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Wartburg College is a four-year private liberal arts college in Waverly, Iowa. Our mission is to challenge and nurture students for lives of leadership and service as a spirited expression of their faith and learning. With a student body of about 1,500 students, Wartburg provides an excellent education and offers more than 50 academic majors in the liberal arts and in professional areas. A college

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Calling all Knights! Sir Victor, our beloved mascot, has been spreading cheer and laughter since the early 2010s. Now, it's time for us to rally together and support him in donning a new suit for the upcoming decade!

The wear and tear from countless events have taken their toll on Sir Victor's current ensemble, and let's face it, armor doesn't do well in washing machines...

Let's ensure Sir Victor continues to represent us with pride and enthusiasm. Your generosity will not only preserve the legacy of our mascot but also inspire the next generation of students to ! Make your gift today: https://alumni.wartburg.edu/s/1563/17crowd/interior.aspx?sid=1563&gid=1&pgid=3100


Beginning this fall, up to six students pursuing Wartburg's Master of Arts in Leadership will be part of a graduate assistant pilot program. This program will cover the cost of graduate tuition and provide a $1,000 monthly stipend for contributions to a campus department.

Positions are currently available with other job postings at https://www.wartburg.edu/hr. A virtual informational session will be given at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 20. Sign up for this webinar at https://wartburg.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZwkde6qqT4iGNEqnohG7jlJpH3MOhYL6Mw_ #/registration

An in-person meet-and-greet will be held with graduate assistant supervisors from 3:30 to 4:30 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 22, in the McCoy Rooms. Email [email protected] with any questions.


Have you been considering applying for Wartburg's Master of Arts in Leadership program? Now is a great time to take the next step in your academic journey! New enrollees in the program will benefit from a tuition guarantee. All credits needed to complete the program will be locked in at the current cost when the student enrolls.

Learn more about this tuition guarantee, new graduate assistant program, and the program's curriculum and structure at two informational webinars at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 6, or noon Friday, Feb. 9. Email [email protected] with questions.

RSVP for Feb. 6 webinar: https://wartburg.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZEvdOuvqz8jEtYygo4CbxbwSrsDHaVOPIiN #/registration

RSVP for Feb. 9 webinar: https://wartburg.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZcufuyprDspHNT_pCU-JnbCFmJIzsKXSDfy #/registration


Knights, today, Wednesday, Jan. 31, is the last day to submit nominations for this year's Athletic Hall of Fame honorees! Induction into the Hall of Fame is one of the highest honors a Wartburg athlete or coach can receive, as it recognizes achievements both in athletics and in their communities.

Nominate someone: https://alumni.wartburg.edu/s/1563/16/index.aspx?sid=1563&gid=1&pgid=590&cid=1285

Photos from Wartburg College's post 01/30/2024

Show your love for Wartburg’s Presidential pup by snagging some exclusive Toby merch! 🐶🐾

📍 Visit the Wartburg Store today to purchase yours, or shop online at https://www.wartburgstore.com


This spring, Castle Singers and Wartburg College Kammerstreicher, our vocal and chamber string groups, will tour internationally for the first time since 2018. Study abroad provides life-changing educational opportunities for students to experience more at Wartburg. ✈️🎶🎻

Help these students gain new perspectives through cultural exchanges and performing at prestigious venues across Europe. Support this Fund the Fortress campaign today at https://alumni.wartburg.edu/s/1563/17crowd/interior.aspx?sid=1563&gid=1&pgid=3041


As a 2023 religion graduate of Wartburg, Madelyn Anderson's journey was shaped by her passion for ministry and commitment to inclusivity. As a tutor and leader, she facilitated discussions and embraced diverse ideas.

"Wartburg’s religion department is unique from many other small colleges because of the number of professors and their ability to bridge between academics and pastoral preparation. I also chose Wartburg because I knew it would support me as a whole person," Madelyn said.

Learn more about Madelyn and her Wartburg experience: https://www.wartburg.edu/madelyn-wartburg-supported-me-as-a-whole-person/


Meet Erika Breddin '94, a pastor breaking barriers and spreading joy in her congregations. A transgender woman, Erika faced challenges in her journey to ministry but emerged stronger and more authentic.

From her childhood as the child of Lutheran missionaries to serving as a pastor in both United Church of Christ and Lutheran congregations, Erika's story is one of resilience and devotion.

Having taken an unconventional path, Erika found her way back to Wartburg Theological Seminary to complete her Master of Arts in religion, thanks to the advocacy of a former professor. Now installed as the pastor at St. Ansgar Lutheran Church, she continues to make a positive impact on her community.

Read her inspiring story: https://www.wartburg.edu/2023/11/21/the-church-was-where-i-was-meant-to-be/

Photos from Wartburg College's post 01/24/2024

Thank you to all who participated in and supported the 2024 Meistersinger Honor Choir Festival, with Craig Hella Johnson as this year's guest artist! It is truly a gift to be able to welcome countless students and teachers to campus to create an outstanding performance. 🎵🎶

Missed the performance? Watch the livestream here: https://www.wartburgknightvision.com/wartburgacademics/?B=842969

Photos from Wartburg College's post 01/23/2024

Today, Wartburg College presented Craig Hella Johnson with the Graven Award. The Graven Award, now in its 34th year, honors a lay person “whose life is nurtured and guided by a strong sense of Christian calling and who is making a significant contribution to community, church and society.” It is named for the late Judge Henry N. and Helen T. Graven of Greene, whose lives reflected those same commitments.

