Vinhomes Central Park English

Vinhomes Central Park English


hi everyone, if you live at Vinhomes Central Park, DIS BINH THANH, HCMc and you dont have more time to take care your SNEAKERS, we will go to your apartment and receive it.
Plzzzzz follow and like this page:
Phone number: 0932.667.032
Hallo Vinhomes, thank you for having us in your beautiful surroundings. We´re very happy to live here :)

I have a question and I hope you will consider it and get back to me.

On this page you write: "To offer residents the most convenient lives, Vinhomes Central Park offers 5-star services such as pet care for pet-lovers who don’t have time to take care of their pets during the day."

This shows me that you really want to be accomodation our pets. But to be even more pet friendly, have you considered making and enclosure where we can let the dogs run free and play? Ex. all the way at the end of the park - in front of park 1 and the last building next to Park 1 - there´s a great grass area where there doesn´t seem to by many people walking around. If it was a closed area the dogs can not come out, people who doesn´t like dogs can still walk by without getting into contact, and people who owns and love their dogs can come by and play. Of course every dog owner has to clean up after their own dog, so the area stays nice and pretty like the rest of the park.

Please let me know if this is something you will look into :)

Kim Dien is an official distributor of Vinhomes Central Park and many other luxurious real estate projects in Vietnam. Hotline: 0919256797 KIMDIEN Real Estate Co, Ltd is one of the leading companies in brokerage real estate of all kinds: apartment, house, villa, office... Especially, With market knowledge and experience we provide value for our clients when buying,selling or leasing property free of charge

Operating as usual


Vinhomes Grand Park - The Rainbow
So beautiful, so great...


Landmark Plus is a serviced apartment building as well as the last tower at Vinhomes Central Park. With 50 floors and 5-star facilities, this apartment tower is the ideal investment opportunity, as well as a luxurious tower to live at. With up to 55% percent view to the city center, Landmark Plus is the only tower which provides residents with an extraordinary view.
To provide convenience for apartment owners and investors, all apartments will be fully furnished by Living Index so that owners need to bring suitcases and move in (residents will be supplied every housewares). This is a very promising opportunity as the developer has committed to lease out the apartment for a profit of 10% per year for 2 years.

Landmark Plus promises to bring residents a luxurious lifestyle at the tower with 5-star services and facilities such as buffet restaurants, gyms, meeting rooms, swimming pools and lounges. Residents of Vinhomes Central Park will also be able to enjoy the adequate facilities of the whole residential area including 5-star Vinmec hospital, Vinschool, 14 hectares Green Park, Vincom center, sport facilities and many other exciting entertainments.



Prime location: Landmark 6 is considered one of the most ideal apartment building with the following advantages:

-Adjacent Landmark 81 is in the top 10 world's tallest tower and the tallest tower in Southeast Asia as of the present time - new symbol of Ho Chi Minh City Prosperity , prosperity.
- Easily connect to commercial center Vincom, Vinpearl 5-star hotel, will become more exciting and more dynamic with all leisure facilities.
- Facing the riverside park 14 hectares, there will be moments of relaxation and romantic evenings together with fresh air, lush green park panoramic view and the Saigon River.
- Designed by the skilful hands of EDSA (US), the internal area of Landmark 6 has 20 utilities and beautiful scenes. You can now experience the fun activities from internal facility: outdoor pool, children's play area, Jacuzzi, BBQ garden ...

For further information:
+84 888220099 - 0888220099 for local


Officially opened in December, Landmark 3 is considered as best apartment for rent.
- Prime location: Located in Tan Cang area and adjacent to Landmark 81, which is Vietnam's tallest tower-the mark of new age of Saigon.
- Utilities 5 stars: buffet restaurant, gym, meeting rooms, lobby lounge, shophouse ... Particularly internal facility was built according to the standard 5 star resort: pool overflow pool, gym, playground children, cinema, supermarket, commercial center.
- The modern entertainment:
IMAX theater, a 360-degree observation deck on the top floor of Landmark8, an indoor 3500 m2-ice-skating, sky bar, wine lounge , cigar lounge ...
Landmark 3 are the best place for you to invest.

