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My 4th bike in Vietnam.

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Z**i, Anna's sis, asked if I could marry her, take her to USA & divorce her. Anna asked me to leave her house that same 1st or 2nd week of April 2016. I said no to Anna and Z**i that same week. The next week, Anna kicked me out of her house & abandoned our 3 years friendship by telling people me bad

Loan, Anna's mother, wanted me to leave because Loan left that week in April 2016 to travel to Thailand and/or Cambodia and/or something. I'm American, born in the year 1985 in the USA, moved to VN in 2012, & moved to Saigon and met them in 2013. Anna called me her best friend because we were and/or because she didn't want to pay me. JOEY HELP ANNA MORE THAN ANNA HELP JOEY... I couldn't extend my visa in 2015. Loan tried to help. In Feb, they begged me to live in their house to teach them English UNTIL I GET VISA. THEY KIDNAPPED ME; TRAPPED; 3 MONTHS; SLAVE; THEY STOLE ALL MY MONEY; 20.000.000 VND or I gave it..... LOAN TOOK ME GET A VISA IN MARCH BUT I GAVE OR LOST MY MONEY TO Z**I AND/OR THEM. THEY CALLED ME DUMB. THEY WASTED MY GIFT, PRESENTS $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. IT WAS ALL MY MONEY. BUT THEY KNEW I NEED IT & PROMISED to GIVE BACK MY MONEY BUT forgot later. In January, Anna told me Z**i WANT BF but I need to know Z**i 1st..... Later, I stuck in their house. Here are 4 reasons why I shouldn't marry Z**i; because she loves money, to go to USA, Buddha not God, & fighting, more than she could love JOEY. Maybe Z**i doesn't like me either because I don't want to take her to America, be rich to give her lots of money, & because I am Ugly Mouse

Joey Arnold Oatmeal is my name, but Z**i called me Ugly Mouse. I was falling in love with Z**i. That is how I feel. But Z**i probably doesn't like me. But now, I don't want to be with a girl until Z**i gets married with somebody someday. I feel terrible right now for so many reason. I like Z**i cuz she is a teacher, singer, & manager; smart, funny, financially supports her family. I would help her with laundry, cleaning, papers, organizing, etc.. all day like once a week or so. Gave her all my money to illustrate Christ-like love. Gave her massages every morning & night for a month or more. I've liked girls before too. I feel like I'm not really sure what is real or not real any more. I'm a terrible judge of character. They bad or good? Don't know. FEEL EMOTIONAL, MIXED, DEAD.. WANT 2 BE FA NOW.... I still think about Z**i each day. WHY?????? HEART BROKEN... NUMBED...

Joey Arnold 2016-05-03 Tue 11 AM AC HCM
Mobile # 0168-478-5542


I couldn't extend my visa because I didn't have a work permit (WP). I think that is the reason. That is what I wrote in my last email. I think that a work permit is required within 90 days of a VN DN visa. That is what I see on the internet. Nobody told me that before. Therefore, maybe I'm not a blacklist for being a terrible criminal. Therefore, maybe I just need to find $2,000 USD or more to leave Vietnam by bus, go to Cambodia, and back to Vietnam with a new visa. My visa expired in 2015..... Maybe, that is the answer I'm looking for. Sadly, nobody told me this before. But only got $300 now.....

Joey Arnold 2016-05-03 Tue 5 PM AC HCM
Mobile # 0168-478-5542


Joey Arnold Oatmeal is blacklisted? No, probably not. Joey is my name. I was suppose to get a Work Permit (WP) WITHIN 90 days of my last visa. YOU CANNOT EXTEND a DN VISA a THIRD TIME WITHOUT a WP according to VN law, currently, it seems. THEREFORE, I'm not blacklisted because I'm a KATHY RA**ST, ANNA ABUSER, CIRCLE K ROBBER, PAGODA YELLER, DAI TRINH TALKER, STAR LOSER, or other terrible crimes that I may or may not be connected to directly and/or indirectly, and stuff, etc............

