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Save our children, families, citizens, schools, communities, and Country!
Protect and save our children, families, citizens, schools, communities, and Country!

Save our children and communities! Fight against Organized Crimes and corruption.
This is a statement from one of the Ohio Attorney General’s offices.
1) One of these cases has already been investigated,
2) prosecution has declined to pursue, and without requests from an agency to assist.
3) This is the big thing – we need a request from local police agencies to assist with their investigation.

Several Ohio Counties (Mahoning, Trumbull, and more) local government offices, officials of the schools, and other organizations are corrupted with an organized criminal group, and/or covering up and protecting themselves and each other, not working with the office of the Attorney General of State of Ohio, or other agencies, not protecting nor saving thousands of victims of school children, families, citizens, and communities for more than 10years.
Victims became older than 18, but why are the cases sealed and closed to protect whom? For Organized Criminals? For Corrupted officials or schools with money and violated the State of Ohio Ethics Laws? For Victimized children, their families, citizens, and communities?
The organized criminal group have victimized school children, their families, and communities with corrupted local school officials; uncountable r**es, molestations, abuses, illegal drugs, injured children intoxicated alcohol and addiction, and in the schools, illegal full-time childcare/daycare recruited by the corrupted local schools, children labor trafficking, scam, indicted criminally operating nonprofit organization 501c(3) for personal use for groceries, shopping, traveling, and own business, ethics violation with local schools.
The state of Ohio and the Federal Government are not doing anything despite of well informed about the situation. Saying “The State of Ohio is a Home Rule State”. But if the cases become “Bigger News”, they would involve and take care of it.
local news media have been informed that reporters want to investigate these serious crimes, but their top managers don’t allow the investigation.
Organized Criminals are operating business as usual even today, those officials want to protect criminals not innocent children, their families, and thousands of other victims for more than 10 years from Trumbull County, Mahoning County, and other parts of Ohio.
To the Honorable Anthony Donofrio, Mahoning County, Ohio:
October 28,2021
2021 CR 00581 Chipps, Donavin Mattheu
Indicted for the Charge(s) of:
2907.02(AXlXb), 2907.02(B): R**e, a felony of the first degree
2907.02(AX I Xb), 2907 .02(B): R**e, a felony of the first degree
2907 .04(A),2907.04(B)( 1): Unlawtul Sexual Conduct With A Minor, a felony of the fourth degree
2907.02(AX I Xb), 2901 .02(B): R**e, a felony of the first degree
2907.02(AX I Xb), 2907 .02(B): R**e, a felony of the first degree
2907.05(AX4), 2907 .05(C)(2): Gross Sexual Imposition, a felony of the third degree
2907.05(AX4), 2907 .05(C)(2): Gross Sexual lmposition, a felony of the third degree
2907.05(AX5), 2907.05(C)( 1): Gross Sexual lrrrposition, a felony of the fourth degree
Inmate ID: 0068482
Date of Birth: 02/25/1996
Booking #: 20210827009
Booking Date: 08/27/2021

These victims are only a few from Mahoning County and there are so many more victims in Mahoning County.
Before this Organized Criminal Group; Junior Taekwondo School, Taylor Martial Arts, Justin Taylor, Abbie Taylor, other family members, employees, instructors, and associates migrated to Mahoning County (Canfield and Boardman, Ohio). They already victimized hundreds to thousands of children and their families in Trumbull County and other places.

They are well aware of their committed crimes and cover up and hide the crimes with corrupt officials.
Chipps, Donavin Mattheu, Son of Justin Taylor and Abbie Taylor, worked and lived at Boardman, and Canfield Mahoning County,

