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Chivalry for Children

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Perfect Book Pakri
Perfect Book Pakri

"For herein may be seen noble chivalry, courtesy, humanity, friendliness, hardiness,
love, friendship. Sir Thomas Malory

Do after the good and leave the evil, and it shall bring you to
good fame and renown."

Operating as usual


Just like Heathcliff in "Wuthering Heights" or Rochester in "Jane Eyre", Erik (the Phantom) represents a modern interpretation of what is known in literature as a "Byronic Hero." At turns charismatic then arrogant, destructive, brooding, and misunderstood (and disconnected from society due to his deformity)...he is truly the "mad, bad and dangerous to know" archetype made flesh.

In may ways, ALW created a very flexible template for the various actors to create their version of Erik in. While all of the performers
must comply to the guidelines of the story, there is a lot of room for individual interpretation of the motivations and emotions displayed by the character. This flexibility also gives us as the audience to identify with The Phantom's struggle to find his humanity. I think this is why such a dark character appeals to modern audiences; if someone so conflicted as The Phantom can be redeemed by the catharsis of a simple kiss and act of compassion on Christine's part, then might there not be hope for the rest of us?


An unexpected holiday greeting…


A dear friend reminded me today of a very important Hawai'ian concept: Kahu. To be Kahu is to be the honored attendant, protector, guardian or steward of something precious. It also implies a sacred trust between a person and the divine that they serve (the term "Kahuna" or "Holy person" is derived from this word). The relationship between a person and their companion animals is considered Kahu.

To be a Knight is to be Kahu to the world around you. For those who espouse the path of knighthood, this is even more true. Knightood means we do not own the world around us, but we are stewards of it...just as we are with our our family, our friends and our pets. Sometimes this can be hard going: family disputes, quarrels between friends and recalcitrant companion animals can challenge our forbearance. But nothing ever said this path was easy...only that it was worthwhile. To be a Knight is to be Kahu in all things...

To quote a popular meme: This is the Way.

When it comes right down to it, I find it interesting that when you least expect it (but probably need it), "the powers what is" arrange a lesson for us that stops us in our tracks. I'm not sure why this lesson was provided today (thank you my friend), but I will honor her teaching and thank her for the lesson.


Today we mark another milestone in life as the STARFLEET chapter USS Jeannette Maddox NCC-14514 celebrates her 31st year in existence. For those of us who have known "Bonnie Jenny" since the beginning, we are amazed by her tenacity, resilience and dogged determination to continue Her mission.

In many ways, the history of the Maddox is IDIC personified; with a wide range of cultures, personalities and ideals manning her proverbial decks over the years.

Happy Birthday Jenny...My You Live Long and Prosper for years to come.

Photos from Chivalry for Children's post 09/09/2023

How do you say thank you to so many wonderful people without whom, ICT ComicCon this weekend past would have been difficult (if not impossible) for this old War Horse to get thru?

My deepest thanks go to Marvin Connet, who kindly baby-sat our booth when we could not be in it for whatever reason. My thanks also go to the Flint Hills Fairies, Renscout's Roost, Sew Geeky, (did I get that name right?) and Brian W Peterson for being amazing neighbors. The gift of everyone's continuing friendship and support is deeply (and humbly) appreciated. Allen and I do not know what we have done to have earned your respect and love...but we hope we always remain worthy of the gift.

And my fond greetings to my fraternal sister Susanne Lambdin. As always, it was wonderful to see you. Let's do coffee, soon!


For everyone else, just a note to let you know that I hope to have your photos up tonight. When I do get the album up, please feel free to tag yourself, copy the photo or comment. it was a pleasure to meet you all, and "Ilio" looks forward to sharing his photos with you. (Aloha, Ilioholoikauaua, Malama the Monk Seal!)


The Chivalry for Children program is pleased to be a part of ICT ComicCon (Year 7.0). We look forward to seeing everyone there!

THIS WEEKEND WICHITA!!! Great Scott! ICT Comic Con and Science fiction Expo is going warp speed for our Year 7.0 event! Actress/producer Denise Crosby is beaming in as a celebrity guest of honor! She played Security Chief Tasha Yar on Star Trek: The Next Generation, as well as playing the villainous Romulan Commander Sela on the same series. She also had a starring role in Steven King's Pet Semetary and had a reoccurring role on AMC's The Walking Dead. She absolutely endeared herself to Star Trek fans around the world as the star and co-producer of the films Trekkies and Trekkies 2. We also welcome Barry Bostwick as a celebrity guest of honor at our Year 7.0 event! Mr. Bostwick is probably best known as Brad Majors in "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" and is also well known for playing Randall Winston on the TV sitcom "Spin City". He had the lead role in the sci fi feature film "Megaforce" starring as Commander Ace Hunter. Also joining our celebrity lineup are Kansas native Paul T. Taylor who had the lead role as "Pinhead" in HELLRAISER: JUDGMENT and actor/stuntman Bobby Clark who famously played the Gorn captain in the original Star Trek series. Marvel and DC Comics superstar artist Dave Wilkins joins us as our Artist Guest of Honor. We are equally excited to have Disney fine artist Clinton Hobart on board as well. Celebrated movie director Leif Jonker will return and has some special events planned for the 30th anniversary of Leif Jonker's Darkness that will be announced soon. We are absolutely thrilled to have this stellar lineup of celebrity guests for our Year 7.0 event!

