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Maryland isn't a major crew hub for AMPTP productions like NYC or Atlanta are, but figure this is worth mentioning. If you haven't heard, IATSE, the union representing a large chunk of the people that make film/TV happen are going on strike.

A lot of our colleagues are more than likely going to be biting a big financial bullet to join the picket line on Monday, but the goal is to lay the groundwork for EVERYONE to have more humane working conditions as we transition to streaming as the dominant form of media.

If you do get an offer, don't scab. Not only does it undermine this process, the industry is small and it can undermine your prospects in the future. I'll spare the other half of my TED Talk, but in the event anyone has any questions feel free to reach out to me. I'm keeping a finger on the pulse of this situation pretty closely. No problem with educating anyone to the best of my ability.

(Also for the record I am a member of SAG-AFTRA not IATSE.)
Hi everyone! I’m looking for a videographer for my wedding on 9/4 in Keymar, MD if anyone is interested in making some extra $$$
I am a firm supporter in this school’s message! Nothing is more important than maintaining your creative vision in filmmaking and I look up to the sheer determination brought forth from you all! My thoughts on my own future productions are bright and I look forward to seeing what you all come up with! I always tend to look at other films for inspiration in my own works and one that struck a chord was the film “Ruby in Paradise”, directed by Victor Nunez. It is an amazing film starring Ashley Judd which depicts the life of a young woman getting accustomed to a new environment in Panama City, Florida. It had very unique cinematography, with a grainy, almost “warm” texture to the film and ends on a highly inspirational note. I would highly suggest it to anyone here, as it can be found on VOD and the brief trailer is also available on YouTube!
In a time where it is not as easy to go out and watch a movie, I love seeing the constant discussion about things related to cinema! I wanted to share a trailer I recently came across, for the film Ruby In Paradise, which will be available on VOD for re-release! This refreshing film stars Ashley Judd in her break-out role as Ruby! Ruby invites audiences to journey with her to a small beach town in Florida, where she creates a friendship with her manager at a retail store, and deals with the struggles of young adulthood as she seeks her own identity and independence. Judd’s portrayal of Ruby seems to be a masterpiece of a performance as she showcases the reality of life in a town that holds a reputation for partying and tourism. I can already see the character of Ruby resonating with me as a young adult and I am excited to see where the journey takes her! I definitely recommend watching the trailer on Quiver Distribution’s YouTube channel!
McDaniel Cinema graduate Masha Paul '14, appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon last night and was gifted a dazzling sweater during the show's 12 Days of Christmas Sweaters segment! Masha works as a Writer/Producer/Editor at NBCUniversal and also co-hosts the movie podcast, Love What I Love.
Catch Masha's segment on The Tonight Show's page, in their recap post of last night's episode! Masha's segment begins at 6:40.
It is so refreshing to find a program like this that is committed to having an active conversation about film. Because I have been isolated due to quarantine, I have been attempting to find films to support and discuss as a way to maintain my connection to the outside world. In my search for more content that continues the conversation, I found a People Magazine article that highlights the newest documentary from filmmaking duo Josh and Rebecca Tickell called “Kiss the Ground.” The movie provides an optimistic, simple solution to climate change that is focused on regenerative agriculture, and I think it will be a catalyst that can inspire us to make the changes we need in the fight to save our planet. It is narrated by Woody Harrelson, and features influential celebrities like Ian Somerhalder, Jason Mraz, and Rosario Dawson. I’m really excited for what this movie has the potential to accomplish, and I can’t wait to learn more about the process of making it during the talented team’s virtual watch party and Q&A following the film’s release to Netflix on September 22nd. The party starts at 9 pm EDT. Let me know if you’ll be there!
Hi, fellow cinema students/graduates! I just wanted to let you know about a cinema/music project that I have been working on for the last several months and to ask you for your support.

Carroll Lutheran Village is a retirement community and nursing home in Westminster, MD, near McDaniel College. The McDaniel music students usually perform for the residents at CLV each semester, but, unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 crisis, we have not been able to this spring.