1. lived In Canfield home and Junior Taekwondo School in Boardman, Mahoning County, Ohio
2. worked/attended local schools in Mahoning County, Ohio.
3. as instructor teaching classes at Junior Taekwondo Schools/Taylor Taekwondo School, and many local Schools,
4. working and operating at an illegal full-time all-day Childcare & Daycare business without an Ohio State license at Junior Taekwondo School/Taylor Martial Arts; 60 Boardman-Canfield Rd. Boardman, Ohio 44512. Children have been recruited by local schools.
5. R**ed, abused, and molested own family and other young children (boys and Girls) at home, business places, and other places. Family members, employees, associates, Mr. Sam Naples, instructors, and others are well aware of the crime. 6. Teaching classes as an instructor and/or, caregiver at childcare and daycare business, sleepover movie night parties, slumber parties, all-day summer camps inside/outside the building, at home in canfield, daytime sleeping hours in the small crowded darkroom (over 20 children), sleep-over training, and away training camps. Tournaments a few days traveling in and out of the State, and at Ohio State Taekwondo Association, Ohio USAT, USAT, AAU, and other tournaments. 7. Lived and worked at business places and moved to different locations in Trumbull County before migrating to Mahoning County.
6. Children and foster children were r***d, molested, and abused, illegal drugs, alcohol addiction, and injuring the children in the class and business, gambling, scamming, convicted criminally operating Nonprofit 501c(C) by Ohio Attorney General and others in Trumbull County.
7. There are so many more victims in Trumbull County. Recently 2 victims (minors who became older legal ages) have reported to Trumbull Country Authorities.
8. That’s why this convicted Organized Criminal Group migrated to Canfield and Boardman in Mahoning County.
9. The Organized Criminal Group members have been well aware of all the committed crimes from the beginning for more than a decade, but not reporting to the authorities. Even other people posted on the internet that criminal group members are not reporting to the authorities. 10
10. Now, organized Criminals and families have claimed to the authority, they are the victims of their own criminal sons. They were well aware of the criminal acts. They have lived together and run Junior Taekwondo Schools other martial arts places and local schools, nonprofit organizations in Trumbull County, Mahoning County, Geauga County, and other places.
11. the crimes were committed at their homes, schools, business places, special events, and many more.
12. People are well aware of the crimes by this Organized Criminal Group which is expanding to other corrupted local school officials and with new criminal group members.
These incidents happened for many years at different locations.
Chris L.
Cover up.
So did the Taylor's decide to hide that their adopted son Donavan Taylor/Chipps was caught molesting several students here? He was never reported for his crimes.*x-case/ OCT 30, 2021
YOUNGSTOWN — A superseding indictment has been issued for a Cortland man charged with r**e involving a child.
Donavin M. Chipps, 25, who has been in the Mahoning County jail since Aug. 27, was indicted by a Mahoning County grand jury Thursday on four counts of r**e allegedly involving one child; one count of unlawful s*xual conduct with a minor involving another alleged victim; and three counts of gross s*xual imposition involving a third alleged victim.
Two r**e charges could result in a life prison sentence if convicted. The children were as young as 5 when the offenses are alleged to have begun in 2014 in Mahoning County. Some of the alleged crimes also were committed in 2015, according to the new indictment.
YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – A Mahoning County grand jury returned indictments on the following cases on Thursday:
Donavin Mattheu Chipps: Four counts of r**e, three counts of gross s*xual imposition and unlawful s*xual conduct with a minor.
The above and following information is indicating organized criminal Group (hereafter OCG), Justin Taylor, Abbie Taylor, Junior Taekwondo School, their family, employees, and associates are involved and well aware of the criminal activities for over a decade at different business locations, different homes, so many local schools, church(es), Ohio Taekwondo Association, USAT, AAU, and many other places, events, traveling in Trumbull County, Mahoning County, Geauga County, other counties, Ohio, and out of State locations.
Their own son r***d and molested their other son(s), children and many other children, and other foster children at their different residences, many Junior Taekwondo School/Taylor Taekwondo/ Taylor Martial Arts business places, and many other training locations.
How many children? More children are coming out.
The above indictment is only from Mahoning County. The criminal activities started in Trumbull County. The OCG escaped and migrated to Mahoning County.
Now, Trumbull County victims have started coming out reporting R**e, molesting children, and abuse. There are many victims of scamming, alcohol, illegal drugs, corruption with local schools with money, and others,
James H. West Farmington, OH 01 5/2/2016
First to Review
The Junior Tae Kwon Do school is owned and run by criminals! Justin Taylor has a criminal record, and his wife was the founder of a fake charity called dynamite tkd kids foundation; all the proceeds went right into their pocket. All the classes are taught by children and not the owner. The owner does not have a real black belt he awarded himself his 3rd and 4th-degree black belt, but that doesn't matter because he only shows up once a month. When you enroll, there are loads of hidden fees for mandatory $100 camps and promotion tests. This school is not affiliated with the UMBA. They are just a small martial arts school with an owner who promotes himself to whatever he wants. I do not recommend anyone visit this school unless you mind paying $1000 a year for a fake black belt.
Junior Tae Kwon DO School
2048 N River Rd NE
Warren, OH 44483
OCG Family lived at this address.
TAE KWAN DO CHARITY: Dynamite TKD Kids Foundation, a Warren organization founded in 2009 to provide scholarships for students to attend Tae Kwan Do classes, has reached an agreement to pay $5,000 to the Attorney General's Office and cease charitable solicitations in Ohio following an investigation by the Attorney General's Charity Law Section, according to the Youngstown Vindicator. The organization, founded in 2009 by Abbie M. Taylor, provided scholarships for students to attend her husband's Justin Taylor, Junior Tae Kwan Do school, and an investigation began in August 2012 when a complaint was filed alleging that the Taylors were using the organization's debit card to pay for vacations, groceries and other personal expenses. The investigation also revealed that very few scholarships — all of which sent students to attend Taylor's husband's Tae Kwan Do School — were awarded, and The Taylors had failed to keep appropriate financial records.
Under the terms of an assurance of discontinuance, The Taylors agreed to pay $5,000 to DeWine's office and dissolve Dynamite TKD Kids Foundation. The Taylors is not to hold any position or participate in soliciting donations for any Ohio charitable organizations.

