Cambridge English with Chieu Huyen

Cambridge English with Chieu Huyen

Giới thiệu và chia sẻ thông tin về chương trình tiếng Anh Cambridge, giúp trẻ thi đạt các chứng chỉ quốc tế Starters, Movers, Flyers và giúp các bạn lớn hơn lấy các chứng chỉ A2, B1, B2 hoặc IELTS.

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Mời các bạn IN IDLE CHIT-CHAT!

Part 1:
1. What type of programs do you find funny on TV?
comedy shows: chương trình diễn hài
a great sense of humour: khiếu hài hước
2. What kind of things make you laugh?
crack somebody up: khiến ai cười nghiêng ngả
in idle chit-chat: chém gió
3. Do you like to make people laugh?
4. Do you think it’s important for people to laugh?
indispensable: một phần ko thể thiếu
unwind: thư giãn

Part 2:
Describe a person who made you laugh happily when you were a child.
You should say:
Who this person is
What this person did to make you laugh
Why this person made you laugh
and how you felt about it

recall something: nhớ lại chuyện gì
hilarious: vui tính
crack a joke: nói chuyện cười
for the sake of somebody/ something: vì lời ích của ai/ cái gì
a bunch of flowers: bó hoa
go without saying: không cần nói cũng biết
pretend to do something: giả vờ làm gì
canter (verb): nhảy lên
gallop (verb): phi nước đại
at times: đôi khi
an innate sense of humour: có khiếu hài hước bẩm sinh
wind down: thư giãn
lead a healthy life: có cuộc sống khỏe mạnh
have a blast: vui vẻ
a good laugh: một người vui tính

Part 3:
1. Do you think having a sense of humour is important? Why/ why not?
make a big difference to something: tạo ra khác biệt lớ cho cái gì
crack jokes: kể chuyện cười
lighten the mood: khiến ai vui vẻ hơn
down in the dumps: buồn chán
2. What can make children laugh?
over the moon: vui vẻ
3. Is laughing the same as feeling happy?
cope with something: đối phó với điều gì
4. Is humour easy to translate from one language to another?

Part 1
1. Do you often use the Internet?
2. What do you usually do on the internet?
3. Do you think you use the internet too much?
4. Do people in your country use the Internet a lot?

Part 2
1. Describe a website that you like:

You should say:

- When you found it
- What it is about
- How often you visit it
- Why you like this website
In this cutting-edge world, the Internet is becoming one of the essential parts of life. I can describe myself as a technophobe, so today I would like to talk about my all-time favorite website that I usually browse.

It is called Youtube, the website that I find very useful for me. It is a video-sharing website that allows people from all over the world to access a mammoth visual database. People use it to upload videos to the Internet and present them to the rest of the world. Obviously, I have access to this website every day because it supplies me a range of information from education, entertainment to news. The whole world is just opened in my eyes thanks to this website.

To me, I find this website very handy and helpful because of a few reasons. First and foremost, there are a variety of free learning programs on Youtube. I can broaden my knowledge through these programs. For instance, there are a huge number of videos teaching IELTS speaking, which help me a lot in improving my lexical resources and ideas. Furthermore, watching funny videos gives me relief from stress and recharges my battery after a stressful day.

All in all, Youtube is the website I visit frequently and I think it is very indispensable to me.

2. Describe a time you solved a problem through the Internet
You should say:
What the problem was
How you solved this problem
How long it took to solve this problem
And how you felt about it
Part 3
1. How has the Internet changed the way we work?
2. Do you think the Internet is safe for children to use unsupervised?
3. Do you think many people waste their time online?
4. What impacts does the internet have on schools?
5. What can people do with the Internet in the future? And how?


