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New LEAD on READ Podcast episode with Katie Pace Miles, PhD

LEAD on READ is a four-part series of the READ Podcast focused on leadership in education. Listen now and access episode bookmarks at or download the conversation wherever you get your podcasts.


New READ Podcast episode with Dr. Susan Neuman

Dr. Neuman discusses the importance of background knowledge and her “360 surround” approach to ensuring all children have access to print- an informative episode for the classroom and community. Listen now at or wherever you get your podcasts.

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Thank you, Educators, for all that you do to ensure the academic success of our students. Your dedication to evidence and research-based learning is consistently demonstrated in your commitment to continued professional development.

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

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Did you catch the article ‘Kids Can’t Read’: The Revolt That Is Taking on the Education Establishment, published on April 16, 2023, in the New York Times? The Windward Institute continues to disrupt the educational status quo and advocate for the use of evidence-based teaching methodologies that are supported by the Science of Reading (SoR).

Find Spring/Summer 2023 Science of Reading offerings and lectures here:

Make sure to catch tomorrow’s lecture at 7 p.m.: Exploring Whole Child Approaches to the Identification and Support of Children with Dyslexia with Yaacov Petscher, PhD.

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Are you registered? Educators, administrators, literacy specialists, advocates, parents, don't miss this opportunity to learn about the cumulative risk and resilience model of dyslexia that illustrates multiple factors that can influence any child, their reading development, and risk for dyslexia.

Register to join us virtually with the 2023 Robert J. Schwartz Memorial Lecture featured speaker Yaacov Petscher, PhD.



New LEAD on READ podcast episode with Dr. Lakeisha Johnson, director of The Village at The Florida Center for Reading Research

Leaders will gain insights on how to create sustainable impact in communities, cultivate trust, and empower teams. Listen now to the episode wherever you get your podcasts or access the conversation and READ bookmarks at

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Join Us! Tuesday, April 18 at 7pm ET, free, virtual event. Yaacov Petscher, PhD presents Exploring Whole Child Approaches to the Identification and Support of Children with Dyslexia, at the 2023 Robert J. Schwartz Memorial Lecture.

April 18, 7:00pm ET
Registration is required to join

Featured speaker, Yaacov Petscher, PhD, Professor of Social Work, Associate Director of The Florida Center for Reading Research and Deputy Director of National Center on Improving Literacy.

Hosted by The Windward School and The Windward Institute


New READ Podcast on vocabulary with Margaret McKeown, PhD, expert on vocabulary and co-author of “Bringing Words to Life.”

Listen to the episode wherever you get your podcasts, or access the full conversation and top bookmarks and resources at


New READ Podcast episode with Lakeisha Johnson, PhD, on how an integrated approach to reading fosters an understanding of the school and community factors that impact the success of students and the livelihood of communities.

Dr. Johnson discusses her research as well as her work as Director of The Village at and creator of

The episode is available wherever you get your podcasts, or you can listen to the conversation and access resources and READ bookmarks at


What does it mean to be an effective literacy leader? Kristen Wynn, the State Literacy Director at the Mississippi Department of Education joins the first episode of LEAD on READ.

LEAD on READ is a special four-part series on the READ Podcast, focused on leadership in education.

Listen to the episode now and access resources and bookmarks at or on your favorite podcast platform.

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“Brain plasticity has resulted in the emergence of a new perspective on instruction, one where teachers come to see themselves as designers of experiences that ultimately change students’ brains.” Dr. Russell highlights the P.L.O.W. study with Haskins, among other initiatives from The Windward Institute, in his latest article for The Beacon. Read more:

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In What It Takes to Win in the Arena of Reading Education, The Windward Institute Research & Development Director Danielle Scorrano shares actionable steps for educators to follow in implementing evidence-based practices in reading. “Leaders hold enormous power and responsibility to ensure evidence in reading reaches every facet of not only classrooms but also the communities in which these organizations exist.” Read more:

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School breaks can be a great opportunity for families to play with language. In this article in the latest issue of The Beacon, Dr. Lydia Soifer shares tips for expanding children’s vocabulary: “There are numerous techniques for enhancing vocabulary exposure and use that can be so very delightful to children, helping them feel that they have the power of language.” Read more:


Introducing LEAD on READ, a special, four-part series seeking to answer: What does it mean to be a leader in education right now? This preview episode focuses on the “why” behind the series and highlights key questions on every leader’s mind. Listen to the episode now at or wherever you get your podcasts.

LEAD on READ is cohosted by READ Podcast host, Danielle Scorrano, and Windward’s Head of School and the Executive Director of The Windward Institute, Jamie Williamson. Stay tuned for new episodes to be released quarterly in 2023 with inspiring leaders in education.

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“If dyslexia is a language-based disorder, then do all children with dyslexia have DLD?” 2022 Fall Community Lecturer Dr. Tiffany Hogan and Dr. Suzanne Adlof break down the research in The Beacon’s fall 2022 featured article, Understanding Dyslexia in the Context of Developmental Language Disorders.