Why was I UNABLE (DENIED, REFUSED) to extend my 3 months Vietnam (VN) business or work (DN) visa a 3rd time in December 2015? I'm American, born in the year 1985 in the United States (USA), moved to Vietnam in 2012 with a tourist (DL) visa. I extended my visas every 3 months since 2012 & made new visas in Cambodia in August 2013 & my last one in March 2015. You can extend a DN 3 times for a total of 12 months. I extended my visa 2 times but was not able to extend my DN a 3rd time because I didn't get a WP yet. But nobody told me this before.

2015, December 9th, my DN visa expired. If I leave Vietnam, I may have to pay at least 200.000 VND to 600.000 VND for each day I overstay in Vietnam. Now, it is May 2016, about 5 months later & counting. Five months multiply by thirty days per month equals 150 days, times $10 to $30 USD per day equals to at least $1,500 USD or 30.000.000 VND or maybe up to at least $4,500 USD or about 100.000.000 VND or more, not counting other fees. I would need to buy a Cambodian visa. I would need to buy an invitation letter that can allow me back into Vietnam. Right now, I only have about $300 USD, or 6.000.000 VND. I'm homeless. I work teaching English to people sometimes. I'm making maybe a few dollars each day sometimes. I'm also spending money each day on food and drinks as well. I try my best to make some money. I tend to try to eat less to save money. I also need to save money to buy a new laptop and many other things.

I want to know if there are other secret penalties I may have to pay for failing to get a WP for my DN, for overstaying, & for anything else that I may not be aware of. I will try to get a round-trip bus ticket, letter, & visas package with a VN travel agency in HCM as soon I can, & will attempt to go to Cambodia by bus with that. But I may be thrown in jail or may be fined for many things. I don't know if they will lie or scam me at the border, the immigration department, the U.S. Embassy, travel agencies, or other places. I will continue to find answers. Please contact me if you know anything. Wish me luck as I try to figure things out. This year, of 2016, great things or terrible things may happen for me and my empire or lack thereof. But, do not quit in life. Continue to fight and smile. Pick your battles and make each day smile. Be happy you are still alive.

Joey Arnold 2016-05-03 Tue 3 PM AC HCM
Mobile # 0168-478-5542


"RESPECT" is a slippery slope towards "TOLERATING" su***de or other terrible things. What one generation tolerates, the next generation propagates. Muslims, for example & everything they believe. Beat, r**e, & murder women, children. Steal. Lie. Kill. Destroy. Abuse........

How much "SIN" are we willing to respect, honor, tolerate?

Respect Muslims when they r**e your wife and kids?

Where do we draw the line between what is ok and what is not ok?

People don't draw lines and slowly become worse without knowing it.

If we fail to plan, we plan to fail.

If we don't draw lines now, we may cross the lines without knowing them later.

People don't plan to become monsters but do over time....

I don't let emails or other things bother me.

I filter emails to folders. I organize. I do whatever I have to without abusing or limiting the development and needs of others......

I do not have to read the emails I get.

I can scan and skim read email headers and bodies.

But I don't want to tell people to not email me.
Because that will create bigger problems in the future....

Communication problems.

Character development problems caused by not being able to share enough and other things.

Psychologically, it damages people when you limit them.

It is like the husband saying to the wife, ok talk to me for the next five minutes but please stop right after that. Only 5 minutes per day, ok wife. Ok, now stop. Go to bed. Thanks for sharing. Ok, right? No. Terrible. Limiting communication or emails is damaging to our souls.

Family should not limit communication like that.

Katie Jean Arnold is limited communication time with her own brother, Joey.

Like a husband limiting time with his own wife.

That is damaging in the long term for both parties and that therefore effects them and everybody they come in contact with for the rest of their lives and these things are destroying people all of the time.

