If Then Creativity

If Then Creativity provides kindergarten through 6th grade students with learning resources that combine logic and creativity, integrate the arts, motivate critical thinking, and build social-emotional skills in and out of the classroom.

If Then Creativity exists to help teachers, administrators, parents and homeschool families develop educational tools to implement a child-centered, differentiated approach to the development of the whole child.

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nytimes.com 11/05/2020

In Times of Crisis, Life-Affirming Picture Books

nytimes.com These new works from Tomi Ungerer, Sophie Blackall and Christian Robinson are realistic and — without being soppy — filled with hope.

npr.org 01/11/2020

Making Art Is Good For Your Health. Here's How To Start A Habit

Let your creativity run free.

npr.org Professional artists aren't the only people who can make art. In this episode, learn how to weave art into your everyday life. Because whether you're doodling, making pottery or embroidering, creativity is good for you and your health.

nytimes.com 09/13/2019

How to Help Your Child Succeed at School

nytimes.com School doesn’t have to be high-stress and high-stakes for your child (or yourself). Here’s how to make sure you start the school year on the right foot and keep enthusiasm and momentum high throughout.

parents.com 01/05/2019

63 Fun Questions to Get Your Kid Talking

"What do you look forward to when you wake up?"

parents.com Children ask questions—lots of questions. But you can turn the tables! Here are 63 fun suggestions to get a conversation started.

theconversation.com 11/28/2018

Learning music early can make your child a better reader

Dance, move, sing, and read.

theconversation.com Learning music in the early years of schooling can help children learn to read.

nytimes.com 11/02/2018

The 2018 New York Times/New York Public Library Best Illustrated Children’s Books

nytimes.com We invite you to take a look at this year’s winners ...

nytimes.com 10/27/2018

Opinion | Why Are We Still Teaching Reading the Wrong Way?

nytimes.com Teacher preparation programs continue to ignore the sound science behind how people become readers.

nytimes.com 10/04/2018

Opinion | Are You a Visual or an Auditory Learner? It Doesn’t Matter

nytimes.com One mental strategy may be much better suited than another to a particular task.

scientificamerican.com 09/26/2018

How to Build a Better Childhood

scientificamerican.com Design and architecture critic Alexandra Lange examines the material world we’ve created for children

pbs.org 09/14/2018

Raising Includers: 5 Tips to Help Your Kids Be Kind and Compassionate

pbs.org When kids learn to empathize with others and show compassion for their peers, being an “includer” becomes automatic. Here are five ways to help your child learn to include others.

nytimes.com 09/13/2018

Rethinking What Gifted Education Means, and Whom It Should Serve

nytimes.com Montgomery County, Md., made sweeping changes to diversify its gifted programs. It’s succeeding, but not without creating some anxiety and controversy.

nytimes.com 09/09/2018

Opinion | To Restore Civil Society, Start With the Library

nytimes.com This crucial institution is being neglected just when we need it the most.


The New York Times - Well - Health

Many who study play feel that it is under siege, even as new research emphasizes its importance in children’s development, Dr. Perri Klass writes.

telegraph.co.uk 08/09/2018

Choo-choo not train: talking baby words to toddlers helps them learn to speak faster, study finds

telegraph.co.uk Infants whose parents talk to them using so-called “baby words” learn to speak more quickly, a new study has found.

nytimes.com 08/07/2018

Opinion | Make Your Daughter Practice Math. She’ll Thank You Later.

nytimes.com The way we teach math in America hurts all students, but it may be hurting girls the most.

summerlearning.org 07/09/2018

National Summer Learning Day - July 12, 2018

Summertime is the perfect time for kids to discover learning is fun!

summerlearning.org Keep kids learning, safe, and healthy every summer!

nytimes.com 06/25/2018

Opinion | How Entitled Parents Hurt Schools

nytimes.com Affluent parents who wield connections and resources to get their way can wreak havoc on schools.

quickanddirtytips.com 06/24/2018

5 Tips for Surviving Summer Reading Assignments

5 tips to survive summer reading assignments

quickanddirtytips.com If you’re like many high school students this summer, you’re facing the task of reading at least one book as a summer reading assignment before heading back to school in the fall. But there’s no need to stress—whether you have to read one book or several, there are ways to st

npr.org 06/11/2018

The Perils Of Pushing Kids Too Hard, And How Parents Can Learn To Back Off

npr.org Part of a parent's job is to help kids do their best, but pushing too hard can backfire. Research shows kids in high-achieving communities are at higher risk of anxiety, depression and substance use.

ifthencreativity.com 05/06/2018

Let's Hug a Tree!