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Nộp video clip chủ đề BOOKS và chuẩn bị cho cô chủ đề này nhé.
Part 1:
1. How would you describe yourself?
2. In which ways are you similar to your friends?
3. Are you similar or different to your brother(s)/sister(s)?
4. Do you like to work with people who have similar characters to you?
Part 2:
Describe a teacher you once had who you enjoyed being taught by. You should say
• who this person was
• when they were your teacher
• which subject they taught you
and describe what it was about their character that you liked.
I’d like to describe my English teacher from school … Miss Thomas … this was a few years ago now and she was my teacher at a time when I was getting a little bored with being at school … unlike some of the other teachers Miss Thomas never lost her temper … she was very calm and easy-going … she was also very broad-minded … we were able to ask her questions about lots of subjects that some other teachers would refuse to discuss which made us respect her even more … she had a great sense of humour too … she’d laugh at our jokes as well as making us laugh … and she would also bend over backwards to help us with our work … she always put us first and often stayed around at the end of class to talk with anyone who needed help … apparently she was highly respected within her field but you would never know as she was the type that hid her light under a bushel … she was very modest and self-effacing … so yes … Miss Thomas was a teacher I have fond memories of …
Part 3:
1. Which personal qualities do you think we most want to pass on to our children?
2. Which characteristics do you think are the least appealing in a person?
3. Which personality types do you think are less likely to suffer from stress or anxiety?
• to be the life and soul of the party: a fun person, someone who is the centre of activity
• to bend over backwards: to try very hard to help someone
• broad-minded: prepared to accept other views or behaviours
• easy-going: relaxed and not easily worried about anything
• extrovert: an energetic person who likes the company of others
• fair-minded: to treat people equally
• fun-loving: to enjoy having fun
• to hide one’s light under a bushel: to hide one’s talents and skills
• good company: enjoyable to socialise with
• good sense of humour: the ability to understand what is funny
• introvert: someone who is shy
• laid-back: see ‘easy-going’
• to lose one’s temper: to suddenly become angry
• narrow minded: opposite of ‘broad-minded’ (see above)
• painfully shy: very shy
• to put others first: to think of others before yourself
• quick-tempered: to become angry quickly
• reserved: shy
• self-assured: confident
• self-centred: thinks only of oneself
• self-confident: believes in one’s own ability or knowledge
• self-effacing: to not try to get the attention of others (especially in terms of hiding one’s skills or abilities)
• to take after: to be like (often another member of the family)
• thick-skinned: not easily affected by criticism
• trustworthy: can be trusted
• two-faced: not honest or sincere. Will say one thing to someone to their face and another when they are not present.



Chủ đề nói thứ hai của tháng 10/2020 nhé mấy cưng!


1. Do you like reading books? Why or why not?
real page-turner: cuốn sách đáng đọc
give relief from stress: giảm căng thẳng
slow me down: làm cho tôi sống chậm lại
rat race: cuộc sống bon chen
2. What kinds of books do you like to read?
to be my cup of tea: là sở thích của tôi
Historical novel
Romantic novel
Science fiction book
Mystery book
Self-help book
3. Did you read much when you were a child?
Bookworm: Mọt sách
The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Cha nào con nấy.
4 . What kinds of books did you read when you were a child?
all-time favourite book: sách luôn được yêu thích
can’t put it down không thể đặt xuống
to be engrossed into: đắm chìm
5. Do children like reading books?
state-of-the-art world: thế giới hiện đại
Technology and the Internet are dominating: ….đang chiếm lĩnh
6. What do you think are the benefits of reading for children?
nurture the children soul about culture, literature, and history: nuôi dưỡng tâm hồn trẻ về văn hóa, văn học và lịch sử
close-knit relationship: mối quan hệ khăng khít
lexical resources: vốn từ

Describe an exciting book
You should say:
What it is about
How you knew this book
When you read it for the first time
And explain why you think this book is very interesting.

1. Who likes to read more often, young people or old people?
2. Why have some young people come to dislike reading books over recent years?
3. Are there many libraries in Vietnam?
4. What kinds of books should children read?
5. How can parents encourage their children to read books frequently?


