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The Gryphon Music Academy is a music school specializing in guitar lessons. We offer courses tailored to each student's specific needs, regardless of age.

The Gryphon Music Academy is a guitar school based in Plumstead, Cape Town. We offer guitar lessons, bass lessons, song writing courses and music theory courses

Our Motto is "Turning players into musicians". At the Gryphon Music Academy we believe in teaching players of all levels to not just play the instrument, but to think about the entire scope of the instrument in the context of music. Besid

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High school students in need of a music tutor?
Looking to apply to a music school next year and want to SMASH the entry requirements?
Or are you stuck in a rut with your guitar playing?

We offer private online lessons tailored to YOUR needs as a growing musician!!!

DROP US A MESSAGE! (the first session is free!)


Looking for som**hing to do during the lockdown? Why not try online guitar lessons!

Drop us a DM or mail us on [email protected] for rates and times if you're interested #guitarlessons #workfromhome Ovation Guitars RØDE Microphones AKG Logitech G


5 Minute Guitar Lesson: Julian Lage's Practice & Warm Up Tips

A fantastic lesson by the great modern jazz player Julian Lage.

My favourite point is to make time each day to simply play your instrument to enjoy playing.

If you're looking to improve on the acoustic or electric guitar, get in contact and we'll be happy to help reach your goals!

In this 5-Minute Lesson, Lage explains the benefits of practicing quietly on the acoustic guitar. “You think when you play an acoustic guitar you have to wor... 09/03/2019

The 50 Greatest Rhythm Guitarists of All Time | VIDEO

Rhythm is one of the most important aspects of great music.

Each of these players helped shape music and their own genres into what we hear today!

Who are some of your favourites on this list and why?


Bands like Imagine Dragons, Foo Fighters and Maroon 5 are keeping the guitar in the ears of popular music.

Who are some of your favourite modern bands and why?

Get in contact if you want to learn to play their music! 05/03/2019

Top 100 Classic Rock Songs News

Do you agree with this list?

if any of the songs interest you, get in contact and we can help you rock out to these classics!! Top 100 Classic Rock SongsBored with best-songs lists that are dominated by the same handful of bands? We've put an interesting twist on things.Ultimate Classic Rock Staff


Kirk Fletcher’s Favorite Blues Shuffles

Kirk Fletcher is a Fantastic guitar player with a TON of soul in his playing! look him up on youtube, Spotify and other listening platforms.

This video is a fun lesson in different blues shuffle rhythms!

Drop us a message if you're looking to improve your rhythm!

Wielding his favorite Fender Stratocaster, Kirk Fletcher shares eight of his favorite blues shuffles on #NoGuitarIsSafe Podcast. Hosted by Jude Gold. (GEAR: ...


Def Leppard / Dio's Vivian Campbell Plays His Favorite Riffs

A great interview with the legendary rock guitarist: Vivian Campbell about some of his favourite guitar riffs from working with Ronnie James Dio and Def Leppard.

Send us a message if any of these songs spark an interest in you and we'll be happy to help you learn some of his legendary songs and solos!!!

#Dio / #DefLeppard legend #VivianCampbell sat down with #Loudwire to play some of his favorite #riffs from both bands. Check out Campbell's gear here: https:...


From Eric Clapton to Ed Sheeran. There are a ton of artists making great acoustic guitar based songs.

What are some of your favourite acoustic songs and why?

Get in contact with us and we can even help you learn to play these songs!!


Well done! You've made it through another Monday. If you haven't already got some playing in today, maybe this will get your juices flowing!

Monday Motivation: Frank Bungarten Edition:


John Mayer - "How To Build A Guitar Solo" - Berklee Clinic 2008 (Pt.5)

John Mayer gives an incredible lesson on how to play tastefully.

If this video Sparks any questions, drop us a message and help us help you reach your guitar playing goals. 21/02/2019

Hired Gun

This is a great list of documentaries to give you some great insight into some legendary artists and different sides of the music industry.

Let us know which music documentaries and movies you enjoy. If any of these sparks interest in you to get playing, contact us to help you reach new levels with your playing. Much like 20 Feet From Stardom, this documentary highlights the many backup artists who provide the music that allows legendary rock stars to shine. Various 21/02/2019

Learn The Most Recognisable Bass Riff Ever | Paul Bothner Music | Musical instrument stores

Here's a little som**hing for the bass players out there :D Paul Bothner Music is South Africa's leading musical instrument retail chain, with 10 stores located around the country, as well as a secure online store.