Special thanks to Craig for all of his work and joy he brought to the 2024 Meistersinger Honor Choir Festival! The award ceremony can be viewed here: https://www.wartburgknightvision.com/wartburgacademics/?B=912114


For nearly a decade, Steve Noah ’71 has passionately worked to bridge cultures and hearts between Wartburg College and Rwanda, fostering a unique exchange of experiences and perspectives.

Guided by Dr. Brian McQueen, associate professor of sociology, Wartburg students embarked on a May Term class in 2023 to Rwanda. The course, rooted in peace and justice training, exposed them to the profound impact of restorative justice in the country's reconciliation villages. Here, Wartburg faculty, students and alumni pose for a photo with Rwanda President Paul Kagame.

Learn more about their experience: https://www.wartburg.edu/2023/11/21/building-resilient-leaders/


Meet Dr. Brett Mommer, one of Wartburg's new assistant professors of biology! Dr. Mommer is originally from rural Iowa, and his educational journey took him around the world, including a postdoctoral fellowship in Belgium for neurobiology research. The proudest achievements of his career so far?

"My first publication, which as a researcher was a huge deal because you have now produced something as a scientist, you’ve added to human knowledge. My first student who graduated was my master’s student in Belgium, and I got to be on his committee and see him defend and graduate. And then finally getting accepted here at Wartburg into this position has been amazing," Dr. Mommer said.

Learn more about him: https://www.wartburg.edu/2023/11/27/brett-mommer-a-professor-who-could-say-a-lot-about-fish/


For Danielle Banse (Peterson) '22, Wartburg's value lies in its community spirit, supportive professors and fellow students, and the welcoming town of Waverly. Her love for both history and Spanish led to a dual major in history and American history education, with an endorsement in Spanish.

"I chose Wartburg because from the very first moment I stepped on campus during a Junior Visit Day, it felt like home. I honestly do not know how else to describe it, but I felt so welcomed and serene on campus. I also knew that Wartburg offered students the opportunity to be involved in a variety of activities on campus, and I was ready to dive right in!" Danielle said.

Read more about Danielle and her Wartburg experience at https://www.wartburg.edu/danielle-wartburg-helps-transform-students/


Today, Tuesday, Jan. 16, marks the 8th annual National Day of Racial Healing. In honor of this important day, all are welcome to attend “Relationship Rather than Rules: Starting the Journey to Racial Reconciliation, Preparing Yourself for Civil Conversation,” presented by Shari Seifert and Felecia Boone ’93, ’23 M.A.

Their presentation will begin this evening at 7 p.m. in the McCaskey Lyceum. For more information about this event, please contact Krystal Madlock, Wartburg’s associate dean for inclusive community, at [email protected].

Photos from Wartburg College's post 01/16/2024

This Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Wartburg’s college community came together to honor his legacy through impactful service! Today’s class schedules were altered to allow students, faculty, and staff members to participate in service opportunities during the afternoon.

All are welcome to join us on campus this Wednesday, Jan. 17, at 10:15 a.m. in the Wartburg Chapel for the MLK Chapel service. 🧡


The Rev. Maggie Garberg Falenschek has a request for her new Wartburg College family: When you see her out and about, please don’t call her pastor, as she prefers chaplain.

“The chaplain title feels much more descriptive of my work on a college campus. I get to do pastoral things, but my role is really extended beyond the walls of the chapel,” said Falenschek, who joined the college Aug. 7 as the new dean of spiritual life and Herbert and Cora Moehlmann Chaplaincy Chair. “I’m here to walk alongside and to equip students of many different world views and backgrounds and stories, and I think the word chaplain gets at that a little better.”

Learn more about Chaplain Maggie: https://www.wartburg.edu/2023/11/22/call-her-chaplain-please/


Wartburg students, in partnership with the World Grace Project are making waves in public health awareness. The Waterloo nonprofit, dedicated to supporting refugee and immigrant populations, teamed up with students to create informative public service announcement videos for its YouTube channel. 🎥

Under the guidance of Annie Vander Werff, adjunct public health professor, students in the introductory public health class delved into researching vital public health topics. Tasked with writing scripts and recording audio, they translated classroom knowledge into impactful messages for a global audience. 🏥🩺

Read more: https://www.wartburg.edu/2024/01/03/wartburg-public-health-class-helps-cedar-valley-nonprofit-create-psas-for-clients/


A degree in education at Wartburg offers outstanding classroom experiences and exciting opportunities. By majoring in education, students can work with children in diverse classroom settings starting in their first semester on campus. This early involvement in the classroom allowed Makayla Schluter ’22 to learn and grow as an educator. 👩‍🏫

“Wartburg has set me up for success as a future educator by providing incredible individuals to teach me the skills of the profession and offering many opportunities to practice the skills in the classroom. With over 100 hours of field experience and diverse student teaching opportunities in places such as Hawaii, I feel prepared for the future,” Makayla said.

