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Things to Do Over Winter Break: 25 Family Staycation Ideas
It's all about boundaries, structure and routines.
An interesting read.
It has to be said—the line between parent and child has become increasingly blurry over the last few decades. In Dr. Leonard Sax’s “The Collapse of Parenting”, he talks about the “transfer of authority from parents to kids” as a key player in children’s changing behaviors.
Were having an oily get together. Come join Karen Reynolds and myself at In Vogue Hair Salon. Hope to see you all there!

-1:1 ABA and Floortime Therapy
- School District Behavioral Consultation
- Staff development and tr

Services for children:
ABA, Behavioral Intervention Services, Speech,
Services for Adults: Job Coaching, ABA, Behavioral Intervention Services and Parent Training/Consultation

Operating as usual


So there.


Well, it’s official!!! Holistic Learning Center of Maui, LLC has been voted the best center for Alternative Care on island!!!
This is such an honor. The clients who find me are outstanding in their persist of self care and reaching their highest vibrational health potential.

What a blessing it is to partner with those who seek healthy options for their wellness.

Mahalo from the bottom of my ♥️ heart!!


Please keep this away from your body and your kids’ bodies. Make a fuss if this crap is in school vending machines.

Photos from Swim Angelfish's post 07/28/2023

When I first decided to try modeling my mom took me to a lot of modeling agencies in San Francisco. Every one of them said that there was no interest in a model with Down Syndrome. That didn’t stop us. We found modeling agencies that wanted to represent diversity. An estimated 1.3 billion people in the world experience significant disability. July being Disability Pride Month we appreciate the companies that value us and represent us! We are making progress but there still needs to be more representation!
Thank you for this amazing photo! ❤️ I think this is my all time favorite photo! ❤️


Do you know Lyndsy? Do you know her story of healing her son’s health?

Detoxing your home from hormone-disrupting, gut-destroying, cancer-causing chemicals is so helpful for our children with already high toxic burdens, inflammation, heavy metals, and heavy viral loads. We need to reduce not only the toxic chemicals in our children’s food as much as possible, but also from their home environment as well. Detoxing is one thing, preventing and reducing absorption should be higher on the priority list though. I teach you how inside SpectrumABLE, and this is the last week I’ll be offering it with a $7 trial.

Take the trial and learn how to detox your home & so much more ➡️ www.SpectrumABLE.com/trial


Say no to toxic inflammatory ingredients!!! Please please don’t feed this crap to your kids. Especially as a reinforcer in an ABA program. How can we expect kids to attend to lessons when they are jacked up on sugar and toxic dyes???


Land of the Free, because of the Brave 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸
Happy Fourth of July from Holistic Learning Center!


Sugary snacks are not healthy reinforcers. Sensory play, time and attention and music work even better without contributing to diabetes and obesity.


Partnering with Holistic Learning Center Maui! ☀️ We are taking reservations, spaces reserved by deposit for this amazing opportunity in Costa Rica.
May 12–18, 2024. Come learn and grow with us!!! 🧘‍♀️🌿🌱
Details below:


A student recently asked me how to decide which oil to diffuse for the start of her day. 🌻🌻🌻
Smelling them first can be a good guide. Young Living blends the oils according to the vibrational frequency of the body, so when we are in Acceptance or Forgiveness, our brain receptors are ready to receive a specific vibration that will assist the process and keep us there. ✨ Sometimes the ones that smell the most obnoxious to us in the moment are the ones we need the most. 🌻


Happy Father’s Day to all our Dads!!!


"You don't give keys to the Ferrari to a toddler and expect them not to crash it." 🔑 So why would we give our heart, love, or mana (energy), away in a similarly irresponsible way? 💗 Being mindful of who we let in, and how we interact with people in our lives can help ensure we're exerting efforts and energy that align with our desired outcome 🫶

Self Healing Through Meditation, Reiki and Yoga with Susan 06/13/2023

Costa Rica May 2024? Join me!

Self Healing Through Meditation, Reiki and Yoga with Susan Costa Rica – 7 days – Includes 6 nights at Hotel Bahia del Sol in Guanacaste, all breakfasts and dinners, airport transfers, daily yoga and meditation classes led by Susan, half-day excursions, full-day adventure (ziplining, water slides, horse riding, hot springs), and relaxation amidst nature.


What's in our cup? 🍵 This Steeped Vitality Orange Rose Hip Black Tea.. it is a full-bodied black tea that combines Assam and pu’erh teas with organic herbs and roots for a warm, comforting drink to start your day right, and we are LOVING the adorable sachets it comes in 😍 To purchase your bright start to the day: https://www.youngliving.com/us/en/referral/2374708


Something we've been finding ourselves saying quite often. 🦋 There is more to your journey than pedicures and journaling, and we are here to help reach your healing, learning, and self love goals ❤️


During Pride month and every month, May this ring true!!!

Office for People With Developmental Disabilities 06/02/2023

Great news for safety sake!

Office for People With Developmental Disabilities The New York State Office for People With Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD) is responsible for coordinating services for New Yorkers with developmental disabilities, including intellectual disabilities, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, autism spectrum disorders, Prader-Willi syndrome and other neurol...


Together we can improve safety for swimmers with Autism, Down Syndrome, physical challenges and difficulty with attention!

Here are a two adaptive water safety tips for special needs swimmers:

1. Create the ritual of asking permission before getting in the bathtub and generalize this asking to all bodies of water!