I am not really sad or angry with Katie but I use it to illustrate the problems I see in society and I want people to see how important things are for our world for people everywhere and I love using real life examples from my own life to paint the picture to relevant issues that people can relate to and I think it is better that way and that is part of the reason I always share my personal life with the world because people learn from it or at least can if they allow it to through the spirit of God and people and everything else as well through principles, perspective, eternal morality, objectivity over subjectivity, joy over circumstances, patience, integrity, character, fruits of the spirit, responsibilities, honesty, transparency, leadership, some respect maybe, hope, long-suffering, some tolerance maybe, and some oatmeal in your bowl with yummy delicious strawberries, oh yeah!!!!!

Joey Arnold 2016-05-03 Tue 12 PM AC HCM
Mobile # 0168-478-5542


Dear U.S. Embassy or Consulate, I wasn't able to extend my visa in Vietnam. I'm American, born in the year 1985 in Oregon.

I moved to Vietnam in the year 2012, November 29th on a 3-months multiple entry tourist visa which I extended 2 times. I came to Vietnam to teach at a school but the school changed it's mind & hired a female teacher from the Philippines on my 5th day in Vietnam. I felt betrayed but I decided to stay in VN as a freelance teacher and volunteer. I love helping people & have wanted to travel & contribute to the world since I was 8 years old.

I visited Cambodia twice to make new visas which I extended, first in 2013, & again in March 2015 where I asked for a DL tourist visa but they gave me a DN business visa.

Sinh Travel gave me a 3 month DN visa which I extended twice with Tuan Travel while living at my last address from 10-2014 - 10-2015:
219/9 Pham Ngu Lao, Q1 HCM.

At the end of October 2015, I had to find a new room because the house was being leased or rented to a new family. I was living there for 13 months & had to go. The Vietnamese family moved out & I went to live at a hostel.

I went to extend my visa again at Tuan a week before my visa expired but they said I was on a blacklist. I went to Chi Cafe & she said the same thing. After that, went to Mr.Thuy. They all talked about it. They asked if I fought with police or immigration. There might be a police report on me.

In October 2014, Circle K staff called the police on me. They got mad at me. I use to go there sometimes. I would buy food & the staff would practice English with me a little. They wanted to. That one day, they were too busy to say hello to me. That's ok but I thought they were rude. I tried to ask them about it but that led to the manager calling the police.

Immigration asked for my passport & I said no. But didn't think they were from immigration at that time. I tried to leave but they tackled me, tied me up for a few hours, searched my backpack without my consent, & then began treating me nicer when they saw I was American (they found my U.S. passport). They banned me from that store (Circle K headquarters) & wasn't allowed to rent rooms in that ward in District 4. At least, this is what I was told.

I might be on a blacklist because of the reports the police & store staff filed that day in 2014. If that is the case, I would like to pay what I owe. I want to plead innocent, as in not guilty, but I understand that they may find me guilty despite the security camera & footage at that store which would say otherwise to prove my innocence.

I also tried a 4th travel agency which said I wasn't on a blacklist & only needed residence when applying for a visa extension.

The landlord or people at my last room probably didn't register me with the ward committee police and instead just paid bribe money, or coffee money. But my visa was extended 3 times while at that address. Websites & agencies don't say that residence is required for extensions to be made. They said I should rent a room & extend my visa with the aid of a residence paper.

3 travel agencies said I'm on a blacklist & the fourth said I just need residence. I might be on a list because of the reports they filed at the store in 2014 or because I didn't pay taxes. Foreigners with DN visas may be expected or required to pay taxes. Their companies take care of that. Mine isn't since I don't have a company. I'm a tourist or freelancer. I understand that teaching or working is illegal without a work permit. However, I believe that I'm not officially working & my income is less than $20,000 USD a year, or actually less than maybe $500. My income goes up & down as a freelancer. I'm not the only freelance American English teacher in VN, but I understand that I could maybe get in trouble for it while the rest gets away with it.

