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Mind over Maths has offered personalised Maths support for Grades 3 - 12 in the southern suburbs of

There is a separate junior and senior section with many students starting lessons in primary school and continuing right through to Grade 12. We offer tuition in both English and Afrikaans and cater for Technical College students too. We run Holiday Revision Workshops as well as University Entrance Workshops. We offer tuition tailored to the following: CAPS, IEB, NSC, Cambridge, NBT preparation an

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Charlie Barnes – Grade 9 – Cedar House

Hi Karen and Richard

I just wanted to thank you so much for all you have done and are still doing for my daughter Charlie and her maths results.

When she first started with you guys she was averaging 36 to 40%.

She's now reaching a WHOPPING 76%!!!!!!

I can't thank you enough for your absolutely awesome, caring team of helping hands that has gotten her to where she is today.

Kindest regards
Lisa Barnes


Jordyn & Kaitlyn Greentree – Wynberg Boys High School & Springfield

Both our kids have attended Mind over Maths and we have seen significant improvement in their Maths marks.
The best advice we could offer is to start your children there as early as possible. Consistency is key.
After struggling with many unreliable tutors for our high school son, he started there at the beginning of Grade 11 and his results improved nicely.
Our daughter started there in Grade 7 and improved her marks from 57% to her latest result of 85% for Term 1 of her Grade 8 year (she is now in the top Maths set at school this year).
Richard has assembled a dedicated group of individuals and has a reliable system of homework, tuition, and regular honest feedback.
Best regards,
Denzil Greentree


Alex Du Plooy – Grade 8 – Bergvliet High

Mind Over Maths has helped me a lot in the areas that I always struggled with. Since I started I have become more confident in Mathematics and my approach to Maths has completely changed.
I find that I am enjoying Maths a whole lot more now.
The way the tutors explain makes it very easy to understand.
My ability and confidence in Maths has gone up immensely and I have excelled in my schoolwork.
I have achieved an A pass in Maths for term 1 2023 and this is all thanks to Mind Over Maths.
I am truly thankful and beyond grateful.
Alex Du Plooy


Pavan Singh – Grade 9 – Wynberg Boys High School

We started with Richard and the Mind over Maths team earlier this year and have been absolutely happy with this decision.
My son has always struggled with maths, but by consistently attending extra maths this year has made a huge difference to his confidence and overall attitude towards the subject.
We have seen a significant improvement in his marks from low 50s to his last exam mark of 70%.
Richard and his team have a lot of patience and work individually with each student, spending time to ensure they understand the concepts.
The relaxed environment and friendly tutors make Mind over Maths a great place for teens to learn, improve and most importantly... enjoy maths!

Thanks again Richard and your fantastic team.


Mbali Maseko – Grade 8 – Reddam House

I love Mind over Maths as the name suggests it gets your mind over Maths.
At Mind over Maths you can work at your own pace which is different to class Maths.
They help in trying to find easier and quicker methods as well as focusing on what you struggle with which then leads to you improving in your performance.
Mind over Maths has helped me immensely as I used to get 40 - 60%, but now I'm scoring 80% and above.
I highly recommend them for those who want to achieve their personal A+.


Kayley – Grade 8

Dear Richard and the Mind over Maths team
Thank you very much for all the help that you have given Kayley over the past term.
After coming unstuck in the Maths test in Term 2, we enrolled Kayley for extra Maths tutoring with Mind over Maths at the beginning of the June/July holidays which then continued over this last term.
The extra practice and support that you provided quickly allowed her to regain her confidence and she obtained an excellent 90% for Maths in Term 4.
We are confident that the extra consolidation provided by Mind over Maths will help Kayley’s Maths go from strength to strength in the terms ahead.
Thanks once again.


Elle Largier – Grade 11 – Westerford

When my daughter started at Mind Over Maths in March 2022 it was a last-ditch attempt to help her with Maths before allowing her to change to Maths Lit.
Having been for Maths lessons elsewhere, I didn’t hold out much hope.
One term later and her Maths mark has gone from 54% to 74%.
More significantly though is how much her attitude towards Maths has changed.
She no longer dreads Maths class or Maths exams because she feels in control for the first time in years.
A huge thank you to Richard and his team for being as patient and kind as they are but, most importantly, for making Maths understandable!

