Darun Na'im Academy's post 27/11/2023

❤️ Life science students' excursion to Christiaan Barnard Heart Museum ❤️

The drama of the world’s first successful human heart transplant, led by Professor Christiaan Neethling Barnard, played out within the walls of the Charles Saint Theatre at Groote Schuur Hospital on the 3rd December 1967. This museum offers an insightful look into the day the first successful heart transplant took place.

Photos from Darun Na'im Academy's post 27/11/2023

DNA Soccer Team recently competed in an inter-school soccer tournament! ⚽ 👏

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Class of 2023...

I value the time I had with you and feel blessed to have been your Headmistress... Alhamdulillah.

Your knowledge is your greatest asset but it only becomes valuable when you put in into practice.

Girls, remember...
●Be proud to be a Muslim woman: wear your hijab like a badge of honour and safeguard your dignity because no one can take that away from you... remember that modesty is a branch of faith

●Don't waste your time on social media because it's all fake; true beauty comes from within;

●Always count your blessings and be generous with others

●Learn history because if you don't other's will tell you your story

●Don't live with regrets and always do your best

●Be passionate about caring for the environment and the less fortunate

●Have a goal and a vision for your life and don't follow blindly

●Be practical on your knowledge and carry it with you through your life like a lamp to lighten your way.

Girls… In a world of fake Kardashians... be a Khawlah bint Azwar...

Without compromising her faith, modesty and feminine nuturing qualities...Khawlah bint Azwar is an example to women of the 'ummah that we have an important active role to play in society.

Khawlah bint Azwar RA was a woman of Influence... a trail-blazer.

She was a companion of our beloved Messenger SAW, a daughter, a devoted sister, nurse and a warrior.

Let her story inspire you to be strong and brave but also a reminder that a woman never needs to discard her values, feminity and morality.

Khawlah RA played a major role in the Muslim conquest of the Levant, and fought alongside her brother Dhiraar. She has been described as one of the greatest female soldiers in history.

You will have to fight many battles in your life... the biggest one being your nafs. You will be tried and tested to your limit at times…but if you train that warrior inside of you…you will be victorious… Āmīn.

Girls… in a world of fake Kardashians… be a Khawlah bint Azwar.

Headmistress 🌷

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Valedictory 2023 DNA BOYS💥

Boys, it was a pleasure and privilege teaching you. I have seen you grow from awkward immature teens, into strong confident respectable and respectful young men.

Use your strengths and talents to benefit yourselves and others. The future is both exciting and scary.

There are many uncertainties that lie ahead… but don’t fear…Put your trust in Allah and HE will take care of you.

You leave the safety, security, and routine of school life to forge your own paths in the world.

Magnificent 7…We send you off today into your exciting future, with good wishes and prayers.
We are excited for your future and to see the amazing impact you will have on the world.

Boys, sieze each day because tomorrow is not guaranteed. May the best of your deeds be the last of your deeds and the best of your days be the day you meet Allah.

Headmistress 🌷

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In solidarity with the people of Palestine. 💚💚💚

Photos from Darun Na'im Academy's post 10/11/2023

Exam fever has hit DNA💥💥💥
The 2023 Academic year is over💣

Learners... it's time to shine and achieve the excellence you are capable of👌👏
We wish you every success dear learners and look forward to seeing your stars rise and the incredible impact you will have on the world💯

Alhamdulillah 🤲
Headmistress and your teachers 💚💚


Darun Na'im Academy 🍃

Grade 7 to 12
Boys and girls campus

🌿Striving for Excellence in Spirituality, Morality and Education 🌿

Darun Na'im Academy offers:
●Small classes
●Excellent student-teacher ratio
●Excellent academic results: 100% matric pass since 2012
●Academic and Islamic education
●Promotion of strong Islamic values and identity according to Quran and sunnah
●Safe and nuturing environment for our children to develop and grow
●Focus on respect, responsibility and disciplined behaviour
●Value based education

Collect application forms from the school.

15 Mars Road, Wynberg

For more information contact:

021 761 5331

Please share for the benefit of others ⏩

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How did we get here? Who is the real terrorist?

A few facts to note:

●Jews are not native to the land of Palestine. The Phoenicians, Assyrians and Canaanites were the original inhabitants.
Palestinians are descendants of the Canaanites. Jews are a tribe from the children of Israel who entered Palestine from Egypt... but if you read Wikipedia sites it will tell you that Jews have always lived on the land...this is part of the Zionist misinformation strategy.

●Palestine was under Muslim rule from 1187 when Salahudin Ayubbi kicked the crusaders out, up until 1948 when Israel was founded.
For 761 years, the population of Palestine consisted of Arab Muslims and Christians as well as Jews who lived, worked and even socialised together.
Historically there has never been conflict between Arabs and Jews contrary to the narrative of Western media and Zionist agenda. Ironically it was Arab and Muslim societies who historically were most tolerant of their Jewish cousins and who protected them from the hatred of European Christians.