The whole family moved and lived in Canfield Township, Ohio under DAVID DEMARCO’s name, since they migrated from Trumbull County to Mahoning County, Ohio. The officials of Canfield township, Ohio were looking for the OCG family where they moved because the OCG totally destroyed the rental home and disappeared. They were under the father-in-law DAVID DEMARCO? or someone else’s name. The whole family, children s*x offenders, and children abusers moved right next to the Canfield School under the father-in-law DAVID DEMARCO?

Hundreds of people came and asked Master Park for help for a decade starting from Trumbull County and later from Mahoning County, because Master Park is one of the top senior grandmasters in various martial arts internationally, in the United States, and the State of Ohio and found me from others, recommendations and research.
These are very important issues; education, training, discipline, health, and safety for children, their family, citizens, Society/Communities, and the country.

Master Park has repeatedly contacted so many local Government, Education offices, townships, cities, counties, police departments, sheriff’s offices, prosecutors’ offices, counties’ officers, the State of Ohio, the Federal Government, local schools, principals, superintendents, school Board members, county commissioners’ offices, county drug task forces, State and Counties of Children Services of, and State of Ohio Departments of Education, so many elected officers, Ohio State Attorney General’s offices, the BCI, Ohio State Governor’s offices, the USDOJ, the FBI,

E. This statement is from one of the Ohio Attorney General's offices.
1) one of these cases has already been investigated,
2) prosecution has declined to pursue, and without requests from an agency to assist.
3) This is the big thing we need a request from local police
agencies to assist with their investigation.

F. Several Ohio Counties (Mahoning, Trumbull, and more) local governments’ offices, schools, officials, and other organizations are corrupted with the Organized Criminal Groups, and/or covering up and protecting themselves and each other, not cooperating with the office of the Attorney General of the State of
Ohio, or other agencies, not protecting nor saving thousands of victims, children, families, citizens, and communities for more than 10 years. He FBI, local Judicial Courts, and many other places.

Despite numerous r**es, molestations, and abuse of children at homes, Junior Taekwondo School business places, and many other places. They have worked at Canfield Schools, Boardman Schools, St. Charles School, Austintown Schools, Leetonia School, Western Reserve School, Goddard School, and many other places in Mahoning County, Howland Schools, Champion Schools, other schools, churches, and many other places in Trumbull County, Geauga County, and other places.