For further information please contact: +84 888220099 - 0888220099 for local


This weekend will be the opening weekend for Landmark 3. A remarkable apartment tower with unique facilities and services.

Don't hesitate and contact for more information: +84 888220099 - 0888220099 for local


The Vinhomes Central Park apartment-launching event in Bien Hoa, Dong Nai.

Prize at event:
· First prize: Iphone 6 plus is worthy 25 million.
· Second Prize: TV is worthy 10,000,000 vnd
· Third Prize: Air conditioning is worthy VND 5,000,000
· And many prizes for successful transactions on the day the event.
· Last but not least: this is the only opportunity that customers have special discount, which is 2.500.000 – 3.000.000 VNĐ/m2 deducted.
Method of payment:
Customers only pay for 15 – 30 % of value of the apartment and supported more than 70 % from the bank.

For further information please contact +84 888220099 - 0888220099 for local

[11/26/15]   The Vinhomes Central Park apartment-launching event in Bien Hoa, Dong Nai

The event will be held:

· Venue: Convention center Aurora at 223 Pham Van Thuan street, Tan Mai, Bien Hoa, Dong Nai.

· Time: 8h30-12h30.

Vinhomes Central Park has reached potentially economical provinces of south of Viet Nam.

Vinhomes Central Park recognized the economical potential of Bien Hoa, Dong Nai, therefore 8 main real estate distributors of Vinhomes Central Park are honored to organize this event.

For further information please contact: +84 888220099 - 0888220099 for local 20/11/2015



Having Vinhomes Central Park's apartment at lower rate- this is commitment for the future residents of Park 7. Especially when purchasing half furnished apartments , customers are able to design and decorate apartments according to their preferences.
Besides, the future residents also enjoy lower pricing 2,5 milion vnd / m2 compared to other apartments.

For example: 100m2 unit, the price difference will be about 250 million vnd/ unit.
For further information: +84 888220099 - 0888220099 for local Please register your information, we will call you right back (or call 0919256797 - Mr. Sơn) 18/11/2015



☎ For real estate expert advice please call 0919256797 or register at

Panelists of the Vietnam Panel voted Vietnam as the best performing real estate market in 2016, ahead of Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines, Alternaty Co., Ltd., a Ho Chi Minh City-based real estate consulting firm, said in a press release Thursday.
Vietnam was also chosen the favorite real estate market which is currently offering the best opportunity.
At the congress, regional investors showed their interest in Vietnam’s real estate market due to positive fundamentals.
“Currently Vietnam is offering the most exciting opportunity in the region, while at the same time the regional real estate markets are suffering. Singapore is feeling the effects of the heavy-handed cooling measures, Indonesia and Malaysia have seen rapid currency depreciation, Thailand continues to grapple with internal issues and Myanmar is seeing significant supply coming on to the market putting downward pressure on rentals and pricing.
Meanwhile Vietnam has come through an extended period of consolidation, and looks poised to lead the regional real estate markets over the next two to three years,” said Rudolf Hever, Alternaty’s executive director.
Vietnam’s property market may be driven by the stable economy, rising confidence of buyers and developers, positive effects of the ASEAN Economic Community and TPP, and the government’s recent moves such as the relaxation of foreign ownership rules for real estate.
Government data showed that foreign investors poured $2.14 billion into the Vietnamese real estate market in the ten months through October, accounting for 11.1% of FDI in the period.



☎ For further information and visiting the show flats please call us: +84 888220099 - 0888220099 for local
Choosing an accommodation in a new and unfamiliar place is a very difficult decision for every foreigners and expats. In particular, the transportation, adequate facilities, reputation of the investor, and government legislation all have an equally important part in decision-making.