Special poster art by Brad Voth, prints available at the event!
Captain ICT says welcome to Wichita’s premiere home for all things science fiction, comics, literature, movies and horror films as we launch our ICT Comic Con and Science Fiction Expo Year 7.0 event! Stay tuned true believers as we will announce our ever growing list of artists, writers, movie industry guests, and much, much more! More guest announcements to come! Join us in our fabulous home at Century 2 Exposition Hall for this epic celebration of comics, science fiction, movies, horror right here in the mighty ICT!

ICT Comic Con and Science Fiction Expo Year 7.0!

Saturday 10am - 6pm
Sunday 10am - 5pm

Tickets on sale now at:

Admission is FREE for kids 12 and under both days!
Youth tickets (13-17 years of age) $10
Adults tickets (18 years+) just $13 in advance, $16 at the door, weekend passes only $23 in advance, $28 at the door!
VIP tickets $40

Tickets on sale now at:

August 26th and 27th, 2023

Century II Exhibition Hall
225 W Douglas
Wichita, KS 67202

Beam me there Scotty!

The Royal Duck Hunt 09/26/2022

Congratulations to the members of the Order on their revised (and improved) Great Duck Quest.

Who let the ducks out? Who? Who? Who? 🙂


The Royal Duck Hunt The Royal Duck Hunt The Chivalric Order of the Rubber Duckwould like to invite you and your kidson a Ren Fest quest! The Royal Rubber Duck Preserve is missing some of it’s rubber ducks! They …


"Somewhere in the world there is a defeat for everyone. Some are destroyed by defeat, and some made small and mean by victory. Greatness lives in one who triumphs equally over defeat and victory."

-John Steinbeck, 'The Acts Of King Arthur And His Noble Knights'.

Sometimes, the truest test of someone's chivalry is how they respond to both victory and defeat. In his 2014 speech to the University of Texas graduating class, Admiral William McRaven talks about his navy seal training, and how "if you want to change the world" there are things you must do...and one of those things is "Know that life is not fair, and you will fail often" (But when you do "keep moving forward.")

As knights, it's important to be mindful of how we respond to the triumphs and failures in our lives. In today's narcissistic "my truth is more important than your truth" environment, it is often difficult to remain gracious, diplomatic and calm in all circumstances. As human beings we have an almost atavistic need to need to celebrate when we win and express our disappointment when we do not...but always remember, we always have the choice of how we respond to negative and positive stimuli.

I know it's hard (I have to rein myself in often) but I also know that every time I have ignored Mr. Steinbeck's observation, I have lived to regret it.


A very hard question:

“Knighthood lies above eternity; it doesn’t live off fame, but rather deeds.” ― Dejan Stojanovic, The Sun Watches the Sun

So, what have you done today to justify the title?


Fraternal Society of the Scarlet Lion


Royal Order of the Golden Fire Dog (Ghana)


We are deeply honored. Our profound thanks to: His Excellency Nwakasi Belisle-Nweke for the nomination and sponsorship.


Templar Research Institute - TRI

Photos from Chivalry for Children's post 07/03/2022

The C4C Program is still at it (periodically the vendor "resets" the campaigns, so this is our third account!) This program costs nothing to participate, and it's a great way to get people with a limited income involved in helping in the community at large.

Our profound thanks to everyone who contributed...



Humanity is changing. Evolution requires that. It cannot remain the way it is, tainted with greed, ignorance and violence in a world becoming ever more interconnected. The advance of technology demands we move forward.

Change will not happen overnight. There are too many forces aligned against it. Even forces of good are often misdirected, fighting against symptoms rather than weaknesses or causes, provoking enemies at the same time.

The New Way will crop up here and there among individuals of conscience. They will initiate change in their own lives, families, and communities. They will speak truth rather than repeating old, tired platitudes, and refuse to follow ideologies or leaders who press false ideas for the sake of power. They will discover wisdom from the past in a new light, not just the words but the vision behind them.

They may seem like nothing special. You’ll find them cropping up here and there, even among (and perhaps especially) the poor and distraught, who take life seriously enough not to support lies and social illusions. Until their voices are heard and connect, they will suffer feelings of alienation. That can’t be avoided. We live in a cruel world – but that will change. Indeed, these people will provide the seeds for that change, a New Enlightenment that will spark the creation of New World.

Many will go unnoticed. Some will make mistakes. Others will hide their differences in order to fit in. Nevertheless, as they increase over time, humanity will freely and incrementally transform for the better for the sake of human dignity.

