International School HCMC American Academy

International School HCMC American Academy

An International School for Students Aged 11 - 18: An Phu, District 2, HCMC The ISHCMC - American Academy offers a comprehensive and robust academic program built upon the principles and standards of the American education system.

Our rigorous American curriculum including Advanced Placement (AP) is designed to inspire our students to become successful lifelong learners and responsible global citizens. With this comprehensive academic program we offer our students the opportunity to achieve future success in American colleges and also universities around the world.

Mission: The ISHCMC - American Academy challenges its students to academic excellence through the medium of a college preparatory curriculum and US academic standards, with instruction in English language and the utilization of technology. The ISHCMC - American Academy promotes community service and responsible global citizenship and the integral development of individual students with American and Asian values.

Operating as usual

Hey Pumpkin! Treat yourself today because you’re my favorite boo 👻 Have a peculiar day Sun Bears...

#ishcmcaa #halloween #cognitaway #hcmc #saigon #vietnam

TGIF and Happy Halloween Sun Bears! 🎃 Have fun spotting all your favorite ghoulies, witches, and spooky things that go bump in the night at school today.

The moon has awoken
With the sleep of the sun,
The light has been broken
The spell has began.

#ishcmcaa #halloween2020 #cognitaway #hcmc #saigon #vietnam

"We are already looking forward to the following House Spirit Day next month!" - Khang, Rose, Calvin, Grade 12

#ISHCMCAA #schoolspirit #sunbearspirit #cognitaway #hcmc #saigon #vietnam

Don’t miss out on the book fair this week on the 2nd floor hallway! Discover a new story or finish your favorite series as part of our Global Media & Info Lit Week!

#ISHCMCAA #bookfair #FAHASA #cognitaway #hcmc #saigon #vietnam

Results for today’s House Spirit Day competition: 1st place Phoenix at 25 pts, 2nd place Dragon at 24 pts, 3rd place Lion at 21 pts, and 4th place Shark at 20 pts. 🥳 Well done Sun Bears, till next month!

#ISHCMCAA #schoolspirit #sunbearspirit #cognitaway #hcmc #saigon #vietnam

Happy House Spirit Day! Every month the 4 Houses of Lions, Sharks, Dragons, and Phoenix will compete for house points in both mental and physical challenges. Who will win this month, stay tuned!

#ISHCMCAA #schoolspirit #cognitaway #hcmc #saigon #vietnam

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This fall, our grade 11 and 12 students have been attending virtual college & universities fairs due to travel restrictions in Vietnam. However, we were fortunate enough to host a small visit from US universities and their regional reps. Thank-you Suffolk University Boston, Oregon State University, University of Alabama, George Mason University, University of South Florida, University of Arizona, and Saint Louis University!

#ISHCMCAA #collegefair #cognitaway #hcmc #saigon #vietnam

Our Parent-Teacher Conferences are a great opportunity to share academic growth & progress, testing data, and student’s strengths & weaknesses. Parents and teachers can also discuss enrichment or intervention strategies to support students’ learning and character development. Thank you to all of the families that attended our first day of PTC and we hope to see you soon again!

#ishcmcaa #parentteacherconference #cognitaway #hcmc #saigon #vietnam

Monday was a Professional Development (PD) day for our teachers and staff. In addition to academic sessions, teachers could also join the art PD to explore their creativity through watercolors, sketches, and mandalas. 🌈

#ISHCMCAA #art #cognitaway #saigon #hcmc #vietnam

Tis the season to be jolly? Throwback to our 2015-2016 Christmas Concert! 🎅

#ishcmcaa #ishcmcaathrowback #studentband #cognitaway #hcmc #saigon #vietnam

Photos from International School HCMC American Academy's post

International School HCMC American Academy's cover photo

Photos from International School HCMC American Academy's post

Happy Fall Break Sun Bears 🐻 Take a trip down memory lane with our 2016-2017 Sports Day!

#ishcmcaa #ishcmcaathrowback #sportsday #cognitaway #hcmc #saigon #vietnam

Congrats to our U19 girls and boys volleyball teams on their smashing wins yesterday! Both teams won 2-0 against the TAS Mustangs on Oct. 7. 🏐

#ISHCMCAA #volleyball #cognitaway #hcmc #saigon #vietnam

2 days, 435 students, 1,000s of flashes and the school photos are complete! Thanks to our amazing photography team, students, teachers, and staff who made it all happen. Look forward to your photo in this year’s yearbook for 2020-2021! 🤩

#ISHCMCAA #schoolphotos #cognitaway #hcmc #saigon #vietnam NOI Pictures

May all your swishes come true! Lunch break ballin’ from a couple of energetic Sun Bears on a Friday afternoon.

#ishcmcaa #highschoolbasketball #cognitaway #hcmc #saigon #vietnam

Photos from International School HCMC American Academy's post

Throwback to our engaging annual Global Be Well Day last week. Each floor of the school was themed to each wellness charter for this year and all activities were ran by students for students!

