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An educational group who portray the Royal French Artillery stationed at Fort Niagara in July 1756 t

Operating as usual


Old Fort Niagara is moving forward with the F&I event, July 2-4. Information regarding any/all restrictions or modifications to the event, including masking and social distancing requirements will be forth coming in the next several weeks. Unit members planning on attending need to contact Ed Tutino no later than May 23rd. Registrations are due by May 25, those received after that date may be rejected.


Here is a view of the present site of the Dauphin Battery prior to the fort’s restoration.

Photos from Old Fort Niagara's post 05/12/2021

Photos from Old Fort Niagara's post


Here is the former fort mascot, Leo, keeping a watchful eye on the drawbridge from the Dauphin Battery. Long-time fort visitors will remember Leo, who ruled with an iron paw.


Niagara Artillery at the 1812 Encampment, taken several years ago.


Old Fort Niagara’s feu de joie at Castle by Candlelight.


Old Fort Niagara’s howitzer, Le Doyen, built by the late David Dickinson.


“I HAVE A LOADED CANNON AND I NEED TREATS NOW!” (Apologies to J.G. Wentworth).
This artillerist is Lucille, also called Lucy and Mini-Moo around the fort.


Our home base.

Here is a night photo of the French Castle, courtesy of RIT’s Big Shot program. 10/23/2020

Magazin Royal 300 300th anniversary of the Magazin Royal in Lewiston, NY. Local historic sites, organizations, and businesses come together to celebrate the Native American an...


Photo from the living history weekend at Fort Niagara.


Old Fort Niagara

Two views of the 18-pounder barbette guns in the River Battery.
The guns were removed around 1990 because the massive stones on which their carriages were mounted were becoming unstable, making the guns’ continued presence in the battery unsafe.


Old Fort Niagara

Here is a view of the present site of the Dauphin Battery prior to the fort’s restoration.


Old Fort Niagara is going ahead with French Heritage Day on Saturday November 7 only. Due to COVID-19,the area schools are encouraging their students to attend the event with their families. Your support of this event would be greatly appreciated.



Anyone interested?

Ft. Henry Days is a go. I will be there. Please check it out and see if this would be something you'd like to try. They are taking a few precautions. Masks are your option. There will be no indoor activities.


An alternative this year.

We know it has been a difficult year with many events canceled (including our own Civil War Reenactment). We know you are missing the camaraderie, camp life, and most importantly the opportunity to share your knowledge with the public. With that in mind, Old Bedford Village would like to offer a new opportunity. We invite your unit to camp on our grounds for the weekend and present to our guests. Only 1 unit per weekend.

Our village was recently described by one living historian as “the jewel of reenacting sites”. Because our village covers both 18th and 19th century life, we welcome civilian and military living historians from the French & Indian War era through the Civil War and on to the end of the 19th Century.

Please see the flier below for more information, and click this link to sign up for a weekend!

Please share this information with anyone you know in the living history and reenacting community to help us get the word out! 07/02/2020

Fort Ligonier Days canceled amid coronavirus pandemic, will go virtual The festival was set to be held Oct. 9, 10 and 11. 06/03/2020

Beyond Your Backyard | Beyond Your Backyard: A Return to Pennsylvania | Season 3 | Episode 4

The portion on Cooks Forest F&I Encampment starts at 3:00 in. Erik and Crew return to this historic, beautiful and vast region of Pennsylvania.


Armstrong 100-ton gun

The Armstrong 100 ton Rifled Muzzle Loaded (RML) gun at Fort Rinella, Malta. 17.72 inch calibre, firing a 2,000 lb shell, Main charge weight - 450 lbs of pri...


Firing Civil War Cannon Built In 1865

Firing the Brooke rifled naval cannon at the National Civil War Naval Museum in Columbus, Georgia! And a little history on the cannon. Thanks to the National...


50,000 Matches Chain Reaction Domino effect

Something to duplicate while quarantined

There are more than 50.000 matchsticks were used during this video. I hope you enjoy ... Thanks Caution! Do not try it in the house.


Old Fort Niagara French and Indian War Reenactment for 2020 has been cancelled.

With deep regret, the fort will soon be sending out a notice that the 2020 edition of the French and Indian War Encampment is being cancelled. Several factors led to this decision-

1. The safety of reenactors, staff, volunteers and the public.

2. State mandates/reopening schedule and limitations

3. Closed border

4. Uncertainty about late summer and fall events as well.


Old Fort Niagara

Here is a photo of the Niagara Artillery dressed as French cannonier-bombardier from the French and Indian War period. These dedicated volunteers devote thousands of hours each year to maintaining the fort’s artillery and interpreting to the public.

In 1750, a company of artillerists, known as cannonier-bombardier, was established at Quebec City. It consisted of 4 officers and 50 artillerymen. Most of these men remained in Quebec but detachments were made to Montreal and various forts. On the 1749 list of personnel at Fort Niagara, a cannonier named Pierre Picard was listed as serving at the fort.

Prior to the French and Indian War, Fort Niagara was only lightly armed with artillery. A return in 1749 listed: 4 iron 2-pounders, 4 iron 1 ½ - pounders, 1 iron 6-inch mortar, 1 iron mortar for grenades, 5 swivel guns and 13 iron shells (Boites a perriers).