I want to know what I can do now. My visa expired on the 9th of December 2015. I wasn't able to extend my visa. I want to make a new visa for Vietnam. I want to live in Vietnam & help the next generation here excel as Vietnam develops more & more. I love Vietnam & I hope people can have patience as Vietnam makes transitions from the older generations to the newer generations with the aid of globalization, capitalism, while balancing & grounding itself upon fundamental culture which must be preserved & in which makes Vietnam truly unique in a world of copies & sequels & reboots. I love the coffee here.

2016-01-20 Wed 1 AM AC 47THD Q1 HCM.
Joey Arnold 0168-478-5542

How Vietnamese Learn English.... 07/12/2015

How Vietnamese Learn English.... Eat nuts. Read more. Watch English films with English subtitles. Use different methods for learning. Think in English. Learn English while learning other sub...


Twenty English Words: Business Vocabulary
By Joey Arnold

01. Business: company: work: professional: way to make money
02. Profit: surplus: earn more than you spend: when you make money
03. Deficit: shortage: loss: when you don't have enough money
04. Benefit: motivation: reason: advantage: purpose.... money
05. Balance: profit/dividend/remainder/difference: money you have
06. Fill-in: write: type: complete forms, applications, papers
07. Statement: bank transaction: activity: actions, record, archive
08. Chairman: head of a board of directors
09. Headquarters: base: main office, building: castle: White House
10. Reception: front office: help desk: customer service
11. Shareholder: person who owns a share (part) of a company
12. Vice-President: the second president or assistant
13. Agreements are made between two or more parties
14. Agreements are made & signed in contracts (paper documents)
15. Clause: special part, statement, thing, stipulation
16. Hereinafter: from now on: starting now
17. Hereto: here to: here for: to this: reason
18. Heretofore: up until now, until the present, before this (already)
19. In behalf of: in the interest of: representing: on behalf of
20. Null & void: bad, broken: invalid, expired, abandon, vacant
2015-11-13 Friday, 11:40 AM: SBH Q.1, HCM
Joey Arnold


I'm an American English Teacher. Follow me
Joey Arnold


How can we speak English? Ten tips for speaking English. First, listen to English. Children have two ears but only one mouth. We hear language more than we talk it. Try to listen to native English speakers. Better yet, find teachers who will speak slowly at first with passion, effortlessly, like A.J. Hodges. Develop a listening passion

Two, talk slowly at first. Talk slower when learning new words. Focus on each part (syllable, sound). Be careful when you talk. Speak like children sing. Learn English while learning other things. Three, repeat after me. Repeat after videos. Listen and speak. Get some head phones or ear phones. Listen to YouTube videos with subtitles, the words on the bottom of the screen. Have fun when learning and speaking. You need to listen more than you speak. You need to learn new things slowly at first and one step at a time, little by little, as slow and steady wins the race for turtles over rabbits. Four, have conversations with yourself. Ask some simple questions and try to translate those conversations into English. Have a funny conversation. Talk out loud. Use different voices like you are in a cartoon. Have angry conversations when you are mad at yourself. Talk to imaginary friends. Five, think in English. This is very important. Talk with your mouth and with your brain as well. Practice makes perfect. No pain, no gain. Six, speak with people each day or as often as possible. Have at least one conversation per week with somebody entirely in English. If you forget an English "WORD" then try to explain and describe it in English & not in other languages. Take your time and be patient in communication and pronunciation

Joey Arnold is my name and I struggled with talking when I was younger. But I kept trying. I talked more and more and I developed accelerated confidence and faith as I talked. Family support and encouragement also helped. Especially my mother. Therefore, surround yourself around people who can help cultivate your progress. So, therefore, number seven, make speaking important. If you want to speak better, you need to be a better person. Family, friends, and others can help you become a better person. Talk about things that are important to you. Talk about what matters, what you believe in. Eight, read books out loud & write speeches. Nine, record yourself speaking. Focus on final sounds when you are talking. Emphasize on talking clearly. Learn American English. Focus on more formal English, on the fundamentals, before moving on to idioms & slangs. Ten, teach a little. Talk to people in English. Teach them how to do something that you know how to do. Give people advice but in English. Make English how-to videos and upload them to YouTube