#ishcmcaa #throwbackthursday #globalbewellday #cognitabewell #cognitaway #hcmc #saigon #vietnam

Teacher Feature 🎼 To support wellbeing, how do you de-stress after a long school day?
“Listening to Classical music and playing instruments do help me to de-stress! It also helps me to listen to my own thoughts and feelings.” - Mr. Williams, English teacher

#ishcmcaa #cognitabewell #cognitaway #hcmc #saigon #vietnam

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Our GIN Club (Global Issues Network) visited the Mái Ấm Thiên Thần orphanage just in time for the Moon Festival celebrations. GIN students have been fundraising money all month for this trip through plant sales, dragon dancing, and more during House Spirit Days, Global Be Well Week, and the school’s Moon Festival. Well done Sun Bears on giving back and caring for your communities.

#ishcmcaa #globalissuesnetwork #cognitaway #hcmc #saigon #vietnam

School News and Videos at ISHCMC- American Academy, Vietnam Live Stream

Moon Festival 2020 Livestream performances now!

AAVN's Got Talent!

Relaxation by our dedicated live music room for Global Be Well Day. Well-done to our senior jazz trio and their many talents! 🎷

#ishcmcaa #cognitabewell #globalbewellday #cognitaway #hcmc #saigon #vietnamwar

More Global Be Well Day activities: mask decorating, giant Jenga, musical chairs, herbal tea and cookies paired with deep talk. What was your favorite activity today Sun Bears? 🐻

#ISHCMCAA #Cognitabewell #globalbewellday #cognitaway #hcmc #saigon #vietnam

Happy Global Be Well Day from ISHCMC-American Academy! The day started off with our favorite Sun Bear welcoming students with yummy morning muffins and morning cheer. With no regular classes on schedule for the day, students and staff attend 5 sessions based on our Be Well Charter: Adequate and Restful Sleep, Health and Balanced Diet, Physical Activity, Connecting with Self & Others, and Being Engaged in a Fulfilling Activity. Activities pictured: mindful coloring and learning sign languages! 😃

#ISHCMCAA #cognitabewell #globalbewellday #cognitaway #hcmc #saigon #vietnam

Go Sun Bears go! U15 girls and boys basketball teams played against our sister school at ISHCMC on Sept. 23 🏀 Sun Bears pushed hard and played well together for the start of the season and we can’t wait to see how far they’ll grow and go!

#ISHCMCAA #basketballers #sunbearspirit #cognitaway #hcmc #saigon #vietnam

Happy Global Be Well Day Sun Bears! Are you excited for today’s activities? 😃 Check out the amazing schedule on the student bulletin.

Happy Global Be Well Day to our students, colleagues and families around the world! We are really excited to see how our schools and offices in Asia, Europe and Latin America will be celebrating wellbeing today. Have a great day and Be Well! #CognitaWay #CognitaBeWell

Throwback to a really great House Spirit Day yesterday 🤩 Our Sun Bears united together, showed superb teamwork, and had amazing energy! Take note and prepare for the next House Spirit Day on Oct. 28 😁

#ISHCMCAA #schoolspirit #Cognitaway #hcmc #saigon #vietnam

Preparations for Global Be Well Day is well under way! Our Be Well student committee has planned a full day of fun and relaxation for tomorrow, Sept. 25, see you there soon!

#ISHCMCAA #cognitabewell #globalbewellday #cognitaway #hcmc #saigon #vietnam

“The LOSE to WIN Challenge”
Put money in the house box that you want to lose! - Silk and Rem, Lions

“I’m very exicited for the Global Be Well Day! It is going to be really different this year, and I’m looking forward to participating on that day.”- Jack, Phoenix

#ishcmcaa #schoolspirit #sunbearspirit #cognitaway #hcmc #saigon #vietnam

Student Spotlight 💡 As a Dragon house leader this year, do you have a strategy to make Dragons great again?

“As a house leader, I have to come up with a lot of strategies to earn the most house points as we can. I will not say how we are going to do it yet. All I can say is Dragons are going to win this year!”

#ISHCMCAA #schoolspirit #CognitaWay #hcmc #saigon #vietnam

Happy Wednesday! Dragons are energized for our House Spirit Day with their very own mascot, green masks, and Word of the Week banner! 🐉

#ISHCMCAA #schoolspirit #sunbearspirit #cognitaway #hcmc #saigon #vietnam

Thank-you to our Mr. Tang, Operations Manager for 25 years of service, may you find rest and relaxation in your retirement. We will miss you and your infectious energy! 😁

Mr. Tang – our beloved Operations Manager who has spent more than 25 years with ISHCMC will start his retirement next week.

Mr. Tang has been an integral part of our community for the last 25 years. His contributions will always be valued and remembered. His hard work, commitment, and dedication are worthy of admiration. Mr. Tang will be greatly missed. 🙌💙🦏

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