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LPVEC has posted its Comprehensive Reopening Plan for Fall of 2020. Please visit our website at www.lpvctec.org or use the link below to read this important information regarding the upcoming school year!


Congratulations to this year’s 2020 scholarship winniners!! 🎉

Garren Fugiel- Machine Technology student from Easthampton and recipient of the Brush Hill Scholarship

Christopher Reardon- Graphic & Visual Design student from West Springfield and recipient of the Bruce Skipton Scholarship

Liya Stepchuk- Health Assisting Student from West Springfield and recipient of Bruce Skipton Scholarship

Austin Monson- Graphic & Visual Design Student from Longmeadow and recipient of Brush Hill Scholarship

Makenzie Michaud- Health Assisting student from East Longmeadow and recipient of Brush HIll Scholarship

[05/15/20]   A special note to all seniors from a very special teacher. This woman works day in and day out to support all students in the building and knows and has personally assisted many seniors....

Congratulations to the Class of 2020 Seniors! I'm so proud of all of you and your accomplishments in High School.
-Mrs. Ostapoff

The Collaborative is proud to announce this year's LPVEC ACADEMY Graduates! Congratulations!!

Nicole Gonzalez Of West Springfield

Noah LaFountain Of Agawam

Ethan LaFlamm Of Easthampton

Mason Salvador of Springfield

To the Twain class of 2020
We are so proud of Twain seniors, although this year has been difficult they have persevered. They have continued to complete their school work from home and some have even worked during the pandemic and still, they have all accomplish their goals and will graduate. Congratulations to all of you. May your roots always be planted deep and your wings bring you far.
Again congratulations to you all!
Mrs. Chapman. Mr. Burke, Ms. Morris, and Mr. Jay

Daniel Schlicher
Notes from your teachers:
Dan is a smart and mature student. Always tried to keep a positive outlook on things. Dan is very social and enjoyed conversations with staff on a daily basis. He has a great sense of humor and relies on it for when things get tough or challenging. He enjoyed keeping up with current events, especially with what is going on in the area. He has a big heart and always tried to do what was right. -Ms. Benoit
Dan you always brought a smile to my face when I’d see you passing in the hallway, or stopping by to chat in the classroom. And yes, we will miss you next year. Congratulations for graduating high school, and good luck in the future. Stay well, healthy, and happy. -Mr. Shotland

Lydia Shean
Notes from your teachers:
Very mature well beyond her years. Always had a level headed way of looking at things. Always could rely on Lydia to be a voice of reason. Just such an awesome person!! -Ms. Benoit
Lydia, our paths didn’t cross much at CTEC, but I’ll remember the way you stuck your head in the classroom to return the Chromebooks. Or, the time we went on the New York field trip on the endless bus ride! Take care of yourself. Good luck in the future. Stay safe, healthy, and happy! -Mr. Shotland

Jospeh Burgos
Notes from your teachers:
Loves learning about History, specifically anything having to do with war/battles. Has a lot of knowledge about the military and hopes to one day be a member. Always could count on Joseph to participate in class discussions; he was a talker!! Good morals, good friend, strong character! -Ms. Benoit
Joe, it was fun to talk politics with you, even though you had differing opinions. Take that passion out into the world, and remember all of the good things that happened at CTEC. Good luck in your future! -Mr. Shotland

Nathaniel Marks
Notes from your teachers:
Quiet, but you could tell he was always thinking or analyzing. Hopes to be a part of the carpenters union while working to become a full time carpenter. -Ms. Benoit
Yeah, you were the ‘quiet kid’, but we knew there was a lot being thought aloud. I got a kick out of the way you didn’t do any work in the time allotted to Skills block, but would catch you in Mrs. Jones’ room working your tail off when you should have been in lunch! I also remember your excitement about visiting Ireland, and how we had great conversation over our shared visit to some of the same spots. Best of luck to you in your future. Stay well, and be happy! -Mr. Shotland

Joshua Hebert
Notes from your teachers:
Josh came to IOP his freshman year. He loves basketball and football and is only the second person I’ve met in my life that is a dedicated Cleveland Browns fan. Josh is always willing and ready to share his opinion! He is full of life and has a great sense of humor. He would often talk about something he has created in the kitchen and speak about it with such enthusiasm. It has been great getting to know Josh these past four years. He has been a student I could rely on to be ready to participate in all class discussions. -Ms. Benoit
I always liked engaging in sports conversations with Josh, especially when the Jets played the Browns . Josh was always ahead of the curve when backing up his arguments, whether it involved sports or politics. I hope you had a great time here at CTEC, and may you use your talents and skills to make the world a better place. I’ll miss our morning chats in Skills block, but maybe I’ll see you in Longmeadow before you move to Texas and become a Houston Texans superfan! Stay well and happy! -Mr. Shotland

