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KMS English Masters Club


Inspiring speech @ valuable tips to masterfully resolve conflicts For the busy: go to 2:44
The most important skill of programmer? Communication.
Hi guys! Give you all a hot seminar info. Plz read the following for more detail. Have to see you there. ;) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cảm ơn mọi người đã góp ý và chọn chủ để "Tạo ảnh hưởng và thuyết phục người khác" để làm Workshop sắp tới. 😁 🔥🔥 Vậy Bảo sẽ tổ chức Workshop đó như sau.🔥🔥 📆 Thời điểm: 15/09 (T7) từ 2pm và đến 5pm 📆 📍Địa điểm: AIA Nest, tầng 2, Tòa Nhà Bitexco, Q.1, TP HCM 📍Workshop này không thu phí nhé. 😄 ⏱ Cách tổ chức:⏱ (1) Trong 30 phút đầu, Bảo sẽ chia sẻ một số nguyên tắc về việc tạo ảnh hưởng và thuyết phục người khác trong công việc. (2) 1 tiếng: sẽ tổ chức hoạt động cho mọi người thực hành luôn (3) 30 phút cuối: Q&A về hoạt động vừa rồi (4) 1 tiếng: chia ra 2 nhóm: 👉 Nhóm A: tham gia hoạt động tiếp theo 👉 Nhóm B: tham gia phần "Ask Me Anything (AMA)" (xem thông tin ở dưới đây) Để đảm bảo chất lượng, Bảo cần biết thêm về những khó khăn mọi người hay gặp khi cần ảnh hưởng / thuyết phục người khác. Nên các bạn vui lòng dành 5 phút mô tả cho Bảo hiểu tốt hơn nhé (chỉ có 3 câu hỏi thôi): 👉👉👉 Đăng ký workshop: ❓Phần (4) "Ask Me Anything" sẽ được tổ chức như sau.❓ Bạn nào cần một góc nhìn về tình hình / khó khăn cụ thể bạn đang gặp có thể đăng ký thêm để trao đổi riêng với Bảo tại đây. 👉👉👉 Đăng ký phần AMA: Các bạn chia sẻ càng chi tiết về tình hình thì càng vào vấn đề nhanh được nhé. Mỗi buổi trao đổi chỉ kéo dài được 5 đến 10 phút thôi, và sẽ được quay phim lại. Trước ngày 15/09 Bảo sẽ tổng hợp lại những thông tin đăng ký phần AMA, chọn tối đa 10 người một cách ngẫu nhiên và thông báo cho mọi người biết kết quả. Nhờ mọi người share với bạn bè nếu thấy hữu ích cho mấy bạn nhé. Hẹn gặp lại mọi người ngày 15 tháng 9!

This is about the activities of KMS English Master club and NOT represent for the voice of KMS Technology company Chartered by Toastmasters international.

Mission: To help people improve their Public Speaking & Leadership Skills

Operating as usual

Reward - #7dayschallenge
Congratulations following dear friends:
Yen Cao
Thư Đỗ
Lê Đỗ Hoàng Long
Đức Lê
Đại Võ
Thương Nguyễn
Van Anh Duong-Nhat·
An An
Khanh Vo
Nhu Ha
Thao Tran
You all deserve the challenge's reward! By this campaign, we would like to let you know that learning English is a fun journey with persistence. That studying 3 words each day continuously during 7 days will help you add more 21 words/phrases to your vocabulary source. Let's imagine what if we keep non-stop studying? This must make a big impact on your English level. Practice make perfect!
We truly hope that you will keep practicing with us in our next English activities at KMS and let it be a fun journey!

Dear our beloved KMSers,

This “Work from home” duration helps us to have more time staying home and enjoy life. Thus, why don't we make use of this time to boost our English proficiency by increasing vocabulary ?
As you may know, vocabulary plays an important role in not only in writing but also in speaking. Have you ever felt hard to convey your idea because of limited vocabulary? If you are an English-learning enthusiast, this 7 days challenge is especially for you!

