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It is true that there is a tremendous demand for young employees. However, the strengths and weaknesses of those employees have always been a concern of many businesses. Write an essay to discuss the pros and cons of hiring them.

Practice by Lam Pham

It is no doubt that businesses have a considerable need for young employees. Nonetheless, whether recruiting the young bears advantages or disadvantages has long been a major concern of numerous enterprises. This essay will grant us a chance to elaborate upon both sides.

On the bright side, it is generally believed that young workers have several advantages over older ones at work places. To begin with, they are supposed to be physically healthier than the old. Therefore, it is easier for them to get involved in important sales or marketing campaigns, which require physical strength. In addition, it is undeniable that younger workers usually stay far more up-to-date to latest technologies. Accordingly, they are believed to work more productivity than older counterparts, especially in this age of digital technology. Last but not least, it is a common sight that young generations are formally trained in more international learning environments, which enables them to have more profound knowledge of foreign cultures as well as customs, and build beneficial multinational relationship with people from other countries. In a long run, they could adapt much better to the current economic atmosphere of globalization.

On the dark side, it is widely acknowledged that young graduates have certain weakness at work places as well. In the first place, young workers are often short of practical work experience. Consequently, they normally have trouble in solving thorny problems. Even though they may have a number of relations, most of them are irrelevant to their business. Hence, it takes them more time to create new networks of clients. In addition, most of them have a knowledge-based background. In certain situations, it prevents them from being creative thinkers. In other words, the lack of innovativeness as well as creativity will result in their low productivity.

In conclusion, it can be reckoned that the recruitment of young workers has both benefits and drawbacks. Therefore, it is important for businesses to define what their needs and hire appropriate employees to take the best advantages.



Essay Writing Practice

Write an academic essay to express your personal opinion about the following statement. “Spare a rod, and spoil a child.” To what extent would you agree or disagree with it?

The issue of educating children with corporal punishment(s) has long sparked bitter controversy amongst educators, academics, psychologists as well as parents. While some hold the view that this would prevent children from making the same mistakes, others are of the opinion that it would bring more drawbacks than benefits to children. Personally, I am completely in favor of the latter’s point of view. This essay will elaborate upon the issue.

It is a general belief that educating children with a rod could have adverse effects on children’s psychological development. From a psychological point of view, ill-treated children are normally so obsessed with the rod, a symbol of violence, that they would be psychologically-confused. Worse still, some of those children could learn from what they have experienced and turn out to be violent people later on.

In addition, it is widely advocated that children’s physical and mental development would be negatively affected as well. As a matter of fact, some parents hit their children so rudely out of anger, rather than love that many of them suffer from their injuries for the rest of their life. As far as their mental development is concerned, children who are taught with a rod are believed to feel anxious to express their opinions, which, more or less, discourages them from thinking quickly and logically.

All things considered, it can be reckoned that the practice of employing corporal punishment(s) in children education is disadvantageous. Therefore, it should not be tolerated or encouraged under any circumstances.

By Thanh Hải


Topic: In some countries young people are encouraged to work or travel for a year between finishing high school and starting university studies. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages for young people who decide to do this.

In certain countries, it is advocated that the young should take a gap year to work or travel before (taking) tertiary education. While it is generally believed to offer a few advantages, there are certain disadvantages which are worth considering. This essay will grant us a chance to discuss both sides of the issue thoroughly. (by Trung Nghi)

On the bright side, there are two main benefits. To begin with, the young can expand their horizons through traveling. In detail, they have a closer access to foreign cultures, which will help them to gain more profound understanding of the world. Moreover, they are able to learn to appreciate the value of money. To be specific, once young people take a gap year to work part-time, they (will) realize the hardship involved in earning money. Therefore, they usually think thoroughly before purchasing anything they desire. To put it another way, taking a gap year encourages the young to become less impulsive in their spending. (by Thuan Hieu)

On the dark side, various drawbacks must be noted. In the first place, young people are supposed to suffer from the sense of depression on grounds that they are too young to cope with certain practical work experience or unexpected situations. Not to mention another fact they are constantly under pressure to take care of themselves and stay safe from social evils without the protection or support from parents. Besides, the young may not return to their studies. In excelling in the labor market at their young age, some young students enjoy making money to become financially independent so much that they are reluctant to start over their studies again. As a consequence, their future is adversely affected as it is critical to graduate with a degree these days to be competitive in the current job market. (by Minh Quan)

In conclusion, the young can gain invaluable experience and become independent in relation to finance thanks to their gap year. However, they are likely to be depressed or so interested in earning a living that they quit their study. It is necessary to weigh benefits against drawbacks carefully prior to making any decisions on whether they should take a gap year or not. (by Thuy Trang)


Currently, more and more students go overseas to study. In your opinion, why is this the case? Is it a positive or negative trend? Write an academic essay of at least 250 words to your lecturer.

