Privileged 2 Learn

Privileged 2 Learn

Home-based learning and tutor center Our team of teachers are dynamic people, with a passion for children. They themselves are moms.

Our goal is to nurture and to make the learning environment interesting. By building a relationship with each child we make a pathway for efficient and effective communication.

Operating as usual


What grade is your child or grandchild going to?


THIS IS THE FINAL SCHOOL TERM. IM HERE TO HELP WITH TUTORING. Depending on the other terms mark you will need to boost your performance. Whether you area at homeschool, private or government school I'm here to help. Price per house is usually R150 - R200 per hour. I am running a special for October and November 2021. R100 per hour if you book and pay for a minimum 5 sessions =R500. After that you can still enjoy more session for R100. A formal assessment will be done with feedback for free. 0839532561


Have you decided about your kids schooling for 2022? Homeschool /public or private school? Pls comment will love to hear from you all.


Times have changed. What once was is now so different... Pls post the year you finished school and what was the pass rate?

We set a terrible low bar for our kids 30%pass rate now in South Africa and still we are disappointed when they perform below average.


I have 5 spaces open. Do you need us to do daily homework & continue with their school work?
Open from 7am - 1.30pm.
We also offer extra lessons / tutoring during the morning or afternoon, weekdays and weekends.

Contact me 083 953 2561

All Covid 19 protocols will be followed : social distancing - each having a seperate desk, wearing of masks, regular handwashing and using sanitizer.
Each child to bring their own stationary and sanitizer as no sharing is allowed.
Children have full use of the kitchen and garden during their breaks . Kids welcome to order food via Uber eats / Mr Delivery etc
Free wifi to complete tasks.


Competition time!!! Father's day hamper up for grabs.
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3. Comment on this post about your amazing dad/grandfather/oupa/ubaba/ntate/uyisemkhulu/mentor/male figure in your life

Competitions South Africa

*This competition ends 25 June 2021. Prize will be distributed by end of June 2021.


What do you do with the children during the July school holidays? We will be open. Limited space. We offer a holiday program/daycare to assist with working parents, tutoring sessions and art classes. We take for all ages.

All Covid-19 protocol will be followed.

R800 for 1 week. R1300 for 2 Week. Daily rates on request. 6.30am to 5.15pm or as per arrangement.
Bring your food, order from Uber/Mr Delivery and kids have access to the kitchen.
Child can bring items from home like phones, laptops etc for entertainment and blankets. We have a holiday program of playing games, outside activities, watching movie, cooking & baking and art. The key here is to balance phones and smart devices with activities in between. Amazing art class not to be missed for an extra R200 per week. Tutoring offered on request. We offer a safe environment with free wifi and a lovely garden. Walking distance to the shops.

Secure your child's place now.

083 953 2561
Mrs Shaigh Kemp

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Never to be repeated offer at our Tutoring centre. WOW R60 per hour for a minimum of 5 hours =R300. Get a clearer and better understanding on your curriculum, tests and exams. You can chose tutoring for 90 or 120 minutes at a time. Contact me now with the grades and subjects your child needs help with. Open 7 days a week. 083 953 2561
All Covid-19 protocol will be followed.

OFFER valid till 31 July 2021. Be prepared for the 3rd quarter or 2021
Child can work at their pace, safe environment with free wifi and access to the kitchen facilities and lovely garden. Walking distance to shops


Tell us what you wanted to be as a child and what career are you in now or if you eventually are living your dream?


Do not delay on your decision to homeschool your children.
The Educators Union wants closure of schools across the country over concerns around rising Covid-19 cases.

Education experts have already warned that the delayed 2021 school calendar, in combination with lost teaching time in 2020, is likely to have a significant impact on South African students and schools had a delayed start of a month in 2021 due to the resurgence of second Covid-19 wave.

Department of Education’s director-general Mathanzima Mweli said that younger students are particularly at risk of forgetting about skills and knowledge acquired at school if they stop learning for extended periods of time.
We have narrowed the curriculum as part of a process known as ‘trimming’ which means that these students were not exposed to the full curriculum.

