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Operating as usual


It has been a while since I posted .
Today I had a Advance Skill builder Typing Lesson with Waylin. His typing has improved well.

I see so much potential in this boy and it gives me so much joy knowing I can help children advance.

Waylin also did a Word document where he layed out in a column his goals and hopes for the future. 😁👍

Video uploaded with this post.

Ps. The lessons are given in the comfort of my home,as I have noticed the students are much more comfortable here. ♥️😁👨‍💻👨‍💻

Mobile uploads 27/11/2021

🎄Collaborative Art Christmas Tree.
The children collected some boxes and they ordered them biggest to smallest. Stuck them together before painting their tree and adding all their decorations.
I think it’s a wonderful project!!



Children getting their certificates next week😁🎊. So excited. New students to start with in the new year. Tutoring lessons to continue January 2022.

Wishing them a great deal of luck for the end year exam staring 2 November 🙏🙏


We only have about 5 lessons left for Waylin and Macnesia for the year.

We are trying to stretch it out as we do not really want this journey to end for them. But they have been doing so well and progressing so much.

Today lesson : Typing Skills Speed Tests.
60 Words typed in 1minute and 500 word letter typed in 20 minutes .

Photos from Learning with A's post 13/10/2021

Kids are back to school this week and lessons continue 😁🎉💪.



We are still busy building our computer room so lessons continue in my tiny office at home😁💻.


Our students are on holiday 🎊.
Beautiful school reports received.
So proud of these young souls♥️⌨

Photos from Learning with A's post 01/10/2021

Knowledge is Power😁🙏
Maths & English FAL lesson👨‍💻👨‍💻😁


Just realized again today how COVID has affected everyone. This week we had to reschedule lessons due to covid.

I wish people would take this virus seriously!!!😡

Photos from Learning with A's post 28/09/2021

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Today we are doing verbal pop quiz of the lessons on computers and tutoring (Natural science) to see how our children are progressing 😀.


Hi everyone...
So we are running a special till end of October. We have 5 learning packages that we sell via PDF and bookform.

For the month of October we will be helping homeschooling moms by giving them a free homeschooling activity. We will be helping 5 moms a week so please send us a Inbox or email to grab your free learning package😀📕📕.


Learning with A is Doing Something Extraordinary for Homeschool Families!

Learning with A was founded by a homeschooling mother who wanted to find joy in homeschooling, but was becoming overwhelmed and finding that no curriculum was working the way she had hoped.

Her solution was Learning with A, a small business offering tutoring services and homeschooling packages for children and parents who are also struggling.

Contact them to learn more: https://mysomersetwest.co.za/business/learning-with-a/


We have reached 280 followers ♥️♥️
Thank you so much😀🎊


How to Know that Your Child Need Help at School?
When a child or teen begins to struggle with their school work, it is best to get them the help they need as soon as possible. The longer it takes for a student to get help, the more lost they become since the school learning continues forward.

How can you tell if your child is struggling? Children and teens aren’t always forthcoming about their school performance, especially if they do not feel good about it. Keep in mind that while anyone may have an off day without it signaling an overall problem if any of these become a pattern or start to become at all regular, the earlier you find out what is behind the change so you can help them, the better.

1. Sudden Refusal to Discuss School
When your child all of the sudden doesn’t want to tell you about what they are learning in school, or how their school day went, it can be a signal that something is not right at school. This could also be limited to the subjects they are struggling with.

2. Major Change in Attitude About School
If your child suddenly becomes distant or angry towards school, you can bet they do not like how things are going at school. Another big attitude shift to watch for is boredom. Often kids will complain they are bored when they don’t understand what is going on at school.

It may be that they already know the material being taught in a particular unit at school. Children who do not understand the material at all will also complain about being bored.
It is the same feeling you would have if you were stuck listening to a talk radio station that was entirely in the language you had never heard before. Boredom results when you can’t understand enough of what is being said to be interesting.

3. Difficulty Sleeping or Eating
Problems sleeping or eating often result from worry. Your child may be having problems sleeping or eating if they know they aren’t keeping up with the class on their school work.

Young children want to please the caring adults in their lives and may worry that if they aren’t doing well in school that these adults will be upset with them. Older children and teens may be well aware of the overall importance of school to their futures and concerned about their future success if they start to fall behind.