Part 1
1. Are drama series popular in Viet Nam? (by Nguyễn Quỳnh)

No, I don't think drama series of Vietnam are popular enough to have millions of viewers. You can see there haven't been any successful Vietnamese drama series until now. Not only the actors aren't professional but also the idea of the movies are so lame and poor. Lacking creativity ,budget and experience from the producers are the main reasons for that.

2. Do you think TV dramas reflect what happens in the real world? (by Quốc Thắng)
I think TV dramas are created by materials from life. Most drama movies narrate a story or transfer emotions to viewers from some events or situations in real life.
For example: "gao nep gao te" is a popular movie in 2019 about issues related to family such as: love, step-mother, sacrify, and so on.

3. What kind of movie do you like watching? (by Xuân Quỳnh)
There are lots of film genres that I am addicted to. However, I would prefer comedy and romantic dramas than other kinds because these films always send meaningful messages in funny ways. And I love that.

4. Do you prefer watching films at home or at the cinema? (by Xuân Quỳnh)
To me, I would like to watch films at home for its convenience. It’s a chill time when I lie on my bed with a drink and enjoy my favorite film with my friends. Meanwhile, going to the cinema to watch is too tiresome and expensive for me.

(by Thúy Quỳnh)
I would rather watch movies in my room with my laptop than go to the cinema because it is more convenient, comfortable and also cheaper. I only go to the cinema when I hang out with my friends or there is a blockbuster movie at that time.

5. How often do you watch films? (by Thúy Quỳnh)
I watch English movies in at least 30 mins everyday to improve my listening skill and to learn vocabulary. By doing that, I also get some entertainment and relax. In addition, I often go to the cinema about once a month to hang out with my friends.

Part 2
Describe a TV drama series you enjoyed watching
Describe your favorite film
You should say:
When and where you saw it
What type of film it was
What the film was about
And explain why it is your favorite film
(by Thúy Quỳnh)
About 2 years ago, I went to HCMcity to study in my university and after about 1 month studying here, my classmates suggested watching a movie as a chance to get closer to each other. They insisted on watching the movie called Coco. At first, I didn't like that idea because Coco is an animated movie and despite being made by a well-known studio, Coco was not really a crowd-puller by the time it was released. Also, both the name and the poster of Coco didn’t really appeal to me since it’s a bit difficult to understand its concept. However, it turned out that the movie really blew my mind.

Coco was inspired by a traditional festival in Mexico. Its plot was so interesting that it got me on the edge of my seat the whole time. This movie is about dreams, family and love also. The story follows a 12-year-old boy who was in love with music but his family didn't allow him to follow his dream. Then he accidentally was lost in the Land of the Dead, where he sought for the help of his musician great-great-grandfather. In his adventure he became a famous singer in that place and for that he found out the truth of his grand grandpa and why his family prevented him from playing music. He finally could go back to real life and told the family the truth about the grand-grandpa so that the family eased their pain and let the boy live with his musical dream. The highlights of the movie, for me, are the mind-blowing twist near the end and the ending that made me cry like a baby.
The graphic effects of this film are also stunning.The scenes were brought to life by vivid colors, stunning animations and unique character designs. For the excellent plot and the stunning animation, it is no doubt that the film CoCo has a lot of honorable awards and became one of the most worth-watching animated movies.

Part 3
1. Do you think (watching) films have (has) educational benefits? (by Thúy Quỳnh)
Yes. Watching film provides lots of educational advantages, especially for children.Learning via watching suitable films could improve language skills, deepen knowledge by bringing the images along with the content, create awareness and so on.

2. In what ways are documentary films and films only for entertainment different? (by Thúy Quỳnh)
Documentary films bring the real material into film to widen people's knowledge and raise awareness based on true stories and events. On the contrary, entertainment films don't have to reflect the truth, it could be imaginary so that people who watch those movies could escape reality and enjoy a fantasy world to release their stress.

