West Springfield Public Schools - MA

West Springfield Public Schools - MA


Can we encourage the seniors to decorate in school spirit the vehicle they will be using to drive into the colosseum for their stage walk?
So proud of you Alyssa Stowers!!💕💕💕
I have three students in WSPS (HS, MS, & Elementary) All three are working hard at work assignments assigned over this crisis! However they are discouraged that the work will not be graded. I understand that all students in Westside do not have access to internet/computers. With this being said I feel that this extra work should not lower a grade however the work could increase their grade. This would help motivate these students who are worried about GPA's and reward them for hours per day of homework.
Does anyone have info on how to get a child's school packet from Fausey school? School and town website do not help. Is anything available online if getting the packet is not possible?
Not sure if anyone else had this happen but I wasn’t too thrilled about it. My daughter is going to the John Ashley school and this woman came knocking at my door a day or two before school started. She was holding onto my affidavit that was officially notarized when she came blaring into my property ringing and knocking at my door a bunch of times (I was putting my littlest down for a nap so you can see why I’m annoyed). When I asked her what she needed she said she was from the school department and asked to speak to my daughters father and grandfather, both whom were not home at the time (because they work). Well she said to me that she “needed” to come into my house and look into my children’s rooms and dressers to see if they were truly living there. NOW my children were spooked out so they hid in the bathroom while this all went down, I let her in and she went up to each of the bedrooms and looked into the dressers. IM NOT SORRY BUT THAT TOOK ME OFF GUARD AND REALLY GOT ME UPSET. It felt like an invasion of privacy! This is my home, where my children sleep at night and now this woman who I’m suppose to believe is from the school department, whom came completely unannounced — just tore through my house because she needed visual proof that my kids lay their heads in this house. MY OLDEST SON HAS BEEN GOING THROUGH THIS (not the greatest) school system since kindergarten — I wrote on my daughters school application who her brother was and everything — you think they would take the time to rule this whole question out. As if I would want to lie to go through THIS school system is a JOKE. I am here to Make it known to all parents that this is happening and to prepare yourself of this type of invasive “protocol” they do to ONLY SOME homes. (I called and asked around to other kindergarten parents and this never happened to them) maybe because I’m Asian and my daughter is mixed? I did reach out to the school department and even went over to the town hall. They couldn’t give me a reason and sent a note to the super intendant to answer my question. I didn’t even get to speak to him. I called the John Ashley school and they didn’t even know this was a protocol. Everyone I spoke to was shocked and in disbelief. Yes I feel violated, yes I feel that my family was being singled out because of our nationality! This is completely outrageous!
I have to say West Springfield really dropped the ball this morning for the children. It feels like -12° and there isnt any delay?!? How about the kids that dont have the opportunity to get driven to school by their parents? Those poor children have to wait for a bus. Some of them probably dont have the proper attire either. We have no snow days as of today. The least they could've done was delayed school!! SMH
You guys should've at least had a delay for the poor kids!!! Get with it West Springfield!!! 3° and it feels like -12 and no delay?!?! SMH
I have 8 CANON 4" x 6" ink jet photo paper, plus glossy II, packets containing 100 sheets each which i would like to donate. Is there a photo/camera/art group who could use? Let me know and we will be happy to drop off at any school.
Are the breakfast & lunch menus the same at John Ashley as they are at the other schools?
When will 2018-2019 bus routes be published?
Terriers Hockey are hosting a Mohegan Sun Bus Trip to raise money for new uniforms this year... bus leaves Collins Tavern at 6:00 on June 22!! Cost is $40 per person who will receive a $15 meal coupon and 2 $10 betting coupons. This will also include your tip for the driver. Please reach out to me if interested. All profits go to the team! Thank you, Diane Stone Co President Hockey Booster Club
Having trouble accessing the school calendar for next year... Wondering if someone could take a look at it please? (Trying to plan a vacation 💖)

This page is designed to provide updates and share the experiences of the faculty, staff, and students of the West Springfield Public Schools community.

Operating as usual

Superintendent Update



Incoming grade 9-12 students planning to play sports this school year, this one's for you! Please check out this video featuring WSHS student athletes! Mayor Will Reichelt


Glenn Doulette.mp4

Students entering grades 9-12 who are planning to play sports are encouraged to watch this informative video from Athletics Director Glenn Doulette! Families are encouraged to check it out as well! Mayor Will Reichelt

[06/26/20]   Tune in to Channel 15 on your TV or Facebook Live on Friday, June 26th at 6:00pm for our commencement full video. Congratulations to the class of 2020!

