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Step into a world of martial arts tradition dating back nearly 2000 years. Join Sensei Brian McClernan, a 4th degree black belt in traditional Japanese Ju-Jitsu, at his Westminster Dojo, located in “The Gym” at The TownMall of Westminster.

Operating as usual


Contact us prior to November 30, 2021 for a free month (8 classes), with no commitment. Call Sensei Brian @ 410-925-6035


Free month of classes. Certain conditions apply
No contract
Month to month


Have a safe and terrific Memorial Day everyone.


Just because gyms and dojos are closed, doesn't mean you have to stop training.


Setting Goals is really important right now. Just because you are at home or life is different, you can still set goals for yourself. Stay Safe!


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Hope all my fellow marital artists are doing well, considering....
We WILL be back, and stronger than before.


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All Martial Arts are not the same. Whatever you train is great, but there are some big differences. #trainjujitsu


Give yourself goals. And achieve them!


It's always a good time to start the martial arts.


Keep washing those hands!


Want to keep up with the terminology? A great resource, www.judoinfo.com


Hoping all my fellow martial artists are staying safe in this mess. Stay strong.


The Tiger King Says it Best!


It is earned.


Help Local Businesses for FREE!


Tip of the day
Defense from a wrist grab


If anyone has a question regarding and escape and/defense, please ask it here. I will do my best to demo the solution, given my limited Ju Jitsu partners () Ask away.....


Tip for the day!


Martial Arts has been preparing their students for this for 1000s of years!!!


For my buddies missing The Gym! Get creative with your workout.


Father & son time

Never too young to start . . .


Approximately 2000 years ago great warriors roamed the lands of Japan with their swords and aggressive fighting styles. Find out why.


Even though there is no class, you can still keep your skills sharp - you never know when they can come in handy! Keep practicing!


In an effort to minimize our exposure to COVID-19, I am postponing all Ju Jitsu classes for at least two weeks.

vice.com 03/15/2020

How Onna-Bugeisha, Feudal Japan's Women Samurai, Were Erased From History

Meet Nakano Takeko, an onna-bugeisha Japanese warrior during Women's History Month.
While Travel and Schools may be restricted, remember you can always learn and explore other nations from books and the internet.

vice.com While most Japanese women were subject to rigid social expectations of domesticity, onna-bugeisha women warriors who were known to be to be every bit as strong, capable, and courageous as their male counterparts






Big day tomorrow for Matt Clark. Wish him luck!


Stop by for a free class


Step into Tradition

Since starting my studying in 1999 I have been fascinated with the study and tradition of martial arts. By concentrating on traditional Japanese Ju-jitsu it allowed me to learn a blend of Akido, Karate, and Judo. With the combination of these historical fighting styles that allowed a fighter to be effective standing up or on the ground gave me more incentive to want to study harder to achieve my belts and become a master of the art.

In 2014, I started Ho’on Dojo in Westminster, Maryland to pass along my knowledge of this Traditional Japanese fighting style to others and keep the art alive. I also wanted to help my students protect themselves, their loved ones and carry on the martial arts form from centuries ago. Our dojo and our instructors are fully licensed and insured.

Ho’on Dojo isn’t a martial arts factory or a place that rushes you through belts all while paying for each step of the way. We offer various days and times of the week for a flexible schedule and welcome both male and female students starting as young as 15* with no upper age limit. Our ideal student in the dojo is not a certain age, just someone who has their heart into the practice.

If you are interested in testing your physical abilities, learning self-protection and carrying on a centuries-old fighting style done by Japanese Warriors, then Ho’on Dojo might be for you. Contact us for information about classes and coming by to watch a class or even participate for free.

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For my buddies missing The Gym! Get creative with your workout.
Even though there is no class, you can still keep your skills sharp - you never know when they can come in handy! Keep p...




Japanese Ju-jitsu training. Self-defense Classes. Bokken Training (Japanese Sword training).



400 N. Center Street
Westminster, MD

Opening Hours

Tuesday 7:30pm - 9pm
Thursday 7:30pm - 9pm
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