4. Spending Excessive Time on Homework
It is a big warning sign if your child is falling into a pattern of having little to no free time outside of school because they are spending their time on homework. A rough guideline is that a child should be spending ten minutes per grade level on homework each school night.
Homework policies vary tremendously among teachers and schools, so it is important to realize that some teachers give out more homework and some give out far less.

Likewise, if your high school student spends an hour each night working on homework for a dual college credit math course, they may be in line with the teachers’ policies. If you are familiar with the teacher’s homework policy, you can take steps to help your child if they start to develop a pattern showing they are struggling.

5. Your Child's Teacher Expresses Concern
Sometimes it is easy to dismiss what a teacher is telling you about your child, especially if what the teacher is telling you is different from what you have always known your child to be. Your child’s teacher is the person who is teaching a classroom full of students the same material.

If your child’s teacher believes that your child is struggling more than other students, pay attention to what the teacher is saying.

6. Misbehaving at School
Sometimes misbehavior at school is really your child’s way of trying to take attention off the fact they are struggling with their work. Children and teens also often lack many of the skills necessary to speak up and specifically say what it is they are having trouble with in school.

7. Your Child Receives Low Grades
This sign is an obvious one, yet sometimes children and school parents do not want to believe that it is a sign that the child is struggling with the material in school. Some parents feel that bad grades only mean that the child just doesn’t understand the importance of education in their lives yet and will somehow snap out of it and be successful once the child is a little older.

The support, encouragement, and advocacy you provide your child when they begin to struggle in school can make a huge difference in your child being able to get back on track. While it is understandable to worry about your child’s future when they begin to struggle, remember that learning how to overcome difficulties is a valuable lifelong lesson that can lead to success in school and in life.



6 benefits of hiring a Learning with A tutor:
-One to one tuition
Thanks to the fact that the student is one-on-one with a teacher during a class, he or she gets full attention from the tutor. This is important because it creates room for a smooth dialogue, raising questions, discussing, problem solving and correction of mistakes all at once.

-Higher grades at school
Additional classes inevitably positively impact school performance. Students gain self-confidence while they go deeper into the subject outside the regular classroom and then they successfully apply what they learned during coursework at school.

-No rush
At school, teachers are given a task to finish the “studying program” at some precise point of time. Therefore, they go topic by topic without giving everyone an equal opportunity to catch up. As students are different and process information differently, some of them are just often left behind.

-Identified areas to work on
Usually, it is difficult to judge yourself and correctly identify the areas which you need improvement in. A tutor can do it very easily and also suggest a plan how the “problems” are going to be tackled.

-Flexible hours
Nobody forces you to study during some set intervals.

-Better time management
It might be difficult to “squeeze” this complementary learning between a lot of different responsibilities a student can have. However, it’s a good chance to practice planning time efficiently. It’s also about prioritizing – students learn to understand that sometimes they have to give up something if they want to achieve their goal.

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What a beautiful week we have been blessed with so far💜☕.
This week we are only focusing on our Tutor Lessons for the Grade 8-10's. We help your child master the basics of difficult subjects, your child will have an easier time following along in class. In the long run, your child will be able to understand more advanced material because their basics are strong. And as an added bonus, their grades will improve with time.

We do offer Tutor Lessons from Grade 1-12. Should your child(ren) be in need of a Tutor please do contact us on [email protected], we are also available on WhatsApp 0790379251.

Afrikaans First Additional Language
Afrikaans Home Language
English First Additional Language
English Home Language
Natural Science(Biology)
Life Orientation/Life Science.

We use CAPS curriculum and Worksheet Cloud. Your child will receive his/her report cards,short questionnaires/exams and results printouts.


Its a brand new week.
New challenges, new learning opportunities and new adventures ⌨💻


Today is examination day for our grade 8-10 Students.

Testing their knowledge of the past month's computer lessons. ⌨💻📕

We wish them all the best.

Hard work pays off😀


Learning with A now offers Tutoring Services grade 8-12.
Subjects: Mathematics, Life Sciences, Life Orientations, Economics,English First Additional Language, Afrikaans.

We use CAPS National South African Curriculum.

Tutoring for 1 Subjects is R 280 pm.
Tutoring 3 Subjects is R480 pm.
Tutoring more than 3 Subjects is R580 pm.