2. Practice using a lifejacket and get comfortable with moving in all directions!

Photos from Swim Angelfish's post 06/02/2023

As you may know, drownings are common amping our population. Teaching all kids water safety is a must. Our friends at provide lessons as well as water therapy.


Happy June!!!


In the belly button to relieve gastro discomfort. Under the tongue for immediate relief. Inhale from your hands for sinus clearing.
Traveling? Pack it!!!!

For kids: either dilute it with a massage oil or get the already diluted Tummy Gize


Wrapping up May as Mental Health Awareness Month, (although we think every month is) 🌟What can you release this week that is no longer serving you?


A day to remember and honor❤️


DiGize is THE oil blend for all-things-digestion. This is also the oil that will make a believer out of anyone within minutes. When your belly is feeling yucky, DiGize will be your best friend! This is an oil to keep in your purse at all times!

It has 8 oils, and each one targets a different gut problem. It's the only oil that we ever jog to go get when the kids yell from the bathroom, "MOM... I need DiGize" 👩‍⚕️ Mom to the rescue! 🚽

I put a drop in my bellybutton and 25 seconds later, the issue is resolved.
You can drop it under your tongue too. Or make a capsule for more I tense long term issues that need to be resolved.

Our students often have digestive issues and we accept it as part of their diagnosis. Here’s your relief!!

See comments below for a link to get yours.


And this is why I meditate twice daily and teach kids to do so as well.

The two minds are the conscious and the subconscious. The conscious mind contains wishes and desires and operates about 5% of the time. That means that 95% of our lives are from the programs, which have been downloaded into the subconscious mind.

Most of these programs are negative, disempowering, and self- sabotaging. While our conscious minds are busy thinking during the day, our subconscious programming self-sabotages. We externalize our struggles because we don’t see that we’re sabotaging ourselves; we only recognize that life isn’t working.

Knowing all of this, how do we achieve ultimate happiness and heaven-on-earth? Stay mindful, stay present (Resource List at www.brucelipton.com). If you stay in the present moment, the conscious mind is the pilot and your hands are on the wheel.


This is my friend who uses the GAPS diet to heal her son.

So yummy 😋 😋 😋 pasture-raised chicken from butcher box roasted with lots of fresh veggies carrots, greens beans, onion, and garlic cooked in chicken bone broth + lots of spices ground garlic, minced onion, oregano, my new fave sprout’s red curry powder mix, sea salt, black/white/green pepper ❤️ Baked at 400 F for an hour then flipped and baked for another 20-30 minutes at 375F. Tonight I’ll put the carcass in a pot of filtered water and make some homemade broth 🍲


Developing Personal Hygiene and Cleanliness Life-Skills:

Life Skills Series for Parents and Caregivers of Teens and Young Adults with Intellectual or Developmental Disabilities Tuesday, June 6th 9:30 am to 11:00 am VIA ZOOM

Life skills, or daily living skills, are abilities that our loved ones with intellectual and developmental disabilities need to achieve their highest level of independence. These include skills related to managing money, personal hygiene, medication management, taking care of living spaces, laundry, cooking, transportation, and shopping.

Join us for our first workshop in our Life-Skills Summer Series:
Personal Hygiene and Cleanliness
Developing good personal hygiene habits is an important part of participating in community life. This workshop focuses on how parents and caregivers of people with intellectual or developmental disabilities can help their children who are transitioning into adulthood to develop more awareness and independence in care of themselves and their surroundings.
We will cover:
· The process of teaching and reinforcing hygiene life-skills
· The self-advocate’s perspective on the challenges in developing these skills
Zoom Registration Link: https://zoom.us/meeting/register/tJElde-uqTwsH9YjeDs5ph6A92lr6OCJAG2U #/registration


Our holistic ABA app is designed to be facilitated by any parent, teacher, or caregiver to provide ultimate convenience and continued learning progression📱Coming soon!!!

Memorial Day Specials - Make Music w/ Prodigies 05/25/2023

Memorial Day Specials - Make Music w/ Prodigies Sing with Solfege, Build a sense of rhythm, and discover the language and art of music inside Prodigies, a colorful world of featuring over 700 video music lessons for kids ages 0-12. Enroll in Prodigies and give your kids the music education of a Lifetime.


Do you utilize a daily mindfulness practice? We are in FULL support of self love. When we show up for ourselves, we can better show up for others 💚


"Twin brothers were born in an American family in 1978. The brother, who was five minutes older, had a healthy heart, and the younger one also suffered from cardiomyopathy and cerebral palsy. However, this tragic circumstance only brought the boys closer. The "older" brother always took care of the "younger", helped him, motivated him. And even when a sick boy at the age of 13 needed the heart of a voluntary donor, a healthier brother wanted to commit su***de so that his heart could be transplanted to his brother. The vital organ was found on time, and the "older" boy went to the studies of a biochemical engineer after school to invent a cure for the disease for his brother and other people. But fate determined otherwise. He became an actor and even a Hollywood star. And the younger brother became a lawyer who defends the rights of children with cerebral palsy. Today, Ashton and Michael Kutcher are active in charity work together"

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Why is my kid doing this?
Fortune Teller Susan here to read you her favorite Halloween book....BIG PUMPKIN!
We made it through another week of good health and excewllent teaching!
Getting ready for another school year!
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