Austin Monson
Notes from your teachers:
Austin came to IOP his freshmen year. He is a creative, hard working and dedicated student. Austin loves comics, Legos and Super Girl. It’s been great getting to know Austin these past four years and seeing him rise to challenges and overcome obstacles. Hopes to attend STCC in the fall and eventually a career in the Visual Design field. -Ms. Benoit
I’ll always remember you for how you ‘hustled’ me into buying Yankee candle products for fund-raising trips. I’ve enjoyed having you for a student; Skills block won’t be the same without you. Thanks for all your technical support you’ve given me. I really learned a lot about how to operate computer programs and the projection machine in our classroom. I’ve seen you grow into a wonderful, competent, and caring person, who could make a public address announcement seem flawless! Good luck in the future, stay well, and be happy! -Mr. Shotland

Sarah Rose
Notes from your teachers:
Another quiet student but a very hard worker. Always could rely on Sarah to complete her work and have a mature outlook on things. Very smart and dedicated to what she does. -Ms. Benoit
Sarah, I enjoyed having you as a student in Skills block. I never had to give you a reprimand. Keep on reading those novels; they always looked interesting, yet over my head. Take care, good luck in the future, and stay healthy and happy! -Mr. Shotland

An amazing accomplishment and we are honored and so proud!

Congratulations to this years seniors from CTEC's Machine Shop!

Isabelle Belisle of Southwick Regional HS

Joseph Bienia of West Springfield HS

Jacob Campbell of Easthampton HS

Marino Cannizzaro of Southwick Regional HS

Coty Coffey of Ludlow HS

Garren Fugiel of Easthampton HS

Bradley Gallacher of West Springfield HS

Emily Laroche of Easthampton HS

Jashauna Lewis of Minnechaug Regional HS. Jashauna plans to enter straight into the workforce as a machinist at an aerospace company.

Aiden Mapel of Southwick Regional HS

Simon Molina Jr of Easthampton HS

Samantha Morin of Southwick Regional HS

Kobe Skrocki of Easthampton HS

Cory Small of Southwick Regional HS

Joshua Sutton of Southwick Regional HS

Michael Thompson of Minnechaug Regional HS

Congratulations to this year's seniors from our Landscaping program!

Kalle Avant of West Springfield HS

Keyshawn Hill of West Springfield HS

Zachary Hurd of Hampshire Regional HS

Jeremy Lamoureux of Southwick Regional HS

Zachary Lapointe of Southwick Regional HS

Adam Morse of Southwick Regional HS

Sienna Stefanik of Agawam HS. Sienna plans to attend Franklin Pierce University to study sports management to become an athletic director.

Gabrielle Suffriti of Agawam HS

Ryan Volker of Ludlow HS

Eric Walz Jr of West Springfield HS

Congratulations to CTEC's ISSN Seniors!

Jesse Chartier of Ludlow HS

Aidan Copella of West Springfield HS

Megan Dunphy of Agawam HS

Jason Johnson of West Springfield HS

Joshua Kennett of West Springfield HS. Joshua plans to attend STCC and The Tech Foundry School for computer networking.

Joseph Piccoli of Agawam HS

Jared Provost of Ludlow HS

Malik Thaxton of Easthampton HS

CTEC shout out to our new freshmen! It’s been an unconventional start to your time here at Ctec but we’re all looking forward to the next 3 years with you!

Congratulations to this year's CTEC Health Assisting Seniors!

Madisen Faucher of West Springfield HS

Alissa Heim of Agawam HS

Makenzie Michaud of East Longmeadow HS

Josmar Rodriguez of West Springfield HS

Victoria Seal of East Longmeadow HS

Liya Stepchuk of West Springfield HS

Congratulations to CTEC's Early Education and Care Seniors!

