Donna Elite Foundation English Grammar School

Donna Elite Foundation English Grammar School


Dear Parents and Guardians,

I am appealing on behalf of the management and staff of Donna's school to please pay your outstanding school fees as soon as possible. Today is pay day and none of us got paid any salary because the school is out of money. Why? because so many parents have not paid their school fees. We understand some parents are facing financial difficulties due to COVID disruptions, but they could have made payment plans. However, many of the parents who have not paid are well paid businessmen, public servants and officials. Please think of the teachers who have worked hard all year to help your children succeed and are now faced with a very bleak two months, including Christmas, with no income. Some parents have school fees owing since 2016 - we will soon be legally prosecuting them we have no choice left. Heartfelt gratitude to those parents who have kept up with their payments or have tried their best. Please examine your conscience and decide where you stand. I wish you all a Blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year - one that many staff at Donna's may not be sharing. Alex Year 7 & 8 English teacher
This school is so cool
Have classes resumed already or not yet???

We create an open learning environment where every child is able to learn at his or her own level of

We provide After School Care( Extra-Class) for underprivileged kid's who may have missed out on some learning skill's in class. Parent's are welcome to enroll their children at our unique professional Extra-Class English Course Programmes as follows:

a]Phonics & Sounds Course
b]Grammar Course
c]Reading Comprehension
d]Writing Fluency(Story Writing)

We have the best tools to drill your child on h

Operating as usual

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Resumption of schools after TC LOLA, Examination date, Rapid Assessment form and communication line.

DEFEGS Resumption of Classes tomorrow 27th October, 2023, according to MoET.


As per notice from SHEFA PEO, classes are suspended to allow for cyclone preparation.

Mock Exams will be rescheduled.

Updates will be sent accordingly.

Stay safe.


📣Note to all parents and Guardians.
Please come and collect your children from school as teachers will be packing up resources for safe keeping.
Keep all children safe until all warnings are cleared off for SHEFA.
Stay safe.
God bless.


Second Talent Show - 21 Sept 2023

The School would like to express a major gratitude of thanks to all parents, students and hardworking teachers who have sacrificed their time and contributions towards the Talent Show to ensure that the 2 weeks preparations met the date of performances for each and every classes and also towards the contributions each students made. It has made the second talent show a memorable one.
An extension of thanks to friends and families who have showed up to cheer their children's performances - it has brightened up their faces and hearts with your heartwarming presence at the show.

On that note, we had had a videographer (Gina Ishmael), a photographer (Kersom Richard) and a Master of Ceremony (Markson Taiki) millions of thanks also to you for accepting our last minute requests and also for giving out the best from your talents towards the talent show.

We have a two hour video of the Talent Show at the School Office. If Parents wish to have a copy, please do bring an external drive with a fee of 1,000VT to dowload a memorable video of your child performing on stage in the year 2023 - in the future you may reflect on how far your child have come to be who they are.

Thank you.




A Blessed Christmas & a Happy New Year 2023!


Our tenth week of Term 3 has almost elapsed.

Many thanks to all parents and students for your cooperation from the commencement of Term 1, throughout the dreadful lockdown, getting back up and into your uniforms on the 16th of May for normal classes until this day.

Despite challenges faced we thank all parents and sponsors who had faithfully completed all term 1 to 3 fees; parents who have not completed any of these terms school fees please pay up before the 29th of September so your child's report can be issued, otherwise you are withdrawn from receiving your child's report.

The term 3 school holiday is from the 19th of September to the 30th of September.

Term 4 begins on Monday 3rd October, 2022.

Please ensure fees are paid before your child enters class on 03/10/22.

Enrolments for next year 2023 are also open.

Thank you.
D.E.F.E.G.S Management

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Grade 1 and 6 receiving their Polio drops and Tetanus vaccines today. Our brave students faced their big mountains( 💉) by closing their eyes and feeling 🐜- like bites. 😊
yourself from Polio and Tetanus.


Terms 1 & 2 Outstanding School Fees with Term 3 Fees must be paid by 15th August before students sit for their mid-year exams.


Term 3
Week 4

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We thank God for 'Save the Children' who have organized this event for our students. The 5 keys messages shared are truly a blessing - GOD IS OUR ONLY SOURCE.

Photos from Donna Elite Foundation English Grammar School's post 22/06/2022

Outstanding Creative Writings from our Grade 6 students, Leonisha Iauko, Nathan Lini and Celina Maso.


Dear parents,

There is mounting confusion amongst parents over the lockdown period school fees from March up to re-opening of schools recently.

Some parents are using this as excuse to avoid paying their dues and the administration knows them specifically, however, to those faithful parents, here is a brief clarity for your personal examinations and comfort.