Carroll Lutheran Village has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, and there have been cases of COVID-19 at CLV. In order to help the residents and staff facing this crisis, I have been working with CLV and McDaniel music students and professors to organize a virtual music concert fundraiser, to help Carroll Lutheran Village as they face this crisis.

Students and professors have sent me videos of themselves performing, and I am editing all of the footage into an hour-and-a-half-long music concert/fundraiser.

The concert will be broadcasted on Caroll Lutheran Village's Facebook ( next Wednesday, July 22, 2020, at 7:00 PM.

If you are able, please watch the concert and/or share this post and flyer! Please tell your friends and family, neighbors, etc. through social media, text, email, or how ever you can. We would love for as many people to know about the concert as possible, in order to gain as much support for Carroll Lutheran Village as we can.

Thank you so much! ❤️💕🙏
Has anyone seen More Than Honey directed by Markus Imhoof? More Than Honey is a documentary on Film Festival Flix showing the difficulties bees are faced with and how important they are to our environment. I just watched it this weekend on Film Festival Flix and wow, there are some breathtaking shots throughout the film. If you have yet to see it, you can easily view it on Film Festival Flix, an online streaming platform with a ton of indie films to choose from. They are currently offering a free trial as well!
Want To Star In A Film!
Casting call for a feature length film, exploring drug abuse, mental illness, failed relationships and 21st century morals.
Everyone wanted, no prior experience needed. Email me at [email protected] for more details.
I just saw a film that's non traditional and it was really good. It's called Empathy Inc. It was directed by Yedidya Gorsetman. What was really creatively unique was that the film was shot on black and white film. It embraced the film noir style but yet it was a modern day sci fi. Really cool
So it was a bit more heated of a discussion a few months ago surrounding the Lion King remake, but I figure its worth it to share this page from Weta Digital to explain with a brief overview what virtual production is and why films like the remake of The Lion King are considered live action and not an animation.

I learned a lot about Virtual Production while working with the Mocap Team on Avenger’s Endgame (my supervisor had a hand in making Gollum come to life). Considering that these big blockbuster motion pictures are the source of hundreds of jobs and aren’t going away anytime soon take some time to learn about this cutting edge field, it might come in handy one day.

Cheers Cinemates! Go get to shooting!

Tell stories you are uniquely suited to tell. And tell them the way they deserve to be told. Welcome to the official McDaniel Cinema page.

In August 2010, Cinema became a full-fledged major on The Hill, and we decided to celebrate by creating this portal for discussion of all things cinema -- that includes production, screenwriting, and critical analysis. We will endeavor to post internship and job possibilities, catch up with alumni who are working in the field, and keep you in the (film) loop about what's happening with Cinema here at McDaniel... So kick that kino-eye into high gear, and show us what you've got...

Operating as usual

Emerging Reporters 2023-2024 08/17/2023

SCHOLARSHIP: ProPublica Emerging Reporters Stipend: $9,000 ($4,500 per semester): Juniors & Seniors: Deadline Monday, Aug. 21, 2023 by noon.

We know a number of McDaniel students who pursue the Journalism and New Media minor are also Cinema majors who take CIN 2201 Television Production. If you meet this scholarship’s criteria, you need to apply soon.

Emerging Reporters 2023-2024 New York, New York, United States


After completing an internship at WBAL-TV in Baltimore, MD during the final semester of his senior year, McDaniel Cinema major Kyle Rozanski, who graduated in May 2023 with Departmental Honors in Cinema, was hired at the NBC affiliate as an Assignment Editor. Congrats, Kyle!