Melissa Largier

Unit B1A, Tokai Village Centre, Tokai
Email: [email protected]


Ben White – Grade 10 – Bergvliet High

Since starting high school Ben had always achieved in the high 70% range for maths.
At the end of grade 9 his marks dropped to a low 60% and in the first term of grade 10 he was down to 50%.
We had to do something before he fell further behind.
One of his classmates had achieved amazing results after attending Mind Over Maths, so I got hold of them.

Ben has only attended lessons for one term but his maths mark at the end of term 2 is back up to 74%!

He is thoroughly enjoying the classes and likes the fact that Richard shows various methods to get to the answer. He is also amazed that Richard always knows the answer!

We are so impressed and highly recommend Mind Over Maths!!

Thanks so much

Unit B1A, Tokai Village Centre, Tokai
Email: [email protected]


Rory Jeppe – Grade 12 – Wynberg Boys High

To Richard & Team

Thank you for helping Rory over the last few years and Ross last year when he did Matric.
Rory has gone from achieving below average marks to consistent A’s and is even tutoring Maths at school!
Ross has said that he would not have done so well in his Matric final (A pass) without your help.
So thank you again!

The Jeppes

Unit B1A, Tokai Village Centre, Tokai
Email: [email protected]


Ethan October - Grade 8 2022 - SACS

In primary school we tried various tutors with hardly any improvement in Ethan’s maths marks.
The situation was heading for disaster until we approached Richard.
We found Mind over Maths on the internet.
Thankfully, his attendance led to a vast improvement of 44% in his maths from Grade 7 to Grade 8, higher than the class average.

Ethan has elaborated on his experience below:

“Mind over Maths has helped me understand math with enthusiasm,
clarity and precision.
Every lesson is practice and revision but, at the same time, there is always time for a good conversation before settling down.
There are different exercises each lesson and they pay good attention when it comes to your weaknesses.
They won't provide random homework like some places, it is based on what you don't know and helps you understand what you're doing.
They have helped me get ahead in my class and have raised my positivity when it comes to explaining work to my classmates.
That's a tremendous bonus because now I can truly understand my work and take pride in my work.
They take pride in their teaching and always have a positive attitude when helping and won't get mad if a question is too dumb.”

Unit B1A, Tokai Village Centre, Tokai
Email: [email protected]


Asher Roelf – Grade 9 2021 – Bergvliet High

I happened to come across the MIND OVER MATHS signage whilst driving through the Blue Route Mall parking. At that stage, I could never have imagined the role that Richard and his team would have played in my and my son’s life.

We were fast approaching the middle of the fourth term and my son had failed maths in all previous terms. In a desperate attempt to salvage any kind of hope of passing, I enrolled my son for some intensive sessions with the maths tutoring team.

I was optimistic, but not unrealistic – seeing that we’ve come for help so late in the year. But earlier in this month I received a call from my son’s school maths teacher…When I got the call I could only think the worst.

It turned out that it was good news…the teacher contacted me to congratulate us!!!! Asher got the second highest mark in his class!!!! He really could not have achieved this without the help of the MIND OVER MATHS team! Such an amazing investment in my son’s education!

Thank you again to Richard, Karen and all the maths geniuses who helped us get through this tough time!

Cindy Roelf


Justin Day - Grade 9 2021 - SACS

Justin was falling behind in maths this year and it all came to a head in May.
He got 52% for a test, wasn't following along in class and felt anxious about the June exams coming up.

I contacted Richard who within a few lessons picked up where his main issues lay. Richard and Karen offer an extremely professional and personal tutoring program which Justin has enjoyed and benefitted immensely from.

He missed the June exams due to quarantining but was fortunate to attend the maths workshop Richard offered in the holidays which I believe turned things around for him.
Justin achieved 77% average for maths last term, getting 84% for the one test.
We were so excited and chuffed for him especially because of where he had been a few months before.