Read more about Makayla’s Wartburg experience here: https://www.wartburg.edu/makayla-my-heart-is-in-special-education/

Photos from Wartburg College's post 01/09/2024

In 2006, Wartburg College and Bartels Lutheran Retirement Community joined forces to create Eisenach Village. Fast forward to current day, Eisenach Village celebrated the completion of its final units, forming a tight-knit community of 92 townhomes. 🏡

Residents aren't just neighbors; they're a community of caring and talented individuals who contribute to Bartels and Wartburg in various ways. Whether volunteering, donating treats, or supporting fundraising efforts, they are wonderful representatives of Bartels and Wartburg in the Waverly community.

📖 Discover the stories and community spirit of Eisenach Village: https://www.wartburg.edu/2023/11/22/a-different-kind-of-homecoming/


The work of Alyss Vernon is on display in the college’s Waldemar A. Schmidt Art Gallery through Feb. 16. The exhibit, “Not Home,” features photographs, with a reception and gallery talk from the artist on Friday, Jan. 26 from 6 to 7:30 p.m.

Guests are invited to explore the show during daily hours, 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Guests also are invited to follow the gallery on Instagram () for exhibition information and gallery content. The exhibit is free and open to the public. For more information, visit www.wartburg.edu/gallery.



Photos from Wartburg College's post 01/02/2024

🌟 Lights, camera, Coast Guard! 🎬

Steven Youde '00, '23 M.A., is the the director of the Coast Guard’s Motion Picture and Television Liaison Office in Los Angeles. His office evaluates over 200 requests yearly, ensuring the Coast Guard is portrayed authentically and positively. Balancing entertainment with operational priorities, every appearance is a carefully considered collaboration.

🎥 Read Steven's incredible journey and the impact of his leadership education from Wartburg: https://www.wartburg.edu/2023/11/22/liaison-to-the-stars-youde-manages-film-tv-portrayals-of-coast-guard/


Wartburg's challenging courses, supportive individuals, and strong community shaped Max Goodhue '22 into a well-rounded and confident individual. His journey at Wartburg has enhanced his studying and critical-thinking skills, setting him up for success in pursuing his dreams. 🎓💪

"Wartburg has provided me with opportunities that I never could have imagined. I have been able to chase my dreams and accomplish many of my goals thanks to the amazing people I have met along the way. I have made friends and memories that will last a lifetime. I am not sure I would be where I am today as an athlete, student, and person if it wasn’t for the outstanding coaches, trainers, facilities, and professors. I am blessed to be a Knight for life!" Max said.

Explore Max's Wartburg journey and discover why being a Knight is an unparalleled experience: https://www.wartburg.edu/max-chase-your-dreams/


Merry Christmas and happy holidays to the whole Wartburg family across the world! We wish you all the best as the year draws to a close and we welcome 2024. 🎄

This video features an excerpt from the 2023 performance of Christmas with Wartburg: Emmanuel: God with Us. To watch the complete CWW program (or to see it again), go to www.wartburg.edu/christmas. Please share CWW with your family and friends as an uplifting gift this holiday season!


🌍✈️ Unlocking opportunities: Meet Kathleen Sihler, Wartburg's Study Away Coordinator and Competitive Scholarship Adviser! From her own transformative travels to guiding students toward life-changing experiences, Kathleen is passionate about broadening horizons.

As Wartburg's scholarship and fellowship adviser, Kathleen helps driven students secure funding for unique opportunities. With multiple scholarship and fellowship options available, she strives to match students with the perfect chance to explore, learn, and grow. 💼📚

Dive into Kathleen's inspiring journey and learn more about the opportunities she's opening for Wartburg students: https://www.wartburg.edu/2023/11/22/match-maker-sihlers-passion-for-travel-translates-to-opportunities-for-students/


Renowned composer, arranger, educator, and conductor Craig Hella Johnson is set to receive Wartburg's prestigious Graven Award on Tuesday, Jan. 23, at 11:30 a.m. 🏆 All are welcome to join us on campus in the Wartburg Chapel to witness this exciting moment!

Johnson is the founder of Conspirare, a Grammy Award-winning choir from Central Texas committed to new music and diverse programming. Additionally, Johnson has been selected as the 2024 Meistersinger Honor Choir guest artist, and he will serve as an artist-in-residence, collaborating with Wartburg music students following the festival. 🎤🎹

📖 Read more about Craig Hella Johnson's extraordinary journey and his impact on the world of music here: https://www.wartburg.edu/2023/12/21/johnson-to-receive-wartburg-colleges-graven-award/


Discover the success stories and real-world impact of the Master of Arts in Leadership program at Wartburg. History was made in May of 2023, as 15 students earned the first master's degrees awarded by the college! This innovative online degree program is specifically designed for working professionals, offering a robust foundation in leadership through problem-based learning. 🎓

📖 Read the full story and learn more about Wartburg's Master of Arts in leadership program here: https://www.wartburg.edu/2023/11/22/the-masters-of-tomorrow/

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