From Monday 07th March 2022 after lockdowns commenced over the weekend (Saturday 05th March 2022), ALL TEACHERS were still working on the clock full time & daily to ensure home-school-packages(HSP) were prepared, available & distributed to our students as instructed by the Ministry of Education(MOE) and we deeply sympathize with their families as they've put their lives on the line to get the ball rolling through these tough times. The school management also agrees to the inefficiency of the HSP's positive impact on our students therefore, teachers have also re-organized our school hours after day 1 of the re-opening of all schools so that we can capture all these lost hours of face-to-face lessons again in this term 2. This means all teachers have done reviews with their students of all the works distributed during lockdown period. That's why you may have noticed that students finishing off at the usual 1.30pm had been knocking-off at 2.45pm and similarly to the rest.

Therefore, term 2 of 2022 which will be ending next week Friday 24th June 2022 has to be paid in full prior to your child entering their classrooms.

For those who have made verbal arrangements, please report to the office to sign-off an arrangement contract as we have noticed that most parents have not kept their commitments as expected.

Kindly note that the severity of these issues must not be taken lightly and the administration will be handling it seriously to settle matters.

We thank you for your continued faithfulness and we look forward to meeting your needs where necessary.

You have a blessed night.



Dear Parents and students. Due to the Cyclone, There will be no School today. Stay safe and warm. We will keep you updated. Thank you.



TC GINA Warning Number 7

English Version
Tropical Cyclone Warning Number 7 for the SHEFA Province.

Tropical Cyclone Warning Number 7 issued by the Vanuatu Meteorology and Geo-Hazards Department, Port Vila at 4:08am VUT Friday 20 May 2022 for the SHEFA Province.

At 2:00am local time, Tropical Cyclone GINA [990hPa] Category 1 was located at 17.5 degrees South 168.4 degrees East. The system is positioned at the center left of the square letter I, number 8 (I,8) in the Vanuatu Tropical Cyclone Tracking Map. This is about 15KM northeast of Efate and 40KM south of Shepards Group. In the past 3hours, Tropical Cyclone GINA had moved in a southerly direction at 18KM/HR (10Knots). Maximum sustained winds close to the center are estimated at 75KM/HR (40Knots).

Tropical Cyclone GINA is forecasted to be at 18.3 degrees South 167.8 degrees East within the next 3 to 6

Damaging gale force winds of 60KM/HR, gusting to 90KM/HR are expected over the Islands of SHEFA province the rest of tonight and tomorrow.

Forecast Positions
Date and Time Position Intensity
+06 hours (8am, 20 May) 17.9S, 168.1E 40 KTS (75 KM/HR)
+12 hours (2pm, 20 May) 18.3S, 167.8E 40 KTS (75 KM/HR)
+18 hours (8pm, 20 May) 18.6S, 167.5E 40 KTS (75 KM/HR)
+24 hours (2am, 21 May) 18.9S, 167.3E 40 KTS (75 KM/HR)
+36 hours (2pm, 21 May) 19.5S, 167.1E 30 KTS (55 KM/HR)
+48 hours (2am, 22 May) 20.1S, 167.0E 30 KTS (55 KM/HR)
+60 hours (2pm, 22 May) 21.1S, 167.3E 25 KTS (55 KM/HR)
+72 hours (2am, 23 May) 22.5S, 168.1E 25 KTS (55 KM/HR)

Heavy rainfalls and flash flooding over low lying areas and areas close to the river banks including coastal flooding expected over the Central Islands tonight. Seas will become very rough with heavy to phenomenal swells over all coastal waters of Vanuatu.

Marine Strong Wind Warning is current over all coastal waters of Vanuatu.

The Severe Weather Warning for heavy rainfalls and Strong Inland Winds is current for the Central and southern Islands.

People over these areas are advised to listen to Radio Vanuatu and all other Radio outlets to get the latest update on this system.

The Vanuatu Meteorology and Geo-Hazards Department will continue to monitor the system and issue the next Warning Bulletin on Tropical Cyclone GINA at 6:00am or earlier if the situation changes.

This warning bulletin is also available on VMGD's website:, on its page: [email protected]/" rel="ugc" target="_blank">[email protected]/ You can call VMGD's free Toll number 116 for more information.

Bislama Version
Tropikol Saeklon Woning Namba 7 blong SHEFA Province.

Tropikol Saeklon Woning Namba 7 we i kam long Vanuatu Meteoroloji mo Geo-Hazads Depatmen, Port Vila at 4:08am VUT Friday 20 May 2022 blong SHEFA Province.

Long 2:00am lokol taem, Tropikol Saeklon GINA [990hPa] Katekori 1 hemi stap long 17.5 degrees South 168.4 degrees East. Hemia hemi kolosap long 15KM northeast blong Efate mo 40KM south blong Shepards Group. Sistem ia hemi stap long senta lef blong skwea leta I, namba 8 (I,8) insaed long Vanuatu Tropikol Saeklon Traking Map. Long las 3 aoa, Tropikol Saeklon GINA hemi bin muv long wan southali daereksen long 18KM/HR (10Knots). Ol Strong Wins kolosap long senta blong sistem ia hemi stap long 75KM/HR (40Knots).