I cannot thank Richard enough for what he has done for Justin and can highly recommend Mind Over Maths.


Kelley Stevens – since Grade 11 2021

My daughter, Kelley, has always been struggling with Mathematics and I have always sat with her and helped where I can. During the Covid-19 lockdown period online and blended learning was employed at school which disrupted her learning experience. She could not easily assimilate or internalize the work given to her.

While her general average in Mathematics was 40 – 50%, it had then dropped to 30% which was of great concern to us as parents. As a working parent I do not necessarily possess the required skills to tutor Kelley in Mathematics and therefore needed to turn to professionals for assistance.

We approached Richard for assistance and as an instructor he had immediately set us all at ease by his engaging methods. Kelley seemed more interested in improving her grades and was more comfortable with the instruction she had received. We were ecstatic to see her prospering under the tutelage that she received.
Even though we have to travel quite a distance for Kelley to attend the classes, as parents we feel that this is well worth the effort seeing the work that was put in to assist Kelley in her understanding and engagement of the subject.

She has been with Richard since Term 2 and in Term 3 during which she managed to score a 90% average. We knew that there would be some improvement in her marks, but we were pleasantly surprised by her growth in the subject. We can only ascribe this accomplishment to the hard work that Richard has put in to help Kelley toward academic success.

We as parents are very thankful for the assistance and support that we and Kelley have received. I believe that these classes are essential to Kelley’s academic success as well as promoting her confidence in a subject that she used to find daunting.

Sincerely, Lucinda


Ethan van Muylwyk - since Grade 10 2021 – Westerford

We approached Mind over Maths to help Ethan, who was a Maths A student before moving to High School and having to endure lockdown teaching.
The end of last year he was getting 51%, but due to Richard and his teams’ amazing approach Ethan is now getting 74 - 80%.
Mind over Maths has made such a difference to Ethan’s approach and confidence in his Maths abilities.
Well done to Richard and his team (and of course Ethan) for their amazing effort in working together to make this incredible turn around in his Maths marks possible.
I definitely recommend Mind over Maths to anyone wanting to improve their Maths marks.
Thanks again

Call us now! 072 495 7900
Unit B1A, Tokai Village Centre, Tokai


Fill in the gaps and get back on track for Term 3!

• Grades 8 – 12
• Monday 12 July – Friday 16 July 2021
• All Covid safety protocols in place
• Space is limited so contact us now to book your place or to find out more! [email protected] 072 495 7900

The Grade 12 Workshops will focus on:
Day 1: Quadratic & Exponential Equations
Day 2: Series & Sequences
Day 3: Mixed & Inverse Graphs
Day 4: Calculus
Day 5: Trigonometry


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Thank you!


Katey - Grade 10 2021 - Westerford

Hi Richard

I want to let you know that maths with you has given Katey a new lease on maths life!
She feels like a maths boffin getting 76% at the moment and even helps the other kids in the class – it is now her best subject and she looks forward to the challenges it provides – she feels able to take it on now!
And this from 23% and a recommendation to drop to maths lit.
Thank you 😊



Call us now! 072 495 7900

Taegan Felton - since Grade 8 2020 - SACS

In Primary school I was getting 80% for Maths each term, but when I went to High school my Maths mark dropped into the 30’s in the first term. Unfortunately last year Covid hit and we went into Lockdown.

Online schooling was very challenging and I could not make up for the basics which I had lost in the Grade 8 foundation.
My mom saw an advert for Mind over Maths and we decided to give them a try. My Maths mark went from 34% to 67% at the end of Grade 8 and 84% for the first term of Grade 9!

I really enjoy being taught by Richard because he is patient and takes the time to explain Maths in a way that I easily understand. He is very helpful and kind.

Mind over Maths has helped me so much and I’m so grateful to them and Richard for giving me back my confidence and love of Maths!



Call us now! 072 495 7900

Matthew Allison – since Grade 11 2020 – SACS

“Dear Richard

Just a quick note to say thank you to you and your team at Mind Over Maths for all your efforts in improving Matthew’s maths marks over the past year.