Sample by students at IELTS THẦY MẠNH (Lan Vi, Xuan Vinh, Đỗ Đăng Khoa)

It is an undeniable fact that an escalating number of students have a driving ambition/ have a desire to study abroad. The causes of this trend/ phenomenon is a subject of social concern. In addition, whether this trend has positive or negative impacts upon students themselves in particular and their home country in general is a controversial issue. I am convinced that there are two primary causes, and that it should be seen as a positive progress in numerous aspects.

In relation to the causes, it is believed that there are two possible reasons. To begin with/ First and foremost, students might have a driving ambition to access more advanced education systems in developed countries. From their perspective, well - equipped facilities, together with high quality lecturers in those countries, can boost their academic outcomes, not to mention another fact that modern student - centered teaching approaches are supposed to enhance their personal development. In addition, they wish to study in international English - speaking environments. They have a belief that they would have opportunities to communicate with students from other countries. Therefore, they gain extensive knowledge of cultural diversity as well as customs. In other words, it enables them to build essential networks which are potentially necessary for their future business.

From my point of view, this trend has positive effects on not only students but also their countries. The most significant benefit/ advantage/ merit is that students studying abroad will become potentially important labor force with international mindsets, which meets the demands of high quality employees nationwide in the age of globalization. In addition, their international networks with students from other countries are believed to make considerable/ enormous contribution to the future success of the country, as a whole, particularly in regard to international trading or commerce.

In conclusion, it is obvious from the aforementioned arguments that there are two major/ primary/ principle reasons why students prefer overseas study, and that this trend not only grants them an opportunity to be good candidates for brilliant posts/ vacancies in the age of globalization but also assists their home countries integrate intensively as well as extensively into the world trade.


Given is the bar chart illustrating the numbers of students majoring in Business Administration (BA) as regards female and male students, in thousands, from 2014 to 2019. In general, it is clear that both of the figures experienced overall upward trends during the surveyed period of six years, and that the volume of male students outweighed that of female ones in the first half of the time shown, whereas the situation reversed in the second half.
To be specific, as can be seen from the chart, as many female students studied BA as male ones in 2014, approximately 3,000 each group. Nonetheless, the figure of female students, then, remained relatively constant until 2016 before it skyrocketed over twofold to 7,000 in 2017 while that of male ones witnessed a significant growth with substantial variations to reach 6,000 over the same period of time. During the past two years, the number of female students specializing in BA kept rising and reached a peak of 9,000 in 2018 before declining to 8,000 in 2019. Dissimilarly, that of male students/ undergraduates slowed down and stabilized at roughly 7,000 until the end of the surveyed time.

(By Phuong Dung - Học viên lớp IELTS band 6.5 - 7.5)

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Reading Practice 😇🤪




Given is the bar chart illustrating the number of books borrowed from HCM City Public Library regarding 7 different groups in two consecutive years, 2017 and 2018. Meanwhile, the pie chart compares the rate of members in terms of genders in 2019. In general, the majority of the surveyed book genres witnessed a growth in the number of borrowed books, except for crime novels as well as children’s fiction; moreover, female members made up a majority of the membership. (Khuê Mai)

As can be seen from the bar chart that Crime novels and Children’s fiction witnessed a sharp decline in the number of books which were borrowed from the library. To be specific, the number of crime novels (borrowed from the HCM City library) dropped dramatically from 500 in 2017 to just over 200 in 2018 while fiction books for children also halved, from 700 to 360 in the same period. (Thủy Tiên)

In stark contrast, all of the others witnessed a growth in the volume of borrowed books. It is noticeable that self – improvement books saw an upsurge of 800 books, and the figure of romance books increased considerably from 1,000 to 1,400 between the surveyed years. Meanwhile, the quantity of autobiographies and language books went up slightly.