New two(2) children Adoption at Mahoning County Probate Court in spite of r**e, molesting, and abuse of foster children, and other children; Trumbull County Children Services and other agencies took out victimized children and were well aware of the criminal acts, and organized criminal acts for years of illegal Drugs, alcoholic addiction, intoxicated injuring children in the classes and running the business, children trafficking, scamming, criminally indicted by the Attorney General of the State of Ohio of Criminal Operation of Charitable Nonprofit Organization for personal use and corrupted with local schools and own business.

Their own son(s) was/were r***d and victimized by their own son, instructor Donavin Matthieu Chipps (Taylor). This Convicted criminal (s) adopted two (2) young children at Mahoning County Probate Court.
Mr. Sam Naples known well as a member of the Group was at the 2 children’s adoption process and ceremony and witnessed: as shown in the picture in the Mahoning County Probate Court.
Their family members attend/attended canfield schools, work at Canfield Schools, and have lived right next to the Canfield School. They migrated from Trumbull County.

DAVID DEMARCO, tenant of the property in Canfield OH 44406: Abbie M Taylor, Abbie M Demarco, Aaron Gingerich, Justin Taylor, Ashton Gingerich, John Taylor, Donavin Matthieu Chipps, and others.
DAVID DEMARCO, father of the family, owner of property in CANFIELD OH 44406, Justin Philip Taylor, Abbie Taylor, and other family members resided at Boardman Business location: Junior Taekwondo School.
Junior Taekwondo School; 60 Boardman-Canfield Rd. Next to McDonald’s, Boardman, OH 44512, nearby St. Charles School.

All Trumbull County and Mahoning County School Superintendents received $780,000 in Federal Money,
All Trumbull County and Mahoning County School Superintendents received $780,000 in Federal Money from Mahoning County Juvenile Court to protect school children by using the money for better communication. Despite endless complaints and notifications from students, parents, families, and communities, many local schools took money to keep recruiting and sending children to the Organized criminal Group (OCG).
Boardman School, Austintown school, and other schools expelled the OCG. But they never notified the students, parents, communities, local police, sheriff’s offices, prosecutors’ offices, the State of Ohio Governor’s office, Ohio Attorney of General, or the FBI. They all covered up the criminal acts and crimes.

Boardman School Superintendent, Frank Lazarri, expelled and banned "this entire Organized Criminal Group (not one person)” from Boardman schools. Superintendent, Frank Lazarri didn’t notify the principals, teachers, students, parents, family members, communities, townships, police, Department of Education of Counties, State, or other places except a few inner circles.
Mr. Tim Saxton was a “Director of the operation” under Superintendents Frank Lazarri for 2years to take over the position of Superintendent of the Boardman School and himself, his boss and the Boardman school said officially to the public “His duty of the Director of Operation was running the day-to-day business of Boardman Schools.” After expelling and banning "the entire Organized Criminal Group of Junior Taekwondo School; Justin Taylor, Junior Taekwondo School, employees, family members, and others by Superintendents Frank Lazarri, the OCG all returned to the Boardman Schools right away as usual.

I spoke to Mr. Tim Saxton, the new superintendent face to face more than three times at his office and at Boardman Park. He said he didn’t/doesn’t know anything, he has never heard of it. I have already provided the information to him and many times to the superintendent’s office, Boardman Schools, School Board members of Boardman Schools, and many other schools, and principals. All Boardman School principals and parents are well aware of the serious criminal acts, problems, and so many complaints of the OCG.
I was at Superintendent Frank Lazarri’s office more than three times and provided information many more times. Mr. Frank Lazarri was very upset that all the principals were violating the Boardman school rules and regulations;
1. without the approval of his office, sending the recruiting fliers and collecting money and paperwork, to the parents and students by Junior Taekwondo Schools and school principals.
2. all the papers must go through his Superintendent’s office to the students every time by Boardman School Rules and Regulations.

All the schools didn’t check the OCG background check from the beginning before entering the schools. The above information is/was on the internet.

