The Ward Beecher Planetarium

Admission is always free, no reservations required! Show info at: Evening programs are geared for general audiences.

The Ward Beecher Planetarium has been offering free programs on astronomy, space science, and related fields to the public for more than 40 years. Saturday afternoon programs normally are intended for families and children. Field trip programs are available during the day during the week; teachers should go to for more information.

Operating as usual


Venus and Mars will huddle close together the next few mornings, quite low in the east-southeast during the waxing twilight.
Venus is the Morning Star. Fainter Mars will stand below it tomorrow, and a bit closer to Venus on the following few mornings.

Timeline photos 02/08/2024

Are you ready? You will never regret the travel to see the spectacle of totality. You will always remember this sight!


Take a look around the current night sky -- which includes some the brightest stars and best constellations of the year. Also, time to start planning for the April 8 Total Solar Eclipse!!


We go live in one hour RIGHT HERE at 8:00 PM! See you shortly!


Tonight is the night! Join us right here on Facebook LIVE at 8PM for Winter Skywatch!

Timeline photos 01/30/2024

L0ok out your southeast window in Thursday's early morning hours for the waning Moon. Near it, in the frigid January night, will be springtime Spica. It's now making its early seasonal appearance in the small hours.


Ford Nature Center in Mill Creek MetroParks will be hosting a series of “Winter Talks” featuring the talents and knowledge of people from our community. “Winter Talks” will be held in the Education Building and are free to attend, but registration is required. Register online at or call 330-740-7107 x129.


Bring your telescopes (or just your questions) to the Ward Beecher Planetarium this afternoon any time between 3:00 and 5:00 for some one-on-one time with our experts from the Mahoning Valley Astronomical Society (MVAS). See you then!

Timeline photos 01/25/2024

Tonight's full moon - the Wolf Moon - is located in the direction of the faint constellation Cancer the Crab. You're not likely to see any of Cancer's stars in the moon's glare. But you might notice 2 stars - both bright and close together - to one side of the moon tonight. They are Castor and Pollux, the "twin" stars of Gemini. Read more about tonight's full moon at

Timeline photos 01/16/2024

The big Northern Cross in Cygnus is nearly upright in the west-northwest right after full darkness falls. Another hour or so and it's standing on the horizon. How straight up it stands depends on your latitude. The first-quarter Moon shines high in the south at dusk early Wednesday evening, with Jupiter at first about a fist to its left.


The Orion You Can Almost See (APOD: 2024 Jan 16)
Image Credit & Copyright: Michele Guzzini
Repost with annotation

Explanation: Do you recognize this constellation? Although it is one of the most recognizable star groupings on the sky, this is a more full Orion than you can see -- an Orion only revealed with long exposure digital camera imaging and post-processing. Here the cool red giant Betelgeuse takes on a strong orange tint as the brightest star on the upper left. Orion's hot blue stars are numerous, with supergiant Rigel balancing Betelgeuse on the lower right, and Bellatrix at the upper right. Lined up in Orion's belt are three stars all about 1,500 light-years away, born from the constellation's well-studied interstellar clouds. Just below Orion's belt is a bright but fuzzy patch that might also look familiar -- the stellar nursery known as Orion's Nebula. Finally, just barely visible to the unaided eye but quite striking here is Barnard's Loop -- a huge gaseous emission nebula surrounding Orion's Belt and Nebula discovered over 100 years ago by the pioneering Orion photographer E. E. Barnard.

Starship Asterisk* • APOD Discussion Page


Several especially bright stars highlight the eastern sky on January evenings. The list includes Betelgeuse and Rigel in Orion, Pollux and Castor in Gemini, and the brightest nighttime star of all, Sirius, in the big dog

Timeline photos 01/15/2024

The Moon, Saturn, and Fomalhaut now form a similar triangle to the one they did yesterday, but mirror-reversed along the axis from the planet to the star. The Gemini twins lie on their sides these January evenings, left of Orion. Their head stars, Castor and Pollux, are farthest from Orion, one over the other.


Hi folks! Look out tomorrow morning (09/01/24) for Venus glowing incredibly bright in the dawn skies, with Mercury nearby. You might also see the crescent Moon rising before the skies get too light. Clear skies!


Robert Goddard conducted the first rocket test flight at his new laboratory in Roswell, New Mexico in 1930. His liquid fuel rocket reached a height of 610 meters (2,000 feet).

In 1920, Goddard published a paper that and described how to reach extreme altitudes and discussed the possibility of a rocket reaching the moon—a position for which he was ridiculed by the press. Several copies of his paper found their way to Europe, and by 1927, the German Rocket Society was established, and the German Army began its rocket program in 1931.

Learn more about Dr. Robert Goddard, a father of modern rocket propulsion:

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