As can be seen from the pie chart, female members accounted for (the majority of ) two thirds of the total number of members at HCM City Public library while male ones made up just a third in 2019. (Minh Phương)

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Some people think that social networking sites have huge negative impacts on both individual and society. To what extent do you agree or disagree?



Nowadays, it is a plain truth that people can easily connect and communicate with each other via social media sites. However, whether those sites have detrimental influences on each person and the society as a whole has been in dispute. Personally, I cannot agree more with the statement. This essay will elaborate on the issue.

One persuasive argument against social network is that the way people treat others in real life is adversely changed when they join in the cyber world. To be specific, some social network users show boisterous behaviors, namely making jokes or even insulting others, in a discussion on the Internet. They normally do not take into concern age gaps or cultural differences seeing that they have no face-to-face interactions. As a consequence, it has become a common sight that a fifteen-year-old boy verbally bullies a fifty-year-old man on social networks. In addition, the use of social networks is addictive; therefore, to some extent, it can lead to relation break-up, especially when users cannot manage how to utilize social media platforms properly.

Another convincing argument is that misleading news on social networks poses a number of thorny problems to the government and the whole society. For example, fake news about a company can soon spread to everyone and cause boycott toward that company. Not only does it severely do harm to the company’s business but it also results in the unemployment of hundreds or thousands of workers, in a broader sense. In terms of politics, sensationally misleading information about the government also triggers civil unrest, protests and even riots against the government. Social and national security will be under threat.

All things considered, social networks undoubtedly have considerably adverse effects on both individuals and the society. The users should, therefore, be aware of the drawbacks to utilize social networks moderately and wisely.

(290 WORDS)

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In today’s competitive world, many families find it necessary for both parents to go out to work. While some say that the children in these families benefit from the additional income, others feel that they lack support because of their parents’ absence.

Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

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Bài thực hành của học viên tại GM EDU.


Whether or not students should self-study is a subject of heated debate. Personally, I am convinced by the neutral opinion that self-study embraces both pros and cons. This essay will grant us a chance to discuss both views of the issue in more detail.

On the one side, some students believe that self- study give them conditions to find essential silence to get high concentration. As a result, they are able to learn faster and more effectively. In addition, studying alone helps students become more and more independent, which means they are not forced to choose learning subjects that they are not interested in and have a chance to decide on their own courses, timetable or reference materials. Last but not least, a further advantage of independent study is to build a stronger background by achieving certain knowledge before discussing any topics in a group or getting advice from lecturers.

On the other side, it is acknowledged that self-study has certain negative effects. Those who are opposed to studying alone argue that self-learners are usually short of ideas to deal with big assignments. This could lead to a vicious circle of finding proper solutions. Also, in some cases, students seem to have no motivation or competition in learning. Therefore, they are more likely to give up when facing a hard task. Finally, it is believed that those who self-study find it hard to work in a group due to the lack of soft-skills such as communication, common-sense topics, teamwork and so on.

In conclusion, independent study brings both benefits and drawbacks. Hence, self-study students should be conscious enough to choose what and how to learn in order to reap the best advantages.

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Some people think that it is better for older schoolchildren to study a large number of subjects and develop a range of knowledge. Others argue that they should study a smaller number of subjects and focus in details. Discuss both views and give your opinion. (IELTS 27/04/2013)


In recent years, the number of subjects that students have to study at school has become an issue of widespread public concern. There are conflicting views toward this growing trend of whether it is necessary to offer a wide range of subjects for children. Some support the idea. However, others argue that children should study a smaller number of subjects to specialize in intensive fields. Advocates for both sides are reasonable to certain extent as now it will be explained before a final conclusion is reached.

On the one hand, those against the latter’s point of view may argue that there are enormous benefits for older schoolchildren to study a variety of subjects at school. This is especially true when it comes to eastern societies, where it has long been perceived that students are encouraged to study a large number of subjects such as math, history, geography and physics in order to have comprehensive developments rather than just study some courses and focus in details. Accordingly, children can handle complicated problems in their life with extensive knowledge and essential skills from accessing different fields. It is understandable why the variety of chosen subjects at school is of significant importance to ensure the wholesome development as well as heighten their employability and success.