Read more:

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Excited to share! Coordinators of Language Jill Fedele & Sarah Golden at The Windward School & faculty members of The Windward Institute presented "Let the Games Begin: Games to build Decoding Skills and Morphological Awareness" to a packed room at International Dyslexia Association 2022 DyslexiaCon in San Antonio, TX, this morning.

Comments from attendees:
"Thank you for giving us something practical we can implement immediately!"
"I'm so excited to bring these games back to my classroom"

Sign up for the virtual evening workshop: Let The Games Begin: Games to build Decoding Skills and Morphological Awareness
Wednesday, March 8, 2023 - 4:30 p.m. - 6:30 p.m.


In this extended version of the Q&A featured in the fall issue of The Beacon, 2022 John J. Russell Award Recipients Emerson and Georgette Dickman share their insights based on four decades of expertise in dyslexia education, research, and advocacy. “All children need to be prepared for, not protected from, the real world.” - Emerson Dickman.

Read more by visiting the link in our bio.

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In the second in a three-part series of Head Lines articles for The Beacon, Jamie Williamson discusses pairing a solid intervention program with screening for dyslexia. He shared, "This flowchart shows a process for modifying intensity of intervention, which is adaptive based on students’ remediation requirements. Some steps of the process may proceed linearly, while others may require reverting to a previous step to gather additional data and potentially adjust instruction." Read more:

Photos from The Windward Institute's post 11/02/2022

Tiffany Hogan, PhD, CCC-SLP returns to the READ Podcast for a discussion on language and developmental language disorder (DLD). She outlines action steps to address the literacy and language needs of children across the education system.

This conversation is a timely follow up from Dr. Hogan’s recent visit at The Windward School when she presented the 2022 Fall Community Lecture.

Listen to the conversation at or your favorite podcast platform.

Community Lecture - The Windward School 10/09/2022

Is it DLD or Dyslexia? Struggling readers are often misidentified, which delays effective intervention, compounding the adverse impact on their academic and life success.

Do you know how to tell the difference with your child or student? Once identified, what are the most effective evidence-based tools to support these students in the classroom and at home?

Register Now! Free, virtual event with Dr. Tiffany Hogan on Thursday, October 27, 7:30pm ET.

Dr. Tiffany Hogan who is at the forefront of DLD research, presents Developmental Language Disorder (DLD): The Highly Prevalent Learning Disability Hidden in Plain Sight, at the 2022 Fall Community Lecture, hosted by The Windward School and The Windward Institute.

Community Lecture - The Windward School Community Lecture - The Windward School


New READ Episode with Katie Pace Miles, PhD.

Dr. Miles explains the research and application of orthographic mapping and word reading instruction and shares her work to provide evidence-based interventions to emerging readers in NYC during the pandemic.

Listen now at or wherever you get your podcasts.


New READ Podcast episode on mental health and back-to-school wellness with Dr. Dave Anderson, Vice President of School and Community Programs at Child Mind Institute.

Listen to this timely conversation for insights and strategies on self-care and wellness for families and communities in the wake of the pandemic. The conversation is available at or on your favorite podcast platform.


New READ Podcast episode featuring author and speech pathologist, Rebecca Rolland, EdD.

g.rolland shares the science and art of high quality conversations with our children in order to support cognitive and social-emotional skill building and cultivate more authentic relationships. Listen to the episode at or on your favorite podcast platform.


New READ Podcast episode with Tim Odegard, PhD, on the drivers needed for change in reading education, available at or wherever you get your podcasts. You can learn more from Dr. Odegard at MTSU Center for Dyslexia

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I am devastated that another school shooting has prompted the school leadership to send out a note attempting to offer solace in the face of a horrific crime against the most innocent among us. This is the worst nightmare for parents as well as for teachers, and this impacts all of us.

There are no words that can ease the pain we feel over yesterday's tragedy. Our hearts and thoughts are with the Uvalde, TX children, their families, the families of the educators that died in service of their students, and the community as they try to cope with this unbearable tragedy of unspeakable magnitude and loss.

– Jamie Williamson, EdS, Head of The Windward School, Executive Director of The Windward Institute

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At The Windward School and The Windward Institute, we reject all forms of hate, including racism, antisemitism, xenophobia, and any ideology that supports the belief that one group is superior to another.

We strive to promote a culture of safety and belonging. We are deeply saddened and heartbroken, by these continued racially driven acts of violence in our nation, especially this past weekend in the African American community in Buffalo, NY, and the Asian Pacific American community in Laguna Woods, CA.

In the wake of this loss, our community among many others, is hurting, grieving, experiencing fear, numbness, sadness and anxiety. We remain dedicated to creating and supporting a safe and inclusive environment.

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BREAKING NEWS: Dyslexia screening pilot program unveiled by New York City Department of Education, first of its kind, projected to begin September 23, 2022. On May, 12, 2022 Mayor Eric Adams announced that the NYC DOE will screen NYC public school students for dyslexia starting with 80 elementary schools and 80 middle schools across the city. A commitment by Chancellor David Banks to “ensure that every child who needs support will get the help and resources they need.”