Late Nights at Full Moon Records by Sarah Edmonds - Fiction — Thirty West Publishing House 08/03/2023

2018 McDaniel Cinema graduate Sarah Edmonds, whose 20-minute capstone horror film “Apostasy” went on to win an award at the Los Angeles Shorts festival, has a new book of fiction hitting the bookshelves on September 23, 2023. Pre-orders available at:

Late Nights at Full Moon Records by Sarah Edmonds - Fiction — Thirty West Publishing House After months of sleeping out of his car and surviving on vending machine snacks from the YMCA, 19-year-old Lane finally finds a job that will take him in. Dawn and Gayle, the elderly couple who run Full Moon Records, see in him a kindred spirit and quickly become the accepting family he wished he ha

Meet Maurice Hargrave 08/03/2023

2018 McDaniel Cinema graduate Maurice Hargrave has continued to develop his passion for the visual image. Check out his story at CanvasRebel:

Meet Maurice Hargrave We were lucky to catch up with Maurice Hargrave recently and have shared our conversation below. Alright, Maurice thanks for taking the time to share your stories and insights with us today. How did you learn to do what you do? Knowing what you know now, what could you have done to speed up your

Job Announcement: Junior Content Intern - State of Maryland 06/28/2023

PAID INTERNSHIP: MARYLAND PUBLIC TV: Owings Mills, MD. DEADLINE: Friday July 7, 2023. For Fall 2023 semester.

MPT launched a new paid internship program last year and is currently seeking applicants for the Fall semester -- 16 hours per week, $15.50 per hour.

They're primarily looking for juniors, seniors and recent grads (graduated within the past two years) with strong research/writing skills and good work samples (interest in documentary is a major plus) to work in Content Enterprises.
HR Contact: Chloe Johnson


Job Announcement: Junior Content Intern - State of Maryland Education: Graduation from an accredited high school or possession of a high school equivalency certificate is required. Applicants must be current students or recent graduates from an accredited college or university within the past (2) years.

Photos from McDaniel Cinema's post 05/13/2023

Congratulations to James Wilberger, class of 1972, for receiving McDaniel College’s coveted Trustee Alumni Award this evening. Wilberger, a working film and television producer who lives in Los Angeles with his family, has been a central figure in the success of the college’s thriving Cinema program, flying in to visit with and mentor undergraduates once a semester for nearly two decades now. Check out imdb for his long list of credits for Ted Turner, Hallmark, Pixl and elsewhere:

Dilettante (Short Film) 05/08/2023

Did you miss Joseph McGhee's thriller "Dilettante" at McDaniel Cinema Showcase 2023? Well, you're in luck! You can screen it in its entirety now:

Dilettante (Short Film) Original short film written & directed by Joseph McGhee. Starring Kyle Sarnowski and Lana Bogdanoff. Dilettante premiered at the 2023 McDaniel Cinema Showcas...

Photos from McDaniel Cinema's post 05/05/2023

6 of the 9 filmmakers premiering their work this evening at the McDaniel Cinema Showcase take a moment to celebrate on the red carpet after screening in front of a packed, raucous audience of students, parents, faculty, staff, alumni, and industry insiders in Decker Auditorium. Family members drove from as far away as Waldorf, MD and State College, PA to attend. Filmmakers from left: Joseph McGhee, Jonny Hughes, Dustin Kron, Kyle Rozanski, Michael Rowan, and Todd Winkler. Unseen: Sara Hyman, Christian Torres, and Jordan Wood. Congrats to our graduating Cinema class of 2023!

Photos from McDaniel Cinema's post 05/02/2023

Don’t miss the world premiere of 9 brand new 20-30 minute Cinema capstone films at McDaniel Cinema Showcase 2023 this Thursday May 4 from 6pm - 10:30pm in Decker Auditorium. The event is free and open to the public, although some films feature mature themes and language not appropriate for all audiences. Seating is on a first come, first served basis.

The films are scheduled to appear in the following order:

“Novak” written and directed by Michael Rowan [sci-fi enviro comedy/ 26 min] A young man grieving the loss of his brother encounters a strangely benevolent creature.

“St Peter’s: Rise from the Ashes” written and directed Kyle Rozanski [historical documentary/ 20 min] A parish loses its church then finds a way to rebuild.

“Sky & Shadow” written and directed by Jonny Hughes [sci-fi college comedy/ 22 min] A young man accidentally duplicates himself. Can he live with himself?

“Faces” written and directed by Jordan Wood [college drama/ 20 min] When a young woman dies in a plane accident, she returns to help her grieving sister.