You can start next term with us. There are so many benefits to home-based learning such as less exposure to Covid 19, one on one guidance, child can work at their pace, safe environment with free wifi and access to the kitchen facilities and lovely garden. Walking distance to shops



After assessing your kids latest report allow us to assist with tutoring. Get 3 sessions for the price of 2. We understand that you are working parents, we will assist you 7 days a week. 083 953 2561


You can start next term with us. There are so many benefits to home-based learning such as less exposure to Covid 19, one on one guidance, child can work at their pace, safe environment with free wifi and access to the kitchen facilities and lovely garden. Walking distance to shops



Tutors wanted Grade 7 to 12. Part time. All subject including Maths and accounting. All school leavers, people with skills required. Per your rate. Pls send your cv to [email protected]


Tutoring is a vital role to understand the work from school. Book an assessment for 2 subject Special for April 2021 :R250 for 2 subject assessment over a 3 and a half hour period (doesn't have to be on the same day.) After the assessments we work out a plan that suites your budget and schedule. School holidays we are also open to help catch up work. Children often feel inadequate and often feel like they have failed. We are here for you. After r 083 953 2561



083 953 2561

Privileged 2 Learn Send a message to learn more.


It's not too late to move you child to a home school environment. There are many advantages such as 1 on1 learning and they are less exposed to Covid 19. Please enquire 083 953 2561


Privileged 2 Learn Send a message to learn more.

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Aftercare at your service. We are also open for the school holidays. Working parents with school children need support such as homework, preperation for test and exams, including a safe place on their off days at school. We offer a safe and Covid 19 friendly environment. Art activities daily. Daily and weekly rates apply Contact 083 953 2561


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After the 1st term you will know if your child has adapted to school, build health peer relationship, see where they may be struggling.
It's not too late to move your child to a homeschool /home-based learning. In the mean time please call on us for extra lessons /tutoring before exams and assessment 083 953 2561



Does your child struggle with Afrikaans? Please get in touch for extra lessons 083 953 2561


Privileged 2 Learn Send a message to learn more.


Daycare and aftercare. WE ARE OPEN DURING THE SCHOOL HOLIDAYS. Day rate and weekly rates apply. FREE WIFI and a safe enviroment while parents work. Weekdays 6.30am - 5.30pm.

They are able to come after school and on the days they are not at school. We will assist with all homework, projects, test and exam preparation and catching up with all school work.
Private tutoring also done.
If your child is I dependant and just needs a safe space to leave we will accommodate the students needs.
There are 4 study and work areas of which 2 classes can close for concentration.
A front and back garden.
Kitchen is avaliable for children to make /prepare their own food, bring own food or Uber is welcome.
1 block from Bracken Square center: KFC, Checkers, Pep, Crazy store, Spur etc.
We offer your child a safe environment to learn and grow.
We also offer art classes which you can book individually or with other students.

Please enquire by contacting Mrs Shaigh Kemp (Shay) 083 953 2561 whatsapp, sms or call


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It's not too late to enroll your children for homebased learning and we also do tutoring please contact me 083 953 2561



Children are already behind, especially those not placed. Morning And afternoon slots available

Time slots Monday to Friday :
1. Morning slot
2. Afternoon slots

This will include: teaching, self study, projects and homework on site or at home

You don't have to worry about distractions of others. Please contact me for 1 on 1 student teacher attention.

What grade is your child?


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Relocating back to Gauteng and worries your child's application to learn is too late? Or you don't want to start them at a government school because you may be relocating soon..... Not to worry I can help. Please contact me. Your child's educational needs are our priority. Let's start with the curriculum and you can continue with schooling at your new destination


Take a 2 minutes to take our poll:

1. What grade are your children/child?
2. What is their home language?
3. Is your child attending school based on home language?
4. Did you know we cover all material at school and the children get homework 2 days a week?
5. Do your children know what the primary colours are.. without Google?
6. We offer all subjects I'm Afrikaans and English? Your child learns in their preferred language.
7. How many hours have you sat in the evenings doing homework for the next day?

Stats will be send out. You have till Wedneday 3 March 2021

Send via:
*email [email protected]
*what'sapp 083 953 2561
*place answers in the comments


Impaq’s CAPS-aligned lessons

Compulsory subjects:
- 1 home language English or Afrikaans
- second language subject at Home Language English, Afrikaans, isiZulu
- Mathematics
- Natural Sciences and Technology
- Social Sciences
- Life Skills

- We also offer :
*Bible Education
*Lego Robotics and Coding

*isiZulu is currently ONLY available as a First Additional Language in Grades 1 – 4


CAPS-aligned lesson MATERIAL.