Tropikol Saeklon GINA i ekspekted blong hemi stap long 18.3 degrees South 167.8 degrees East long nekis 3 kasem 6 aoa.

Ol Strong Kel fos wins blong 60KM/HR, ol Kasting i save go antap kasem 90KM/HR we bai hemi kontinu blong afektem ol aelans blong SHEFA provins tunaet mo tumoro.

Fokas Posisen
Dei mo taem Posisen Pawa (Intensiti)
+06 hours (8am, 20 May) 17.9S, 168.1E 40 KTS (75 KM/HR)
+12 hours (2pm, 20 May) 18.3S, 167.8E 40 KTS (75 KM/HR)
+18 hours (8pm, 20 May) 18.6S, 167.5E 40 KTS (75 KM/HR)
+24 hours (2am, 21 May) 18.9S, 167.3E 40 KTS (75 KM/HR)
+36 hours (2pm, 21 May) 19.5S, 167.1E 30 KTS (55 KM/HR)
+48 hours (2am, 22 May) 20.1S, 167.0E 30 KTS (55 KM/HR)
+60 hours (2pm, 22 May) 21.1S, 167.3E 25 KTS (55 KM/HR)
+72 hours (2am, 23 May) 22.5S, 168.1E 25 KTS (55 KM/HR)

Hevi renfol mo flas flading long ol flat ples mo ol ples we i kolosap long ol reva mo tu i save g*t ol kostol flading ova long sentrol aelans tunaet mo tomoro. Solwora tu bai i raf bigwan wetem ol bigfala swels we bai i stap ova long ol solwora blong Vanuatu.

Sevea Weta Woning blong hevi ren mo Strong Inland wins i stap naia ova long ol sentrol aelans.

Nekisfala Woning Buletin blong Tropikol Saeklon GINA bai i kamaot long 6:00am. Ol pipol long SHEFA Province oli mas lisin long Radio Vanuatu mo ol narafala radio aotlets blong kasem ol niufala toksave blong saeklon ia.

Ol woning ia, yu save kasem long websaet blong VMGD: mo insaed long Facebook pej Yu save kolem Tol Fri Namba 116 blong VMGD blong kasem moa infomesen.


~Benjamin Franklin

Photos from Ministry of Education & Training, Vanuatu's post 19/05/2022

Dear ALL Parents, Staffs & Students,

The school will fully resume on Monday 23rd May, 2022.

Primary finishes at 2:45pm.
Secondary finishes at 3:45pm.
AMK & PMK- normal hours.
Day care - normal hours.

Please ensure that you pick up your child on time. Late-pick ups will be charged.

All children are expected to bring their own eating utensils and drinking water bottles to school. ie. lunch boxes (if ordering from the canteen).

If your child is sick, please keep them at home full recovery before resuming school.

Term 1 outstanding school fees and Term 2 School Fees are due 31st May, 2022. No School Fees = No school.

Thank you for your understanding.
DEFEGS Management

DEFEGS SOP for Containment & Management of Covid-19 (May 2022) 16/05/2022


School Hours:

Normal classes & school hours for DAYCARE & KINDERGARTEN

Classes 1-9 resume in group rotation.
For Primary 1-6, classes finishes at 2:45PM
& Secondary 7-9, 3:45PM.

The changes in timing is to allow our teachers to review home packages with students that were handed out for Term 1 and Term 2.

There will be slight changes in our school Calendar for Term 2,3 & 4 to make up for the weeks missed during the Lock Down period.

The school SOP was approved last week on Wednesday 10th May 2022. It is now available for Parents to download from the link provided.

DEFEGS SOP for Containment & Management of Covid-19 (May 2022) Shared with Dropbox


SOP Timetable for 2 weeks. Group 1 & 2 allotments.


Note to parents with more than 2 children at DEFEGS, your children come to school on the same day.


SOP - Year 8 List _Groups 1 & 2.


SOP - Year 7 List _Groups 1 & 2.


SOP - Class 6 List _Groups 1 & 2.


SOP - Class 5 List _Groups 1 & 2.


SOP - Class 4 List _Groups 1 & 2.


SOP - Class 3 List _Groups 1 & 2.


SOP - Class 2 List _Groups 1 & 2.


SOP - Class 1 List _Groups 1 & 2.


The Management of Donna’s Elite Foundation English Grammar School appreciates all staffs and teachers, students and parents patience awaiting the approval of our School’s SOP.
The school will resume on Monday 16th May, 2022. This will be Week 5 of Term 2.