Hug a tree, love a tree. Love a Tree Day is Wed., May 16.

ifthencreativity.com Love a Tree Day song. Sung to the tune of the Addams Family theme song


American Library Association announces 2018 youth media award winners

Another great year for books

ala.org DENVER — The American Library Association (ALA) today announced the top books, video and audio books for children and young adults—including the Caldecott, Coretta Scott King, Newbery and Printz awards—at its Midwinter Meeting in Denver, Colorado. A list of all the 2018 award winners follows:

nytimes.com 01/29/2018

Taking Playtime Seriously

nytimes.com Experts say it’s essential to give kids time and space to play.

nytimes.com 01/17/2018

Gifted and Talented and Complicated

"Off the Charts" by Ann Hulbert

nytimes.com In “Off the Charts,” Ann Hulbert examines the lives of child prodigies, who often fail to sustain their accomplishments into adulthood.

fivethirtyeight.com 01/05/2018

We Have A New Prime Number, And It’s 23 Million Digits Long

A new big time Prime

fivethirtyeight.com Somewhere out there on the number line, huge prime numbers are lurking, waiting to be discovered. On Wednesday, a new one was. The Great Internet Mersenne Prime…

pbs.org 12/14/2017

How Important is Handwriting These Days?

pbs.org Like any skill, writing takes practice. Here are seven simple tips for fun and effective handwriting practice at home.

matthewschuler.co 11/16/2017

Why Creative People Sometimes Make No Sense

matthewschuler.co Photo by Sophia. I’ve been having an insightful shuffle through Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi’s book Creativity: The Work and Lives of 91 Eminent People. Mihaly is a seminal professor of Psychology and Management, and is the Founding Co-Director of the Quality of Life Research Center at Claremont. He writ...


Read Aloud


Professor Plum is happy today!

The Strong welcomes Clue, Wiffle Ball, and the paper airplane into the National Toy Hall of Fame! www.toyhalloffame.org

nytimes.com 11/07/2017

5 Lessons From a Diplomat for Bridging the Parent-Teacher Divide

nytimes.com Putting diplomacy skills like advocacy and solutionbuilding to work in a teacher conference.

nytimes.com 11/03/2017

The Best Illustrated Children’s Books of 2017

nytimes.com Here are the winners of The New York Times/New York Public Library Best Illustrated Children’s Books Awards for 2017.

nytimes.com 11/01/2017

What Colleges Want in an Applicant (Everything)

nytimes.com The admissions process is a maddening mishmash of competing objectives, and an attempt to measure the unmeasurable: you. No, it isn’t fair, and likely never will be.

theatlantic.com 10/30/2017

The Hidden Meaning of Kids' Shapes and Scribbles

"Children's art has its own logic."

theatlantic.com Your child’s quirky art isn’t just cute—science suggests that even the most bizarre depictions can have deep creative intention.

sciencenetlinks.com 10/27/2017

Head Outside for International Observe the Moon Night - News - Science NetLinks

Get to know our moon a little better. Saturday is "Observe the Moon" night.

sciencenetlinks.com InOMN, #observethemoon, nasa, NASA, moon, #moonnight


Connecting with parents can prevent concerns about a student becoming a problem, but it isn't always easy: https://hubs.ly/H08KmDb0

What are your most effective parent communication strategies?

weareteachers.com 10/26/2017

22 Fun, Hands-On Ways to Teach Multiplication

weareteachers.com It's time(s) to learn!




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The Indian In The Cupboard
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Creativity Strategies For Parents & Educators
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Why Museums Matter
Class, Currency, And Culture In Colonial Annapolis for Historic Annapolis Foundation
The Olympics In Ancient Greece: An Outreach Program For Grades 4 Through 8
Fun For The Whole Family: Museum And Summer Creativity Tips for Carroll County Public Schools


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Carroll County Young Marines Carroll County Young Marines
519 Poole Road, Westminster
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Anyone interested in becoming a part of Carroll County Young Marines, please send us an email at [email protected]

North Carroll Infant Massage Education North Carroll Infant Massage Education
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This page is to offer the following professional service: Infant Massage Education to parents of new infants.

Higher Learning, Inc. Higher Learning, Inc.
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Higher Learning is a non-profit academic enrichment program for underserved youth ages 11-17. To promote ethical, socially conscious leadership and action, we think, do and go!

Cool Breeze Dressage Cool Breeze Dressage
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Evelyn Pfoutz Martin. L grad, BS degree in Equestrian studies, USDF Gold, Silver & Bronze medalist.

Fruits of Finance Fruits of Finance
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Fruits of Finance is dedicated to Educating, Equipping and Empowering Individuals Seeking to Develop Extra-Ordinary Finances.

Geared Up Training and Accessories, Inc. Geared Up Training and Accessories, Inc.
19 N. Court St.
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We are a small company with lots of accessories and fi****ms for all your shooting and hobby needs. Open every other weekend,please call if any questions.

Carroll County 4H Hotshots Club Carroll County 4H Hotshots Club
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Carroll County 4-H Hotshots - a youth club dedicated to teaching and improving life skills through the sport of target shooting.

Carroll Community College Library Carroll Community College Library
Westminster, 21157

The Carroll Community College Library primarily supports the research needs of students and faculty. The library is open to the public, and anyone with a Carroll County Library card may check out materials.

Carroll County Extension Carroll County Extension
700 Agricultural Center Drive
Westminster, 21157

This institution is an equal opportunity provider. Accommodation request, contact your local UMD Extension Office.

Piano Keyboard Services Piano Keyboard Services
653 Johahn Dr
Westminster, 21157

Piano lessons for children and adults in the Westminster Area for over 10 years. Professional expertise and product reviews of pianos and electronic keyboards, Professional Studio Pianist/Keyboardist.

The Suburban Experimentalist The Suburban Experimentalist
Westminster, 21074

This is where I store most of my reviews, and videos on any home, automotive, or electronic repair I do.

Carroll County Coalition Against Underage Drinking Carroll County Coalition Against Underage Drinking
290 S Center St
Westminster, 21157

The Coalition is a volunteer organization addressing underage drinking and other drug prevention to adults and youth.