Learning English with ms Chi is fun

I'm CAM CHI - English Teacher with English Certificate level C of Education University. I'm an English Teacher with more than 5 years experiences in teaching Communication and TOEIC.

I have taught Communication at English Center for adults and kids.

Operating as usual

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[08/12/20]   Im opening online english classes. Just send me messages then we discuss about fee and time. Learning english with ms Chi is fun. Catherine.

[08/10/20]   Nice week to my friends. Learning english with me to have fun. Just send me messages to have further info about classes. Catherine


Learning English with ms Chi is fun. Join in classes to have the future. English is fun. Just learn now.

[08/07/20]   I like learning English to have the future. If you like learning with Ms Chi just send Ms Chi 0378744509 a message to consult you

Communication english for officers at workplace.

[07/28/20]   If you want to learn TOEIC with me just send me your requirement then we will process it.

1. What scores do you want
2. When do you take the certificate
3. How long do you want to learn
4. Where do you want to learn. your home or at a coffee shop.

Im teaching now for a student who wants to have Toeic certificate to graduate university. He is learning with me and feel satistifed with my teaching skills.

Just be ready to learn with me with the suitable fee and currriculum to your levels.

Im Catherine Chi - an english teacher who has english certificate level C and Toeic 800

Im qualified to teach you Toeic so just contact me at 0378744509.

I would like to share you the way to learn TOEIC. Now I'm teaching TOEIC to my nephew. He wants to learn TOEIC to graduate from University. TOEIC is an english certificate that some companies ask their employees to have. It's the requirement to join their companies so some students especially new graduating wants to get this certificate. If you want to learn TOEIC it's not difficult but it requires you to find the good teacher to teach you TOEIC. She or He will give you the tips in taking TOEIC's exams. TOEIC just have two skills - Reading and Listening but the mordern TOEIC requires 4 skills. Learning TOEIC is good for you to have the economic knowledge. I like to learn TOEIC and I have an ability to teach TOEIC. If you want to learn with me just send me messages. I will let you take some tests for getting familiar with TOEIC.

[06/09/20]   Chi là giáo viên tiếng anh trung tâm ngoại ngữ Saigon Vina kinh nghiệm giảng dạy hơn 4 năm. Chi mở lớp dạy kèm tiếng anh giao tiếp hoặc toeic theo nhóm 2 người trở lên nên cả nhà có nhu cầu học nói Chi nhé.

Chất lượng dạy học đảm bảo với giáo trình phù hợp.

Chi phí dạy thương lượng theo từng cấp độ của từng học viên.

Chi mở lớp dạy online buổi tối nên cả nhà có học thì nhắn tin Chi nhé.

Cẩm Chi.

Cả nhà ở nhà nhé hạn chế ra ngoài nhé cả nhà. Nếu có ra ngoài thì nhớ đeo khẩu trang phòng chống dịch corona nhé. Cả nhà nên ăn uống nghỉ ngơi giữ gìn sức khỏe nhé. Nhớ uống cam chanh có vitamin C để tăng sức đề kháng của cơ thể. Cả nhà cố gắng thực hiên quy định của Chính Phủ để cùng nhau vượt qua bệnh tật nhé.

[03/19/20]   Chi có kinh nghiệm dạy học hơn 4 năm nên giờ muốn mở lớp học giao tiếp hoặc toeic online nên cả nhà muốn học thì liên hệ Chi nhé.

Chi có giáo trình phù hợp với nhiều trình độ nhé cả nhà. Học online thì cả nhà có thể học qua skype còn giáo trình thì gửi file.

Cả nhà muốn tìm hiểu thêm thông tin thì gửi tin nhắn Chi nhé 0378744509

I have more 4 years in teaching so I would like like to open online classes of communication or toeic. If you would like to learn you can contact me.

I have the suitable curriculum with each levels. If you learn online you can learn through skype and teaching files are sent to you.

If you would like to find out more info you can can send me messages at 0378744509.

Now the outbreak is spreading out so learning online is the solutions for students.

Cẩm Chi.

How are you my friends?

[02/08/20]   If you would like to avoid virus corona from Wuhan you should not come to the outbreak area. Wearing the suitable mask at the crowded areas and drinking enough water, orange, lemon juice to have the resistance for your health.

I wish you the great weekend with friends and family

I'm Cam Chi - English teacher

Just contact me for class info.