Contact us for more information
Tel: 090-855-6131


Please contact me for more information
Mobile: 090-855-6131


The park was full of people today. Vietnamese came there to practice English with foreigners there. People from all around the world were there at that park. Students come here from near and far

People are enthusiastic when it comes to innovative education inspired from the western world. The international exchange enhances and accelerates the developments found in globalization which must be spiced and cemented with the historic culture pillars of domestic civilizations for the sake of moral compassing for the preservation of humanity. People are happy to come and talk to new people. People enjoy learning new things. People are there for their friends. People bounce their ideas off each other for the sake of eternal betterment for us all. Hold those dear to you close to your heart. People come to the park for a change of scenery, for a shift in perspective, for exercise, exchange, for education, entertainment, encouragement, dancing, dogs, children, foreigners, people, for stealing, for selling, for sitting around, and some come for love even (or something like that)... so great

Joey Arnold is my name and I come to the park too each day. I was born in Forest Grove, Oregon of the United States in the year 1985 and moved to Vietnam in 2012. People come to me and talk to me at that 23/9 Park in District 1 of Saigon near the Ben Thanh Market. I live near here. I walk to the park each day. I teach English to people. I am an American English Teacher. I love meeting new people. Today was a good day. Today was so awesome. We learned so much today about so many things. I have so many hobbies. I studied at four different colleges in America. I love learning. You can call me. I have a Vietnamese phone and phone number. I can talk in Vietnamese. I can write in Vietnamese. I have a mobile telephone. Please contact me for more information: please do not be shy: find me

Học tập nói được tiếng anh: liên hệ với tôi
Điện thoại: 090-855-6131


Speak English with me in order to become more fluent in American English Speaking and Pronunciation through the arts and disciplines of language immersion and integration

Practice English with Joey Arnold, that is me, and learn English as you learn other things, majors, subjects, in order to establish lifelong life skills, character traits, wisdom, patience, hope, love, joy, steadfastness, flexibility, agility, peace, serenity, integrity, guts, intuition, creativity, loyalty, respect, and maturity for the sake of physical, emotional, mental, psychological, social, and spiritual development, progression. Please strive consistently, patiently, systematically, daringly, passionately, as you seek to better the lives of yourself and those around you through all the means, tools, shortcuts, secrets, things, people, places, methods, and ways available as you make your way from zero to hero, from the bottom to the top of the ladder of success, of self realization, actuality, authenticity, originality, always, totally, completely, absolutely, dogmatically, throughly, for the sake of the human race, for the sake of the children, our future, our security, our sanity, our refuge, entertainment, education, encouragement, inspiration, and forgiveness

Study English with real actual native English speaking foreigners, Americans, British, or the like as this like helps and makes a world of a difference for the world over as it pushes you to listen more and to speak after hearing which is essential in picking up new languages which babies do for their mother tongues of course. Therefore, rise to the occasion, as there can be no gain without pain, as it is better safe than sorry, as the early bird gets the worm, as an apple a day keeps the doctor away, as problem prevention is better than problem solving (but be ready and prepared for both), as final sounds are fundamental and crucial in pronunciation, even in Oregon USA where I was born in 1985 as an Oatmeal eater, and even as it is better late than never in life; so please do what you can as you still can as I've been teaching in Vietnam now for the past three years since 2012 which is truly my honor as always and forever. Please contact me for more information. Please call me. I know how to speak and write in the Vietnamese language. I speak in English. I am fluent in English. I have a phone. I have a mobile telephone number. Please contact me. Please call me. Keep up the good work in all that you do

Joey Arnold
American English Teacher
DT: 090-855-6131


People ask me about the language of English. People want to master the English language. People want to speak in English more but without the effort. People want to listen to English but not too fast. People want fluency without the mental commitment