“Follow Me” written and directed by Todd Winkler [internet comedy/ 20 min] How can a wannabe influencer go viral when his content is garbage?

“Make or Break“ written and directed by Dustin Kron [psychological drama/ 20 min] A young dancer faces growing anxiety as she prepares a high stakes routine.

“The Life of Rev. Dr. Douglas B. Sands” written and directed by Sara Hyman [biographical documentary/ 20 minutes] Father. Husband. 90 year old civil rights activist.

“Senior Year” written and directed by Christian Torres [college comedy/ 25 min] A young man navigates an array of colorful characters during his final year in college.

“Dilettante” written and director by Joseph McGhee [suspense thriller/ 21 min] A documentary filmmaker faces a moral quandary as he tracks a campus stalker.

Each movie will be followed by a brief Q&A with the filmmaker.

Please spread the word and come early to take photos on the red carpet under the movie lights!


And the posters have started going up for this Thursday’s McDaniel Cinema Showcase. 6pm-10:30pm in Decker Auditorium. 9 world premieres are scheduled to screen!

St. Peter's Rise from the Ashes Teaser Trailer 04/28/2023

McDaniel Cinema Showcase 2023: Thursday May 4 @ 6pm-10:30pm in Decker Auditorium. Free and open to the public.

Here's a taste:

St. Peter's Rise from the Ashes Teaser Trailer Senior Capstone for the McDaniel Cinema Showcase.


Check out Cinema Professors Richard Brett and Jonathan Slade as they share their thoughts on Best Picture nominees for the 95th Academy Awards.

Photos from McDaniel Cinema's post 03/05/2023

The Department of Communication & Cinema bids goodbye to alumni mentors Jim Wilberger (class of 1972) and Tricia Meola (2015) after their weeklong visit with Cinema majors on the Hill. Standing from left: Richard Brett, Wilberger, Meola, Jonathan Slade, and Robert Lemieux. A wonderful time to catch up and share stories about life on and off the set.


McDaniel President Julia Jasken (2nd from right) joins Professor Richard Brett’s Basic Video Editing course (right) as McDaniel alums Jim Wilberger (class of 1972) and Tricia Meola (2015) fire up a raw footage presentation on a laptop. Wilberger and Meola, both professionals in the film and TV industry who live in Los Angeles, have been on campus all week guest lecturing and mentoring students in McDaniel’s thriving Cinema program.


Cinema Professors Richard Brett (left) and Jonathan Slade are open for business at today’s Scholars on the Hill meet and greet! What will the next wave of cinematic storytellers look like? We hope to meet some of them today…

Opinion | This Film Does Not Exist 01/14/2023

ONE POSSIBLE FUTURE FOR CINEMA: Frank Pavich, director of a documentary about an unproduced 1970s adaptation of Frank Herbert’s “Dune” recently encountered frames from a film that he had never heard of: Alejandro Jodorowsky’s 1976 version of “Tron.” The sets were incredible. The actors unfamiliar. The costumes and lighting glowed with an extravagant and psychedelic sensibility that felt distinctly Jodorowskian… Why hadn’t Pavich ever heard of this film before? Because it never existed. It was a recent creation by a publicly accessible AI generator.

Opinion | This Film Does Not Exist How artificial intelligence can reimagine art from our past and influence our future.

Photos from McDaniel Cinema's post 11/08/2022

Film Analysis: American Independent Cinema: Diagramming the explosion of indie filmmaking in the 1990s from “Sex, Lies, and Videotape” (1989) through “Boys Don’t Cry” (1999). Lots of colored chalk today! 11/04/2022

CAREER OPPORTUNITY: Videographer & Motion Graphics Artist: Full-time: Arlington, Virginia Advanced Resource Technologies Inc. (ARTI) is recruiting for a Videographer / Motion Graphics Artist in support of the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA). For more than fifty years, DARPA has held to a singular and enduring mission: to make pivotal investments in breakthrough technolo....