[01/19/20]   Tet is coming now. Just tell me what Vietnamese traditional culture on Tet?. I have a gift for you if you can tell me 10 Tet traditional cultures ;)

[01/18/20]   Tet is coming soon. What will you do to prepare for this Tet? I just buy somethings for my family to celebrate the cozy tet in HCMC. To welcome new year coming I will have the discount 10% on the learning fee from 30 Jan to 14 Feb registering.

I wish you a great new year 2020 with your friends and families

I miss you very much

Cẩm Chi.

[12/15/19]   Chi đang tìm học sinh học giao tiếp hoặc toeic vào cuối tuần nên cả nhà có nhu cầu học thì nhắn tin Chi nhé 0378744509

I have the english class at the store now.

If you want to learn with me just send me messages.

I can teach you communication and toeic.

We should enjoy English is fun then have the great job for your future

Dont hesitate to contact me right now

Im Cam Chi English teacher


Enjoy your great time my friends. I will have a class this evening. Just contact me if you need English class info

[07/29/19]   Hi Friends

Today I'm sitting here to write it to send to you my great friends.

I'm finding students for my English classes because I have time in the evening and on the weekend.

We can learn communication and toeic with the suitable curriculum for each levels.

Joining with me to feel English is fun for anyone who has the interest in studying English.

Do not hesitate to contact me for further information at 0378744509.


[06/13/19]   I will have a class tomorrow evening. I'm teaching english for my college. He likes learning english with me but we just spend one hour per day three days per week.

I teach him communication. English is quite interesting to learn with your heart. If you want to have the effective result you should learn at home after the lessons.

I feel very enthusiatic when teaching english for my students. When they find out the foreign language they feel very boring and not patient to learn for a long time.

Its not easy for you who want to learn English but it's fine if you are serious in learning English. I have some advice for you such as you can find some foreign friends to communicate with them by english. It causes you to learn english with your effort.

Internet is famous now so I would like you to use this trend.

I hope you can have the effective result in learning English.

Cam Chi

[06/07/19]   I'm at the office now to feel the weekend is coming.

Just one more day we can have the weekend to enjoy with our family and friends.

How do you feel about learning with a Vietnamese teacher? Is it great to share your thought and opinion about the method of learning?

From my point of view I think learning English with Vietnamese is very good for who is not familiar with this language. Vietnamese teacher can help you to understand well about the meaning of English. But you can combine Vietnamese teachers and foreigners in learning English to feel the fun.

I would like to share with you my opinion and hope that you will feel satisfied with English.


Cam Chi

[06/03/19]   I just have one student to study English with Ms.Chi

English is very fun for anyone who cares of studying english. It's not hard too much if you put your heart of leaning english.

I found that you are shy when speaking english with foreigners because you are afraid of wrongly speaking.

Don't worry about it because you can adjust the speaking way when you practice with friends or foreigners.

I have some advice for you on leaning english such as trying to learn vocabulary more and more at home or in a class. Then you can try to communicate with friends or your teacher to improve your speaking way.

English is the popular language in the world but it's a mean of transportation for you guys to mingle with our world.

I would like to share with you my method in learning english and I hope that you guys more achievable in this language.

Please do not be shy when you communicate by English. Just the way you are and improve well day by day.

If you don't have the working enviroment of communicating by english you can become friends with foreigners

There is some ways for you to learn English effectively but try to find for you guys the suitable ways you feel interesting in this

Just share with you my thought and expect you can have the great future with English.

Cam Chi

How to use enough in English

I would like you to enjoy English with friends now.

Ms Chi - English is fun's cover photo

Ms Chi - English is fun's cover photo

[04/30/19]   I'm Cam Chi from Ho Chi Minh City. I graduated from HCM Transport of University and I have a English certificate of Education University level C.

If you guys would like to learn English with me please do not hesitate to contact me for info. I'm willing to open the classes for each level but from over two students.

I can go to your house or room to teach English both communication and toeic. If you have any questions about how to learn English please contact me for answer

I like teaching English for pupils, students and officers. If you would like to get certificate i will train you the skills to do the tests.

English is not too much difficult to you if you try to learn.

Contact me at 0378744509 for class info.

If you would like to discuss with me at the coffee shop please inform me before a day.

We can meet on the weekend or any day you feel comfortable to you.

I like meeting you guys now


[04/30/19]   I wish you to enjoy a new week with your friends. Joining with me to feel english is fun. I would like to bring the fun and pleasure to you.

English is fun

Im creating this page to bring the fun of learning English for everyone. Connecting together to feel the world is very peaceful. I would like anyone who likes my page can speak English well. Please do not hesitate to contact me at 0378744509 for any info about English classes.

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