Matthew started at Mind Over Maths in February 2020 with the aim of improving his marks for Grade 11 and Matric.
He had achieved a mark of 60% for maths at the end of his Grade 10 year and needed to improve on this mark to be accepted into a specific course at university.

Mind Over Maths have been instrumental in assisting Matthew to enable him to have a better understanding of the different maths concepts.
He achieved 74% for maths at end of Grade 11 and 90% at the end of Term 1 in Matric this year.

Matthew enjoys and benefits from the one-on-one interaction with the tutors at Mind Over Maths and the immediate assistance and explanations in regard to any difficult calculations encountered. Mind Over Maths has given him the confidence he needed to approach maths in a more positive way and improve his marks to enable him to pursue his chosen career path.

Thanks so much.
Keep up the good work.



Call us now! 072 495 7900

Isabella – Grade 9 to Grade 12 – Bergvliet High

Before I started going to Mind over Maths I was getting 40% – 50% for tests and as my average. When my doctor (Dr Goldberg at Medicross Tokai) suggested that I try and go to Richard it was the best decision I made. I now consistently get between 70% – 85% for my tests and between 75% – 85% average.

It is a very comfortable environment to work in and the tutors are very kind and always willing to help. I stayed with Mind over Maths all the way into my matric year and I would recommend Mind over Maths to anyone who likes a comfortable, calm working environment with friendly people, who need an extra hand and push in mathematics and who want to improve their results for maybe school or university reasons.

Richard’s way of tutoring is very professional and extremely helpful. He finds the best and quickest ways of solving Maths problems that would seem like nightmares. Once he shows you the easy steps and tricks you will start laughing at the problems, I know I do.



Call us now! 072 495 7900

"A huge thanks to Richard and the Team at Mind over Maths. So grateful for the additional support in Maths. This year especially, the additional support has proven invaluable! The results are in and we couldn't be more proud of Leigha!
Signing up to Mind over Maths tuition continues to be one of our best decisions yet! Thank you so much!"

Leigha - Grade 10 - Cape Academy



Dearest Maria, Richard and Karen

I felt I needed to send a special thanks by mail to your amazing team!

From my very first communication to the great improvement in my son's Maths, I have been completely blown away.

I made contact with Mind over Maths the end of August and Joshua started in September, which was just before the end of term 3. I think with the extremely busy curriculum and all the bits of extras our children need to get through in a school day, the reality of it is that sometimes we as parents need to put the extra in to benefit our children. My son came home with marks as low as 50% and his self esteem was pretty low when handing his papers to me to sign. This is when I realised it was time to find some assistance as I could not see him feel this way.

We were allocated 2 lessons a week and Joshua has worked extremely hard to improve his marks. We have had the best experience from your team. From the patience and flexibility to the quick messages to alert Maria of my concerns and areas I felt he needed to work on for a test. Without hesitation it would be done. Joshua would come home from each lesson feeling so confident.

In term 4, just a few weeks after working with Maria, we had our first test and Joshua got a whopping 72%! At first I thought it was just by luck, but this was definitely not the case as he had two Maths exams two weeks ago and his marks were 79%.
Not only has his Maths improved, but his focus has been so much better overall that in many of his exams he got between 80 and 90% which really pleased me so much!

I highly recommend your team with your professional methods!

Kind regards
Wendy Stephenson



“Right from the start until now, Mind over Maths continues to exceed our expectations at every touch point. From the monthly personalised reporting (which is underpinned by a friendly yet highly professional, skilled team) to the genuine interest shown in supporting the development of our children in this ‘sticky’ area.
Personally headed up by Richard & Karen, Gabriel (Grade 11, Bishops) has improved from 60% to 77% while Mia (Grade 8, Herschel) has crossed over from 73% to 85%.
Although most noteworthy to mention, both Gabe & Mia thoroughly enjoy their sessions twice a week, valuing the support in an area which has consistently been a source of anxiety and hard slog ... until now."

Loreen de Graaf




Our son received below 40% for his Maths term mark at the beginning of the year and we knew we needed to find him some extra help and support SOON!