It’s National Cinema Day! Let’s give a shout-out to the full spectrum of cinematic storytelling — from fiction features and documentaries to news and public affairs programming to webisodes and TiKTok! Now, more ways than ever to tell compelling tales through moving images and sound! What are you waiting for?

It's National Cinema Day, so let's give a shout out to McDaniel Cinema📽️
Annually, Cinema majors present their student-produced films during the McDaniel Cinema Showcase as the culminating project for their senior capstone. Other opportunities include Green Terror TV, the campus television station, and WMCR, the campus radio station.

Job Announcement: MPT Videographer - State of Maryland 08/25/2022

JOB OPPORTUNITY: VIDEOGRAPHER: Maryland Public Television: Full-Time. Owings Mills, Maryland.

Job Announcement: MPT Videographer - State of Maryland Maryland Public Television, commonly known as MPT, is a public television network that broadcasts throughout the entire state of Maryland and the District of Columbia and into parts of Delaware, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia. MPT is Maryland's only statewide broadcaster. Headquartered in...

Black American Film Festival 08/23/2022

FILM SCREENINGS: Don't miss the first-ever Black American Film Festival at the Carroll Arts Center in Westminster, Maryland every other Friday from September 9 through December 16, 2022, hosted by Dr. Erin Watley, Associate Professor in McDaniel's Department of Communication & Cinema. All screenings are free and followed by a 30 minute Q&A.

Black American Film Festival Black American Film Festival Celebrating Voices of Love, History, & Freedom Hosted by Dr. Erin Watley September - December 2022 | Fridays at 7:30pm Announcing the very first Black American Film Festival at the Carroll Arts Center! This free festival is a celebration of Black storytelling with a spec...

Senior Cinema majors showcase original capstone films during Cinema Showcase | McDaniel 05/03/2022

This Thursday May 5 @ 7pm-10pm in Decker Auditorium. Free and open to the public!

Join us for our annual showcase of Senior Cinema Capstone films. This year we are proud to screen six 20-minute features (fiction and documentary) along with 5 animated shorts.
(Some mature content -- viewer discretion is advised.)

Capstone Filmmakers:

Brooke Anderson
“The Pressure”

Liam Breslin
“Smoke Signals”

Dylan Chainey
“The CDL Lifestyle”

Ryan Degroff
“The Road to Gettysburg”

Hayden Draycott
Film Noir

Christian Lewis
“Ring Ring”

Animated Shorts:
“The Ocean” (01:25)
Kiera Ackerina, Laura Vonella, Harley White, Sergio Martin Garcia

“Shadow’s Day Off” (04:56)
Olivia Usilton, Kate Cramer, Reagan Knowles, Danny Grimes

“Code 10-65” (04:27)
Zach Ruggerie, Tyra Pritchett, Ellie Glass, Charlie Flynn

“The Line” (03:51)
Hyosik Kim, Laura Midkiff, Makela Brown, Daniel Ocampo

“The Daydreamer” (03:00)
Meghan Masden, Jonny Hughes, Connor McCuin

Website Link:

Senior Cinema majors showcase original capstone films during Cinema Showcase | McDaniel Six senior Cinema majors premiere their original films during the McDaniel Cinema Showcase on May 5 in Decker Auditorium, Lewis Hall of Science. Each film was written, directed, produced, and edited by Cinema majors as their final capstone project.

Photos from McDaniel Cinema's post 04/28/2022

Diana Kloorfain, currently a supervising producer on the cable TV series “Life After Lockup” who has a number of reality TV credits including “Chopped”, “Breaking Amish”, “Say Yes To The Dress,” and “The Real Housewives of New Jersey,” hosted an hour long guest lecture, Q&A, and meet-and-greet with 25 Cinema and Communication majors in the McDaniel TV Studio on April 27, 2022. Kloorfain shared behind-the-scenes details from her 30+ year career in New York, and offered advice on how students can land their first job after college. A wonderful opportunity to learn from an industry pro!


INTERNSHIP OPPORTUNITY: Photographer/Videographer on McDaniel College main campus: 8-10 hours/week: Available: Immediately.