Current The Windward School educators who receive Professional Development from The Windward Institute as a part of their core training, will work with teachers from NYC public schools in this pilot program, sharing evidence-based instruction methodologies.

Department of Education Chancellor David Banks and members of the DOE team visited The Windward School Manhattan campus Fall 2021 and Spring 2022, to observe how the school’s pedagogy is effective in remediating language-based learning disabilities, such as dyslexia.

We look forward to continuing working with NYC DOE educators in our professional development programs.

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"Reading difficulties can be reduced or even eliminated with early intervention."
Read the full article, Brick by Brick: A Series of Landmark Studies Pointing to the Importance of Early Reading Intervention, authored by Emily Solari, Colby Hall, and Anita McGinty, published in the Spring 2022 issue of The Windward Institute's bi-annual journal for educators and parents, The Beacon.

Learn more from the author, Emily Solari, PhD. May 18, 7:30 p.m., free, virtual event.

Read the article and subscribe to receive The Beacon in your e-mail or by mail:

*Article originally published in The Reading League Journal January/February 2022. Used with permission.

Timeline photos 05/05/2022

Are you registered? Free - Virtual Event. Join us on Wednesday, May 18, at 7:30pm ET, at the 2022 Robert J. Schwartz Memorial Lecture with Emily Solari, PhD., for "Translational Science in Reading: Where Have We Been and Where Are We Going?"

Dr. Solari illustrates how reading research and the Science of Reading is translated to inform implementation of pedagogical practice in the classroom, to ensure that all students receive literacy instruction based in the most current and validated data.

Free, virtual event. Registration is required.


New READ Podcast episode with Nicole Patton Terry, PhD, Director of Florida Center for Reading Research, on the translation and implementation of research in reading, sharing insights for sustainable collaborations between schools, researchers, and communities. Listen at or on your favorite podcast platform


Available NOW - New episode on READ Podcast with Matthew Kraft, PhD, professor of economics and education at Brown University, discussing education through a systems approach with insights in teacher growth and well-being, the role of school climate, and coaching.

Listen at or also available on your favorite podcast platform.

Photos from The Windward Institute's post 02/28/2022

During Black History Month, we recognize the contributions of Black people to American history, culture and society. It is also a time to shine the light on the historical and current Black experience itself in the American system. We look at how the historical educational inequality in America has affected the developmental and academic success of BIPOC children, exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Read the complete article in the biannual educational journal, The Beacon:
The Masked Matthew Effect by Annie Stutzman, Associate Director of The Windward Institute

Photos from The Windward Institute's post 02/22/2022

Thank you to the students, faculty and staff who participated in our Winter 2021 offering of "The Research Process: Essential Skills for Academic Success." This four-session course taught in-person over four Saturdays by current The Windward School educators, is designed to share evidence-based resources and the expertise of the school with non-Windward students in Grades 7-10 to help improve their writing and research skills. Students gained valuable time management skills and took away practical strategies on how to read critically, take notes, organize information, and write a successful research paper for their grade level.

Limited seats available. Sign up for early registration opportunities for Winter 2022.

Email us: [email protected]

NYC to open new school for students with dyslexia, Banks says 02/02/2022

IN THE NEWS: The Windward School recognized as a successful model for public schools serving struggling readers. Chancellor of the New York City Department of Education, David Banks, visited The Windward School’s Manhattan campus in December to explore Windward’s research-driven solutions in support of students with language-based learning disabilities. Also welcomed was Brooklyn Assemblyman Robert Carroll, a Windward alumnus and advocate for universal dyslexia screening. Read about Chancellor Banks’ recently announced plans.

NYC to open new school for students with dyslexia, Banks says If the new school comes to fruition, it would be the second public school in NYC to focus specifically on students with dyslexia.

Timeline photos 01/11/2022

"Educational equity means that each child receives what he or she needs to develop to his or her full academic and social potential." - National Equity Project

One of the Windward Institute's defining pillars is partnership. We build and support relationships and collaborations between and with families, educators, policy makers, leading education organizations, scientific and literacy researchers, child development practitioners, school districts and administrators.

These relationships support our efforts to reform teaching practices, build awareness, and advocate for universal early screening and intervention, teacher development, equitable access to evidence-based resources, and equity and inclusion across all levels and education settings.

Contributor: Deirdre McKechnie, Coordinator of Educational Outreach, The Windward Institute

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The Windward Institute is dedicated to increasing the recognition, understanding, and remediation of dyslexia and language-based learning disabilities among the broader education community by sharing The Windward School’s expertise in current, scientifically-validated research in child development, learning theory, and pedagogy. The Institute spearheads research/education partnerships; leads a variety of external-facing programs and outreach including high-profile lectures, courses and seminars; and advocates for the rights of students with language-based learning disabilities. Stakeholders across education, including practitioners, parents, policymakers, and researchers, can get involved with The Windward Institute through its variety of courses, workshops, local events, and partnerships. Learn more at

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