Please contact or book via [email protected] or whatsapp 0790379251. Online Light Exams and Report Cards available after tutoring completed.

Photos from 7 Days of Play's post 03/09/2021

This is wonderful

Photos from Learning with A's post 03/09/2021

These 3 Children are so special. Each their own personality and dreams. It is not only my Job to teach them computer lessons and extra school lessons but to make sure they never give up on their dreams.😀😀

In our life today we have so many young people who do not get to live or reach their goals and dreams. I am happy to be but a small tiny part in these 3 young people hearts and education journey.

I have grown quite fond of them. Never stray from your believes and always follow your dreams no matter what obstacles you face in life.

Learning with A

Photos from Learning with A's post 31/08/2021

This week we had a bit of a at home personal lesson.

Waylin,Macnesia and Keeshe had done their firat Powerpoint Presentation lesson. And might I say I am so proud of them. 💻💻😀😀♥️


Nothing brightens our children’s futures more than teaching them how to read and spell. This is how parents can spend 10 minutes a day to help their children achieve full potential and ensure success in life…
…it’s so simple, any parent can do it at home. This does not require any teaching experience or any specialized knowledge…
…yet, many schools will never teach this, because they believe teaching the memorization of sight words will get the job done.
When in fact, the teaching of sight words and word shapes is one of the primary causes of reading problems in our children today!
…and my experience working with these students tells me that it’s the teaching of sight words that’s causing these children to really struggle with reading.
When YOU teach YOUR students to read, you have to figure out creative ways to engage them, hold their attention, and let them have FUN while learning…

Timeline photos 30/08/2021




We would like to find out if there is anyone that perhaps have old natural science hand books grade 8-10 they would like to donate and a computer desk?


Good evening all and everyone that follows our page...
Tonight we would just like to thank each and everyone for the likes and follows. We are truly blessed to have such an audience and support. Our children are learning at a rapid speed and soon we will welcome more. ♥️♥️

We are so proud to be able to help children growing educationaly ,the small difference we make is noticeably by the day😀👩‍👦‍👦👨‍👧‍👦👩‍👧‍👧

May everyone have a great and productive week.


Home school Activity Packages available.
Based on USA Curriculum ♥️

Language Arts & Literature , Level 1 Reader Course and much more....
Kindergarten Flip Books,Nature Reader, Slight words activity packet, Kindergarden Flashcards, Marine World, Maths and more....

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Learning with A

Learning with A 25/08/2021

🟠🟤🔴🟣🟢🟡Our Home School Packages🟠🟤🔴🟣🟢🟡

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Phonics | Reading | Spelling | Writing | Grammar and Punctuation
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Package 2
Phonics | Reading | Spelling | Writing | Grammar and Punctuation
Literature | Poetry and Memorization | Art | Geography

🟣Language Arts & Literature Level 2 Course Book
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Package 3
Phonics | Reading | Spelling | Writing | Grammar and Punctuation
Literature | Poetry and Memorization | Art | Geography

🟣Language Arts & Literature Level 3 Course Book
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Package 4
Phonics | Reading | Spelling | Writing | Grammar and Punctuation
Literature | Poetry and Memorization | Art | Geography

🟣Level 4 Spelling & Writing Workshop Course
🟢Language Arts & Literate Level 4 Course Book
🟡Level 1-4 Personal Reader Course Book
🔴Level 4 World Biographies Reader

Package 5
Phonics | Reading | Spelling | Writing | Grammar and Punctuation
Literature | Poetry and Memorization | Art | Geography

🟣Daily Check List Level 5
🟢Grammar and Geography Cards
🟡Level 5 Course Companion
🔴Level 1-5 Personal reader
🟤Level 5 Shared Reader
🟠Level 5 Course Book

Package 6
Complete Course

Phonics | Reading | Spelling | Writing | Grammar and Punctuation
Literature | Poetry and Memorization | Art | Geography

🟣Level 1-5 ( Package 1-5)
🟢Phonic Cards
🟡Personal Reader 1-5

To Buy your package please visit https://learningwitha536606852.wordpress.com/

or Email [email protected]

Learning with A Welcome to .. We are Doing Something Extraordinary for Home school Families! Learning with A was founded by a home school mother during COVID-19 pandemic who wanted to find beauty, joy, and powerful academics in home school, but was becoming overwhelmed and finding that no curriculum was working the...


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