Re-Opening Update

[06/17/20]   West Side Wellness: A Social Emotional Resource from WSPS NEWSLETTER


Covid-19 with Mrs. Gomez.MOV

Covid-19 is still a serious concern. Please watch this video from Mrs. Gomez, District Nurse Case Manager, who shares some great information for staying safe this summer! West Springfield Health Department Mayor Will Reichelt West Springfield Park Recreation


Bike Safety with Mrs. Albano.mov

Biking is a great way to exercise and enjoy the outdoors! Check out these bicycle safety tips from Mrs. Albano, High School Nurse. 🚲 Mayor Will Reichelt West Springfield Health Department West Springfield Park Recreation


Mask Wearing with Mrs. Sitler.mov

Something that is new for many of us is mask-wearing. Thank you to Mrs. Sitler, Cowing School Nurse, for teaching us the proper way to wear a mask! 😷 Mayor Will Reichelt West Springfield Health Department West Springfield Park Recreation


Bug Safety with Mrs. Beaudette.mov

Don't bug out! Mrs. Beaudette, Fausey School Nurse, has some great ideas for staying safe from insects this summer. Mayor Will Reichelt West Springfield Park Recreation West Springfield Health Department



☀️😎 Check out these great tips for staying safe in the sun. Thank you to Mrs. Cardillo, our Coburn School Nurse! Mayor Will Reichelt West Springfield Health Department


Hydration with Mrs. Draghetti.mp4

Enjoy this video about hydration from Mrs. Draghetti, Tatham School Nurse, and her co-star, Louis! 💧🧊 🐾 Mayor Will Reichelt West Springfield Health Department


INTRO with Mrs. Pandolfi.MOV

Hey West Side! The district school nurses have put together some videos to say hello and give you some tips for staying safe and healthy this summer. Please share them with your amazing children, who we miss so much! We will be posting throughout the week, so keep an eye out. Be well and enjoy the videos 😊💙 Mayor Will Reichelt West Springfield Health Department

Town of West Springfield

Joint Statement Against Racism

The reprehensible actions and inactions that occurred in Minneapolis, resulting in the death of George Floyd, understandably eroded the public trust. The Town of West Springfield wants to ensure that everyone’s voices are heard in an effort to make a change in a broken system. In West Springfield, we work hard every day to make sure our residents are protected.

As a community, we have an opportunity to open a dialogue across our schools, families, community members, elected officials, employees, and interfaith leaders to address institutional and systemic racism head-on and have a positive impact on OUR community. The dialogue must go beyond a meeting in a conference room or an article in a newspaper. If we truly want change, the conversation needs to be community-wide with actionable planning. Listening, learning, and actively pursuing anti-racism will help us to ensure that we are a community that lives up to the values of equality and justice for all. Modeling tolerance and acceptance is a true indicator that we are putting our words and commitments into action.

We remain committed to diligently pursuing training, practices and policies that affirm our community commitment to eradicating racism. We welcome the voices and input of our residents and others as we continue this important journey on a commitment to long-term, real change.

Mayor William Reichelt
Council President Brian Griffin
Chief of Police Paul Connor
Superintendent of Schools Timothy Connor
Fire Chief William Flaherty


WSHS Class of 2020 Senior Lawn Signs

To the class of 2020, we are so proud of all of your accomplishments! The Town of West Springfield is doing everything they can to support and recognize your accomplishments. Check out this slide show of the Senior Lawn Signs that students have sent us!



Hello Park & Rec families! We are in the midst of trying to plan our Summer Programs. To do that, we encourage you to fill out our survey so we can use your feedback to give you the best programs we can with the guidelines in place. Please fill it out by June 8th so we can plan accordingly. Thank you so much!

docs.google.com Hello Camp Families! The W.S. Park & Recreation Department continues to monitor the COVID-19 pandemic closely and we are currently reviewing the new guidelines issued by the State DPH and EEChttps://massrpa.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/document1.pdf along with our program summer directors. What w...

With two weeks left in the school year and June around the corner, this Action for Happiness Joyful June calendar is sure to bring a smile to your face! https://www.actionforhappiness.org/

Here's an unBEElievable opportunity for WSPS and the community to rally in support of Memorial School (and a local restaurant) today!! Town of West Springfield Mayor Will Reichelt

Access West Side

The 20th WSHS Fine Arts Festival is going virtual! Tune in tonight at 6:00 here, or on Access West Side Channel 15 local cable TV. Mayor Will Reichelt Town of West Springfield

Channel 15 and the West Springfield High School Art Department worked in collaboration to present to you the West Springfield High School Fine Arts Festival. This is an event that typically takes place at the High School every year. Check out some of their performances amd the wonderful displays of art they have created!