3. Why do you think documentary films are not so popular? (by Thúy Quỳnh)
I think documentary film isn’t caught on because it lacks entertaining factors while entertainment is the main purpose of most people when they watch a movie.

4. How are films and real life different ? (by Bảo Đoan)
I think most of the scripts of films are based on real life but the films tend to follow what people want them to be like the good guys win the bad guys or lovers will have a happy ending. Besides, the films have the separated subject to focus on and we know when it will end. On the other hand, we can not control the happening things in real life. Life likes a journey for us to discover everyday without any scripts. And we have to receive a lot of unexpected stuff or wonderful experiences along the unlimited trip.

5. Do men and women like to watch the same kinds of films? (by Bảo Đoan)
I don’t think genders decide the kind of film a person likes. As some men I know are a big fan of Korean Dramas. They follow and update many series of films everyday. Besides, they even can remember and tell me in very detail the storyline with an interesting emotional voice. On the other hand, some girls are really into action packed movies, they enjoy the stunning scenes and fast motion in the film. In short, both man and woman can be keen on different kinds of film.

6. Do different age groups like the same kinds of films? (by Bảo Đoan)
No, I don’t think so. In different periods of life we may change our taste of entertainment so choosing kinds of movies will be changed following the age. For example, the kids love to watch cartoons, meanswhile the teenager may be addicted to action films or horror films, but coming to the mature age, they may prefer comedy films and dramas.

1. Are drama series popular in Viet Nam?
2. Do you think TV dramas reflect what happens in the real world?
3. What kind of movie do you like watching?
4. Do you prefer watching films at home or at the cinema?
5. How often do you watch films?

Describe a TV drama series you enjoyed watching
You should say:
What it is
Who the actors are
What the most favorite part is
And explain why you like watching it

Describe your favorite film
You should say:
When and where you saw it
What type of film it was
What the film was about
And explain why it is your favorite film

1. Do you think (watching) films have (has) educational benefits?
2. In what ways are documentary films and films only for entertainment different?
3. Why do you think documentary films are not so popular?
4. How are films and real life different ?
5. Do men and women like to watch the same kinds of films?
6. Do different age groups like the same kinds of films?

1. Do you have any unhealthy habits?
2. In what ways do you try to stay healthy?
3. Is it easy to keep fit where you live?
4. What do you think is more important, eating healthy or doing exercise?
5. What are the health benefits of playing a sport?
6. Have you ever had any habits which you consider to be unhealthy?
7. Do you think more about your health now than when you were younger?

Cue Card
1. Describe something you do to keep healthy.
You should say :
what this activity is
when you do it
and how often you do it and explain why you think it’s a good way to look after your health.

Cue Card
2. Describe a time when you were ill.
You should say :
when this was
what your symptoms were
how long the illness lasted and say how it affected your life at the time.

Cue Card
3. Describe an activity you do for your health or fitness.
You should say :
what you do
how often you do it
where you do it and explain how you think this activity helps you stay healthy or fit.

Cue Card
4. Describe something you have done that is good for your health and that you would recommend to others.
You should say :
what it is
when you do it
who you do it with and explain why you think it is good for your health.

1. Do you think people pay enough attention to their health today?
2. What costs are involved when you are ill in your country?
3. Do you think most people worry more about their health as they get older?
4. How can people be encouraged to stay healthy?
5. What are the most popular ways of keeping healthy in your country?
6. Why do you think some people continue bad habits when they know that they are damaging to their health?
7. Do women pay more attention to their health than men?
8. Do you think people have become more health-conscious in recent years?
9. How can children learn to have a healthy lifestyle?
10. Do you think the government should promote a healthy lifestyle among the citizens?
11. Would you say modern science and technology has more of a positive or a negative influence on people’s health?

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"Chúng tớ là những hạt giống được gieo mầm nhằm xây dựng, hỗ trợ, và chia sẻ cho mọi người về việc tiếp cận kiến thức giáo dục từ mọi nơi trên toàn lãnh thổ Việt Nam."

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