So we browsed around looking for affordable extra Maths lessons and discovered Mind Over Maths.

Isaac O has been attending Mind Over Maths for just a few months now and Richard and his team have done a sterling job in helping him to understand and improve his Maths results.

Isaac got 77% for his final Maths exam for term 2 this year….I almost fell out of my chair!!!

This has happened in the space of just a few months…. It has really boosted his confidence and he is greatly encouraged by this.

What I like about Mind Over Maths is that they give you a monthly report on how your child is doing….what ‘problem areas’ they still need to focus on and areas of practice needed, also encouragement where there has been improvement.

We hope that Isaac will continue to go from strength to strength now.

Just to make sure that this is not a once off achievement, Isaac will continue with Mind Over Maths to keep up the practice and the consistency as Grade 12 is just around the corner!

Thank you Richard and your team….you obviously have the touch!!!



James has been attending Mind Over Maths since January 2019. He is absolutely LOVING his lessons and enjoys the maths support he is getting by attending lessons twice a week.

In truth it has transformed James’s relationship with the subject as he often felt defeated in maths class and would give up easily during tests.

He assumed that he did not have the ability to grasp concepts and understand the work and this resulted in him failing maths in Grade 6.

He is now achieving results of over 80% consistently and his class teacher says it is really encouraging to see that he believes in himself again and is now engaging in class, enjoying maths and successfully completing his tests.

We are so encouraged as parents. Sometimes it is just about finding the right combination/support for your child.

Private tutoring with Mind Over Maths has certainly given James the encouragement and support that he needed.

In James’s story it really is all about the MIND Over Maths…. So when asking him what he would like to share, his response was clear…. “MOM, just look at my marks, I went from 32% to over 80%!!”

Thank you to Richard, Karen and James’s tutor Maria for all that you provide to James and the many children who benefit from the extra support your team provide.

Believing in yourself is the start…. Mind Over Maths has really helped James believe in his abilities and find his confidence again.

Thank you!!

Zoë and Mark Howes



Dear Richard

Thank you so much for all your help over the last 12 months. The improvement in Cailey’s marks has been astounding.

She has gone from 39% – 65%… we could never have done it without your help!

Cailey always looks forward to going to extra maths which shows that you have created a positive, uplifting environment for the children to work in. “Feels nothing like school” says Cailey.

The tutors are always friendly, patient and willing to help at every turn – which makes such a difference.

I am always eager to recommend Mind Over Maths to other moms whose children are struggling with maths because I know how much it has helped Cailey.

Thank you once again!





To Richard & Team I would like to thank you for making Maths so interesting and enjoyable for my son (Jamie-lee Samuels)... He shows much more interest now that he UNDERSTANDS what needs to be done.. Jamie-lee was told by another institution that he won't be able to pass Maths (Grade 9) in the 2nd term due to his fail mark in the First term :( not the best news a parent could / want to hear.. But guess what my son has passed in the 2nd term with satisfying marks. All I can say is a big THANK YOU to Mind over Maths... Hard work pays off. Keep the good work up!!!!!



Very happy with Mind over Maths. My son's marks went from below 50% to over 80% within a few months of attendance. A year later and he is still achieving over 80%.



Mind Over Maths Tokai has helped both my children tremendously with their Maths. The staff at Mind Over Maths are incredibly approachable and go the extra mile to help each INDIVIDUAL child to get where they need to be. I STRONGLY recommend Mind Over Maths.



Since joining Mind Over Maths my son's marks have improved significantly and he has become so much more positive about the subject. Richard is fantastic - he is always willing to help out and an absolute pleasure to deal with. I am so glad that Mind Over Maths was recommended to me!



In only a few weeks Richard at MIND OVER MATHS helped my daughter to raise her Maths aggregate by 20%! By all her accounts he is an excellent teacher who is calm, patient and always approachable. The June exam results are testament to that. Her confidence has grown significantly and she's keen to improve further in the months to come. Another huge plus is the reasonable rates. It's our pleasure to have discovered MIND OVER MATHS and we're very grateful.

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