The registration/enrollment portal for Kindergarten students and students new to West Springfield is open for the 20-21 school year! Click here to register/enroll your student! https://www.wsps.org/families-community/parents/enrollment Mayor Will Reichelt Town of West Springfield


Emotional Health Support Questions

Our counseling staff has been working on ways they can support the emotional side of dealing with this situation. We need and want your feedback on areas you feel we could bolster our support. The team created a short survey - please take a couple of minutes to respond. Families will need to right-click to translate to their own language.

docs.google.com Our district's counselors and social workers are here to support you during this time. Our plan is to encourage specific ongoing feedback from the community in order to provide resources and support. Please take a moment to complete this survey. Your answers will be anonymous.


West Side Girls Lacrosse 2020

Check out this great video created by the WSHS Girls Lacrosse team!

vimeo.com West Springfield Girls Lacrosse team 2020. They missed their senior year due to Covid 19. They are all leaders and will be missed on the fields at West Side.


Medical-Funeral-Memorial Fund for Matt Kolb organized by Alison Martins

The community support for Matt Kolb, WSHS '14, has been incredible. A scholarship will be established in Matt's name for a West Springfield High School Boys Soccer player, with any funds remaining from this fundraiser. Note: the fundraiser will be open until Friday, May 15.

Stay tuned for future opportunities to contribute to the Matt Kolb Memorial Scholarship, once it is set up.

gofundme.com Our family has lost a shining soul. Our youngest brother and beloved son, M… Alison Martins needs your support for Medical-Funeral-Memorial Fund for Matt Kolb

Graduation Update and NEW last day update!!

How cool is this salute to healthcare workers on National Nurses Day?!! Thanks to our WSPS nurses for all you do! Mayor Will Reichelt Town of West Springfield West Springfield Health Department #NationalNursesDay

Announcement about 2020 Commencement

Good Morning!

West Springfield is excited to announce its plan to celebrate the Class of 2020. Our Seniors will finish school on Friday, May 29. They will begin Senior Activities on Monday, June 1, receiving their caps, gowns and regalia at the high school in preparation for the first Senior Activity, a virtual Class Night presentation on Thursday, June 4. It will be recorded by Channel 15 and shared with the community at 6:00 P.M. that evening. It will include the announcement of the Salutatorian and Valedictorian, the presentation and acceptance of the class gift, and the sharing of Senior Awards.

The second Senior Activity of Commencement 2020 will be held at the Coliseum on June 6 and June 7. It will include a ceremonial walk across the stage with the distribution of Diploma Jackets by Mayor Reichelt, Superintendent Connor, and Dr. Perrone. The activity will be videoed, and photographs will be taken of the “graduates.” The video and pictures will be presented to the students and their families at the final Senior Activity later in the summer. The Graduation Committee felt it was essential to commemorate the original date for graduation, June 7, and offer the students an opportunity to walk across the stage on “their weekend” in the Coliseum at the Big E, the traditional venue for West Side Commencements.

Based on feedback from the Class of 2020 and their families, it was determined that a third and final Senior Activity was necessary. Since over 84% of the respondents from the Graduation Committee’s surveys supported a “traditional ceremony,” it was decided that it would be held at Clark Field in mid August.

The events, a virtual Class Night, a videoed Grad Walk at the Big E in June, and a traditional Commencement ceremony at Clark Field in August, are an appropriate celebration of the academic accomplishments made by our students despite these challenging and difficult circumstances. The three Senior Events are the Grad Committee’s attempt to ameliorate the unique and heartbreaking losses of athletic contests, art performances, community activities amd social celebrations that our Seniors have sustained this spring.

Students and families will receive information in the upcoming days. It will outline the expectations for safety, the logistics for implementation, and the specific details for participation in each of the Senior Events. Of course the ability to hold a traditional commencement rests on directives and guidance from local and state health authorities and Governor Baker. Our fervent hope is that students will be able to celebrate the initial two phases of Commencement 2020 in June and close out their high school careers on August 14 under the lights of Clark Field where so many competed and performed for and cheered on their West Side Terriers!

[05/05/20]   Check out our slideshow of the class of 2020! We are all so proud of you!


It's a beautiful day for WSPS Community Day of Honor & Teacher Appreciation Day! Sincere thanks to all of our educators - teachers and parents/caregivers, alike! Enjoy the afternoon off today!