SOP Timetable
All classes from Class 1 to Year 8 will be coming on alternate days per week until we get back to normal. Children coming 3 days a week will be reduced to 2 days the following week to ensure they receive equal number of hours covered over 2 weeks face to face with the teacher.
Year 9 has a bigger classroom so all the students are coming to school every day. All COVID19 protocols must be observed by each student.

Time Allotment
Classes 1 to 6 7:30am – Classes Begin
9:30am – Break
11:30am – Lunch
1:30pm – End of normal classes
1:45 – 2:45pm – Home School Packages Recap
2:45 – 3:15pm – Pick up time (Any late pick-ups will be charged for 1,000vt)

Years 7, 8 & 9 7:30am – Classes Begin
9:30am – Break
11:30am – Lunch
2:30pm – End of normal classes
2:45 – 3:45pm – Home School Packages Recap
3:45 –4:15pm – Pick up time (Any late pick-ups will be charged for 1,000vt)

Kindergarten and Day care Every student comes to school.
AMK – Begins at 7:30am and ends 11am.
PMK – Begins at 12 noon and ends 3pm.
Day care – Begins at 7:30am and ends 4:30pm.


Dear Parents, Guardians and Students. We regret to inform you that the school SOP is still Under Review therefore there will be no School tomorrow yet. We will keep you updated if there are any changes this week.


Dear Parents. The school SOP is still under approval process and we kindly ask to keep your children at home until we get an OK from authorities concerned. In the mean time home packages can be collected tomorrow onwards at the School. Thank you and stay safe.


Monday 2nd May is a Public Holiday - Labor Day.

Week 3 begins on Tuesday 3rd May.


Dear Parents and Students. Teachers and admin will be preparing the classrooms and the School SOP this week. Students to remain at home until 2nd May where the School will receive students accordingly. We appreciate your patience and we will update you if there are any changes. Stay Safe and have a great week. Thank you.


Class 5 HSPs are ready for collection.


Good morning Parents and Guardians,

It's Friday -Week 1.

A big gratitude to our hardworking teachers who have paid off their time despite the Alert Level 3 situation to come to school everyday to get their students HSPs together for Term 2.

With their faithfulness, commitment and passion for the students, we have reached the end of Week 1 Friday with all HSPs ready for collection.

Thank you to all parents for your patience regarding the second HSPs for Term 1 weeks 1 & 2.

DEFEG School has been issuing hard copy HSPs since the last lock down, therefore, parents need to come and collect all packages if you had not obtained any at all (for Term 1, 2022).

Class 4 Term 2, Weeks 1 & 2 HSPs are ready for collection.

Years 7, 8 and 9 - Term 2, Weeks 1 & 2 HSPs will be ready for collection at 1pm.

As for AM Kindy, we will be issuing Weeks 3 & 4 on Friday 29th April/ Monday 2nd May as Weeks 1 & 2 had been issued already along with the Term 1 HSPs.

For any other info regarding fees and HSPs please call the office on 29882.

Thanks for your understanding.

Stay safe and God bless.


Good afternoon,

Classes 2, 5, 6 HSPs are ready for Collection.



Dear Parents/Guardians of DEFEGS,

We are now in the first week of Term 2.

Teachers are in school this week preparing for Term 2 Home School Packages. HSPs will be issued fortnightly, and will be paid fortnightly.

Classes 1, 3, Afternoon Kindy and Daycare are ready for collection from the students respective teachers.

Other classes not mentioned above, HSPs should be ready by Friday morning.

Please call the office on 29882 regarding HSPs.

Thanks for your understanding.

God bless.


Term 2 Memo.

Dear all parents,
We have now reached the 2nd week of the 2 weeks holiday.
The teachers are now in school preparing for Term 2 Home School Packages.
School Fees will be paid fortnightly before receiving fortnight HSPs.

We will advise again on our next post when parents can come to collect HSPs.
Term 2 school fee payments must be paid this week before term 2 begins next week 19th April.

Please call the office 29882 if you have any questions regarding Term 2's proceedings.

Stay safe.

God bless.


A happy 2 weeks holiday to our students during this pandemic lock down. We hope our students are making good use of their time doing their Home School Packages at their respective homes with their mums and dads & guardians in particular.
Please return the HSP next week Monday 11th to Thursday 14th for marking.
We pray for God's guidance and protection to cover us all till due season.
God bless.


Note to all parents.

Please come and collect your child's Home School Packages if you have not yet as our teachers will not be coming in to work next week. Tomorrow is their last day of being in school to hand out HSPs.

Thank you.

Stay safe.

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📣Note to all parents and Guardians.YELLOW ALERT FOR SHEFA. Please come and collect your children from school as teachers...
A happy 2 weeks holiday to our students during this pandemic lock down. We hope our students are making good use of thei...
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