We're 8 weeks in!

February is halfway through already. This is a great time to check up on those New Years Resolutions to make sure we are on track!

If your New year's resolution was to learn to play the guitar or improve your playing, then get in contact with us and help us help you! 18/02/2019

Contact Us / Bookings - Gryphon Music

Hey hey - it's Monday ^_^

What better way to start the week than by booking a few guitar lessons, and levelling up your playing? Book now, and get your first lesson FREE! If you would like to get in contact, or book some lessons, you can either fill in the form below, or give us a call. Phone Number: 083-412-3982 Physical Address: Shop G7, Richmond Center Main Road Plumstead Cape Town 7800


It's Friday, and for most of us, that means it's weekend! What guitar will you be playing this weekend? Share your favourite guitar pics with us - we're always keen to see what other people are playing :D

Don't already play the guitar? Then get in touch, and let us show you how:


Should You Learn to Read Sheet Music? | Q+A

This is a fantastic question and answer video by the incredibly smart youtube teacher/ bassist Adam Neely on reading sheet music and music notation.

If you have any interest in improving your reading skills with he guitar, feel free to contact us! and check out some of Adams other insightful videos.

Also, what is Harmony of the Spheres/Musica Universalis? What is your opinion on music critics? And many more awesome and interesting questions about music! ...


Eugene's Trick Bag - Crossroads

One of out teachers remembers seeing this clip when he just started playing the guitar, and it blew his mind!

What is the first thing you saw someone do on guitar that blew you away?

-Eugene's Trick Bag from the guitar duel between Eugene Martone (Ralph Macchio) and Jack Butler (Steve Vai) in the movie Crossroads. --This vid, unlike many ...


A fantastic quote by one of the greats. Having a teacher can help hold off some frustrations that come with developing new skills.

Get in contact with us so we can help you overcome some of those roadblocks! 11/02/2019

Pickups Explained: Single Coil vs Humbucker | Paul Bothner Music | Musical instrument stores

Do you know what people mean when they talk about single coil pickups or humbuckers? What about when they talk about active or passive pickups?

We take a look at what these terms mean, and the differences between pickup types. Pickups Explained: Have you ever wondered what people mean when they talk about single coil pickups or humbuckers? It's time you learn the basics of pickups


Jason Richardson on performing arpeggios without barring

Jason is one of the most technically advanced and interesting guitarists to come from the modern heavy metal scene in recent years.

Here he gives a fantastic lesson on how to perform difficult arpeggio lines cleanly. Check it out this weekend and look up some of Jason incredible original music.

If you have any questions about technique or interest in developing your playing further, get in contact with us. #alwayslearning From Guitar World March 2019 NO HOLDS BARRED In this first installment of his new column, Jason Richardson shows you hi... 08/02/2019

6 Effective Ways to Market Your Band in 2019 | Paul Bothner Music | Musical instrument stores

With so much music out there competing for people's attention, marketing your band is more important than ever before! With more bands on the scene than ever before it's getting tougher to get exposure. These 6 Effective Ways to Market Your Band in 2019 will help you be seen


Perfect Ear - Music Theory, Ear & Rhythm Training

Developing your ear as a musician can be just as important as practising on your instrument. This app can be an incredible tool for developing new skills wherever you are!

However, without discipline or even some guidance, it can easily end up taking up space on your devices. Get in contact with us so we can help you achieve your goals! #alwayslearning 06/02/2019

Fundamentals of Music Theory | Coursera

Music theory is an imperative skill to learn if you want to take your playing to the next level. This FREE course from Coursera will teach you the fundamentals of what you need to learn music theory.

Of course, if you struggle we are here to help. Just drop us a line and let us know what you're struggling with :D Fundamentals of Music Theory from The University of Edinburgh. This course will introduce students to the theory of music, providing them with the skills needed to read and write Western music notation, as well as to understand, analyse, and ... 04/02/2019

Guitar Buyers Guide | Paul Bothner Music | Musical instrument stores

Not sure what guitar you should buy? This helpful guide from Paul Bothner Music will give you all the basics you need to get your first guitar :D Paul Bothner Music is South Africa's leading musical instrument retail chain, with 10 stores located around the country, as well as a secure online store.