How is it possible Superintendents Tim Saxton doesn’t know anything for many years the criminal activities? Because many principals and school Board members know very well as well as Superintendent, Frank Lazarri and using the same office for 2 years as a Director of Operations of Boardman Schools.
I already provided information so many times before. school principals, school Board members, officials, local Government officials, parents, and community, members are well aware of it from the beginning for many years.
One school teacher came to me saying that Superintendent Frank Lazarri expelled and banned Junior Taekwondo School, Justin Taylor, Sam Naples, employees, associates, and the Entire Criminal Group from Boardman Schools. The teacher didn’t know why they were removed and punished by Boardman Schools. But I already heard that the entire OCG was expelled from Boardman Schools one month before.
I called Superintendent Frank Lazarri’s office. The next day, Secretary Ms. Lori Nieman said that Superintendent Frank Lazarri said, "Please thank Master Park for providing the information in the past many years." I asked her “Did he say anything else?” She said, “Sorry.”
I asked her why
1. Wy Superintendent Frank Razzie of Boardman Schools expelled and banned the Junior Taekwondo School and the entire criminal group from Boardman Schools.
2. But the Criminal Group is still working with Boardman schools,
3. The criminals, Junior Taekwondo School, and the group are still running pickup vans taking the Boardman School students from all the Boardman schools for illegal childcare/daycare, afterschool programs, and Taekwondo training.
4. How come they are still in the Boardman Schools, and Boardman schools are working with the criminals, and recruiting students for the criminals, and the criminals are teaching at Boardman Schools the same as before? Despite my repeated notifications, your office and Boardman schools have victimized thousands of school children, their families, and our communities! She said sorry!
5. I provided information for years to your office, and many Boardman Schools officials and Boardman Schools have created thousands of victims for many years working with the criminal group, how come you don’t provide the information of expelling and banning the Junior Taekwondo School, Justin Taylor, and entire Group information to the students, parents, and communities?
6. There are so many Boardman School teachers, principals, many parents, and their family members who have complained to the schools and are well aware of the serious criminal acts for years. They couldn’t tell the superintendents or school Board members. They were afraid of them.
7. Parents and students are afraid of retaliation from local school officials, Junior Taekwondo School, and the entire criminal group’s intimidation, harassment, and serious evil criminal attack.
8. The organized Criminal Group harassed, intimidated, menaced, physically and verbally toward me at the Official State of Ohio Board of Election, The Mahoning County Board of Election, and Canfield City and Township Election Board of election Event at the Saint Michael Church Auditorium. Canfield Police officers witnessed and stopped the criminal Group’s violent and criminal acts. It is unbelievable that the thugs and criminal Groups were intimidating one of the top Senior Grandmasters in the U.S. and the State of Ohio. I didn’t say anything or any action.
9. How come the Junior Taekwondo School and the criminal group are expelled and banned from the Boardman Schools, but they are doing the same as before teaching at all the schools? She said Sorry! I asked her that despite my notice, your office and Boardman schools have victimized thousands of school children, their families, and our communities! She said she is not allowed to say anything!
Before expelling the OCG, at the end of his Superintendent term, he was even working and promoting the OCG. It was on Facebook! How is it possible? They took money from OCG.
One of the OCGs was helping these criminals brought back to the Boardman Schools. He proudly claimed that he brought these criminal groups back to the Boardman Schools. He is involved with this OCG very deeply.
OCG's own instructors, Master John Kim and others in Cleveland, Ohio knew well of these criminal acts, warned them numerously, and finally nullified all of their blackbelt and rank and expelled the entire Group.
Right away, the OCG purchased/made up a higher rank than their former instructor’s blackbelt rank from Mr. Sam Naples.
Mr. Sam Naples, OCG member, the instructor was not Justin Taylor's original instructor but sold/made up the even higher black belt than before, Judo Black Belt. Mr. Sam Naples is not a Judo instructor or master.
Now Justin Taylor is now claiming he is a grandmaster by Mr. Sam Naples' work. It is unbelievable.

Mr. Sam Naples couldn’t practice martial arts for the past two decades because of his health and injury. It was very hard for him and I am sorry for him. Mr. Sam Naples was not Justin Taylor’s instructor.
Grandmaster Myung Kim, his brothers, grandmasters, and their family members are in Cleveland, Ohio and they are not masters of Mr. Sam Naples in martial arts.
Grandmaster Myung Kim (Master John Kim's Grandmaster), his family members, and I are Judo and other martial arts Grandmasters. Justin Taylor was Mr. Bruce Beaumont’s student, not Grandmaster Myung Kim. Later his own instructor, Mr. Bruce Beaumont couldn’t practice and closed his business. Later Justin Taylor became Master John Kim's student. Mr. Sam Naples couldn't offend Grandmaster Myung Kim's family, grandmaster brothers, and other Grandmasters.