The Communications and Marketing department of McDaniel College is not afraid to take risks, embrace bold concepts and create work that challenges the traditional higher education marketplace. Because of the beauty of campus, the diversity of our students, the philosophy of the College, and the division’s willingness to consider fresh ideas, the Photographer/ Videographer intern will have a platform to create innovative, exciting, creative, and truly excellent work.

Reporting to the College's staff Photographer/Videographer, this internship will assist the student in developing skills in communications, publications, marketing, branding and special event efforts of the College. The Photographer/Videographer intern will perform a variety of College photo and video assignments and help manage photo and digital assets. The Photographer/Videographer intern will have the ability to capture and process images and video in a compelling way to tell the McDaniel story from the perspective of an enrolled student. There is nothing “typical” about the work to be completed. The Videographer/Photographer intern will be expected to have a passion to create original, boundary-pushing work to differentiate themselves from their peers.

Specific Responsibilities:
• Learn photographic and video content skills that assist the communications and marketing team
• Execute general and special assignments requiring professionalism and technical expertise, including but not limited to: candid coverage of campus activities and special events; architectural photographs; spot news assignments, etc.
• Work with McDaniel’s design team and other colleagues to provide support and alternate solutions, resulting in optimal results for the college and impactful, innovative creative;
• Assist in management of the college’s YouTube and Vimeo accounts and digital libraries;
• Assist in updating & tagging content within digital asset management system
• Assist, solicit, collect and maintain all image use permission forms for subject as needed;
• Create high-quality, well-edited videos that appeal to a variety of markets including current students, alumni, employees and more;
• Work cohesively with student organizations to develop a photography and videography plan to capture the images and video necessary to create a compelling “on campus” perspective story

• Interest and knowledge in photography/videography & content creation
• High degree of attention-to-detail and an appreciation for how much small details impact overall creative results.
• Must have photography and videography skills and experience working with multiple camera lenses, portable lighting kits and audio recording devices
• High degree of creativity and innovation;
• Knowledge of photo and video equipment: DSLR camera body, interchangeable lenses, lighting equipment, expertise in Photoshop, Lightroom, and non-linear video editing software.
• Portfolio of experiences.
• Extensive understanding of the Mac operating system and software file structuring.
• Must be able to maintain confidential information.
• Demonstrated ability to multitask
• Experience with Adobe Premiere Pro & Adobe Creative Cloud

Physical Characteristics:
• This position requires sitting for long periods of time at a computer.
• This position has lifting involved but not more than 40 pounds at a time.
• Finger/hand dexterity is required.
• Position may at times require photography or videography from high locations that necessitate climbing and use of ladders. Must be able to carry and set-up equipment, and be available on nights and weekends when necessary.
• The overall setting of the internship is unpredictable based on location of photography/videography shoot.

You will be trained by Tae Kerney, Photographer/Videographer, in your internship responsibilities. He’ll work with you to develop goals & skills need for professional content creation. He’ll check in with you regularly & provide insight on your work.

This internship will assist students in developing skills in communications, marketing, videography, photography & content creation. By the end of the internship, students will have several new examples of relevant work to add to their portfolios. They will also gain valuable professional experience in real-world application within the visual creation industry.

Apply Through:


CAREER OPPORTUNITIES: Maryland Public Television in Owings Mills, Maryland just posted a number of full-time positions on their website ( Many McDaniel Cinema alumni who’ve been working in the industry for a few years would be perfect in these roles. Please consider applying. It can be a great place to work:

* Associate Producer, Maryland Farm & Harvest, Content Division:
The associate producer will support the production of the Maryland Farm & Harvest series content through tasks including research, producing, directing, writing, editing, gripping, clerical work, and other production-related duties as assigned.

* Executive Producer, Content Division:
With at least seven years’ production experience, the new hire will produce programs, series, or program segments of varying length as assigned. The individual will develop budgets, assist in contract negotiations, and create timetable and workflow arrangements with outside producers.