Shane Connor of Agawam HS. Shane plans to attend Asnuntuck Community College in the fall to study early education. (Teacher message: Believe in yourself because you are capable of doing anything and everything! -Ms. Keri)

Faith DeGray of Southwick Regional HS. (Teacher message: You have grown so much this year. Be proud always of who you are and where you are going in life! -Ms. Keri)

Natalie Gomes of Easthampton HS. (teacher message: Keep on living your best life and encouraging others to do the same! -Ms. Keri)

Lynisa Ortiz of East Longmeadow HS. Lynisa plans to attend the NY Conservatory for acting in film and television. (Teacher Message: You have grown so much this year and I am so proud of everything you are! -Ms. Keri)

Lauren Vila of West Springfield HS. Lauren plans to attend HCC in the fall. (Teacher message: This year you have shown me what true strength and courage is. Thank you for inspiring me everyday! -Ms. Keri)

Class Message:
"EEC Seniors, Thank you for all your time and devotion you have given the children in the Early Learning Center. May your new adventures bring happiness to you. Best wishes!! Love the ELC teachers."

Congratulations to CTEC's Graphic and Visual Design Seniors!

Laila Duffy of West Springfield HS. Laila plans to attend Bay Path College for forensic science in order to pursue a career as a Forensic Investigator.

Xander Fox of Southwick Regional HS

John Long of South Hadley HS

Brady Marion of South Hadley HS. Brady plans to attend HCC for graphics or education.

Austin Nicholas Monson of LPVEC Academy. Austin plans to attend STCC to further his studies in Graphic Design.

Gina Piazza of Southwick Regional HS. Gina plans to attend the MA college of Art and Design in the fall.

Christopher Reardon of West Springfield HS

Sarah Rose of LPVEC Academy

Nicholas Sibilia of Agawam HS

Anna Yuzefovich of West Springfield HS

A special teacher message:

Huzzah! You've made it!
While the last 4 years were filled with friends, juggling classes, bus rides, teachers, and work, you were working towards a profession that not only will support you, but that also defined you! Everyday, you pushed yourself to develop new solutions to problems, work through criticisms, redevelop ideas, and work with others with conflicting views. All the while, you were too busy, too focused, and too "green" to notice how these struggles molded you into an open, accepting, thoughtful, and amazing person. As you look back at your years in Graphics and Visual Design, I hope that you can now see yourself as that person!
Mrs. K

Congratulations to CTEC's Culinary Seniors!

Alana Black of Agawam HS

Mary Dugan of Southwick Regional HS

Evan Garcia of Minnechaug Regional HS. Evan will be moving to NY to attend the Culinary Institute of America.

Nicholas Gay of East Longmeadow HS

Bobby Gue of East Longmeadow HS. Bobby plans to use what she has learned at CTEC to work in the field while attending UMass Amherst as a math major, and then continuing education in hopes of becoming a lawyer.

Isaiah Gutierrez of Ludlow HS

Joshua Hebert of the LPVEC Academy

Yvette Lauzon of Ludlow HS. Yvette plans to continue her culinary education in hopes of becoming a culinary teacher in the future.

Paul Michalak of Valley West HS

Derek Porcello of Minnechaug Regional HS

Dakota Wood of Southwick Regional HS

Congratulations to this year's CTEC Cosmetology Seniors!

Cassidy Bishop of Agawam HS

Erika Couture of Agawam HS

Brianna Croteau of West Springfield HS. Brianna plans to work at Studio One Salon once licensed.

Anaiza Cruz-Cuevas of South Hadley HS

Dakota Cust of Ludlow HS

Emma Davilli of Agawam HS

Kaylee Garcia of West Springfield HS

Chelcey Hammond of Agawam HS

Amanda Kerr of Southwick Regional HS

Chandler Larocco of Easthampton HS

Angelique Lis of Agawam HS

Ivy Lundrigan of Easthampton HS

Ismira Mustafayeva of West Springfield HS

Gianna Paone of Agawam HS

Madison Peacey of Ludlow HS

Povpisey Lisa Pek of Easthampton HS. Po plans to attend community college in the fall while working in a nail salon.

Madison Rose of Southwick Regional HS

Natalie Sanschagrin of Agawam HS

Brenna Suchenicz of Agawam HS

Stefani Velez of West Springfield HS

Hailee Wheeler of Easthampton HS. Hailee plans to pursue a career in cosmetology while continuing her education.

Monei Wilson of West Springfield HS. Monei plans to attend Barber's school and obtain dual licensure in cosmetology and barbering.

Congratulations to this year's CTEC seniors in the Building/Property Maintenance Shop!

Shadev Chhetri of West Springfield HS

Brian Cola of West Springfield HS

Zachary Kennett of West Springfield HS. Zachary will attend STCC after HS with plans to open his own business.