Until then, the New Way will exist concurrently with the old, but on different levels. The tension between them will be lessened by the fact that they only superficially intersect. Today’s world contends mostly with long established values forged by confrontation. The New Way, or New Being, sidesteps that entirely. It looks for truth rather than excuses, transformative reconciliation rather than temporary wins, the love that gives rather than makes selfish demands.

We refer to these people as “Knights” because they are motivated by the highest impulses of reason and conscience, and fight for what could be described as a holy cause. They might not see themselves as such. They probably don’t. While it’s just a word, often abused, it differentiates them according to their individual quests.

Their mission is what the Greeks called “metanoia,” changing the way people think so they are unencumbered by entrenched errors – not through argument or force, but by inspiring what is in them already, their “Inner Knight” of conscience empowered by reason.

The diffusion of these people around the world will then facilitate a transformation global in context.

How long it will take is impossible to know.

If, however, you feel the urge to participate from your own Inner Knight, respond accordingly. Your response will help bring everything about.

Photos from Chivalry for Children's post 06/08/2022

A new iteration of an old friend...


I would like to take a moment to introduce a very important part of the Chivalry for Children Program...Quixote's Quest.

Founded in 2020, this program has helped hundreds of individuals raise funds in order to afford treatment for their seriously ill kitties. Thru the efforts of a team of very talented artisans & volunteers, the "Knights" of the Quest not only make donations themselves, they also give selflessly of their time and talents to make bracelets that can be used to express appreciation on behalf of those needing help.

This program is not alone in it's "Quest", however. Thru the herculean efforts of amazing people like Sally Waldron and Patty Martin; cats all over the world who are suffering from a deadly feline disease are given a badly needed dose of hope and encouragement.

But when it comes right down to it, the purpose of this post is not to laud ourselves, but rather to illustrate the vast potential that social media CAN have when used for a positive purpose. Yes, you can use places like Facebook to bully, deride, terrorize and hurt other people...but in the right hands, this electronic form CAN be used to comfort, to aid, encourage and SERVE Others. The choice (as with all things) lies in the hands of the user.

Gramercy Mes Cher Chevaliers for what you have done and what you continue to do. Quixote's Quest is proud of each and every one of you...and we pledge to try to be worthy of the example you have set, and to continue to follow in your footsteps.

Quixote's Quest C4C It is a knight's purpose to help others when in need. Quixote's Quest is a place where people come


In the movie "The Two Towers" Theoden, the King of Rohan ponders the upcoming battle and remarks on the overwhelming hatred of the orcs leading it:

"What can men do against such reckless hate?" he muses.

To this question, Aragorn replies: "Ride out with me. Ride out and meet them."

Escalating violence is a disturbing aspect of the modern world. Often, addressing that societal trend requires the exercise of the traditional skills of knighthood by battling one's opponent with weapons, strategy and tactics. Sometimes, however, knighthood’s gentler toolkit can be an equally effective way to defuse a potentially lethal situation. A knight's brain is their most effective weapon; with skill and calm thinking, the negative intent of an opponent can be negated by the application of diplomacy, compromise and empathy.

The world is full of tragedy and suffering; people lose loved ones every day thru acts of violence, malice and misadventure. When trying to explain such catastrophic events to children, the ever-wise Mr. Fred Rogers comforted his diminutive congregation by saying: “When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, "Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.”

I truly wish there was something that can be done to alleviate the horrific suffering the families, friends and colleagues of the slain at Uvalde. From this far remove, all we the public can do is support them as best we can. Be the "helpers" Mr. Rogers speaks of: with our donations, prayers and support. As knights, however, we have the deeper responsibility to help address the issues that are inciting such acts. In much the same way that Aragorn advises Theoden to “ride out and meet them" we must have the moral courage to confront such reckless hate with an equal determination to protect our vulnerable by enacting such policies and safeguards as would make situations such as Uvalde impossible.

These were children (not adults) and that was a schoolyard, not a battlefield. It is up to those who embrace the Spirit of Chivalry to ensure that the two are not confused again.

Photos from Chivalry for Children's post 05/24/2022

The new Chivalry Program banner comes home. There are actually two versions of it, one is done in a metallic thread and one is done with a standard matte thread. The patches are equally lovely.

Heraldic Artist: Gordon Napier
Embroidered by: Jason Embroidery


In advance of Fred Rogers’ birthday on Sunday, March 20, Gov. Tom Wolf announced Pennsylvania’s fourth annual 1-4-3 Day will take place on Monday, May 23, the 143rd day of other words today.

In honor of Mr. Rogers (and in acknowledgement of the need for greater kindness and compassion) I challenge everyone who reads this to perform one act of kindness today.

Here are some good ideas for Monday. 🤗❤️

But you don’t have to live in PA, you can celebrate wherever you are!

Want your school to be the top-listed School/college in Wichita?

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