* Associate Producer/Writer, On-Air Fundraising, Development Division:
The associate producer/writer will write scripts for pledge breaks and long-form fundraising programs such as auction previews and telethons. The new hire will time live and taped pledge breaks, write promotional copy for on-air spots and email communications, and assist in the creation and development of pledge roll-ins and community spots.

* Grants Manager, Major & Planned Giving, Development Division:
The grants managers will identify grant opportunities; manage proposal and reporting processes; establish relationships with foundation contacts; and maintain a tracking system to ensure timely submission of letters of inquiry, proposals, and reports.

* Coordinating Supervisor, Production Services, Technology Division:
The coordinating supervisor will manage and provide numerous services to internal and external clients. Primary duties include coordinating events and productions; managing department resources; and supervising, managing, and evaluating digital video broadcast specialists.

* Director/Editor, Production Services, Technology Division:
The director/editor will serve regional and national productions as well as nonbroadcast special projects primarily by conducting multi-camera directing both in MPT’s studios and on location; performing online editing; and providing training, maintenance, and troubleshooting services as needed.

* Videographer/Lighting Technician, Production Services, Technology Division:
The technician programs lighting boards and operates them and other controls in MPT studios and on location. As a videographer, the individual will capture video and sound that producers use to create their programs.

Photos from McDaniel Cinema's post 12/03/2021

McDaniel Cinema Showcase: President Julia Jasken (center) congratulates this Fall’s graduating Cinema majors on the red carpet before the world premiere of their 20-30 minute digital capstone films in Decker Auditorium on Thursday December 2, 2021. The filmmakers Liam Clem (left), Quinton Lyons, Luke Weinberg, and Ha Nguyen screened their projects (2 documentaries, 1 fiction film, 1 mock documentary) before an in-person audience of 50 students, parents, faculty, and staff. Nguyen’s subtitled documentary “Get Well Soon, Vietnam” chronicles her country’s 18-month reckoning with the COVID virus while Lyon’s film tracks McDaniel’s own response to the global health crisis. Weinberg’s “Twilight Zone” homage “Tweaked” features a man obsessed with his own reflection, while Clem’s film, which closed out the evening, satirizes the investigative documentary by tracking the rise and fall of a fictional addictive beverage called “Razor Juice.” Professor Richard Brett, Chair of the Department of Communication & Cinema (below) hosted the event and taught this Fall’s capstone course. Congratulations to these emerging cinematic storytellers!

Photos from McDaniel Cinema's post 08/10/2021

Reminders of students past: Stumbled across these artifacts while working in McDaniel’s TV Studio this afternoon to set up for the Fall 2021 semester. Some good folks have passed through our program…


NewsDay McDaniel, the campus's weekly student-produced news program, wrapped up its Spring 2021 season with a special episode focusing on the filmmakers in this year's McDaniel Cinema Showcase.


McDaniel Cinema Showcase 2021
Thursday May 6, 2021 @ 6pm-10:30pm
Decker Auditorium (live with 40 in the audience with priority to filmmakers, their family, crew, and talent; masks required) Also, simulcast on Zoom with 100 viewers max.

Here's the final line-up for tonight's world premiere of 8 student capstone films (3 fiction, 5 docs):

Event Launch & Introduction

Directed by Jose Osorio [fiction, 25 min]
A young computer programmer augments his social life.

Directed by Charles Kokoski [documentary, 22 min]
A former monk finds his way back to his family.

Space Junk
Directed by Faith Young [fiction, 18 min]
A sci-fi enthusiast stumbles across an alien artifact.

The Making of Death’s Shadow
Directed by Sam McDermott [documentary/fiction, 22 min]
A tale of angels and demons slams into a new reality.

A Gentleman’s Game
Directed by Lindsay Newton [documentary, 18 min]
Stories about the game are par for the course.

The New Wave
Directed by Deshawn Cooper [documentary, 24 min]
A nascent podcaster does his research.

Directed by Chandra Reiff [documentary, 22 min]
A young athlete re-evaluates what competition has done to her body.