On the other hand, there are no less convincing arguments to say that studying a limited number of subjects has considerable advantages. Firstly, learning a smaller range of subjects helps children to study more effectively. It is true that focusing on fewer subjects lessens the pressure of studying for many exams and also reduces the distraction since their brain does not have to handle multi-questions of different fields. Secondly, children can choose a set of subjects that they like, or they are good at. In fact, once they are able to learn what they want, their higher motivation will surely enhance their academic results. With this support since children are young, they are likely to develop fully in their own fields, which leads to higher probability of success in the future.

From what has been discussed, one can reach a conclusion that it is hard to choose a suitable number of subjects for children at school because some students may be good at what the others are not. However, I am of the opinion that it is better for children to study a limited number of subjects at school.


318 NHẬT TẢO, P8, Q10, TP.HCM

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By Mr. Duy (general ielts)

Dear Mr. Peterman,

Thank you for your confirmation fax. We are writing to confirm your booking for a superior double room from 25 to 27 December, 2018. The cost for the room is 135 US Dollars per night including tax, magazine and a continental breakfast (inclusive of café, toast and jam). The total charge of 270 US Dollars will be deducted to your credit card number supplied.

We also would like to take this opportunity to remind you that we have a well-equipped gym with an indoor swimming pool, serving our guests free of charge. Besides, we have a restaurant on the premises where you might have lunch and dinner at your discretion.

Should you require transportation from the airport on your arrival, we will arrange a special airport shuttle for you. You only need to make a phone call to us at any of the courtesy phones at the arrival terminal. Please press 15 to reach the reception desk of One Devonshire Gardens.

We are looking forward to welcoming you on your arrival at One Devonshire Gardens. Do not hesitate to contact us for any further questions regarding to your booking and our hotel.

Yours sincerely,

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Xin chào cả nhà, IELTS THẦY MẠNH cảm ơn cả nhà vì đã luôn ủng hộ chúng tôi trong suốt thời gian qua.

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Topic: Some people believe that culture will be ruined if it is used to earn tourism revenue, but others consider that tourism is the only way of protecting a culture. Discuss both sides and give your own opinion.

, ,

It is an undeniable fact that culture is an indispensable spiritual part of human life, especially for the peoples of Asia. However, there is a heated dispute that the development of tourism now has a great impact on current state of culture. Some people contend that culture, to some extent, is deteriorated by tourism. Others put forwards an argument that it is tourism that preserves the national culture. In this essay, the arguments relating to this issue will be discussed in more detail.

A convincing argument can be made that tourism plays a vital role in protecting culture in many ways. To begin with, it is believed that some culture is falling into oblivion. In fact, many traditional customs as well as habits are forgotten. Particularly, some traditional culture which cannot keep pace with the fast growth of economy are even in danger of extinction. In this case, tourism plays an important role of a culture reminder. Additionally, it may exaggerate to say that tourism connect closely with culture. Nonetheless, tourism, to some extent, perpetuates culture. By way of illustration, some culture of ethnic minority being sometimes phenomenon to society is maintained persistently thanks to the expanding of tourism industry. As a result, governors together with culture conservationists evidently pay more notice to preserve these kinds of culture.

On the other hand, some people believe that tourism, in general, is deleterious to tourism. Understandably, some local people living in tourism areas may try to earn money to enhance their living conditions. Instead of protecting culture for future generations, they try to make the best use of distinctive culture to benefit themselves. Moreover, in some tourism destinations, people alter simultaneously the nature of original culture into an appropriate form to serve foreign tourists. As a consequence, upholders of this argument completely believe that various types of daily or long-standing culture are no longer existent. Apart from that, it is an alarming circumstance that when people recognize profits from tourism, culture subsequently seems to be lost its real meaning. In other words, culture owned by local people is considered as an effective tool to make profits rather than a sacred belief that people inherited from ancestors.

All things considered, it is indubitable fact that tourism impacts on culture greatly. Personally, it is my belief that people should not just concentrate on short-term profits and ignore the importance of culture.

By Thai Tran - Học viên tại IELTS THẦY MẠNH (GM EDU)

Agreeing Expressions 05/01/2018


Agreeing Expressions Agreeing Expressions 05/01/2018 12:30:47 1.To agree with someone or something agree verb [intransitive and transitive] to have the same opinion as someone, or to think that a statement is correct: đồng ý Many people agreed with his views about the war. I completely agree with Chomsky when he s...