Time: From 21 April to 30 April
How to join?
Please follow steps mentioned in the attached picture below.

Hello dear friends,

The biggest Vietnamese traditional holiday is very, very close. Let's learn some new vocabulary in order to tell foreign friends in the world how amazing the holiday is.

Timeline Photos

Words particularly associated with other parts of the English-speaking world are also given pronunciations in the appropriate global variety of English. Most of Vietnamese speak American English, whats 'bout you? Please comment your ideas below if you pronounce different from the following words.

Hello dear friends,

As far as you know, the "Word of The Day" (WOD) program has been applied in the club's Skype channel. Every 2 weeks, the team will conduct a WOD review session in which you shall be took through fantastic games with 4 skills: spelling, listening, writing, and speaking. Please refer to this link to look back former vocabularies:

The first WOD review session was hosted by Mr. Kevin Nguyen on Thursday at Truong Son office.
What a successful session! Thanks for our beloved participants who are not afraid of travelling so far from other offices to join us.

Hello you guys!
What do you think about the Pronunciation Sharing Session of KEM just happened? We are happy that everyone is interested in rehearsing the pronunciation at Session. We always want to bring the best value to everyone.


================HAPPY HALLOWEEN=================
Halloween is a fun day of the year. It is a time for monsters, ghosts, zombies, and everything scary. With parties, trick or treating, and Halloween games, there is lots for children and adults to do. Put idioms from your dictionary in the comments, then we learn together!


Have you planned anything for the women you respect? Don't hesitate to send them these following sweet messages 😘

Hello dear friends,

We announce that the club has been named K.E.M (KMS English Master) from today, 10 Oct 2019.
In whole year organize Toastmasters meetings, we appreciate truly all Toastmasters friends for your support so far, and also your enthusiasm. In spite of moving on a new journey, we are always welcome all Toastmasters friends as honor guests.
Please pay attention to the official announcement below for more information. In case of any concern, please leave us a direct message.

Warm regard,
KMS English Master team

Hello dear friends,
This should be the spirit every Mondays. Know that something good will always happen. When you wake up on a Monday morning, you should feel happy, inspired, and motivated to make the best start to the week. Monday is the perfect day for a fresh start, so make something great happen for yourself today.

#25 | Table Topic Session

Toastmaster Meeting #25 | Table Topic Session
Table Topic Master: Thu Do
With the theme "Go-getter", what did KMS Toastmasters talking about? Let's see!

#25 | Diabetes and how yoga can help - Hoa Nguyen

The Speech from Hoa Nguyen.
Title: "Diabetes and how yoga can help".
Project 2: Organize your speech.
At KMS Toastmasters meeting #25.


[Toastmasters 25] [Repared Speech] [P4] - Get thing done - Long Le

Toastmasters 25 - Go-getter
Repared Speech Session.
Project 4: How to say it.
The Speech "Get things done" from Long Le with love.

In Vietnam national day, most of youngers frequency plan to travel. Otherwise, the olders back home to visit their family. No matter where you go, make each day worth it with worth people.
Today KMS Toastmasters give you 3 stories, please take a few minutes read them, then leave us comment about your thought.
Wishing all of KMSers enjoy the great holiday!!

Hello dear Toastmasters,

The new Sunday welcomes us. Why don't we hanging out and enjoy the great today. Let's learn by heart these idioms to gossip with your friends as a professional English speaker ;)

Join KMS Toastmasters, and Master your English!

Dear fellow KMSers,

As you know, KMS Toastmaster club is an public club that established in order to mainly guide your skills in speaking English. Imagine how struggling you are in case of working with international clients if your English level is not enough?
Join our club, you'll find true answers.