At present, the Vietnamese government has already granted foreigners to own a property in Vietnam. This opens new doors and opportunities for non-Vietnamese citizens who were unable to purchase properties in the past, now be able to purchase a property that they have always dreamt of owning. So why wait? Come to us and become a Vinhomes Central Park citizen today! Vinhomes Central Park is an elite residential area, where the most exclusive residents live.

Owning a golden location next to the center of Ho Chi Minh City in Tan Cang, residents will be able to conveniently travel to different parts of the city. It only takes 3 minutes to travel to the center of the city, 4 minutes to the new urban area of Thu Thiem and 2 minutes to walk to the 5th Metro Station of line Ben Thanh-Suoi Tien.

Vinhomes Central Park offers a large variety of facilities including entertainment and shopping paradise with leading names such as Vincom, Armani and Elizabeth Arden. Besides, a 5-star hotel and an elite club house exclusive only for residents and VIP guests will make the facilities even richer. Residents at Vinhomes Central Park will also be able to enjoy the chilling winter atmosphere inside the largest skating rink of South East Asia right in the heart of Saigon at Vinhomes Central Park. A dozen of swimming pools and luxurious infinity pools reaching 1000m2 will be a perfect space for residents and children to relax after a busy week.

In the future, The Landmark 81 Tower will be the highest building in South East Asia as well as being in the Top 10 highest buildings in the world with 461m. Landmark 81 will be built by leading contractors in the world with the main contractor to be Mace UK. Aside from Mace, there will be Atkins of the UK taking charge of the design, electro-mechanical and fire protection by Arup USA and Aurecon Australia. Low-E glass will be used for the entire building with premium features that prevents ultraviolet radiation while still transmitting adequate light and regulating cool temperature inside the apartment. The water system of Vinhomes reaches the European standards allowing residents to drink water straight out of the tap. The Landmark 81 observatory will be located on floor 79-81 and will be the highest observatory in Vietnam. Residents will enjoy a new experience by observing the beautiful city of Ho Chi Minh.

Not only does Vinhomes Cenral Park deliver an elite lifestyle with supremacy, Vinhomes also bring important health services and quality education. Understanding the importance of residents’ health, 5-star rated hospital Vinmec will also be built with over 600 clinics and latest modern facilities to serve the residents. When facing health issues, residents will only need 1 call to immediately get a medical team to come and support with care.

Vinschool will provide the young ones with international education from Kindergarten to high school. At Vinhomes Central Park, taking your child to school will only be a walking distance. With modern facilities and professional teaching staff, your young ones will develop intellectually, physically and emotionally.

To offer residents the most convenient lives, Vinhomes Central Park offers 5-star services such as bonsai care and pet care for pet-lovers who don’t have time to take care of their pets during the day. At Vinhomes Central Park, residents will no longer have to waste their precious time with parking their vehicle. With smart parking area, residents will be able to locate the closest vacant parking area in a matter of seconds. Residents will be able to experience family events with Vinhomes’ BBQ area and taste new kinds of meals from different international cuisines right at Vinhomes Central Park.

Vinhomes Central Park will consist of the first ever 5-star marina in Vietnam – and will be considered the Marina Bay Sands of Ho Chi Minh City. This will be aimed for residents who like to sightsee the beauty of Saigon on a luxurious yacht. Residents will also be able to experience the thrills with canoes running at rapid speed along the Saigon River. Besides, there will be different sport facilities at Vinhomes Central Park with football pitches, tennis and badminton courts along with a mini-golf fields in the Vinhomes Park.

Inspired by the Central Park in New York, Vinhomes’ Central Park will lie in the middle of the residential area and run 1km along the Saigon River. With up to 14 hectares, the Vinhomes Park will be the source of fresh air and peaceful atmosphere for Vinhomes Central Park residents. The Park will provide residents a perfect environment for morning walks, jogging, yoga, relax and enjoy the nature inside a crowded and busy city. The Park will also consist of unique and artistic sculptures, water fountains, lakes and modern sport facilities for residents to enjoy.
he mission of Vinhomes – One of the top real estate investment and development companies of Vietnam is to provide accommodation with adequate facilities and an elite lifestyle for residents. To fulfill the needs of residents we are committed to provide 5 star services for the owners of Vinhomes Central Park apartments:
• Customer Service Centre is ready to serve 24/7
• Family Services: house cleaning, laundry services, greenery care, garden care and maintenance…
• Culinary services providing luxurious dinners at the apartment
• Maintenance and technical services
• Office Services: Photocopying, printing, airline tickets booking, flower ordering, and courier transportation
• Leasing and management services
• Luxurious lounges located in the lobby for residents to greet guests and share their living experiences at every apartment tower