-1 home language: English or Afrikaans
- Additional Language: English,Afrikaans, isiZulu
- Mathematics
- Life Skills

Additional subjects available :
- Bible Education
- Lego Robotics and Coding

Other: Private art class for additional fun for boost your child's imagination and creativity

Please note: Your child must be enrolled for Grade 1 in the year that he/she turns seven.


Our programme provides the building blocks for young learner’s full potential.

CAPS-aligned lesson material
1. Home Language
2. Mathematics
3. Life Skills
4. We also offer Bible Education as an additional subject.
5. Private Art class to bring out your child's imagination and creativity

Your child must be at least four years old to be registered for Grade R and must turn five or older by at least 30 June of his/her Grade R year.

Please contact me for any enquiries or further info 083 953 2561


Something fun


Admission now open for 2021.
Register now to Avoid Dissapointment.

Grade R – 12 | 1:1 Support | Social Interaction

Want to home school your children, but don’t have the time ?

Why not enroll them with Privileged 2 Learn and let us help you help your child to be the best that he/she can, and deserves to be.


-Safe Environment

-Ideal Student – Teacher Ratio

-Flexible Class Times

-One to One Extra Help Sessions


Please contact
Mrs Shaigh Kemp
083 953 2561
[email protected]



Education is key and as we look at costing, there is a definite saving.
Why Home-based learning?

A. Costs and info about public /private schools.

For 1 child alone.
1. Stationary - I myself am a parent know that stationary costs between R1000 - R1600 from Grade R - Grade 12 at the beginning of the year and more may be required during the year.
2. School uniform for 1 child for a year cost approx +R3000 or more which includes summer and winter uniform, blazers, tracksuits/sports atire, takkies, shoes, socks etc
3. Events and activities. The school requests money for the different activities though out the year. This can be daunting and costly

B. Home-based Learning costs

1. Basic stationary required : pens, pencils, sharpener, eraser, high lighters, ruler, pencils, 1 or 2 hard covered books. Cost R400 for the year.
2. Books and literature. Your child will be registered with Impaq which will supply your workbooks. There is approximately 1 book per subject. For the young primary learners there are 4 subjects. The older students may have 5 - 6 subjects.
3. Clothing and uniform. All children can wear casual clothing, no revealing or inappropriate attire. It's is optional to purchase a t-shirt with our details, to be warn on specific days.
4. Twice a year we will plan an outing which is curriculum based. This will be planned and communicated in advance.

Give me a call.

Mrs Shaigh Kemp
083 953 2561
[email protected]/[email protected]




We are excited that our Home-based learning and Tutor center will be open from Wednesday 10th February. Come and see what we are all about & how we operate.

We are taking calls and enquiries in the meantime. All info will be shared with you.

Education is key and your child will recieve quality education in a small class of approx 4-5 kids.

Mrs Shaigh Kemp
083 953 2561
[email protected]/[email protected]



Hula Hoop Baby 27/01/2021

You can do anything you put your mind to... Live, love, laugh and never hold back. Life is a hoot!!

Education is key! We are raising the next generation of leaders

HAS YOUR CHILD BEEN PLACED? All parents/guardians & student, we invite you to an enrollment interviews of 2021 registration. NB!! WE WILL BE OPEN DURING COVID 19

Mrs Shaigh Kemp
083 953 2561
[email protected]/[email protected]



Hula Hoop Baby Just Do It:

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Thank you to all those who sent your Cv for the teaching position. All applications have been received. If you have not heard from me in 2 weeks your application was unsuccessful. I will keep all CVs for future reference as our tutor center grows. All the best.

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Opening Hours

Monday 07:30 - 13:30
14:00 - 17:00
Tuesday 07:30 - 13:30
14:00 - 17:00
Wednesday 07:30 - 13:30
14:00 - 17:00
Thursday 07:30 - 13:30
14:00 - 17:00
Friday 07:30 - 13:30
Saturday 08:15 - 12:15
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