Some of Canfield School's teachers, parents, and community members were well aware of the incident in which Austintown Schools expelled the OCG; Junior Taekwondo School, Justin Taylor, employees, and the entire group. The OCG was in the Austintown School to teach the students. The school officials found out that they were intoxicated, and tested by officers. The Austintown Schools expelled and banned the entire OCG; Justin Taylor, Junior Taekwondo School, their family members, and employees from Austintown Schools by Austintown School Superintendent.
When I called and asked the Austintown School superintendent’s office, they told me they could not release any information.

They didn’t notify the students, parents, families, or communities. I informed the Austintown Schools Superintendent and his office more than three times prior to the incident.
When I visited Canfield School Superintendent’s office. Ms. Chris Hagman, the secretary, told me before entering the superintendent’s office door. Master Taylor is a great Master, donating a lot of money to the Canfield schools, and doing a lot of things for Canfield Schools which means OCG is making a lot of money and has a lot of money. She highly respected and praised Master Taylor and OCG.

I asked Ms. Chris Hagman whether she knew about Justin Taylor, Abbie Taylor, Junior Taekwondo School, Donavin Matthieu Chipps, their children and family, employees, and Associates’ (Organized Criminal Group) criminal Acts.
R**es, Molestations, abusing children, foster children and students who are recruited by local schools, Child Labor Trafficking at their homes in Canfield and business places, Mahoning County Sheriff’s office confirmed it.
Producing and consuming Illegal Drugs and confirmed by Mahoning County Drug Task Forces, alcoholic and intoxicated injuring the children in the classes at Junior Taekwondo School, running full-time illegal all-day childcare and Daycare without licenses, all-day childcare/daycare/summer camp during the summer. State Ohio Children Services Confirmed the illegal operation, harassing, intimidating, shoving, pushing, and menacing people Canfield City Police confirmed it. The school principal(s) was harassed and intimidated by the OCG.

Canfield Schools promotes, recruits, sends fliers and sends their school children to the criminal organization, Junior Taekwondo school, including illegal all-day childcare/daycare and other training and special events. Canfield School’s official website on the front page have displayed a large Junior Taekwondo School Logo all the time.
Serious ethical violations of criminal Laws of the State of Ohio. Convicted criminals, a substitute teacher, Abbie Taylor, and Junior Taekwondo School, and Canfield Schools at Canfield schools and other schools.

I provided information several times to the Canfield School Superintendents, secretary and principals. Abbie Taylor, a convicted criminal, a substitute teacher at Canfield schools and other schools, was using school resources for the Junior Taekwondo School business, idolizing, advertising, and recruiting her husband as a "Great Master Taylor," soliciting schools, other school teachers, students, parents, and communities. She has been doing her inside work for herself, her husband, and their own business, Junior Taekwondo School, Taylor Martial Arts School, Taylor Taekwondo, and others in Trumbull County and other schools before. Abbie Taylor and Justin Taylor, Junior Taekwondo School were already convicted by the Ohio Attorney General and violating the laws again regarding convicted crimes, school rules, and Serious ethical violations of criminal Laws.
Organized Criminal group Criminally Violated the State of Ohio Board of Election Law and Canfield City Law.
I was at the official Canfield Election Candidate forum by Canfield City, Township, Mahoning County Board of Election, and State of the Ohio Board of Election at St. Michael Church in Canfield, Ohio.
The criminal group (six or more, including Sam Naples, Justin Taylor, Abbie Taylor, employees, students, their families, and others) had a station in the auditorium. They were intimidating, harassing, shoving, pushing my chairs, elbowing, and menacing me verbally and physically. They kept sending different OCG members to attack me, asking me to leave the site.
Abbie Taylor repeatedly came to me and kept pushing me by her hands, elbowing my side and back, and saying "go away" while talking with many friends, mayor candidates, School Board members, City Councilmen, and many others with the group in the auditorium.
Justin Taylor and others were giving orders to their OCG members. I was sitting in the 2nd front row seat, they sent me a heavy-set girl; she kept pushing, elbowing, shoving my body, and my chair, and saying "go away"; I had to move to other seats three times. Many other people watched the incidents and asked me what was wrong with the girl, and they were very upset about what they saw. They even asked me if I was OK or not.
Three Canfield Police officers have watched the site and witnessed the Organized criminal activities at the Official State of Ohio Board of Election/ Mahoning County Board of Election/ Canfield City and Township election event at St. Michael Church. Two police officers were observed. One officer came and asked me, “Master Park! Are you Okay?” When the heavy-set girl heard from the police officer, she rushed and returned to their group station immediately.
I have never said anything even one word.
It is unbelievable what this OCG, thugs, has been doing at the official the State of Ohio Board of Election event in Canfield, Ohio.
I am one of the top senior Grandmasters in the United States and the State of Ohio.
It is unbelievable.