Andy Timmons Queen "You Take My Breath Away/Bohemian Rhapsody"

Some guitar oriented fun for your weekend! Andy Timmons is an incredible player that treats these Queen classics with the utmost respect and finesse.

My humble solo rendition of these two iconic Queen songs. I've tried my best to capture the emotion of Freddie Mercury's vocal and piano performance as well ... 01/02/2019

Free Lesson: Chord Construction - Gryphon Music

Do you know the fundamentals of how to build chords? You can learn the basics in less than 10-minutes! #alwayslearning Have you ever wondered what goes into Chord Construction? Well, wonder no more. This lesson will help you to understand 7th and extended chords more easily. 29/01/2019

Muscle Maintenance for Guitarists

A crucial read for anyone looking to enjoy playing the guitar for years to come (so most of us). A lengthy post, but your wrists, elbows and hands will all thank you later for the effort! #alwayslearning Warmups and stretches to keep your hands and wrists in shape 28/01/2019

Guitar Lessons Cape Town: Why You Should Learn an Instrument - Gryphon Music

Whether you’re looking for lessons for yourself or you’re looking for lessons for a loved one, you are about to embark on a brand new journey. #alwayslearning The Gryphon Music Academy offers Guitar Lessons in Cape Town to people of all ages and skill levels. Sign up today to start your new journey


Guitar Lesson with Paul Gilbert

Check out this fantastic lesson delivered by rock guitar legend Paul Gilbert.

The first half covers how to simplify your pentatonic scales and pull off tastier lines with fewer notes.

In the second half, Paul discusses how to he mutes certain strings when strumming to get more add intensity to his rhythm parts. Along with his personal approach to vibrato.

This is definitely worth a watch through over the weekend!

Nick Bowcott is joined by world-renowned guitarist Paul Gilbert for a guitar lesson — because even veteran players that have toured for decades continue to b... 25/01/2019

Bad Habits to Avoid if You Gig - Gryphon Music

Part of the fun of playing an instrument is playing gigs. Just like with all aspects of life, some gigging musicians have developed some bad habits. Here are my bad habits you avoid if you gig. Do you know what Bad Habits to Avoid if You Gig? If you are making one of these mistakes, then you could be making yourself an unwanted element! 24/01/2019

No Guitar Is Safe podcast

This is an incredible podcast with tons of insight from some the best guitar players from all musical walks of life. Some favourite episodes are:

Paul Gilbert: episode 32
Marty Friedman Clinic: episode 83
Steve Lukather: Episode 64
Carl Verheyen: Episode 60

(NB; some episodes do contain explicit language) Listen to No Guitar Is Safe with 86 episodes. No signup or install required. 23/01/2019

Why Parents Should Consider Ukulele for Young Children | Paul Bothner Music | Musical instrument stores

If your kids are under the age of 7 and want to play an instrument, we always recommend a ukulele. Here's why... Paul Bothner Music is South Africa's leading musical instrument retail chain, with 10 stores located around the country, as well as a secure online store.


If you want to learn to play music by ear, it is imperative that you learn to hear the intervals between notes. This free resource from will help you to train your ear.

If you start working on your ear now, you'll be working out songs in no time! If you need help training your ear, get in touch and we can work out a programme for you

The Gryphon Music Academy

I have always had two passions in my life; playing guitar and teaching. When people fantasise about life in the music industry, they tend to think about being famous, or touring the world. For me, all I ever wanted was to give people the joy that learning to play an instrument brings.

Anyone can learn to play the guitar. Your age and previous experience don’t matter. Because of this, all you need is a guitar and the desire to learn! When you sign up, we’ll design a custom syllabus around your goals and needs.

At the Gryphon Music Academy, our motto is “Turning players into musicians”. Because of this, we will encourage you to learn music theory and songwriting in addition to learning how to play.

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How to Restring a (Low Pro) Floyd Rose Guitar




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Information sharing is taking place. Learners are very excited about the Lockdown Challenges. Check it out �� �Education �South Africa � Teachers � Grade 4-6

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