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English Classes: 156 Vinh Khanh Q.4 TP.HCM: 090-312-4615 [email protected]

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[10/12/15]   I'm an American English Teacher. Add me please and thank you. My name is Joey Arnold

[09/04/15]   Focus on communication when you are communicating in English or other languages. Concentrate on the spirit of the law rather than the letter of the law. Focus on the overarching theme and purpose behind what is being said, in what is being sent and received between two or more parties or people
When learning how to speak and think in English, please look at the main ideas instead of being stuck on grammar & individual words in specific ways that are too concentrated and too slow. Keep up with the times. Keep up with everything that you need to do in your life. This piece of advice is good for you regardless of who you are. Keep this in mind as a student or even as a fluent native English speaker from America, Australia, England, or other countries. These are life skills for humanity
Have fun and be creative. Practice asking questions, brain-storming, and try to be as open minded as possible when you study and learn English speaking, listening, reading, writing, communication, pronunciation, grammar, sentence structuring, word order, IELTS, TOEIC, TESOL, TOEFL, CELTA, business, travel, tourism, finance, accounting, and other things. Practice thinking in English. Find foreigners to talk to. Make your own sentences. Memorize words and find ways to insert new words into new sentences that you create. When you speak in English, focus strongly on final sounds. When people say things, repeat what they say to make sure you heard them right. Write what you hear in your journal. Watch videos with subtitles. Listen and repeat everyday about 100 times per sentence each day. Do drills. Do your homework. Learn with music, movies, videos, games, dancing, fun, drills, tricks, teaching methods, accents, mind games, and through other things. Learn English while you learn other things as well. My name is Joey Arnold Original Oatmeal. I was born in 1985 in the United States and moved to Vietnam in 2012. I live in Ho Chi Minh City. I teach English. Please listen to my advice here as I am a teacher here. Learn synonyms (similar words) from thesaurus and dictionary books. Learn from different sources. Learn how to ask more questions, to have more critical thinking. Learn how to problem solve better. The sky is the limit. You have potential
Don't give students fish. Teach students how to fish, how to learn more on their own. English Centers stretch out English lessons in order to make more money, to get students to forget what they learned, and to keep the students coming back. One lesson may only last one week but they may teach that same lesson for a whole month or longer. Teachers must give students keys to life. Remember, no pain, no gain

[08/27/15]   Learn English like bats fly. Let your heart be your guide. Do what you can with what you have. Soar with your dreams, future, potential, & destiny. We are as blind as bats
We come out at night like bats & owls. We may be as blind as bats, but we are not as dirty as rats, & that's that. It takes one to know one. If you know rats, you may be a rat or you are on the way towards becoming America's Next Top Rat (not Model). We learn English like animals learn how to be animals, through instinctual integration. Learn English like a body builder through muscle memory in order to scare Alzheimer half to death. Bet, don't fret, the sweat, to let and get the pet of success. Take it like a man. No pain, no gain. Rome wasn't build in a day
You are Bat Man or Bat Girl. Fight English like Joker fights laughter and like Batman fights crime. Make it your duty, your passion, even as the cops run after you. Say the final sounds to words like you love them. Say it with passion like the French people. Emphasize the words like a clown, like Charles Chaplin with a microphone
You are a bat. You are not a rat. Have faith like bats. Have vision in the dark. Seek after your life goals with your built-in destiny phone app that is deep inside that thick skull of yours. I have this liars detector app inside of my Pinky & Brain head and I use it or lose it because now is the time to do what I got to do. Do it now like bats. Learn English Now. Tell her you love her now. Tell your parents you love them now. Go to school now. Find work now. Study harder now. Fight better now. Learn more now. Eat now. Sleep now. Do what you got to do now and remember that procrastination is not your friend but your enemy

[11/14/14]   what are you learning?

Education Entertainment

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[10/14/14]   Practice English with Joey, an American.

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English Classes: 156 Vinh Khanh Q.4 TP.HCM:
090-312-4615 [email protected]

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Education Entertainment

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