Let's give all of Toastmasters core members a ton of thanks for their effort in releasing the below video.
Actor: Jake Nguyen, Long Le, Dao Nguyen
Actress: Trang Nguyen
Editor: Vinh Tran
Creator: Thu Do

Please message us if you feel interested in joining core team.

Good morning guys,
How is your weekend? Today we give you some nice tips to fill up your soul: words instead of 'very'.
Share with your friends!!

Find your Passion, Ignite your Compassion

Meeting #23 theme "Find your passion, ignite your compassion" has successfully closed by the motivational speech from big guest @Jimmy Thai. There is no words to thanks this big man and our beloved audience.
This video is the full recorded speech from Jimmy Thai.
Hope you guys determine what your real passion is and keep going on the way make it real!

Timeline Photos

Welcome back KMSers and friends,
The next meeting is coming in Tan Vien. We are honored to invite SEM Tuan Nguyen as the speaker.
Follow Toastmaster invitation via KMS email then keep your slot at his sharing "Customer satisfaction is every employee's responsibility".
The below are 10 psychological hacks that will help you gain the advantage in a social situation. Share with your friends!

The new Sunday welcomes us.
Let's wake us up by this mini game and have fun!

Good morning wonderful Toastmasters! Wishing your days off begin with a Smile on your face - Love in your heart - Happiness within your soul.

Oh, please feel free to leave us the previous meeting feedbacks
🍒Feedback for Du Ha: #FDH
🍒Feedback for the meeting: #FB20

YOLO! Words cannot express how grateful we are for your hard works in the meeting. Once again, we would like to give people today a big thank:
😎The charismatic speaker Du Ha from KMS
😎Guest Ms. Wendy from US
😎Guest Mr. Cheng Sijie from Singapore
😎Awesome Toastmasters and beloved KMS audience

🎉🎉🎉19 Jun is also the first day when the honorable title "THE BEST TABLE TOPIC SPEAKER" was delivered to 2 people:
🥂Ms. Wendy (Guest from Saigon Toastmasters Club)
🥂Mr. Tuan Nguyen (from KMS)

In order to improve the club, we need your all help. Please take a few seconds to give us feedback for the meeting today.
📲 Search ""
📲 Enter each code below for 2 feedback sections:
+ Du Ha's speech feedback: #FDH
+ Meeting #20 feedback: #FB20

Your contributions pours more motivation and light on the way we road.
😘 all of you.

Where are you, KMS-ers????????

At the meeting 20th, we are honored to welcome the guest 😎 Mr. Du Ha, Engineering Manager with his sharing "How to work effectively in the US environment". Come and enjoy the session via the link below:

From 10:00 -11:30, 19 June 2019
*Truong Son office, room 9.1 named Lac Long Quan

The opportunities are open for you to strengthen your English public speaking skills. There are different important roles to challenge yourself: Table Topic Master, Timer, Ah-counter

[06/08/19]   ===========MINI GAME===========

In English, we don't pronounce the letter 'N' 🤐 when it comes after the letter 'M' at the end of a word.

For example: 'Autumn', 'hymn', 'solemn', 'column'. Can you think of any other words with a silent 'N'? Write them below in the comments ⏬

KMS Toastmaster Meeting 19 was organized successfully with the participation of KMSers and Toastmasters core members.

Congratulation the group of three honorable titles:
The best Table Topic Master: Mr. Jake Nguyen
The best Speaker: Hieu Phung
The best Evaluator: Thoa Hong

The 20th meeting will be much more interested with speaker Du Ha, Engineering Manager at KMS Technology. Hurry up book your slot next time!