May 5, 2020 - Day of Honor

We are pleased to announce that May 5, 2020 is WSPS Community Day of Honor! Check out the important update from Superintendent Connor here. Many thanks to our administrators, faculty, staff, AND our remote partners - parents and caregivers! Mayor Will Reichelt

docs.google.com Please see the message from Superintendent Tim Connor below (5/1/20): Good Morning West Side!! Semester 2 celebrates many of the school community groups: February 3, Celebrates School Counselor Day April 21, School Administrative Assistant Day May 1, 2020, is National Principal Day May 5, ...


Brainstorming new ways to celebrate the Class of 2020

Tag teamed with Mayor Will Reichelt today on Mass Appeal on WWLP to talk about celebrating the WSHS Class of 2020, remote learning, and more! #WeGotThisWestSide WSHS Counseling Department WWLP-22News Town of West Springfield

wwlp.com (Mass Appeal) – Proms and traditional graduations may be cancelled or postponed, but school systems across our area are looking for new ways to celebrate our graduating seniors. West Springfi…

A look at West Springfield Public Schools

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Student Enrollment 2019-2020: 4,090

Budget (FY20): $45,172,916

School Buildings:

  • Cowing (Early Childhood)

  • John Ashley (Kindergarten)

  • Five (5) Elementary Schools (1-5)

  • Memorial School

  • Tatham School

  • Coburn School

  • Fausey School

  • Cowing School

  • West Springfield Middle School (6-8)

  • West Springfield High School (9-12)
  • Administration and Staff:

  • Superintendent

  • Assistant Superintendent

  • Business Manager

  • Director of Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment

  • Director of English Language Learners

  • High School Principal

  • Middle School Principal

  • Elementary School Principals (5)

  • Kindergarten/Early Childhood Principal

  • Vice-Principals

  • Elementary (2)

  • Middle School (3)

  • High School (3)

  • Director of Health Services

  • Director of Special Services

  • Director of Food Service

  • Physical Education/Athletic Director

  • Teachers (375)

  • Support Staff (30)

  • Paraprofessionals (170)
  • Pre School and Early Education

  • John Ashley Kindergarten

  • Cowing Early Childhood

  • Cowing Alternative School
  • Elementary Schools

  • Philip G. Coburn Elementary School

  • John R. Fausey Elementary School

  • Memorial Elementary School

  • Mittineague Elementary School

  • Tatham Elementary School
  • Middle School/High School

  • West Springfield Middle School

  • West Springfield High School
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    Genevieve's Fundraising Genevieve's Fundraising
    61 Progress Ave
    West Springfield, 01089

    Fundraising for groups and organizations of all sizes. Genevieve's is a division of McLaughlin Paper Company Inc.

    Hampden County 4-H Hampden County 4-H
    1305 Memorial Ave
    West Springfield, 01089

    Hampden County 4-H is a part of the Massachusetts 4-H youth program. Youth members have the opportunity to participate in a number of activities and programs through the Hampden County 4-H Fair Association and various clubs throughout the region.

    Yuletree Jubilee Yuletree Jubilee
    1399 Riverdale St
    West Springfield, 01089

    For more information contact at [email protected]

    New England Unit of Teleflora Members New England Unit of Teleflora Members
    184 Union Street
    West Springfield, 01089

    This group was established to bring together the members and friends of the New England Unit of Teleflora. It is a unit of Teleflora's Education division

    Lower Pioneer Valley Educational Collaborative Lower Pioneer Valley Educational Collaborative
    174 Brush Hill Ave
    West Springfield, 01089

    Mass MVA Mass MVA
    West Springfield

    The Massachusetts Vocational Association works to support and preserve Career & Technical Education. Our members include educators, administrators, industry leaders, parents, retirees, school committee members, and support personnel associated with CTE.

    Future Health Future Health
    95 Elm St Suite 200
    West Springfield, 01089

    Future Health is helping people on a path to a brighter future!

    High School Tutoring At First Baptist High School Tutoring At First Baptist
    337 Piper Rd
    West Springfield, 01089

    Tutoring for high school students on Thursdays from 4-6:30 Math, English, Social Studies, Physics, Chemistry, French are covered.

    The Kung-Fu Academy of Holyoke/West Side Alumni The Kung-Fu Academy of Holyoke/West Side Alumni
    452 Main Street
    West Springfield, 01089

    Students of the Kung-Fu Academy will experience an overall improvement in their physical, mental and spiritual health. The exercises and training in these disciplines will enhance flexibility, stamina, strength and speed.

    Hampshire Yoga Hampshire Yoga
    1702 Riverdale St
    West Springfield, 01089-1078

    We teach hatha yoga in Iyengar style

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