Kinh Nghiệm Học Từ Vựng (Video) 05/01/2018

Kinh Nghiệm Học Từ Vựng (Video) Khi học từ vựng hãy chọn nhóm từ vựng (chủ đề từ vựng) cần học. Ví dụ, bạn chọn nhóm từ liên quan đến thực phẩm, giao thông, du lịch, sở thích, v.v. Bạn có thể thực hiện bước này với những từ mới bạn nhiều lần bắt gặp ...



(BY Tố Quỳnh)

Recently, there has been lively debate over whether or not capital punishment should be abolished. Some who support the abolition advocate that it violates the right to live, which is the most fundamental human right. Meanwhile, others take the opposite view that the enforcement of death penalty is essential in order to prevent crimes. Personally, I am in favor of the former’s view. This essay will grant us a chance to discuss this issue in more detail.

Those who believe death penalty is necessary put forward an argument that it is the ultimate warning against all crimes. If criminals are sentenced to death and executed, potential ones will think twice before killing for fear of losing their own life. It will help us protect the public from society's worst criminals and bring some measure of closure to the families whose loved ones were cruelly taken from them. To some extent, there is a merit in their argument. However, in my opinion, capital punishment is not a solution to punish the murders.

The supporters of the abolition argue that every human has the right to live and the right not to be tortured or subjected to any cruel, inhumane or degrading punishment. Therefore, the death of a criminal is not for humans to decide. Besides, all legal systems are fallible; thus, the wrongful conviction of innocent men are unavoidable. Such unfair sentences take away lives of innocent people and make other citizens lose faith in law and justice. In fact, a plethora of innocents have been mistakenly executed, not to mention that some countries even execute children and pregnant women. Unlike prison sentences, death penalty is irreversible and irreparable.

Another convincing point against death penalty is that it cannot deter homicides as effectively as it is supposed to. The Supreme Court has recently stated that, “There is no conclusive evidence of the deterrent value of death penalty”. It is also worth pointing out that the effectiveness of capital punishment is seriously being questioned by an increasing number of law enforcement professionals.

To sum up, for some aforementioned reasons, I am convinced that capital punishment should be abolished and replaced by more humane solutions. It is the duty of the government to conduct researches on various methods of crime reduction to ensure that effective policies are in place.

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Should people conduct experiments on animals?


Whether or not experiments should be conducted on animals is a subject of heated debate. Some believe that it is necessary as results from animal testing are more reliable. In the meantime, others are convinced that it is not fair for the animals. I personally advocate the former’s point of view. This essay will grant us a chance to discuss the issue in more detail.

Those who are opposed to animal testing usually put forth an argument that it is not fair for animals to undergo sufferings or even death due to scientific researches into the effects of drugs. Animals are like human beings who should have rights to live.

More or less, there seems to be a merit in their argument. Nevertheless, the supporters of animal testing put forth a more convincing argument that the results are more reliable to the product’s consumers since it has been tested. Animals do not know what is coming, so their body will react normally. Human, on the other hand, would feel scared, and therefore testing outcomes might not be precise.

Another persuasive argument for animal testing is that it can help science technology improve. In fact, scientists share the view that they can see what their mistakes are, and then they would think of a better way to improve their products thanks to such experiments. Without animal testing, it is impossible to produce safe and effective medicines, or other important products for human beings.

In conclusion, it is vital to do animal experiments for more accurate results, which indirectly save more lives.

By Quang Le - a student at IELTS THẦY MẠNH



The table compares the rates of consumers’ spending on basically three different categories in five countries in 2002. It is noticeable that the amount of money spent on Food/Drinks/Tobacco was the largest compared with the other two categories. In Turkey, it contributed to 32.14% while it made up 15.77% in Sweden. In Ireland, the Food/Drink/Tobacco expense was also high, only second to Turkey, contributing to 28.91%. Of the three expenses, the smallest one was on Education/Leisure as it only accounted for less than 5% in each of the surveyed country. Once again, Turkey had the highest proportion of all at 4.35%, whereas the lowest rate was of Spain, at nearly 2%. Italy and Sweden shared a similar figure, representing around 3.2% each. In relation to Clothing/Footwear, customer’s spending in Ireland, Spain and Turkey made up approximately 6.5% each. Remarkably, it contributed to the highest rate of 9% in Italy.

Overall, it is obvious that the most significant proportion of consumer spending was on Food/Drink/Tobacco. On the other hand, the Leisure/Education category held the lowest rates.

Bui Huong Tuong Vy

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