●Theodore Herzl, the founder of Zionism pushed the idea of a Jewish state in the late 19th C.
After a failed attempt at
purchasing land in Palestine for
$20 000000, from the Ottoman Caliph, Abdul Hamid II, Herzl strongly considered a Jewish state in Uganda, Argentina, and even South Africa.
These countries were under British occupation and therefore were supported by some in the British government.
19th C Britain was desperate to get rid of Jews and solve the "Jewish problem".

●European Jews started arriving enmasse from the late 19th C into Palestine with the help of the British... long before the 2nd World War and the holocaust.

● Palestinians initially welcomed Jewish refugees who were escaping pogroms in Europe and who were rejected by western nations... oh the irony 🙄

●With the fall of the Ottoman empire and its defeat in WWI, all Ottoman lands were siezed by the allies and Palestine became a British mandate.

● Sir Arthur Balfour, the British Foreign secretary and well known antisemite, wrote the infamous Balfour declaration to Lord Rothschild in 1917 and promised him a homeland for Jews.
This opened the flood gates for more European Jews to migrate to Palestine.
These European Jews formed gangs and started terrorizing the local population, including Palestinian Jews.
Their British supporters, who had the mandate over Palestine at the time, weren't even spared from the terrorist activities of these gangs.
These gangs would raze villages to the ground and massacre the inhabitants, leaving death and destruction in their wake.
Deir Yaseen is a chilling reminder of the atrocities Palestinians endured as a result of the Stern Irgun and Haganah terrorist Zionist gangs.

●Eventually in 1948, the British walked away from Palestine as they could not control the illegal Jewish settlers, leaving Palestine in chaos as it had in many of it's colonies, namely India, where they divided the local population and planted the seeds of hatred and suspicion amongst them.

●Arab neighbouring countries were too divided to support Palestinians having fallen foul to British and Western influences as the delectable ideas of nationalism and independence appealed to their base desires for power and wealth. The Arabs signed a pact with the devil i.e, the British, ending 1292 years of Islamic Khilaafat, giving Palestine to the Zionists on a silver platter.
Till today the Arab nations remain toothless and spineless even going so far as to close off their borders to Palestinians in need. These Arab nations are mere puppets and only move when their Western masters tug at their strings.

●The state of Isreal was founded in May 1948 with 55% of Palestine being taken for the new Jewish homeland, displacing 700 000 Palestinians and making them refugees in their own land and into neighbouring countries.
"Zionist forces had taken more than 78 percent of historic Palestine, ethnically cleansed and destroyed about 530 villages and cities, and killed about 15,000 Palestinians in a series of mass atrocities, including more than 70 massacres."

● In 1967, Israel captures more land, takes control of East Jerusalem from the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and displaces more Palestinians.

● From 1967 to the present day, Isreal continues to encroach on what is left of Palestine and subjects Palestinians to an extreme and cruel Apartheid system.

●Israel refuses to grant Palestinians the right of return to their land, but allows jews from all over the world the right to Israeli citizenship by mere fact of being Jewish.

●Israel continues to allow settlers from the US, Europe and Russia to steal Palestinian land and homes, thereby displacing more Palestinians.

●Gaza has been under siege for 16 years. It is the most densely populated area in the world and has been likened to an open-air prison with the most horrific living conditions.

● Israel denies Palestinians basic human rights like water, electricity, health care and access to places of worship.

●Israel even steals Palestinian culture as they do not have any of their own.
They steal Palestinian food, art work, and traditional work.
Israel is a country built on pain, oppression, theft and lies.
Isreal is an occupier whose time is running out.

Dear muslims we must know our history because if we don't, then it will be told to us by those who wish to erase it.

Israel is 75 years old... Palestine is 1000s of years old!

Through knowing our history, we strengthen our identity and protect ourselves from misinformation and propaganda.
When we learn our history, we empower ourselves to fight lies with facts.
Our history is a reminder of our glorious past and our weakest hours.
It is full of lessons and guidance.
History teaches us that the oppression will end and that the tyrants will be destroyed.
By studying our past, we become rooted in our present.
Our history gives us hope because it is woven throughout the tapestry of our faith.
Our faith teaches us that God is on the side of the oppressed and that HIS help will come even after some time.

Palestine will be free from the river to the sea 🇵🇸🇵🇸

Amína Bagus-du Toit
Darun Na'im Academy

Footnote: all information and facts sited above are from my own personal research from books and articles I have read; documentaries I have watched, my trips to Palestine and conversations I have had with Palestinians.

Photos from Darun Na'im Academy's post 06/11/2023

Darun Na'im Academy stands with Palestine 🇵🇸!