The meeting on 22th of May at Cong Hoa office was greatfull success. Our pleasure to welcome president from HCM Toastmasters - Hieu Nguyen as MC and guest Khang Ta from Saigon Toastmasters.
We are honored to inform the big three:
🎯Best speaker: Dao Nguyen
🎯Best table topic speaker: Jake Nguyen
🎯Best evaluator: Khang Ta
Your friends decide the person you want to be. Let's join us in the next meeting and have fun🤗

April Apple

[NICE PICS AT THE 15TH MEETING - April Apple - 10th, 2019]
Congratulations to our winners of the delightful meeting 👏👏👏
🌟Best speaker: Mr. Tai Le
🌟Best evaluator: Mr. Chris Le
🌟Best table topics speaker: Ms. Lan Huynh

As a part of KMS Toastmasters, we appreciate all of active participants who come and join us, stand by us bring the club up. Hope you all keep the enthusiasm to go far.

If Monday is strong coffee, don’t despair and add a few pieces of sugar to make it tasty and sweet!

KMS Toastmaster meeting #14 #HAPPINESS

KMS Toastmaster meeting #14 just completed in a #HAPPINESS space - Tan Vien office by our #ENTHUSIASTIC guests, speakers, and audience. We sincerely thank you all with tight hugs for both of your participation and your support so far. Christ Le is one of the talent guests who stands by us and brings a specific color to the group.
So how special he is? Close your curiosity by viewing the below video. See how good job Christ did in evaluating each of the meeting parts as well as doing the art in giving feedback to our speakers as well as other roles.

KMS Toastmasters - Google Drive

Dear fellow Toastmasters and welcome guests,

The advent of popular storytelling events offers new and vibrant venues where audiences go to hear and share personal stories in myriad formats. And it’s a logical migration path for Toastmasters too.
Alongside this cherished tradition, we are now seeing an explosion in the popularity of personal storytelling, culled from our own lives and derived from our own ­experiences.
It's worth to take a look at our video series, feed your empty soul by our stories. Please click the link below to view.^^

Is learning English a good investment?
In our globalized world, English has become a “bridge language” that has connected the people of the world through trade, culture, and diplomacy.
So, one could say that if you want the world to listen—you need to say it in English.
The most important, you don't need to spend too much money to learn English, Toastmasters meeting is a playground where promotes your English skills. Hurry up registering to keep your slot in the upcoming meeting, 13 Mar 2019:

We’ve completed our #11 meeting about #NEW_YEAR_RESOLUTIONS in KMS Cong Hoa office today’s noon. Despite the busy week of so many deadlines, we #TENACIOUSLY had our meeting at the highest quality with so much fun. The friendly and encouraging environment created help us a lot on improving our confidence and so the public English speaking skill. We’re very happy to have you all at the meeting. Can’t wait to see you guys next time.

Some special recognition for the success of this meeting:
- Ms. Thi Nguyen: Toastmaster of the day
- Ms. Thoa Hong: General Evaluator
- Mr. Dai Vo: Speech Evaluator 1
- Mr. An Luu: Speech Evaluator 2
- Ms. Thu Do: Table Topics Master
- Mr. Chris Le: Grammarian
- Mr. Tai Le: Timekeeper
- Mr. Long Le: Ah Counter
- Ms. Hung Pham: 1st prepared speech speaker (P2)
- Ms. My Vo: 2nd prepared speech speaker (P3)

Our guests from friend clubs:
- Mr. An Luu: VN Leader Toastmasters Club
- Ms. Thoa Hong: ISB UEH Toastmasters Club
- Mr. Chris Le: ISB UEH Toastmasters Club

This meeting's awards go to:
- Ms. Hung Pham: Best Speaker
- Ms. Nhu Pham: Best Table Topics Speaker
- Mr. An Luu: Best Evaluator

Want your school to be the top-listed School/college in Ho Chi Minh City?

Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

Videos (show all)

#25 | Table Topic Session
#25 | Diabetes and how yoga can help - Hoa Nguyen
[Toastmasters 25] [Repared Speech] [P4] - Get thing done - Long Le
Join KMS Toastmasters, and Master your English!
Find your Passion, Ignite your Compassion
April Apple
KMS Toastmaster meeting #14 #HAPPINESS




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