Joey Arnold is my name and people is my game. People ask about English secrets and shortcuts. We want to get there without going there. But learning takes creativity and synaptic connections. You must have fun while learning. Learn English while learning your major in college. Speak English with Americans like me. Study English alongside of life skills. Think in English. Make the new words crucial for your survival. Overemphasize final sounds when enunciating (pronunciation). Focus on communication over grammar first. Focus on listening and then speaking. You learn grammar as you speak but please do not get lost in grammar and please learn the fundamentals and basics of English before learning an excess of slang, idioms, and stuff like that. Learn English while listening to music, watching movies with subtitles, and while living in general. You learn while you live. You die when you stop learning. Find videos on YouTube with subtitles. Go to Thesaurus . com and learn synonyms. Look at new words in different ways. Find ways to make new connections to new vocabulary words and things you are learning. You also learn while teaching. Become a tutor. Try to teach your siblings, family, and friends some English and other things with and in English. I was born in the United States in the year 1985 and moved to Vietnam in 2012. Moved to Saigon in 2013. It is 2015 now. You are learning English as you read and listen to my life, believe it or not

My Facebook name is Joey Arnold. Find me on Facebook. Add me. Follow me. Share this with your friends. Find me on YouTube. And talk and write about your life. Record your voice and listen to it. Compare your voice with native speakers. Make videos and audio recordings of you and of some foreigners as well and have fun. Learn while playing games. Learn different things and become more versatile and independent in your learning and thinking. Develop more patience and learn to work through your negative emotions and other problems. We all have evil hearts and we must deal with it. Don't dwell in the past but do learn your lessons. No pain, no gain. Love what you do and do what you love. Google for more tips and advice. Learn more from me as well. I am an American English Teacher. You can find me and others like me as well. Continue to find new innovative ways to become successful in life. Fear regret over failure. Go for the gold. Try your best. Seek after destiny and eternal love, joy, and Oatmeal. You can contact me for more information as well. Call me. I have a phone number:

Contact me: you can talk to me in Vietnamese:
Mobile: 090-855-6131

Photos from Fellowship Youth Group's post 17/10/2015

I'm an American English Teacher. Add me please and thank you. My name is Joey Arnold


Practice English Speaking, Writing (etc..)... with me, Joey Arnold, an American Teacher in HCM. Please tell me when and where.


New Weekday Speaking Classes are available in Q.4, TP.HCM at different times Mondays - Fridays: you can sign up for morning, noon, afternoon, or even night classes.

Weekend Classes (Saturdays & Sundays) will be available starting on Saturday, the 18th of October, 2014. In order to sign up for classes, register with my manager, Tien Nguyen: Mr.Ribs BBQ: [email protected]:
Mobile: 0903-124-615


Will Worship English Classes: 156 Vinh Khanh Q.4 TP.HCM:
090-312-4615 [email protected]


0903-124-615: Giáo viên tiếng Anh Mỹ tại (ADDRESS): 156b Vĩnh Khánh P8 Q4 TP.HCM: (EMAIL): [email protected]:
Mr.Ribs BBQ


I'm an American English Teacher. Different English Speaking courses are available. If you want to talk to me, please come to Mr.Ribs BBQ (restaurant): the address is 156b Vinh Khanh P8 Q4 TP.HCM


what's your email?


What is your email address?


How are you? If you want to practice English with an American (me) in TP.HCM, Vietnam, please email me answers to the following questions to my email address: [email protected]

1. where do you live?
where do you study, work, or what do you do?

2. where do you want to study?
can you come to District 4 and join a class of mine?

3. when do you want to study?
do you want to study in the mornings in Q.4?

4. how many other students do you want to study with?
do you want to study alone or with others?

5. what do you want to study?
how much English do you know?
why do you want to study and practice more English?

For more information, please come to my cafe restaurant at 156b Vinh Khanh P8 Q4 TP.HCM: Mr.Ribs BBQ


If you want to practice English with an American (me), please email me at [email protected]

English 30/04/2014

What is love? A. Commitment B. Lust C. Emotion D. Investment E. Communication F. Feelings G. Family I. Everything J. Hate K. Agape L. Money M. please add your thoughts here. [email protected]

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