Mar 29, 2019, Western Reserve School
Master Justin Taylor from the Junior Taekwondo School works with children after school, teaching bully prevention and stranger awareness! All money raised is donated 100% back to the school! WR was given $2,380!

All the schools Soliciting and asking for donations by this OCG are violations of the Attorney General of Ohio's Order.
This serious OCG has involved OSAT (Ohio State Taekwondo Association), a Nonprofit Organization 501c(3). under USAT (USA Taekwondo Association), under USOC (US Olympic Committee), the past president(lawyer) of OSAT was informed numerously but ignored and violated the organization bylaw and State of Ohio Attorney General's order.
Staff photo / Bob Coupland Master Darrin Warren, left, instructs Brayden, 14, in taekwondo inside one of the rooms of Mimi’s Dance Studio in Newton Falls where New Wave Junior Taekwondo School moved into spaces at the dance studio in January.
Tribune Chronicle 4-12-2022

Jr. Taekwondo School/martial arts school in Chardon, Geauga County, Ohio
Address: 209 Center St K, Chardon, OH 44024 Phone: (216) 200-8284

Own two sons of Justin Taylor & Abbie Taylor Claiming Master Instructors – were involved in R**e, molestation, and Abuse, and many others and well aware of the crimes for a decade; Master Instructor Ashton D Gingerich (19) and Master Instructor Jack (John Taylor) (19) are the children of Abbie Taylor and Justin Taylor and lived and are/were listed in Canfield, Ohio, with Justin Taylor and Abbie Taylor, and attended Canfield Schools.
All of the so-called instructors, family members, including own son Donavin Matthieu Chipps, employees, and associates at Trumbull, Mahoning, and Geauga County Junior Taekwondo Schools' business locations have been involved in criminal activities, r**e, abuse, molestations, of students of local schools and own foster children, and they adopted 2 young children working with Mr. Sam Naples, trafficking, illegal drugs, scams, alcohol addicts, intoxicated running business, gambling, illegal childcare, daycare, corruption of local schools, criminal ethics laws violation of local schools and Abbie Taylor and Justin Taylor and his family, and employees and associates, illegal operation of the nonprofit organization, expelled from Mahoning County schools,
Trumbull Schools, expelled from own instructors and losing all the Blackbelt in Cleveland, Ohio, and buying all the new belts from Mr. Sam Naples and his role corrupted with local schools. Bullying, intimidating, harassing, and menacing children, their families, school officials, and other people.
There is no system to open martial arts schools or businesses.
Anyone can open a martial arts business without any training, background checks, facilities, education, or physical and mental health condition. Anyone can buy blackbelt, master, and grandmaster without training.

• One local Banker came and asked me, his 6.5-year-old daughter got a 2nd-degree blackbelt after 1 year of training in Poland, Ohio, whether she can join our program. They paid for training and paid test fees every two weeks. I told him I am very sorry.
• One 15year old girl got a 3rd degree blackbelt in Poland school, Ohio after 1 1/2-year Taekwondo training in Poland, Ohio.
• One Poland middle school girl and her grandfather came and asked me, she had Taekwondo training for one year in Poland, Ohio. The owner, the so-called Master is asking her to take a black test, but the master can’t balance himself during the walking, is not in good shape, and even can’t kick his knee high. How possible is claiming a master’s in martial arts? I told them to talk to the Poland School principals and Police Departments.