A 1753 report listed “…six Cannons, or embrasures for them, the cannon not being mounted.” Thomas Forbes’ journal of 1754 states: “there are not mounted in it more than four swivel guns.” When the French and Indian War broke out, the fort began to receive heavier guns. For a brief time in 1756, guns captured from General Braddock were deployed at the Fort. Following the capture of Oswego late that summer, Niagara received captured British guns from that fort. By 1759, the French had 43 guns and two mortars at Fort Niagara.


Our newest artillerist....

“I HAVE A LOADED CANNON AND I NEED TREATS NOW!” (Apologies to J.G. Wentworth).
This artillerist is Lucille, also called Lucy and Mini-Moo around the fort.


Compagnie LeBoeuf

2020 Old Fort Niagara Soldiers through the Ages scheduled for Sat May 23rd, 2020 to Sun May 24th, 2020 has been updated.



The Live Fire Exhibit at the Erie Maritime Museum

A great recap of the project and a good indication of the effects of an 1812 naval battle.

Go behind the scenes to see how the Erie Maritime Museum created its unique Live Fire exhibit! The Erie Maritime Museum and the U.S. Brig NIAGARA are owned b... 09/26/2019

32-Pounder Cannon Now at Fort Anderson for First Time in Over 150 Years | NC DNCR

Historic moment Fort Anderson, at Brunswick Town/Fort Anderson State Historic Site, recently unveiled its newest exhibit – a long awaited 32-pounder seacoast cannon that was installed in Gun Emplacement #2 o


Cannon Shock Waves in Ultra Slow Motion - Smarter Every Day 200

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Old Fort Niagara

Dauphin Battery - French & Indian War Encampment, July 5-7
The Dauphin Battery is a five-gun artillery emplacement that protects the fort’s Gate of Five Nations and covers the road leading to Niagara Falls. It was originally built in 1756 and named for Louis, Dauphin of France, son of King Louis XV.
Today, the battery is armed with five working cannons, two 12-pounders and three 6-pounders. These guns recreate originals that appear on inventories of the fort’s artillery. The three six-pounders represent captured British guns that were seized at the siege of Oswego in 1756 and sent to Fort Niagara. The two 12-pounders represent French guns. All are mounted on distinctive red French gun carriages. Each day at 4:00 p.m. the cannonier/bombardier of Fort Niagara will fire the battery for visitors. 06/30/2019

Siege of 1759 Reenactment at Fort Niagara, NY - July 4th, 2015 A mix of footage shot around the fort and reenactment from the French and Indian encampment / Siege of 1759 from Fort Niagara in Youngstown, NY - more inform...


Fort Niagara French and Indian War 2014

Re enactment at Old Fort Niagara, Youngstown, NY. A film by Eugene Jankowski Jr. Music: Sgt. MacKenzie performed by Joseph Kilna MacKenzie from the album We ...


Old Fort Niagara

Native Councils - French & Indian War Encampment, July 5-7
During the siege of Fort Niagara, both sides depended upon Native allies for assistance. Nearly 1,000 Native warriors accompanied the British force that besieged the fort. With the fortunes of war turning against the French, there were only a handful of French allied Natives inside the fort. One of these men, Kaendae, brokered a “stand-down” among British allied Natives in the middle of the siege. Native councils will take place on Friday at 3:30 p.m. and Saturday at 10:30 a.m. Discover the importance to diplomacy to the outcome of the campaign and hear original languages being spoken as different cultures interact.


Old Fort Niagara

The first battle - French & Indian War Encampment - July 5-7
The first day’s battle will depict a French sortie that occurred on July 11, 1759. In an unplanned and spirited assault, the fort’s French defenders rushed across 500 yards of open ground and overran the British sap. Soldiers laboring in the trench quickly retreated and the French jubilantly celebrated their brief success. Soon, drums rolled in the British camp and reinforcements were on the way. The French retreated back to the safety of the fort and the siege continued. The dramatic French sortie will be recreated on Friday, July 5 at 2:00 p.m. Visitors are advised to arrive before 1:30 p.m.


Old Fort Niagara

Join the French Army at the #FrenchandIndianWarEncampment, July 5-7
Captain Pierre Pouchot will be looking for good soldiers to help defend the fort against the British. He will be recruiting July 5, 6 and 7 at 1:00 p.m. and volunteers of all ages are encouraged to step forward. Each soldier will be equipped with a wooden musket and taught the 1755 Exercice d’ Infanterie, a manual of arms used by the French Army during the French and Indian War. This is a fun activity for families and children of all ages! #ThePastisPresent


Old Fort Niagara

Wireless Communications circa 1759 - Re-enacted July 5-7 at the French & Indian War Encampment
Music played an important role in eighteenth century armies. Fifes and drums regulated the soldier’s day, conveyed orders and entertained the troops. On July 5, 6 and 7, at 12:30 p.m., the assembled musicians of French and British forces will present a concert of military music from the 1750s at the #FrenchandIndianWarEncampment. Hear popular tunes of the era and learn about duty calls, to which soldiers were trained to respond. #ThePastisPresent




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