Kyle Oyer of Easthampton HS

Mathew Rodio of Ludlow HS

Joseph Santiago of Agawam HS

Cole Sunter of Ludlow HS

Frank Wynglarz of Southwick Regional HS

Shawn Fryer of Minnechaug Regional HS

Congratulations to the seniors of CTEC's Carpentry Shop:

Jonathan Alvarado of West Springfield HS

Michael Brophy of Easthampton HS (with a teacher message: Wishing you well. Always, Ms. Soares)

Ty'rell Edmonds of Minnechaug Regional HS

David Goode of Longmeadow HS

Nicholas Grossi of Ludlow HS

Nathaniel Marks of LPVEC Academy

Padraic O’Brien of Minnechaug Regional HS

Gabriel Santana of East Longmeandow HS

Best wishes for a future of happiness and success!

Congratulations to the seniors of CTEC's Automotive program:

Ryan Bourbeau of Southwick Regional HS

Aidan Calhoun of West Springfield HS

Kyle D'Angelis of Agawam HS

Ty'Ron Edmonds of Minnechaug Regional HS

Ethan LaFlamm of LPVEC Academy

Hunter Montgomery of Southwick Regional HS

Nicholas Placzek of Ludlow HS

Best Wishes for a future of happiness and success!

Let's recognize and celebrate this year's seniors! Each day we will post a shop/program from CTEC and their graduates! Keep a look out for your program and name! 🎓 🎉 🎓


Covid -19 Medical Face Shield Project organized by Dawn Marcaccio

An important message and cause from SkillsUSA Massachusetts:

Mark Lyons of AET Laboratories and a member of our management team has started producing 3-D printed face shields to be donated to local hospitals, nursing facilities, and first responders. It date over 5,000 face shields have been printed and donated.

With personal protective equipment (PPE) being in such high demand, Mr. Lyons was able to strike a deal with his vendor of 3-D printing filament to purchase each spool at a reduced cost of $12. The full cost of each spool is $50 and this can produce 50 masks for those working on the frontlines.

This is a great opportunity for the SkillsUSA community to come together and support one of our own. Donations can be made via the go fund me page which I have linked below.


If you are able to contribute we are asking that you include your SkillsUSA chapter in the name (we are LPVEC).

gofundme.com Please help by donating to support this 3D printing project being lead by several… Dawn Marcaccio needs your support for Covid -19 Medical Face Shield Project

Want your school to be the top-listed School/college in West Springfield?

Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.







174 Brush Hill Ave
West Springfield, MA
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Hampden Charter School of Science West PTO Hampden Charter School of Science West PTO
511 Main St
West Springfield, 01089

This is a positive way to communicate with parents and families about events and activities taking place at HCSS West!!

800 Amostown Rd
West Springfield, 01089

A community preschool serving West Springfield, MA and the surrounding communities. Our school offers a dedicated staff and an outstanding curriculum.

Sento Mixed Martial Arts Academy LLC Sento Mixed Martial Arts Academy LLC
1452 Memorial Ave
West Springfield, 01089

Please schedule appointment to register. Complete martial arts program. Self Defense, Kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu JItsu, and MMA for Kids, Men and Woman.

West Springfield CARE Coalition West Springfield CARE Coalition
26 Central Street
West Springfield, 01089

Providing prevention & education efforts to address and eliminate underage alcohol & substance use while promoting safe, healthy lifestyle choices.

Water Wonders Water Wonders
155 Ashley Ave
West Springfield, 01089

Water Wonders offers professional swimming lessons for beginners, intermediate and advanced people of all ages and abilities, as well water safety classes.

First Step Hockey School First Step Hockey School
125 Capital Drive
West Springfield, 01089

First Step Hockey School will teach skill work and skating technique to youth players.

2A Training 2A Training
28 Smith Ave
West Springfield, 01089

We Provide The Necessary Classes For The Mass LTC.

IQRA Academy IQRA Academy
377 Amostown Rd
West Springfield, 01089

Iqra Academy is an innovative Islamic school in an established Muslim community, located in Western Massachusetts. The mission of Iqra’ Academy is to provide excellent academic and Islamic education in accordance with the Qur’an and Sunnah.

Memorial School PTO Memorial School PTO
201 Norman St
West Springfield, 01089

01089 - Memorial School PTO is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit, connecting families with one-stop PTO information.

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