Dream Fever
Directed by Lucas Craig [fiction, 21 min]
3 roommates. 2 much time together. 1 epic ride.

Event Wraps

[Zoom link will become available 2 hours before the event. Facebook message McDaniel Cinema if you would like to be added to the link list.]


CAPSTONE FILMMAKER INTERVIEW: Senior Cinema majors Faith Young and Chandra Reiff discuss the production of their brand new 20-minute films.

McDaniel Cinema Showcase 2021 premieres on Thursday May 6 from 6pm-10:30pm with 8 capstone projects (3 fiction, 5 docs). The event will have limited seating in Decker Auditorium (40 people; filmmakers, cast, crew and families will have priority) and a live stream on Zoom.


CAPSTONE FILMMAKER INTERVIEW: Senior Cinema major Lindsay Newton speaks with Jonathan Slade, Professor of Communication & Cinema, about shooting her documentary "A Gentleman's Game" on her cell phone.

McDaniel Cinema Showcase 2021 premieres on Thursday May 6 from 6pm-10:30pm with 8 capstone projects (3 fiction, 5 docs). The event will have limited seating in Decker Auditorium (40 people; filmmakers, cast, crew and families will have priority) and a live stream on Zoom.


CAPSTONE FILMMAKER INTERVIEW: Senior Cinema major Chuck Kokoski chats with the star of his documentary "Jordy" -- Jordan Dent -- about what it takes to get a non-fiction story on the screen.

McDaniel Cinema Showcase 2021 premieres on Thursday May 6 from 6pm-10:30pm with 8 capstone projects (3 fiction, 5 docs). The event will have limited seating in Decker Auditorium (40 people; filmmakers, cast, crew and families will have priority) and a live stream on Zoom.


CAPSTONE FILMMAKER INTERVIEW: Senior Cinema majors Sam McDermott & Lucas Craig share challenges of making movies during a pandemic.

McDaniel Cinema Showcase 2021 premieres on Thursday May 6 from 6pm-10:30pm with 8 capstone projects (3 fiction, 5 docs). The event will have limited seating in Decker Auditorium (40 people; filmmakers, cast, crew and families will have priority) and a live stream on Zoom.


Students in CIN 2201 Television Production are still hard at work covering news on campus during the COVID-19 pandemic. Here's the class's latest episode. Top stories: McDaniel annouces its Fall 2021 F2F strategy; New athletic director arrives on the Hill; and the football team returns to practice. Also: A commentary by NewsDay correspondent Brooklyn Anderson.

Handshake 02/22/2021

This Wednesday, February 24th from 3-7pm McDaniel will host its largest ever career fair. It will be completely virtual, on Handshake, and will feature over 150 employers and grad schools including media corporations like Comcast/NBC Universal, WJZ-TV (CBS) & WBAL-TV (Hearst). Sign up through Handshake or the Center for Experience & Opportunity to reserve your sessions today.



Despite the pandemic, internet connectivity challenges, restricted access to the TV studio, and multiple snowstorms, Professor Jonathan Slade's CIN 2201 Television Production class managed to tape their first campus news program of the semester right on time. The news doesn't stop when things get hard! It becomes more important than ever! Very proud of these undergraduates!


ALUM UPDATE: Lin Sun Oo, a 2010 graduate of McDaniel, is producing a new feature-length documentary titled "Three Strangers" about a same s*x couple who decides to adopt a child in a remote village in Rakhine State, Myanmar... He founded Tagu Films in Myanmar (Burma) with two childhood friends in 2013, and since they have been recognized locally and internationally for their work -- including their 2014 film "This Land is Our Land" which received the Vaclav Havel Library Award for Human Rights and Human Dignity at the International Film Festival in Yangon. Tagu's debut short film "Across The River Wind" (2016) won the Best Cinematography Award at Wathann Film Festival. Lin Sun Oo graduated with a BA in Environmental Policy and Philosophy while taking cinema courses along the way. Although the McDaniel Cinema major did not officially launch until Fall 2010, after he graduated, we consider him to be an impressive early member of our program... Congratulations to him and to his team!

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