Currently, The Park has an official opening of Park 7 – apartments with a view of 5in1 and 5 star services. Let’s find out to obtain a luxurious lifestyle along the banks of Saigon River.

Living at the Vinhomes Central Park, residents will be able to experience a peaceful lifestyle within a lavish community. You will be living in a prosperous and lasting happiness towards a better future. Everything that you will need will be inside the most elite residential area of “VINHOMES CENTRAL PARK”


An overview about Vinhomes Central Park

☎ For further information and visiting the show flats please call us: +84 888220099 - 0888220099 for local
Vinhomes offers luxury serviced apartments and villas developed by Vingroup, which is one of the best top 10 brands in Viet Nam.

Prime location
1. Located in Ward 22, Binh Thanh District, HCMC.

2. Metro Station No.5 Ben Thanh- Suoi Tien: 10 meter- 2 minutes

3. The center of District 1: 05 minutes.

4. The center of Thu Thiem new urban area: 01 km-4 minutes.

5. Saigon Bridge: 100 meters.

6. Adjacent to the east is Saigon River.

7. Adjacent to the west is Nguyen Huu Canh Street.

Vinhomes Central Park’ information
1. The area is 43 hectares of space, total investment of 30,000 billion VND.

2. Vinhomes Landmark 81 (tallest building in Vietnam). Landmark area: 15.031sqm, maximum height: 350m(including entertainment center, shopping, different types of cuisine restaurant, 5 stars hotel, office, Hi-class club that is only for LandMark81’s resident and very limited VIP. Especially there is in-house ice-skating, which is the biggest ice-skating in South East Asia)

3. Condominium: 87.251sqm, 10.000 apartments, 3 areas (apartment area, villas area and the park area) with 17 towers: 38 – 50 stories.

4. Villa is 3.65 hectares. There are approximately 80 villas, 320 – 750sqm/villa.

5. Combination School 18.000sqm.

6. International Hospital: 8.542sqm, 7 stories.

7. Basement area: 450.000sqm.

Leading amenities.
1. Vinhomes Central Park has a 5 stars marina called Marina Bay Sand of Saigon

2. The park ( inspired from Central Park from New York) is built on a total area of 14 ha designed with the green grass stretches and tree on the road

3. Vinhomes Central Park will be free of charge of management service for 10 years.

4. Free of charge pool service.

5. Business service Center is available 24/7 for assistance,

6. Household services.

7. Repair and maintenance services.

8. Home dining and catering service.

9. Leasing and property management services for owners who wish to earn rental income on their investments.

Estimated completion:
1. International Hospital Vinmec: 2015.

2. Condominium: 2016.

3. Whole urban area will be completed in 2017.

For further information about Vinhomes’s projects please contact: +84 888220099 - 0888220099 for local



☎ For further information and visiting the show flats please call us: +84 888220099 - 0888220099 for local

Real estate conglomerate Vingroup has announced it will build a VND500-billion (US$21.9 million) park along the Saigon River, saying it will be the largest in Ho Chi Minh City and on the lines of Central Parkin the US city of New York.
The 14-hectare park, which will be part of an apartment complex the company is building, will be completed next year, local media reported.
Vingroup was quoted as saying the park would consist of gardens, some in Japanese style, areas for exercise and children’s play areas.
A lawn big enough for events with more than 1,000 people would also be part of more than 40 works at the park, it said.
US landscaping company EDSA is the consultant for the park’s design





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