🖤Learner Shura Council (LSC) raising funds for Palestine.
💚 Free Palestine Picket.
❤️ The Palestinian crisis has been at the forefront of our minds and hearts inside and outside of the classroom.

Photos from Darun Na'im Academy's post 29/10/2023
Photos from Darun Na'im Academy's post 27/10/2023

From the river to the sea Palestine will be free! 🇵🇸

Photos from Darun Na'im Academy's post 12/10/2023

Remembering our Muslim brothers and sisters in Palestine on our trip to Robben Island. 🇵🇸🤲 We pay homage to those who have struggled for our freedom and to those who continue to struggle for their freedom today. ✊ O Allah grant them victory. Ameen!

Photos from Darun Na'im Academy's post 11/09/2023

LSC (Learner Shura Council) initiative in aid of abused women and children. Our LSC donated much needed supplies to the Ihata women's shelter. 👏💛 Thank you for your continued support! 🤲

Photos from Darun Na'im Academy's post 08/09/2023

To our dearest sisters in France...

We feel your pain
We release your anger in our calls for justice
We see your struggle for freedom. ✊

We stand with you... side by side... not physically but in spirit
We raise our cries in solidarity with your plight.

We are inspired by your strength, dear sisters
We admire your courage and fearlessness.

Dear sisters in France...
We wear our abayahs without fear of reprisal
We wear our abayahs in freedom and confidence. We wear our abayahs fully aware that you cannot.


All the best for mock exams class of 2023! 🤲📚

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Our boys spent the day at Al Fursan Farm in Philipi on Thursday, 24th August.

What an exciting and amazing day it was!
They did archery and horseback riding and got to experience farm life.

The Futawwa brothers took our boys under their wings and shared their archery and horse riding skills.... leaving our boys totally in awe, inspired and uplifted.

The biggest take-home for our boys was the spiritual connection with archery and the horse riding... giving them a deeper understanding that Islam is a holistic way of life and that everything we do with a pure heart is an act of worship.


Eid Mubarak ✨️ Eid Sa'id ✨️

تَقَبَّلَ اللهُ مِنَّا وَمِنكُم
May Allah accept it from you and from us 🤲🏼

Photos from Darun Na'im Academy's post 05/06/2023

Darun Na'im Academy, a place of nuturing, care and discipline, where we support parents in the moral upbringing of their children.

Photos from Darun Na'im Academy's post 13/04/2023

We are on holiday!
School reopens Tuesday 2nd May 2023.

School is so much more than learning information from a textbook and preparing for exams.

School should be fun and enriching.
It should be a place where children learn life skills and life lessons to equip them for adulthood.

School is where learners should grow and develop and begin to understand their place in the world.

School should open the eyes of the youth to the challenges within our communities and they must be driven to try to resolve those challenges.

School must be nuturing, caring, a place of safety and discipline.

School should inspire, uplift and motivate young and old to be life-long learners.

School should be a home away from home ♥️

Our learners were engaged in many wonderful projects and activities this term....

●Reading competition

●African Muslim Agency visit
Sister Janaan from the AMA office in Lebanon visited us to share the tragic stories of young Syrian children impacted by war and the earthquake

●Iftaar Fundraiser for the Syrian earthquake victims
With the help of the DNA family, Islamic Relief and the community, we raised over R52 000 Alhamdulillah.
Thank you! Your contributions will make a difference Āmīn.

● Boys' campus iftaar
The boys enjoyed a mass iftaar and strengthened the ties of brotherhood

●Phumlani Ramadan food collection
Our school community collected food for the Muslims in Phumlani Township
This brings relief to a community who live in very difficult circumstances

●Beitul Amman visit
Girls Gr 8 to 10 visited our neighbours, the residents of Beitul Amman and spent time chatting to them

●Wynberg litter clean-up
The girls walked around Wynberg and picked up litter and plastic to keep our area clean

●Go-kart building competition
The boys campus were kept busy building and racing go-karts
Loads of fun, laughs and ingenuity

Enjoy the well deserved holiday DNA staff, parents and learners.

May Allah swt guide and protect you...Āmīn

We look forward to more fun, learning and growth in Term 2👍

Amína Bagus-du Toit
Headmistress 🌷

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Welcome back to school!!!School is open!!!DNA Girls ushered in the 2024 school year with a fun day at the beach enjoying...
Feel good smells!
Buzzing at our Market!





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WYNBERG GIRLS' HIGH SCHOOL Honour before Honours www.wynghs.co.za

Wynberg Boys' High School Wynberg Boys' High School
Lovers Walk
Cape Town, 7800

Top South African Boys' School since 1841

Isilimela High School - 2023 Isilimela High School - 2023
Washington Road, Langa
Cape Town, 7455

Official Isilimela High School page. We offer quality education and We Strive For Excellence

Lavender Hill High School- LHHS Lavender Hill High School- LHHS
Cape Town, 7945


Baba lito Baba lito
Cape Town