It is our mission to correct and improve the system, especially in Mahoning Valley and more.
These Convicted Criminals use Charitable nonprofit organization money for personal groceries, shopping, and traveling, corrupted their own Junior Taekwondo School, and were banned from involving any charitable organization by the Attorney General of Ohio and Organized Criminal Groups are running a Charitable Organization

The Organized Criminal Group is now running Ohio Charitable nonprofit Organization “DBA-Ohio Taekwondo Association” registered as “Ohio State Taekwondo Martial Arts Commission”, also using the name “OSAT”.

Ohio State Taekwondo Association is affiliated with USAT (USA Taekwondo)-USOC (US Olympic Committee) and also works with AAU-involved tournaments, competitions, traveling, and training camps with young children and other people.
OSAT, Ohio USAT, AAU, USAT, and USOC are also responsible for criminal acts by Organized Criminal Groups.
The Local, State Ohio, and Federal governments must protect and take care of our children, schools, citizens, and communities.
There are thousands of victims in the Mahoning Valley, please join us in “Save Children, Citizens, Schools, communities, and country!”
Please join us!

God Bless America!

President of Citizens, Communities & More Inc. Charitable Organization 501c(3)

Save and protect our children, citizens, schools, communities, and Country.
Please donate directly to / mail it to
Make check payable
to “Citizens, Communities & More Inc”
“Citizens, Communities & More Inc”
212 Boardman Canfield Rd. Boardman, OH 44512

Make check payable to “Citizens, Communities & More Inc”
Mail it to
Premier Bank
7525 Market St. Boardman, Ohio 44512,

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224 Boardman Canfield Road
Youngstown, OH
Other Youngstown schools & colleges (show all)
YSU Division of Workforce Education and Innovation YSU Division of Workforce Education and Innovation
655 Wick Avenue
Youngstown, 44502

The YSU Division of Workforce Education and Innovation brings together state-of-the-art excellence t

Youngstown State Bitonte College of Health and Human Services Youngstown State Bitonte College of Health and Human Services
One University Plaza

Health is more than your physical fitness. It encompasses every aspect of your life, from the physi

Youngstown State Alumni - Lgbtq+ Alumni Chapter Youngstown State Alumni - Lgbtq+ Alumni Chapter
One University Plaza
Youngstown, 44555

We are the LGBTQ+ alumni and allies of YSU. All alumni and allies are welcome to engage with us!

Kenari Adaptive Learning Inc. Kenari Adaptive Learning Inc.

Kenari guides students through the critical skills of English Language Arts, including reading compr

Youngstown Rayen Early College Youngstown Rayen Early College
20 W. Wood Street

Youngstown Rayen Early College High School is a high school that services Mahoning County.

Hult prize YSU Hult prize YSU
One University Plaza
Youngstown, 44555

Hult Prize at YSU is an international competition open to any YSU student with a social entrepreneur

~~**Capt'n Crunch the Diabetic Alert Dog**~~ ~~**Capt'n Crunch the Diabetic Alert Dog**~~
Youngstown, 44515

Our journey with our Diabetic Alert Dog and Type 1 diabetes.

Summit Academy Summit Academy
1400 Oak Hill Avenue
Youngstown, 44507

YSU Foundation YSU Foundation
606 Wick Avenue
Youngstown, 44502

Black Boys Read Ohio Black Boys Read Ohio
Youngstown, 44485

Black Boys Read Ohio is the online home of Black Boys Read, an initiative started by Rev. Todd Johns

Kingdomites Biblical Dance Academy Kingdomites Biblical Dance Academy
3722 Belmont Avenue Suite #7
Youngstown, 44502

Kingdomites Biblical Dance Academy's purpose is to provide an educational service based on a Biblica

YSU Summer Honors Institute YSU Summer Honors Institute
1 University Plz
Youngstown, 44555

The YSU Summer Honors Institute is a one-week summer program for incoming high school juniors and se